Tolerant Liberal Hangs President Trump In Life Size Effigy In Fort Wayne, IN

Just for the sake of argument, what do you think would have been the reaction if I had hung a life size effigy of President Obama in my front yard?

  • VictoryOrValhalla

    I doubt that’s within his free speech. Looks an awful lot like a threat to kill the President, and communicated threats to kill the President are illegal last time I checked. But hey, I’ve been wrong before.
    Anyone remember the President Obama ornaments you could hang on your Christmas Tree? Yeah those went down real fast.
    Hang anyone that isn’t a white man from a tree and people flip, typical anti-White morons.

  • Tex Wood

    When hanging Obama effigies had been found the results were bomb squads called out and searched the area, perpetrators were arrested and questioned by the Secret Service and the FBI. Why should President Trump by of less value?

    • Yeah the nigger get’s special treatment but Trump is fair game..?
      Arrest the bastards…

  • Riopel

    1. Calling liberals intolerant doesn’t work because 1.) they know and 2.) they don’t care.

    2. They aren’t liberals. They’re communists.

  • marijan

    A pro Trump neighbor needs to make one with Obama and see how it plays out. You must expose these vermin, not just idley sit by. Be proactive

  • Roof Top Voter

    Nice house you’ve got there, be a shame if something happened to it.

  • straitlacedmissouri

    The moron has no idea what the wider world is about. Ever been to Ft. Wayne??!!

  • ThomasER916

    It would be a shame if his house burned down.

  • Make one of the former Spook in Chief

  • MJK

    Could you imagine the uproar if someone did this to an Obama figurine? All the faux handwringing and every GOP cuck stepping over each other to act more outraged than the other. This culture is truly infected with a mental illness marked by self-loathing and worship of the “other,”

  • Je Suis Charles Martel

    This is actually brilliant, call ICE to the location right away

    1. Hang an effigy of trump
    2. Have local mexicans mistake it for a pinata
    3. Call ICE when they come looking for candy
    4. PROFIT