Because Hitler. . .

This week, the activist Jewish community in the United States forcefully reminded the world that, no matter how much we might moralize the Holocaust, no matter how much we might glean from it lessons about man’s fallen state or dehumanization in the modern world, the Holocaust is all about the Jews. It is all about their meta-narrative of suffering, and it shall undergird their peculiar position in American society, and theirs alone.

In 2005, the UN deemed January 27 to be International Holocaust Remembrance Day, and the occasion has annually elicited soulful statements by sitting presidents. President Trump’s press release was as seemingly banal as any other:

“It is with a heavy heart and somber mind that we remember and honor the victims, survivors, heroes of the Holocaust. It is impossible to fully fathom the depravity and horror inflicted on innocent people by Nazi terror.

“Yet, we know that in the darkest hours of humanity, light shines the brightest. As we remember those who died, we are deeply grateful to those who risked their lives to save the innocent.

“In the name of the perished, I pledge to do everything in my power throughout my Presidency, and my life, to ensure that the forces of evil never again defeat the powers of good. Together, we will make love and tolerance prevalent throughout the world.”

But the kvetching came quickly. . .

Hitler and the Holocaust are the negative moral center of the liberal universe.

In The Brothers Karamazov, Dostoyevsky famously put forth the maxim that “Without God, all is permitted.” That is, without a singular moral authority, life descends into hedonistic violence, nihilism, chaos, and degeneracy.

Dostoyevski didn’t quite foresee that the post-God 21st century—the American Age and “End of History”—would arrive at its own hyper-morality, this time as a negation: “Because Hitler, everything is forbidden.[1]

We can’t limit immigration, because Hitler. We can’t be proud of ourselves as a Europeans, because Holocaust. White people can be Christian, but not too Christian, because Auschwitz. Und so weiter . . . Effectively, any policy, idea, or belief that is markedly right-wing and traditional—that evokes identity, power, hierarchy, and dominance—must be regulated by the possibility that it could potentially lead back to the German Führer.

This trend leaves activist Jews in a difficult position. Hitler and the Holocaust define postmodern global morality, and yet both have peculiar resonances for Jews, in particular, for their senses of identity and “apartness” from European society. Thus, there has always been an uncertainty and worry over the spread and predominance of “Because Hitler. . . morality.” In academia, the rise of “genocide studies” (I was actually a Teaching Assistant for such a course in grad school) has, on the one hand, cemented the Holocaust as the moral paradigm . . . and simultaneously threatened its uniqueness, threatened to make the Holocaust “just another genocide,” which is unimaginable for Jewish activists.

Trump’s statement on Holocaust Memorial Day is, on the surface, utterly defensible within the current moral paradigm: Hitler is depicted as quintessential evil, with modern society revolving around this dark center. But when viewed from the perspective of Jewish activists, Trump’s statement becomes outrageous, as it dethrones Jews from a special position in the universe.

It is especially Trumpian of Trump to bring this contradiction to the fore.


  1. The Marxist philosopher Slavoj Žižek reached a similar conclusion:Without God, all is forbidden. “Everything is permitted to today’s hedonistic Last Man—you can enjoy everything, BUT deprived of its substance which makes it dangerous.” ↩︎


The Trump administration has doubled-down on its “de-Judification” of the Holocaust.


The White House statement on International Holocaust Remembrance Day didn’t mention Jews or anti-Semitism because “despite what the media reports, we are an incredibly inclusive group and we took into account all of those who suffered,” administration spokeswoman Hope Hicks told CNN on Saturday.

Hicks provided a link to a Huffington Post UK story noting that while 6 million Jews were killed by the Nazis, 5 million others were also slaughtered during Adolf Hitler’s genocide, including “priests, gypsies, people with mental or physical disabilities, communists, trade unionists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, anarchists, Poles and other Slavic peoples, and resistance fighters.”

Asked if the White House was suggesting President Donald Trump didn’t mention Jews as victims of the Holocaust because he didn’t want to offend the other people the Nazis targeted and killed, Hicks replied, “it was our honor to issue a statement in remembrance of this important day.”

Richard Spencer
the authorRichard Spencer
Richard Spencer is American Editor of; he's President of The National Policy Institute and founder of


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  • Americans either don’t know or want to know that the US is collapsing or think that nothing can be done to save the USA. Any plans or ideas to slow or escape the decay are quickly shot down as unworkable.

    Instead of demanding that minimum wages be repealed or checkpoints be ended, Americans would rather beg for their chains by asking for more laws.


  • My fellow white people, I expect many many shekels, and you’re absolute refusal to organize as a group, for all time, to pay your never ending penance for this

  • I really think this, well most everything since the inauguration, but THIS especially, is actually just rationalism versus retardism. October 21 2015 was when we officially shifted into the best possible timeline.
    Also if you think this is isolated A: remember who co-founded Breitbart and B: scroll back to December on @IsraeliPM, disnigga said Merry Christmas 3 days before Hanukkah. I think he knows what he’s doing here!
    (a lot of the pubs thought he’d forgotten his own holiday legit even) But now with Trump not singling out ((Them)) during his speech, I think they’ve been sending coded signals back and forth, right out in the open!
    Oh yeah, there’s also their shared opinion on (((Liberal media))) “Hey hey, don’t shoah me, I’m with you guys!”
    Basically I think the pure-strain zionists have realised their golems of social justice and bolshevism have gone out of control and want to put the burden of taking them out on everyone else. So we’re seeing an inversion of the fight between Stephen Wise and Peter Bergson, or rather the beginnings of this split.
    (For anyone unfamiliar with this, here’s a heavily researched piece a bluepill did.)
    Also: interesting thing I noticed during #DCleaks, specifically calling out the largest ‘golem’ by name:
    The media powers and (((Academics))) still worship at this altar, but the actual officials noticed the populations’ tides shifting and are now moving to discredit the movements they built 60-90 years in the past.
    I think this is a good sign you all are bigger than you know and some have noticed the unspoken support.

