Milo’s Case for White Identity

Milo Yiannopoulos is the clusterfuck of contemporary conservatism. (Knowing Milo, he would probably appreciate the assessment).

He rose to fame riding a wave of Alt Right angst: “Gamergate” . . . anti-feminism and anti-SJW . . . and then the movement of red-hat-and-shit-eating-grin-wearing “Trump Bros.”

On the other hand, his articulated positions are a “Lite” version, not just of the real Alt Right, but of Trumpian populism. Recently, he’s descended into the ideology of the Cuck brigade: anti-racism . . . George W. Bush Did Nothing Wrong . . . and vague calls for “muh values.” In other words, Milo has become far less edgy than our current President . . . a rather strange place to be for a professional “provocateur” . . . and likely indicating that he’s angling for a post-Trump career.

Milo’s open homosexuality has acted, to an extent, as a shield against detractors; it could also be read as a “post-conservative” attitude for the Trumpian age: “Forget the hot-button issues of yesterday, this is about survival!” But of late, this, too, has descended into expressions of the worst aspects of the gay movement, so repulsive as to make him indefensible.

Milo represents something—a social mood and cultural contradiction—that is far bigger than his persona and his political positions . . . both of which are pretty lame.

Milo is also known for his revealing spontaneous outbursts, including this famous one.

So we should closely read his latest utterance on “identity politics.”

The reality is, if you force everyone to play identity politics, if you insist on pitting whites against blacks, women against men, straights against gays, the reality is you guys are gonna win and the left isn’t going to like it very much. But there’s a better way, you know. Don’t fight identity politics with identity politics.

Conservatives love to bash “identity politics,” as a way of attacking Black liberals and morally signaling that they would never, ever even think about taking their own side or acting as a group. This is usually accompanied by talk about how identity politics is inherently liberal or leftist or how “nobody wins” with identity politics.

Milo says something very different:

. . . the reality is you guys are gonna win and the left isn’t going to like it very much. . .

In other words, Milo warns against White identity politics precisely because he fears it might succeed.

One wonders who the “you guys” might be in Milo’s mind, those people who will “win” if Whites adopted identity politics. Being that the “left isn’t going to like it very much,” he might be talking about the Alt Right . . . or Whites in general . . . or the young College Republicans (invariably White) who are in his audience and who likely have little connection with the Boomer-led “conservative movement.” If that’s the case, it’s intriguing that he does not include himself in that group (he does not say, “we’ll win”), indicating that he views himself, as gay and half-Jewish, as “other” to White Americans.

Perhaps Milo is, unconsciously or secretly, urging the young White people to adopt identity politics via the power of “negative suggestion”, much like we might tell someone, “Don’t see that movie; it’s too scary!” or “Don’t even think about asking me on a date.”

Now wouldn’t that be fabulous.

UPDATE / January 29, 2017

Bretibart lists Milo’s attire and its pricing as if he’s in a fashion spread:

MILO wears glasses by Givenchy, $350. Distressed blue jeans by True Religion, $329. Brown leather belt with gold buckle by Louis Vuitton, $450. Light pink dress shirt by Brooks Brothers, $92. Sparkly purple suit jacket by Angelino, $225. Burgundy crushed velvet slippers by Crockett & Jones, $370. Socks by Ralph Lauren, 3 pairs for $21.98. Jewellery and pearls, too much money to count.

This is revealing.

A gentlemen makes an investment in the core aspects of presentation: the suit or blazer and slacks and shoes. Milo overpays for stupid accessories (Givenchy glasses and Louis Vuitton belt) and trashy casual clothing (distressed blue jeans by True Religion) and wears jewels as if he’s matron. He tops it off with a novelty jacket for $225, no doubt made of the worst materials and sold to sleaze bags. Truly tasteless.

Richard Spencer
the authorRichard Spencer
Richard Spencer is American Editor of; he's President of The National Policy Institute and founder of


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  • Tasteless? I like Milo. He has the balls to confront the establishment, he is well dressed, and, just as importantly, this jewish greaseball is pretty handsome.

  • Legalize freedom of association, and a diversity of cultures will sort itself out naturally at safe distances and with a minimum of animosity.

    Jim Crow laws are wrong because they force people to segregate even when they don’t want to. “Civil” Rights laws are wrong because they force people to integrate even when they don’t want to. The common element is force and that has to stop. Force has accomplished one thing: to pit people against
    each other in eternal conflict. People in power thrive on this conflict.

    Strong property rights, which include the right to one’s own time and energy, allow individuals to segregate or integrate at will, in any setting including business. The notion of “public accommodation” denies those rights.

