European Populists Praise President Trump’s Refugee Ban

The Fake News media is trying to act like President Trump’s refugee ban is being poorly received in Europe, but Europe’s nationalist and populist leaders are praising the move:

Marine Le Pen is the most popular politician in France. President François Hollande, who isn’t running for reelection, has a 4% approval rating after Charlie Hebdo, the Bataclan, Nice and Rouen. Merkel’s disastrous immigration policies inspired Britain to leave the European Union. The Left no longer speaks for Europe and President Trump is more popular in many countries like Hungary and Russia than Barack Obama.

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  • White Europeans, at least the uncucked ones, have gotten farther along into experiencing the existential terror of what awaits them and their progeny as Europe becomes a brown dystopia.

    Most white Americans have a ways to go, but I think the terror will start to sink over the next decade.

    • The awakening is well underway my friend, Trump has sent it into hyperdrive and has shown no signs of slowing down and on top of that the contentious elections coming up in Europe will only add to the momentum.

      • The people who want to shut down the Alt Right just want to attack the effects while still promoting the causes. As more and more white Americans find themselves pushed to the wall, they’ll wonder why the hell this has happened to them. I think in about ten years the Alt-Right’s world view will become respectable and mainstream, as much as that upsets progressive utopians now. We just have to play a long game here and figure out how to develop effective propaganda.

        • I agree, though I am more optimistic, or ambitious, I think the alt right will have to wait 5, maybe 8 years to be mainstream, if only by the shear number of supporters and sympathizers. Two years ago would you have thought we would have gotten this far? That an anti-immigration (civic) nationalist would be President of the United States along with a rising tide of nationalism in Europe with the unraveling of the EU? I wouldn’t’ve.

          • Agreed, though I suspect we already have numbers, given the chance many whites would support ethnonationalist policies – we just need leaders and parties brave enough to publicly declare their WN platform. I believe a sizable percentage privately agree, publicly acquiese. Perhaps our job is to smash the public taboos on race and religion. Open the floodgates so to speak. Its looking hopeful!

  • As I said in your earlier post Hunter, I think this ban announcement was timed in part to help European populists running in elections this year.

    • I agree. The sheer “shock value” of waking up and seeing that a world power has done this should embolden our brothers. It CAN be done and you [Europeans] have every right to do it; your grandchildren – born and unborn – are begging you to save their cultural inheritance.

      • The shock value and the plain boldness is sisemic to the leftist narrative, for years they’ve told us “you can’t just ban people!”, now we know you sure as hell can!

    • You’re probably partially correct, Trump needs to get some of the most controversial stuff out of the way early so the news moves on. I’m more excited for the summer, the hiring of 10,000 more ICE agents and the deputizing of local police and sheriffs to enforce immigration law sounds like a mighty deportation force and we got 30+ million that got to go back to their sh*tholes.

  • Marine Le Pen’s tweet: “What bothers the media and politicians is that #Trump meets its commitments and implements its program.”

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