  • The problem for Jews is that for generatrionzs they have not figured out a way of life to have their own country or to be accepted by others.

    Many Jews believe somehow their way of thinking is better but it is stupid to go and live among those whose “worse” ideas always lead to antisemitism. It started with the Pharaoh and looks like will never end.

    I believe Jews know in their hearts it is only a matter of time until antisemitism breaks out in the US. It will not be with Trump, it will be later.

  • Of course the Holocaust was “all about the Jews”, at least figuratively. Yes yes others were killed in it, and others were killed in other massacres, blah blah. So what? The point of the Holocaust was to kill the Jewish people.

    One could perhaps object to a narrative placing the Jews at the center of World War 2, or making the Holocaust a focal point of all modern moral and political understanding, etc. But complaining that discussion of the Holocaust puts Jews and their suffering and death at its center is bizarre.

    I suspect that Trump’s team simply bungled the situation: Trudeau and Cuomo also are known to have made issued Holocaust statements that didn’t explicitly mention the Jews. Trump then indulged in his well known refusal to never admit error or regret on anything ever regardless of the consequences. That doesn’t mean he was intentionally slighting the Jews, or winking at neo Nazis, or anything of the kind.

  • Just to remind you Herr Drumpf has an orthodox Jewish son-in-law, whom he appointed to a high place in his cabinet. Three of his grandchildren are Jews. He has big plans for Jerusalem. Keep watching.

  • I do not deny that National Socialist Germany persecuted Jews and other groups. What I deny or question is the deliberate and systematic state policy and act of genocide of these people. It can be argued that the Allied forces were partially responsible by destroying supply lines of food, water, and medical supplies. Most deaths were from disease and starvation in the labor camps as well as in the population of the Reich and the Frontline soldiers as the war came to an end and these resources became scarce.

  • The sheer idiocy and stupidity and immorality of this article is impressive. Like,Smisthonian museum of stupidity. impressive. How can you function daily with that mental handicap?

  • Very profitable to play the victim. And the number of victims keeps going up. Read an article saying now it might be as many as 15 million people who died . This was not based on any new evidence, from the article it sounds like they just keep counting new pictures at holocaust memorials and raising the death count.

    • That’s why the say, “There’s no business like Shoah business!”

  • It dawned on me a few years ago the Holocaust is always used by Jewish organizations and leaders to shame the rest of us, yet a lot of non-Jewish blood was spilled to stop it. I never see celebrations of “thanks” for that sacrifice, just guilt trips about the world not acting soon enough. Very selfish.

  • Whether you are black, brown or muslim, migrating across oceans and continents to avoid diversity and/or dar al islam, there is just no substitute for white racist oppression of the 4th Reich … or maybe there’s some other reason.

  • Next year I’m going to protest against Holohoax Day by wearing a lampshade as hat all day. And if anyone ask me about it, I’m going to be fair and square about it. So if anybody gets offended by it, that is their problem not mine. Could be fun to see if they will drag me to court just for wearing a lampshade. It’ll show how ridicolous the whole silly thing has grown to be.

  • Trump also did something VERY important on “Holocaust Remembrance Day”, he signed an immigration ban. It was Jews and their Golem cucks that pushed for mass immigration in the early 1900’s. By 1924 Whites have had enough and limited immigration to Western Europeans. Of coursch Jews blame Whitey for both the Holoco$t AND the 1924 Immigration Act. According to their holy scrolls of justification and projection, Jews are ordained to flood any White country (like South Africa and Rhodesia) to ply their trades freely then move on to the next. Banning their distant co-ethnics on “Holocaust Remembrance Day” defies them twice.

  • 1/30/17 Paul Joseph Ratson INFOWARS, Richard Spencer citation:

    “It seems probable that the legitimization of the attack was fueled by the mainstream media’s veneration of the violent attack on alt-right leader RIchard Spencer, who was punched in the face during an unprovoked attack at the inauguration.”

    It always amazes me that Jews continue to maintain special victim status while lobbying all the while for war and genocide on so many nations and peoples. From the Jewish Bolsheviks that destroyed Russia, to the World Jewish Congress who utilized the press the demonize the Germans and bring war on Europe (similar to the weapons of mass destruction chant) and then on to funding and setting up the Maoists for another 50 million (?) or so murders.
    And it continues today in the rubble of the mid east, the suspicions of Jewish involvement in 911 (RE: 911 Missing Links Youtube video and other sources) to kick off the invasion of Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Afghanistan promoted by a media that stifles the truth and promotes even more future wars against Russia and Iran, to name two. Not to mention regular incremental massacres of Palestine in the thousands.
    Yet some of the brave who have dared to question the dubious promotion of the holocaust and have seen through the hazy web of lies that hold it together, such as Ursula Haverbeck, Ernst Zundel, David Irving, and many others, have been persecuted imprisoned, fined and castigated into the shamefulness of heresy.

  • The payback for discrimination, segregation, apartheid, colonialism, slavery & the Lolocaust is = Extinction.

