Study: President Trump Is Dissolving The Reigning Taboos

This is great news.

As I expected, President Trump is already having a salutary effect on the legitimacy of the fake news media, the traditional power of the cucks to police the Right, and the ability of the political establishment to enforce its preferred values through the dominant system of taboos:

“ONE OF THE KEY findings in the scientific study of prejudice is that while overt expressions are decreasing, discriminatory beliefs, feelings, and attitudes are by no means going away. Rather, they are more appropriately described as being hidden away — and just as there are forces that can keep negative thoughts and behaviors suppressed, there are other forces that can unleash them.

A perceived social norm is one such powerful force, as a well-known experiment from the 1960s demonstrated. …

Tstrikingly well. In another study from our lab, we asked some participants to rate 105 social groups (e.g., Blacks, feminists, lazy people, drunk drivers) on a scale similar to the one used in the more recent analysis. We also asked a separate group of people to rate how acceptable it was to feel negatively toward these same groups — the perceived norm of prejudice. In the end, participants’ individual reports of their own prejudice correlated almost perfectly with reports from the other group on perceived norms, suggesting that ambient cultural norms relating to prejudice are a powerful force in the creation of an individual person’s prejudice.

These findings aren’t all that remarkable, and there is no shortage of research demonstrating that people are highly responsive to their community’s accepted displays — or suppression — of prejudice. More simply: people express the prejudices that are socially acceptable and they hide the ones that are not. The election of Donald Trump did not create new prejudices, but by changing what a significant percentage of the population believes to be acceptable, his victory has almost certainly unleashed prejudices in people who already had them. …”

President Trump sent out this tweet a few hours ago:

If President Trump doesn’t care when fake news media calls him names, why should anyone else? Why should they decide who is respectable? They are nothing but the opposition party. They have no legitimate right to dictate our national values anymore.

I was thinking this through in August:

“What would America be like under a Trump presidency? How would it be different? It would be very different in one key respect: Trump would have won in spite of being called a racist, bigot, fascist, xenophobe, nativist, sexist, etc. He will have explicitly campaigned against political correctness and will have been rewarded by sailing to the White House. His followers will expect change on that front. He will have the bully pulpit of the presidency which commands national attention and he can say whatever he wants. Think about it: with a tweet, Donald Trump can set off a media firestorm and drive the news cycle for weeks. …

Here’s a scary thought for our leftist friends: if Trump wins, then it will mean the SPLC, the media, the subservient cuckservative establishment, all the experts and intellectuals, and the Democratic Party will have thrown everything they had at him – especially the race card – and lost to a popular revolt by White America. The powerful won’t look so powerful anymore to all those aggrieved people, will they?

If Trump punches through that and wins (he’s back on top by 2 in the latest LA Times poll), we might see the reigning taboos buckle and crumble without the usual pressure coming from the top down. Can you imagine a world in which White Nationalists have come out of the closet, the charge of “racism” elicits only a “meh” and shrugged shoulders, and we have begun to openly organize? …”

I’m dying …

After four years of this, maybe even sooner, after hundreds of these news cycles the legitimacy of the political class and its reigning taboos will be like the Romulan Senate:

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  • I thought it would take longer for post-civil rights America to collapse under its own weight, but it looks like liberals are going to burn themselves out in a short period of time, maybe only months. They’re now more vicious than ever, which is making their narrative collapse that much more quickly. People I know who are liberal are really acting unhinged lately, and nothing Trump has done so far has affected them personally at all. For liberals who get their worldview from TV, these are catastrophic times. Even normies who don’t follow the news closely are beginning to notice that there is something fundamentally sick about these hivemind people.

  • im dying to. finally all these people being exposed and the media in meltdown. the lunatics running the asylum have been exposed because theirs a sane man in charge now. im just waiting for trump to tweet “lugenpresse” and start calling people cucks. happy days are upon us.

  • It’s interesting how all those postjudices are called “prejudices”. The people who have the least experience with blacks are the most liberal about them. Anybody who pays attention to modern feminist writings and rhetoric knows they are contemptible. And why should anyone think highly of lazy people?

    Yes, the best thing about Trump is how the mass media threw every accusation they could at him, labeled with every “ist” and “phobic” word there is, and he still won. Ha ha ha!

  • Day Ten of the Trumpenreich. The Libtard World Order has no idea wtf is going on anymore. The Golden (Brown) Age of “progressives” has been subjugated and conquered by a single tyrant of hatred in mere days.
    Gods above, it is great to watch a single White alphamale tear down an entire empire of degeneracy and lies. We can’t get complacent however: the Trumpenführer is merely a start. The White Nation is still on the horizon and there is literally a horribly smelly field of brown between us and that horizon.

  • Secular humanists find secular white identitarians baffling, and I enjoy watching their discomfort.

    They don’t realize that their investment in the universalist ethic from the Enlightenment has failed empirically, and that the definition of “humanism” over the next generation will have to change to reflect an identitarian perspective on ethics.

  • The ascendancy of the God Emperor gives us permission to stop pretending that we care about the grievances of feminists, gibsmedats, freeloading immigrants, sexual degenerates and other parasites.

    We just don’t have to listen to those losers any more, while we concentrate our energies on making our lives and our families’ lives better; and by induction, bettering the lives of white Americans in general. I think this will liberate a lot of constructive energy in white American men.

    • Did we ever REALLY care? I mean I know most of us were materialists and only cared about how much we were getting paid and taxed, but did we ever really give a shit about these fucking monsters.

  • Everyone has prejudices. It would be nice if the alt-right were to go on the offensive, and start attacking the prejudices of the anti-whites. Bob Whitaker and the Mantra crowd has led the way. Just the use of the term “anti-white” puts the enemy’s prejudices in the correct context.

    More can be done. Where are the studies of the anti-whites prejudices, which are legion: anti-white, anti-Christian, anti-rural, anti-American, anti-West.

    The anti-white coalition of the Democratic party includes anti-white Whites, anti-white Blacks, anti-whites of other races, various fringe social groups, and it is financed and led by Jews. The Alt-Right should disrupt the anti-white coalition by taking advantage of the natural fracture points of the anti-white coalition.

    Some obvious fracture points: Israelis vs. Palestinians, White liberal leadership vs. Blacks and Browns who increasingly demand that White liberals “shut up and listen” and even demand that anti-white Whites spend all their time attacking non-anti-White Whites.

    The Alt-Lites and the Neo-Cons already do a good job exploiting certain fracture points: Islam vs. women, LGBT, Zionists, and civil libertarians. But that counter-jihad narrative rarely helps White directly – instead it helps Jews directly and whatever Whites get out of it is filtered through a “color blind” narrative.

    Now that Trump is breaking down certain well-established taboos, it’s time for pro-Whites to push the issue further, and to actually shift the Overton window – always with the end goal in mind. The end goal is not to resurrect some historical figures or regimes, the end goal is White Nationalism. The end goal is to enable White people to act in our own interests and to understand ourselves as a people with common collective interests.

    Trump is an opportunity, not the goal.

    • The line separating efforts for the leftist acknowledgement of their own prejudices and assuming the role of aggrieved victims is VERY THIN. It is difficult to tread this narrow path, especially when the later is typically associated with progressives. Is it better to appeal to their emotions by adopting their own arsenal or to stand firm and look beyond that realm of sentimentality? We conservatives are subjected to the whims of emotion just as much, but I propose that the optimal path lies thoughtfully placed between victimhood and autistic nonchalance.

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