    Each individual has the right to allocate his time, attention, and energy precisely as he sees fit, and is therefore free to discriminate, or not discriminate, for any reason or no reason whatsoever.

    (NB4: Yes that does mean a Black restaurant owner can refuse to serve Whites, a Gentile doctor can refuse to serve Jews, a Christian landlord can refuse to rent to Muslims, etc. ad infinitum. I may object to any of it, but I may not use force to stop it. Property rights can have messy consequences, but the alternative is massive conflict, resentment, and ultimately bloodshed.)

  • I had no idea one could purchase 3 pairs of Ralph Lauren dress socks for only $21.98. I went to his web site to see if they were made in America, but it’s all showy splash-screens long on posing and short on content. Typical of the modern world.

    • If you are in the know on which Chinese town that make the real good Ralph Lauren stuff – you can get the high quality dress socks for about 1 £ a pair. Shipment paid by the Chinese government, as ususal.

  • So, if identity politics means we will win AND the left won’t like it……….why would we not do that?

  • Richard, calm down honey! Milo might let you borrow some of his fabulous attire. We all know yuo are a queen too. Perhaps you can be his top?

    • Are you having a lover’s quarrel? I know he outed you That was distasteful. You should decide when it its the proper time to come out as a gay man.

  • Milo is suggesting that we should take up a strategy that probably won’t lead to victory, but rather a principled defeat; this is Cuckservatism 101.

    • Milo is saying “it’s scary” because that means Whites get to choose a path that doesn’t include him.

  • I give Milo credit for going on the offensive against Islam but that’s about it. Everything else he does is pretty soft.

    • “I give Milo credit for going on the offensive against Islam but that’s about it.”

      LOL. It’s not as if the “counter-jihad” movement hasn’t been co-opted or funded by the Jews in their typically subversive role as funders of “both sides” of the Muslim issue and Muslim immigration in the West.

      You have provocateurs like (((Pamela Geller))), funded by those like the (((Horowitz foundation))). Laughably, the Horowitz foundation sees itself as “anti-Communist,” while being obstinately anti-Palestinian and denying Palestinian human rights and the Israeli-First interest of a war against Zio-Jew unfriendly Iran and Hamas and Hezbollah. Thus, causing a friction between the West and the Muslim world.

      And of course, we have the “leftist”, let’s bring all the Muslims we can shove into the West, Barbara Spectre and Annetta Kahane on the other hand.

      So, let’s have the Jews plot, on the one hand, to fund anti-Muslim sentiment on the one hand while on the other fund anti-Islamophobia initiatives and Third World and Muslim immigration to the West.

      We need to be more critical and aware of the entire Zio-Jewish picture, the Jewish identity politics game, and that some Muslims and Muslim groups (Hamas, Hezbollah) can be of interest to us (but cautiously approached) as a means of attacking Jewish and Israeli interests that are inherently (as per their Talmud) anti-Gentile, and especially anti-White/European.

      Lest we forget, the Jews and their Marxist Frankfurt school and Alinsky-ite ideals and critical race theory have now morphed into aggressive “Whiteness studies,” dominated by the Jewish academic ruling class. And Third Wave feminism has deconstructed the very notion of the “woman” into a blurring of the sexes and the pushing of transgenderism, and the Kabbalah recognizes over 50 “genders”.

      So, the Jews are invested in pushing this degeneracy too, and have weaponized gender and cultural studies Jewish-dominated faculties to spread this poison to the gullible goyim sheep, through the Jewish-MSM.

      Including the forced acceptance of these ever-outrageous LGBT initiatives by not only the State sectors/institutions but private industries too (which are, unsurprisingly, also made up of Jewish-dominated shareholders).

      • There’s truth in your analysis but you’re over complicating something very simple. Yes the Jews are ultimately responsible but Islam has an agenda; It always has done. Muslims are here to conquer.

        If nobody openly and bravely attacks Islam in the public eye, normies will think it’s impossible. And if you can’t red pill normies on Islam, you certainly can’t red pill them on the JQ.

  • The Alt Lite and Milo are an utter parody of themselves now. Their talking points are essentially Jeb Bush’s campaign with some Trade Populism, the Wall, and Anti Muslim sentiment. Even the Anti Muslim sentiment is weak, Cernovich has a Muslim wife.

    The Alt Lite’s ideas will not withstand the light of day. We mocked and destroyed Jeb Bush for calling illegal immigration an act of love. We are going to mock and destroy the Alt Lite for propping up the Golden Calf of civic nationalism when facts say most American Minorities are against ANY nationalism, be it civic or Explicit White nationalism.