    • The whole litany of supposed past transgressions by whites against nonwhites is just an excuse to keep whites feeling guilty so that the demographic transformation of the West can continue.

  • Praise for Richard Spencer. We, the white “haters”, are in a desperate need of people who have the guts to use their brilliant intellect in the fight for our Cause.

  • Credit should go to Michael A. Hoffman for coining the idea that the Holocaust is now the “moral and ontological pivot” of “Western” History and Morality. We used to refer all moral actions back to Calvary Hill, now we refer moral questions to Auschwitz. The moral and metaphysical implications are enormous.

  • We can’t.. because of Hitler, but in my view in 21st Century Post God Society we are going to find out he was right, therefore WE CAN! Scary stuff lol!

  • The number of those who died in the Holocaust™ was approximately 281,000. The number of Yids being somewhere around 150-200,000. Not 6,000,000®

    •There were absolutely no homicidal gas chambers.
    •There were absolutely no “death camps”
    •There was absolutely no extermination order.

    Those who died in labor camps died almost exclusively from Typhus, starvation from the allied bombings of supply lines, and natural causes. The “Holocaust” is a Holohoax.

    • yes, 300,000 and the leader of the ADL, supposedly a person with fine education is happy doing sloppy self-serving Jewish math. Does this reinforce the fact that Jews control through lies? I think it does~

  • I think Richard began the argument for a compelling reason why non-Jews but especially whites, who are demonized for the holocaust, must expose the fraud. White people will continue to hang their head when the holocaust meme is rolled out whenever Jews need it as long as we allow it the stage. That’s not to say we have to go looking for trouble here. I am sure the Jew will bring the “trouble” to us.
    Of course, undercut the moral pinnings of the holocaust and you liberate Hitler to become human again. Also, another reward that is worthy is that mass exposure will do more to Jewry than any 911 exposure which is easily deflected into a safe conspiracy with new scape goats and also give a moral authority to truly libersating the great German people

  • Basically b/c of Hitler & Holocaust White identity, White self preservation, White tribalism is verboten. No wonder Whites are fed a steady diet of White guilt propaganda. Whiteness itself has been demonized. In the religion of Holocaustianity White self preservation is associated with the worlds greatest evil -> Hitler. The greatest good is the opposite, self loathing, race mixing, massive immigration, diversity, multiculturalism etc.

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  • “generalizing the Holocaust the way the Iranian govt or Neo-Nazis do”

    Neo-Nazis say “Yeah we killed millions of X, Y, AND Z!”?!


    • The Iranian government “rationalizes” the Holocaust? I thought they deny it.

      • According to this BBC article they merely (might possibly) question the 6 million Jewish dead figure, which even my fantatically pro-Jewish ex thinks is inflated by taking all highest-high estimates in reaching an end number, after she did some research on it (she got a figure of 4 million or so Jewish dead).

        • The only group I can recall promoting four million is the Yad Vashem memorial, which claims that as the number of names of victims they have collected through their extremely rigorous (rofl) vetting procedure.

          • She found that if you always took the mid-range estimates instead of the highest-high estimates in the number crunching, then it came out at 4 million (where highest high would give 6 million). I remember mentioning it somewhere and being told it couldn’t possibly be as low as 4 million because there were 4 million names on some memorial (that I’d never heard of) and *obviously* they must have missed a couple million…

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  • I’m a huge Trump fan, but I gotta admit he was 100% wrong here. To refer to jews as “innocent people” could not be more inaccurate.

  • The moral paradigm is shifting, and with it, the entire foundation for ‘progressive’ evaluations of modernity.

  • While Alt Right plays with frog memes, Jews control the mass media, and this is what they spread to White America.

    The question that should really trouble white Americans is “Are Americans interracist?”

    Show is called BALLERS. Double meaning. Those who play the ball get to ball the chicks. As blacks dominate sports, they ball the white chicks whose wombs produce black babies who grow up to be enemies of white race.

    The problem isn’t that America is ‘racist’. The problem is America isn’t race-ist enough to defend and save the white race. White women grow up with jungle fever, and white males are reduced to cuck-agents.

    And interracism isn’t about equality. It is about white women dumping white males as cuck-losers and going with tougher Negroes. Interracism says white women should go with black men as the racial superiors of white men. And as American culture is spread globally to EU as well, European women come under the same jungle fever rap interracist influence at a time when millions of black African men are colonizing the continent. They will soon colonize white wombs to produce black babies while white babies are no longer hatched from those white wombs that evolved for 10,000s of yrs. 10,000s of evolution that produced the white race will be undone in a few decades as black men colonize white wombs of jungle-fever-beavers while white boys worship Mandela and MLK to redeem their ‘white guilt’ that’s been injected into the minds by Jews.

    The future is about the Closing of the White Womb to white seed and about white wombs producing the enemies of the white race like Colin Kaepernick.

    A race war is really a sex war, a womb war. White Race cannot go on with white women having kids with white men. This is why Jews wage this Race War by turning white women onto Negro men. If white wombs go black, then white men cannot go on.

    This is why THE SEARCHERS is a crucial movie about racial survival. Lose the womb, lose the war, lose the race.

  • Serious question. How can we lobby for official recognition of the “Bolshevik Revolution” as a genocide of the Russian people by Jews? Because that would cancel out the endless Jewish whining about “victimhood” in the “Holocaust”. I’m truly sickened that the Bolshevik Revolution and other Communist genocides are not being taught in public schools or being covered 24/7 the same way Hitler & WWII are on (((The History Channel))).

