Trump Supporter Viciously Assaulted At Portland Airport By Progressive Lynch Mob

Who is a Nazi?

If you support President Trump, the Left has decided that you are a Nazi and that political violence against you is legitimate. This is why I made such a big deal about it when Richard Spencer was attacked in DC. It was clear to me that the unhinged Left was crossing a major line. In the eyes of these people, we’re all Richard Spencer. We’re all Nazis.

Note: Sen. Jeff Merkley was there with the lynch mob chanting “peaceful protest.”

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  • Richard Spencer just got through saying he was NOT a nazi, that nazis didn’t like him. Less than ten seconds later, BOOM….the sucker punch because he was a “nazi”. At the same event mainstream GOP pollster Frank Luntz was also attacked for being a “fascist”. The left is so mad in their rage that anyone to the right of Bernie Sanders is now considered fair game as a “fascist” or “nazi”. I think this true witch hunt is great in the greater sense- it defeats the intimidation power of those false terms.

  • It’s only T+9 and these people have already flipped their sh*t three times! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! The Left is out with all guns blazing trying to stop Trump and meme him out of the White House. But Trump is battle hardened and put in his lumps during the election and primaries, he knows how to manipulate the faux outrage for his own benefit. The President is dismantling their narratives and turning the very institutions they’ve empowered over the years against them! The media has grown lazy over the last 8 years under Obama and they clearly have no idea how to take on Trump, that’s why he pushing through this stuff now, so they’ll be spent by the time he really gets down to business!

  • good encouragement to make sure u r able. things could get a lot more serious than just punk being bullies. best we all be ready

  • a mob is a deadly weapon. it is like a wild animal. it does not need guns or knives. it can kill you in 30 seconds.

    that said, anyone attacked by a mob has the innate, natural human right to defend themselves with whatever it takes. the time has arrived when we must teach these cowards that they attack us now at their own risk. whites have been beaten, raped, robbed, and murdered these last 50 years. it gets worse, not better. if cops can’t protect us, we must do it ourselves.

    i just checked my .38 a half hour ago. the release button would not free the cylinder. it gets fixed today.

  • Trump needs to address the violence against his supporters.

    These ppl who wear MAGA attire or attend protests MUST NOT go alone, are they that naive? They hate you and all white people.

    DO NOT GO ALONE. Also, carry some kind of protection. Find what’s legal in your state and carry it everywhere in public. Stop being victims, I’m sick of it.

    I wear my MAGA hat in public but not near a protest and not without my weapon

    • Most Trump supporters are just good White people who want the madness to end. This is especially true when they look down at their paycheck, see a third of it missing, and have nothing to show for it. They still believe in the peaceful democracy that was created in a nice, White America. They don’t realize America isn’t nearly as White as it used to be. After they get attacked one of two things will happen:
      1) Cucked – they blame themselves for being attacked and maybe DR3
      2) 1488 – they blame Diversity and anti-Whites

      Part of the problem is we have no open forum to debate. Since we have no open forum, but anti-Whites do, the only recourse we have is to find White victims and bring them aboard. It’s up to us to build a moral place for White victims of anti-White violence. Telling Whites “carry a gun” isn’t enough. That’s not what we should be doing. Telling Whites, “We will defend” is precisely what Whites need.

  • What’s next? Will I be murdered because I’m a white conservative? We must examine why the left is responding to Trump with so much vehemence. I don’t remember conservatives doing this when Barak was elected.

  • This article put me in the mood to check out conspiracy channels on YouTube. Here is an interesting one about the inauguration riot in DC:

    The police seem to be using fake mace and pepper spray, and the trash cans seem to have been detached from their bases by someone prior to the event. Can anyone who was there confirm this?

  • I will literally destroy- unarmed- the first person that puts their hands on me. But they never attack dudes like me, six two, 240, obviously white working class in origin. I wish they would, though.

    Whoever attacks me may survive, but they’ll never see again, because their eyeballs will succumb to my thumbs.

    • Well said, fight back with all your might…they might overwhelm you but you can make sure at least one of them regret EVER touching you

  • Jeff Markley needs to be hounded until he Disavows leftist violence. Trump was forced to repeatedly disavow people like David Duke who never engage in violence and merely endorsed Trump. The Fake News meme was turned around on leftists, now lets turn the Disavowal tactic on them.

    Sigh. Portland used to be a nice place. The Milwuakee of the Pacific, had kind of a gritty feel to it. You could smell the bleach from the lumber mills as you crossed the Columbia into Washington. The liberal Hipsters who have ruined Portland should have to do years of hard labor in the coal mines of Wyoming.

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