    • True and True but the people will move in stages, and that’s what’s important. Whites will first feel comfortable with Milo’s Alt-Light message. Once they realize it’s not enough and it won’t really help Whites, they will feel comfortable moving closer and closer to Alt-Right. That’s what’s important. We want Whites to feel good about themselves, their people, and feel empowered when defending it. Once that happens, we win. Then when non-Whites say, “What about me?” We say, “Fuck you!”

  • Milo is a cuck faggot with no original ideas, but he has shown how the Alt-Right should organize. The college tours he’s doing are genius and I’m happy Spencer is following suit. Trying to rally anyone 25 years old or older will be harder because odds are they, like me, can’t show their faces out of fear of losing their jobs or what will happen to our wives and children. But, the university students can work in the open, network, and hue out their careers around their beliefs. I hope Spencer doesn’t give up on the college tour idea. I can’t openly talk about my beliefs while wage cucking, but I can donate. Also, we’ve got to hold Spencer’s feet to the fire.

  • the reality is the battle when you go down the rabbit hole is Jew versus gentile.

    Playing identity politics with other goy divides and conquers for Jews and lets be clear. If we “won’ as Spencer alluded to by playing identity politics, all we will win is a better position to grab Jewish crumbs that fell off the Jewish table.

    The Jews win when we play identity politics though you may be fooled to believe you do, Richard may get a higher ranking in the arena but we, as the masses in need, lose.

    We want to eat at the table in fact we want everyone to eat at the table while we chain the Jew up so he can’t grab the entree and skedaddle

    Now, because Milo is sort of right here, he is ultimately wrong because he has paid his “lying ticket” to have a voice in the arena that Jews control. He is a cultural marxist to the nth degree and he supports goyim wars for Jews.
    Let’s take it higher than they want. Let’s have a “Hitlerian” point of view that demands an accurate foundation upon which to base all of our discussions, not the flawed landscape Jews imply exists

    • Milo is not a problem. THe fact that you all embraced him is the problem. Muslims aren’t the problem in Europe. The fact you all let Jews bring them in is. See the correlation. Jews own you

      • I never accepted Milo. I agree that Jews are a bigger problem than the Muslim migrants they are flooding our white countries with -migrants who would never have been let in without the Jewish subversion of the U.S.and Europe.

        • yes, also, the quality of immigrants and provocateurish events to provoke hate while intellectual Jews preach Muslim love. Let’s not forget the 911 false flag and the fact that the media demonizes those that see it for what it is. That really should make you question closely all news, including alternative since they have penetrated there as well

  • Identity politics is the direct result of diversity. “Diversity” is no remedy, but a poison that undermines unity and identity.

    • that’s irrelevant and I’ll tell you why. In this world whether you produce them or not, the Jews are going to breed you out if you keep playing by their rules. Therefore, this demonizing those that race mix is ultimately a distraction of no consequence good for Jews

  • Totally agree. I think no matter which way you look at it – white nationalism is the only way forward. Whether you look at it from the Libertarian ideal, or you come at it from the basic truth about our birth rates or crime or just basic bitch republicanism has failed you – all roads lead to Rome (pun intended).

    • no, taking out Jewish power is the only productive way forward and white nationalism is essentially a predefined divide and conquer strategy that works for Jews. Granted you have made it easy for him by whining and complaining about yourselves with little care for anyone else and the Jew has taken advantage of that to ratchet up the hate others may feel for you while pretending to be their friend.
      Still, it is the only way to solve the problem- left-right is a Jew playing field. We can go deeper

      • some groups benefit from aligning with Jewish power, at least in the short term

        “Considering their feelings” won’t make them more likely to switch sides, when all the incentives favor continued aggression against whites

        • actually “status quo” masonic politics, all groups align with Jews whether they overtly claim to or not. Hitler was the only one who successfully didn’t and the astounding 1930’s Germany was the result, not to mention keeping the Germans bolshevik free till the WW II defeat

  • Yeah…having a coon loving Catamite as the ”voice” of the alt-Right is going to do wonders for it. All he’s interested in is himself. Breibart is just as bad…neo-con sh*t.

    • Say what you will against him, he goes into the belly of the beast and by his identity and actions we are now able to criticize those who were previously shiedled by their victim status

      • Hey…I don’t care. Although he’s a British Citizen I’m for English Nationalism, first and foremost, ”whites” per se don’t interest me….hasn’t he got a $250K book deal? Nice work if you can get it

        • English nationalism for England, French nationalism for France – and White Nationalism for America.

          In America, “White” is an ethnic designation, just like Flemish and Walloon are ethnic designations in Belgium. Sure, “White American” used to be redundant, as “American” implied “White,” but anti-whites have successfully co-opted the term “American” for now. So we use “White Nationalism.”