    • What are you proposing is impossible given the current state of American politics.

      Just be happy Trump is using the same language on the Holocaust as countries like the Baltic States, Poland, and Hungary. These countries generally don’t like Jews. What Trump did is actually a big step towards demystifying the Holocaust and the Privilege Jews derive from it.

    • I remember learning about WWII and the history teacher cried about the (fictional) “6 million Jews”. Meanwhile, we learned of the (factual) 11 million Russians that died… But the poor Jews!!
      Cry me a river…

    • You can wear a red t shirt with hammer and sickle symbol, walk down the street in any large Western city and 90% chance or more nobody will utter a negative word. On the other hand if you wear a red shirt with the German swastika and walk down the street in a large Western city, you will be attacked. The point is that National Socialism was defeated and then stigmatized. Whereas communism was not defeated and has done a much better job infiltrating and sustaining its presence in non communist states.

      • You wouldn’t be attacked for a hammer & sickle NOW, but in the 50’s or 60’s, I wouldn’t be so sure. I don’t think it’s impossible for things to turn around in this day & age. Hollywood & TV Media are losing their influence on people, as fewer and fewer bother going to movies and/or watching TV. There is unlimited content on the internet, and more and more people are getting red pilled every day. The Overton Window is shifting quickly, and I wouldn’t be in the least bit surprised to see the Swastika gaining popularity down the road as an “edgy”, or ‘naughty but not utterly abhorred’ symbol. At least I hope so!

  • Oy vey! Imagine the kvetching when the entire narrative falls apart:

    Certain things are true though they didn’t happen, while others are not, even if they did. ~ Elie Wiesel

  • excellent article, Richard. Well done. Honestly, I had to do a double-take on the Update as I was just getting to mention a quote by historian David Irving, but the Trump administration beat me to it. But in Irvings words, I paraphrase, the atrocities of WWII were not horrific because the victims were Jewish; they were horrific because the victims were innocent. This should not be taken as a condemnation against the Third Reich for for punishing those who actively sought to undermine the German, but rather where the Waffen S.S. went too far in its butchering. Essentially, the Holocaust Remembrance would be far more meaningful – since we’re talking about holocausts – if it took into account the Ukrainian Holodomor holocaust, the Armenian holocaust, the Russian holocaust, etc…. the Trump administration’s update is step in the right direction.

    • When, if ever, is David Irving going to be brought into the alt-right embrace like David Duke has been? Do people not know about him, I wonder?

      I’d love to hear him on a podcast. I bet he’d welcome getting onto one. I hope he’s not too old, now.

      • That’s a good question. David Irving is getting old and the last lawsuit took its toll on the old man, and what kills me is that his positions are *not* anti-Jewish per se; they simply call into question some of the details of the narrative. His history really is worth reading, and I’m not sure if he’ll make it back to the United States again. I hope he does. But I’m not sure Irving ever intended to be a part of a movement so much as simply speaking the truth. Not sure. But I think we should run your idea by Red Ice and see if Henrik or Lana can arrange something with him.

        • Irving did a US tour a few years back with some young blonde assistant that NEETs were drooling over. I seem to remember the assistant even wrote article for Dick Spencer at the old Alternative Right site.

        • Bless you, what an idea! I’d subscribe to them just to hear the whole thing. An electronic interview should be much less taxing on him.

          For those interested, there are videos of a couple of his talks on youtube. I had always pictured him as a shrunken, hateful man, but instead he’s a formidable (perhaps flawed(*)) historian. To hear what authorities did to his archive, gathered over years of work, is just heartbreaking.

          (*) the charge I’ve heard is that he’s left out some damning information in his histories. But he put in more legwork than perhaps anyone else. As an example, he owns a self-portrait of Hitler, given him by Hitler’s former secretary.

  • For some reason my comments keep on getting caught up in purgatory spam, so this hopefully doesn’t. Possibly URL-hyperlink related and so modified.
    . . .

    As the current leader of the supposedly “free West,” the USA needs to help Europe out of its Jewish domination and criticize all those hateful anti-censorship laws relating to the holohoax, which is suffocating the European Jew-wise people.

    I’ve been tracking holohoax thought-criminals in Germany and Poland who’ve been imprisoned for speaking out against the holohoax narrative, pushed by the WW2 victors, who chose to side with the barbaric Jewish-Bolshevik-created USSR.

    UNFORTUNATELY, HOWEVER, look what’s happened over in the USA, the so-called “land of the free” (so how can the USA be of any help?):

    “Anti-Semitism Awareness Bill Passes Senate” (source: Zionist Report, citing Inside Higher Ed)

    The U.S. Senate on Thursday passed the Anti-Semitism Awareness Act, which seeks to adopt the U.S. State Department’s definition of anti-Semitism so that the Education Department may consider it in investigating reports of religiously motivated campus crimes. The State Department defines anti-Semitism as

    “a certain perception of Jews, which may be expressed as hatred toward Jews. Rhetorical and physical manifestations of anti-Semitism are directed toward Jewish or non-Jewish individuals and/or their property, toward Jewish community institutions and religious facilities.”

    The bill was proposed by Senators Bob Casey, a Pennsylvania Democrat, and Tim Scott, a South Carolina Republican, to “ensure the Education Department has the necessary statutory tools at their disposal to investigate anti-Jewish incidents,” according to ensure the Education Department has the necessary statutory tools at their disposal to investigate anti-Jewish incidents,” according to a news release. The senators say the act is not meant to infringe on any individual right protected under the First Amendment, but rather to address a recent uptick in hate crimes against Jewish students. The bill is supported by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, the Anti-Defamation League, the Jewish Federations of North America and the Simon Wiesenthal Center.

    (Really, see the rest as it outlines what is being targeted and attacks free speech and is so overwhelmingly all-encompassing and borders on European anti-censorship; it is so disgustingly kosher.)

    Re the German and Polish thought-criminals in prison for their holohoax-related thought-crimes:
    * PIOTR RYBA, I stand with you my White Polish brother.
    * MARCEL ZECH, I stand with you my White German brother.
    (Google these guys to find out more: they are actually serving jail-time for holohoax-related thought-crimes, and whose suffering I’m remembering as opposed to the phony narrative pushed by the Jewish shysters and scammers.)

    There should be an international law to protect voices critical of the Zio-racket that it is the Jewish holohoax that’s forever been milking the Germans to prop up Israel, causing anger in the Muslim world against the West as a result.

    And of course which has spawned the (((Hollywood))) cash-cow and the genre of the Holocaust film industry, its related media empires in the book publishing industry, “Jewish studies” in the overwhelmingly student-and-faculty dominated (((Western universities))) and the University Presses, etc.

    Honestly, this Jewish domination of the USA and the entire West is really too much and suffocating when you’re a White middle class professional and see the operation of the Jews and their nepotistic ways up-close-and-personal.

    How about some sympathy for the downtrodden goys and the White working class and White Europeans the world over.

    The last people in the world who need any affirmative action or sympathy are the despicable Jews.

    Lest we also forget our WN leaders too speaking out and working against our kosher, Jewish dominated world on this international holohoax remembrance day: THANK YOU for having the decency and courage for speaking out against the overwhelming majority of Jews who work against us White goyim, and which is fully approved by their depraved and inhumane Talmud.

    May we look forward to the day (unfortunately, most unlikely in our lifetimes) that the holohoax is but a footnote in the long history of Jewish perfidy against Whites and Europeans. However, we need to play our role in working towards this future goal for our White/European children and grandchildren.

    • Do you expect your enemy (whether overt or covert) to act like your friend?)

      “There should be an international law to protect voices critical of the Zio-racket that it is the Jewish holohoax that’s forever been milking the Germans to prop up Israel, causing anger in the Muslim world against the West as a result.”

      There should be a law against Jewish influence or in other words protections from humanity predators whose name ends in berg or stein

      Ppl say I am crazy for saying this but the only way to broach masonic politics and get results that might allow us to chow down at the dinner table rather than fight for Jew crumbs underneath would be something akin to an anti-Jew party. After all, when all the curtain is pulled away you see a Jew king being served and swooned over by fat ugly goy sycophants who care little about the common man

  • You have to wonder what the world would look like if today’s alienated, atomized and deracinated white men had permission to reconnect with other white people as their extended families and tribes.

    Because, really, this “Nazi” slur attacks a perfectly legitimate value that progressives would give dispensations to other groups, like, oh, Jews. Instead it looks as if our elites want to keep white men separated from each other as “individuals,” almost as a form of punishment, like putting prisoners in solitary confinement, but not by confining their bodies behind walls and bars, rather by confining their minds and hearts.

  • Hard for me at this point to adjudge how a typical normie’s mind works, but I hope this seemingly CONSTANT whining, complaining, & “muh Holocaust” business will begin to get on their nerves (if it doesn’t…they must have nerves of steel, or something!)
    And thus, I hope the Chosen Ones keep at it & ratchet it up to even higher degrees of self-righteousness & indignation. Could very well help us redpill the masses.

    • Most people don’t see the constant whining of the Jews. They may have watched Schindler’s List or read Anne Frank in school. Thus, they are conditioned to feel sorry for the Jews and don’t think much else about it.

      • Well then, I guess it’s up to us who are Awake to nudge them into a gradual awareness of it. Once we’ve doled out some small redpills or even partial redpills, there’ll be actual up-to-the-second proof of the whining & self-righteousness for any normie whose comatose-ness has waned enough for rays of light to start reaching them, because the (((complaining/etc))) seems to never fricking end!

        • You’re right, they have to be nudged. But once nudged, there’s a lot of material they’ve subconsciously accumulated over the years that can help them see through to the truth of what we’re saying. The hard part is encouraging people to rationally (rather than emotionally) think about the issue; once they have, the rest eventually falls into place almost on its own.

  • Trump is steadily deligimatization the entire post-WWII narrative of proposition nations and institutional white guilt. Even the media is slowly admitting that the alt-right and its white nationalism are imposing the greatest threat to liberalism since the Communists, and nothing lasts forever.

  • I’m convinced jews suffer from a sort of collective sociopathy which renders them incapable of empathizing with anyone outside their own group.

    • Well they did kill millions of Christians in Russia and the Ukraine and continue to avoid taking responsibility for it.

        • Thank you for raising awareness of the atrocious Jewish-led genocide of Russians and our fellow Slavic brothers by the Jewish Communist pigs who haven’t paid us any reparation yet have milked Germany and continue to vilify Germans and all others who fought against the Worldwide International Communist Jewish threat, which is still ongoing.

          My handle “Orthodoxy or Death” according to the admittedly unreliable and Jew-controlled Wikipedia entry on the “Union of Orthodox Banner-Bearers” says:

          “The Union of Orthodox Banner-Bearers (Russian: Союз Православных Хоругвеносцев, tr. Soyuz Pravoslavnykh Khorugvenostsev) is a Russian nationalist-fundamentalist organization that identifies itself as part of the Russian Orthodox Church…

          It was co-founded in 1993 by Leonid Simonovich.