          Here’s to the day we can go back to using “American Nationalism” and it means ethno-nationalism, not civic nationalism. But for now we gotta dance with them what brung us.

  • The Alt-Lite serves the purpose as a stepping stone to the ideas of the Alt-right. UnCucking the conservative mind happens in stages and thus needs time to fully affirm that the only ideology on the right that has any hope of saving western civilization is the alt right. I personally was introduced to the alt-right thru Milo and Cernovich and honestly I wasn’t ready to commit to the alt-right way of thinking at first, the brain needs time to get over the cognitive bias before it can affirm the inevitability that is the alt-right.

    • This. 1000x this. My path as well. It took less than a year, early on I recall having a visceral reaction against the alt-right. Over time the cognitive dissonance faded.

    • The alt-lite is useful as long as they are defending us and sending people our way, but when they start cucking then they outlive their usefulness. I came to the alt-right from the alt-lite, but lately much of the alt-lite has been disavowing us. If Milo isn’t willing to stand up for white identity politics then I don’t see what good he is doing anymore.

      • Well, I think there’s a momentum of logic, once you’ve allowed yourself to take in enough facts, ‘safely’ given by the alt-lighters, who have also allowed the facts to add up in your mind without a countervailing solution – well, that the alt-light-ers then pull back from the obvious direction of momentum – again with just an open problem, maybe some sentiment but no solution – well, the person’s had the logjam broken and may very well continue rightward on his own.

    • Some serve a purpose.

      I have anecdotal evidence to indicate that Moly has a beneficial effect on the worldview of boomer conservadads.

      On the other hand, some in the Alt-Light seem to be making an effort to steer people away from ugly truths and essentially trying to shore up a mainstream conservative worldview that has become increasingly untenable.

    • Personal experience plays a large role as well, more so than any amount of rhetoric ever can IMO. I was already uncucked on racial issues, due to actually living and working around minorities, so the next step to becoming uncucked on the JQ was not a very big one for me. Many whites who never get to experience being “culturally enriched” by diversity first-hand will be next to impossible to reach.

      • The thing that took me the longest was the JQ- that after working in media in NYC for a couple of decades. I basically figured out The Culture of Critique on my own; so when I finally read the book, it was a revelation only similar to reading Debord in my late teens (I’d figured out the media by the time I read Debord). The JQ is the toughest hurdle to overcome for many of us…. the incessant propaganda (poor, persecuted, guiltless jews bullied by big mean notzees) fired into us from birth is difficult to overcome.

        When you do, though, and realize not only how you’ve been lied to, but how much contempt they hold you in for being suckered by their narrative, it’s no wonder they kayaks are terrified. They should be.

      • Your comment surprises me in that I would think it would be much the other way around: I live in detroit. When you live in the city, you’re exposed to so many more people; blacks, arabs, hispanics, and you realize that they’re all people with lives of their own and people are all the same. If you’re not fro the city you just don’t understand. YOU GUYS ON THIS WEBSITE this alt-right is trying to justify something which is an evil and ungodly incarnation

    • I agree, Milo was a good stepping stone for me into the Alt-Right. Yeah he’s degenerate and represents the DR3 failed argument the cuckservatives love to espouse, but we cannot deny that he has done some good

  • From their arrival on the scene I determined that Alt-Lite infiltrators like Milo and Cernovich were useful to us up to a point, and then we would get rid of them. Well, I think the time is now.

  • Identity politics works, Obama and company just got through bashing us over the head with it for the past eight years. And now we’re not supposed to retaliate?

    I’m tired of us having to fight with one hand tied behind our backs while our enemy pummels us with both fists.

    • I’m just tired of fighting so non-Whites can have both an explicit homeland away from America and an explicit homeland in America.

  • Milo’s fine, he’s jewish and gay so the alt right was always going to be a cold house for him, but he attacks alt right idea’s not alt right people, which is fine by me. I don’t follow him tbh but at least I don’t think i’ve heard him use ad hominems against us, even after all the trolling and outright abuse he got for going mainstream? maybe i’m wrong but there’s so many cucks and SJW’s to hate why waste it on people like him or the alt lite? let them do their thing.

    they should know if we weren’t there to the right of them, they would be on the extreme fringe of the overton window – I wonder how long their principles would hold? I think most people just can’t hack it out on the extremes, if we were gone and they were public enemy number1 most of them would drop their principles and shuffle back in to the middle again, they need boogeymen to the right of them so they can point at and say “those are the real bad guys, we’re the centrist nice guys”

    • he’s using a semi-alignment with the alt-right to play off the Jew media that basically calls him an anti-semite nazi and brings him more shekels since his audience really knows that’s bunk

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