          The Union’s stated primary aim is to “resurrect the spirit” of Russian Orthodoxy, by conducting processions with banners and icons in Moscow and other regions.

          The group became famous for its use and promulgation of the phrase “Orthodoxy or Death,” and its association with violent skinhead reactionaries.

          [What’s wrong with being a “violent skinhead reactionary” who simply further the aims of the preservation of the ethno-state of Russia for the Russians rooted in traditional morality free from Jewish corruption and influence?]

          Now the Communist “Church position” against our group – undoubtedly influenced by the Judeo-Masons and Jewish activists from the same Wikipedia entry:

          “In 2009 the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill, denounced this slogan and said to “beware” those who used it, calling it “dangerous, false and intrinsically contradictory”.

          Methinks the “Russian Orthodox Church” may still have many Communist Bolshevik subversives in it (many of our Patriarchs have been open collaborators with the Bolsheviks). Why did it take until 2009 to denounce us? Did they use us all this time and now disavow us?

          Just as the Catholic Church is infested with Jewish subversives, “Judeo-Christians”, Communists, practising homosexual perverts, etc, culminating in the anti-White/European Pope Francis, the most anti-White/European Pope to sit in the See of Peter. And disavows the Jew-wise and traditional Lefebvrists of the pre-Second Vatican Council Church, a continuation of the true Catholic Church.

          Long live all White and European people and may we have all the courage to continue naming the Jewish threat to White Gentiles and White/European Civilization.

          This threat is ongoing and continues today in all White and European countries with their internal Jewish menace and threats in the form of the Communist Alinsky-ites, Marxist Frankfurt School adherents, multi-culti pushing SPECTRES, the Jewish domination of the media, etc etc.

          And of course, the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan to race-mix and miscegenate Whites with non-Whites.

          • Also the West needs leaders in their cucked Churches like Leonid Simonovich:

            “The first time I meet Leonid Simonovich-Nikshich, the white-bearded leader of Russia’s ultra-conservative Union of Orthodox Banner Bearers movement, he’s dressed in black paramilitary gear festooned with skulls and holding a chunky silver crucifix above his head.

            The paunchy 60-something Russian Orthodox Christian activist is standing among thousands of far-right nationalists who have gathered in central Moscow. The purpose of the protest: to call for the expulsion of migrants from Central Asia and Russia’s mainly Muslim North Caucasus region. “Darkies out!” masked youth chant, as riot police look on and a police helicopter hovers overhead.


      • The NKVD alone, overwhelmingly a Jewish construct, slaughtered far more humans than National Socialist Germany did. See:
        BLOODLANDS, by Timothy Snyder

      • Actually Vad Yashem and their holohoax museums do anoint people “righteous gentiles” for “saving” Jews.

        “Righteous among the nations”. LMAO!

        The self-anointed Luciferian/Satanic “light” among the nations, the Jews have the audacity/nerve – chutzpah – to determine who and who isn’t “righteous among the nations” in promoting their self-interested, chauvinistic, inherently anti-Gentile, Talmudic Judaic supremacy.

        Note the enemies of White Gentile goyim, apart from the wretched ADL and SPLC (and their goy supporters, not the least all Christian Zionists): figures such as Raoul Wallenberg and Elie Wiesel and other “Holocaust/ N@zi hunters.”

        And their descendants continuing to churn out the holohoax through the media that is now rapidly changing from its traditional TV/radio/newspaper, etc, format. Hence, the establishment of the Jewish Internet Defence League and their goy collaborators.

        A counter to Vad Yashem’s “Righteous among the nations” is necessary – let’s call them what they are: White Gentile subversives and sympathizers with the Bolshevik Jews and our enemies.

        De-legitimize anything that promotes the Jewish narrative and Judaic supremacy that is inherently anti-White/European.

        • Edit: I meant to type Yad Vashem and switched the Ys and Vs in my comment here.
          I’m surprised nobody corrected me on this.

          I live near one of the holohoax ‘museums.’ In the early 2000s and chances are that, if you’re in a global or mid-sized Western city (even if it isn’t Jew-populated), you live near one too.

          A goy I once knew suggested visiting the local holohoax museum. To which I immediately replied to the effect of, “Why would you suggest such a thing : I don’t accept the “official” Jewish narrative.”

          These physical embodiments and structures of the “Holocaust Industry” – these holohoax museums and Jewish schemes such as the Yad Vashem (to the point of Holocaustianity and anointed of “righteous gentiles”) need to be questioned at every point since the Jews very well know this scheme or “Industry” cannot last forever.

          Jewish propaganda like the “Jewish holocaust narrative” needs to be confronted, as does the religion of Holocaustianity. As the wicked Communist Jew, Lenin (by matrilineal descent) stated : a lie told often enough becomes the truth. And that’s exactly what the accepted holohoax narrative is.

    • I think it’s just the realizing that you’ve been born into a criminal cult that preaches global supremacy. That’s the deeper roots of your ethnic identity comes from to the extent you’re interested in it.

      You’re also told from birth that the Other/everyone else randomly goes crazy and tries to exterminate you and your whole family for no reason at all. Nothing to be done but watch for that, from within the Tribe. Shalom.

      Then there’s the fact that gentiles typically begin to (((identify))) Jews as Jews, giving you a tribal identity anyway if all the gang initiation type trauma didn’t work. You can count on one hand the number of Jews that have tried to escape or criticize their own criminal cult. Israel Shahak, Brother Nathanael Kapner, Gilad Atzmon and a few others.

      And tribalism usually kicks in at some points for them too. One thing that gets me is how ingrained the Jewish identity is. They can let gender swirl around it, still Jew. They can invent sexual minorities in their own oppressed image, still Jew. They preach progress or Communism, still ancient Jew identity there. They can get the silly “goyim” to try to protect a Transgender Tribe from the bathroom Nazis, Jew identity in the background. And on and on. It’s quite absurd. One half expects them to portray a Transgender Tribe wandering around in the bathroom for forty years. But apparently there is no widespread “trans Jew” or “ex Jew” movement where they do away with the Jewish identity. If there is one, it’s not very widespread and I’ve yet to hear of it. Instead, they call themselves Jewish atheists or Jewish this and that…. preaching “progress” for all, yet maintaining an identity and a way to organize and ethnic network for themselves.

    • And what group outside your own do you empathize with? If none, why is any other group sharing your trait of indifference (according to you) a ground for criticism?

    • The Jews have been persecuted, driven out of most countries at one time or another and killed just for being Jewish! For your information during the Civil Rights Movement the Jews marche with the African Americans en masse! They have sympathy for almost everyone being oppressed! Don’t throw Muslims at me because they are still trying to wipe out the Jews! Try studying history, going back further than the last century before making such ignorant and sweeping statements about an entire group of people! No, I am not Jewish but my husband is. ?

  • We have every right to secure a white homeland and secure the future of our white children! Ban the Brown!

  • Why is the white psyche and physique so chained to the Negro?

    I think part of the problem is blacks have come to represent both the Id and the Superego(or supernegro) among white folks.

    1. Blacks as Id.

    Because blacks are wild, expressive, colorful, and vibrant, many white folks(and other non-black folks, be they Asian, Muslim, Mexican, or Hindu) rely on blacks to express what is repressed or relatively lackluster within themselves. So, a bland proggy white girl will listen to Tina Turner and feel her own sexuality & angst expressed through Tina’s wild & powerful performance. It’s like Jungle Therapy. Since the bland white girl hasn’t the voice, personality, and temperament to be express her own natural drives so fully, robustly, and audaciously, she identifies with the Negress shaman as medium for her emotions and drives. Since the Negress can act wilder, she serves as a kind of Negro-electro-amplifier for the emotions of the white woman that simply cannot be charged up to that level.

    And among the white males, there is a kind of thrill in watching black athletes because black male-athletic powers goes way beyond that of whites. Blacks can run faster, jump higher, punch harder, and etc. So, a white boy, brown boy, and yellow boy may look to the Negro as the most potent purveyor of the universal male Id. Though all males have the male Id or male animal drive, it is manifested most loudly and aggressively when, for example, Muhammad Ali KO’ed Sonny Liston and howled he the greatest and shi*.

    So, there may be a kind of Id Addiction in relation to the Negro. Since our world is sports-music-sex-obsessed, many non-black women look to black women as the most bodacious purveyor of the Id. Consider the success of Beyonce, Rihanna, and Nikki Minaj of the twerking-big-butt-kind.

    And among non-black males, their less-loud-and-less-wild manhood is channeled through the more rambunctious Id of the Negro who can howl the loudest as the rapper dude and who can sack the quarterback the hardest.

    And there may be an element of this in the ‘cuckolding’ culture where white men invite black men to hump their wives. Thus, white boys can partake of the bigger Id of the Negro who be humping the white ho with more gusto. Negro guy becomes the fantasy-extension of the white guy’s Id.

    Given the Id addiction to blackness among whites(and it is spreading to Japan too), the West may be helpless to come to its senses and realize that Negromania is dangerous to civilization.

    2. Blacks as Superego.

    Because America dominates the world, it’s particular Cult of Guilt defines global morality. And since Jews dominate media and academia, they’ve promoted White Guilt vis-a-vis blacks as one of the great sins(next to Holocaust) in order to paralyze white power and make it subservient to moral blackmail.

    So, the deification of MLK and Mandela became central to global morality. Actually, black Americans in the 1950s were well-off and safe compared to many other peoples in the world. Sure, the US was unfair to blacks, but what blacks experienced in the 20th century could hardly be compared with the true horrors all over the world in the 2oth century. Consider the death tolls of Armenians, Poles, Russians, Ukrainians, Chinese, Algerians, East Timorese, Cambodians, Kurds, and etc.

    But since US narrative dominates the world, MLK became a world figure and the ‘plight’ of black Americans(though piddly compared to true horrors suffered by others in the century) became one of the great ‘global’ tragedies.

    And even though blacks in South Africa actually had it better than most blacks in black-run Africa, Apartheid was made out to be one of the most evil things in history. (In contrast, most Americans still don’t know what Nakba is or the true nature of the Occupation in West Bank. Well, Jews control the global narrative.) Anyway, because of the cult of Negro Nobility and neo-religious sanctimony around MLK and Mandela — when Negroes try to be ‘noble’, they come across more eloquent & inspirational than others with their soaring voices or Morgan-Freeman-like smoothness — , white people have come to look to Negro as the gatekeeper to higher morality, even to heaven. For some, the Magic Negro be god hisself.

    So, we have a paradoxical situation where whites look to Negroes as both the celebrators of ultimate Id and torchbearers of the ultimate sanctimony.

    White Delusions are at the center of globalist morality and culture.

    Of course, white elites don’t suffer physically(not yet anyway) from the consequences this delusion since they have money, privilege, and safe spaces. They can afford to deal with only fancy Negroes like Obama who know how to push the buttons and milk White Psychology. They reside in the Elysium world of their own. (It’s like the elites can invite in tons of hostile Muslims and live good for themselves while the hoi polloi must deal with the demographic mess at the ground level.)

    But the spread of blacks and black influence in the culture at large will be the fatal undoing of the West.

    White Race will be destroyed by the black fist, black dong, black booty, and black holler while it gazes at heaven for MLK and Mandela to save its wicked soul.

    Imagine the white race as Milo with a Negro dong up his butt as he preaches that Democrats are the ‘real racists’ because MLK was for the ‘content of one’s character.’

    The end result of Negro-as-Id and Negro-as-superego is white women using their wombs to create black babies with the full blessing of cucked out white males.

    There is no greater betrayal than this. Those who betray with ideas can change their minds and return to the fold. After all, a Christian who loses his faith can return to faith. A man who turns communist can renounce communism and return to patriotism.

    But a white woman who uses her very body and white womb — the product of 10,000s of evolution in Europe — as the creator of black babies is an absolute and total traitor. She didn’t just betray with ideas but within the source of life itself. And since she used her womb to produce black kids, she is also a murderer of white-kids-that-could-have-been who were pushed out of the ‘nest’ by the Negrolets.

    Whenever a white woman has a black kid, she is killing the white-kid-that-could-have-been. Jungle Fever is White Genocide within the womb of white woman, the very source of life. White people can only be created within white wombs. So, a white womb that goes Negro has betrayed whiteness within sanctum of white life. A mudshark is like a Jew who collaborates with Nazis to kill Jews.

    Since Jews hate the white race, it is no wonder that Jews glorify the mudshark as the ideal of white womanhood. A mudshark is a white woman who uses her womb to produce the main enemies of the white race: black kids.

    Why do Jews push homomania into the Christian Church? The Church is like the sanctum, holy place, and womb of the Faith. It is a sacred place from which the Word of God is dispensed. So, when the inner core of Christian practice, the Church, is planted with the Homo Flag, the essential meaning of the faith is altered. Jews are trying to ‘inseminate’ the Church with Homomania and to inseminate the white womb with the black seed.


  • I’ve had it with these Jewish snowflakes and their Holocaust victimization. They need to get over themselves.

  • the Holocaust is all about the Jews

    Everything is all about the Jews:

    Israeli Sephardic leader Rabbi Ovadia Yosef in his weekly Saturday night sermon said that non-Jews exist to serve Jews. ‘Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world; only to serve the People of Israel.’

  • The Holocaust is a weapon. It’s eternally pointed at our naive heads.

    Steve Bannon knows what he is doing. He’s not an anti-semite but he’s pro European and the ONLY way to support western civilization is to be pro-white AND counter-semite. Richard’s example Jewish intellectual violence from today illustrates the sick fact that ANYTHING that is not slavishly pro-Jewish is considered a hostile antisemitic attack.

    What kind of universe is this ?

    The reality is that the so called holocaust was largely a reaction to Jewish/Bolshevism and the horrors that were fostered upon the Russian people, it’s Church and the Monarchy. Anyone rational living after 1917 would take extreme actions to prevent this kind of societal meltdown. And there is no question that Jews were the essential component to the 100 millions of people killed because of communism.

    Where is the pleas for forgiveness and associated guilt ?

    So once again, Jews have created conditions for a “reaction”. That is why they call the Right reactionary.

    Because we spend our time working and generally engaged in productive engagements, we don’t have time to create utopias so we wait to act until we must.

    And now, we must act.

    Jews know that this Hegelian process will not stop in the 1940’s. And their “pre-traumatic stress disorder” is well founded.

    • I’ve started to read about Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi. Did the Nazi movement arise in part as an explicit reaction to his plans for a racially mixed Europe led by Jews?

      I’d like to find an English translation of his book Praktischer Idealismus, where he lays out his scheme to make white people go away. That would come in useful for shutting up the people who call white genocide a conspiracy theory.

      • The nazis were in many ways just a continuation of German and European trends since the french revolution. The french revolution and the napoleonic wars fundamentally changed Europe. The reason France became so militarily dominant is that the revolution had legitimized unlimited state. Since after the revolution the state was for “the common good”.
        It was also ambitious people from the middle class, speaking to the working class, pointing at the upper class and saying “Follow us and we give you all their stuff”.
        The old elites struggled to come up with a strategy to counter this. They simply did not have the tools or the justifications to raise such enormous armies and tax their societies to the total degree that the revolutionary state had. Napoleon famously said “you can not stop me, I lose 30 000 men a month”. When he was speaking to count Metternich of Austria Hungary that had a total army of some 80 000 men.
        What they finally came up with was nationalism. And the modern nationstates were formed. Alot of it was synthetic but enough was authentic to evoke real lojalty in people. They also dabbled with “Social conservatism”, ie, handouts and social security on a primitive level. So bolsjevism – nazism was just a repeat, with the volume turned up.

        Also, Germany was not united until the 1860ies or somesuch, by the very force that was evoked to counter the genie that the french revolution had let out of the bottle. So the Germans were searching for what they were. What it was to be German? And who was German? And where the borders of this new German state would be drawn, how much would be “unified”?
        Another thing, a third of Polands territory was made up by former German territory handed over to it by the victors of ww1. Since Germany was much stronger than Poland it was inevitable that Germany was going to take its territory back. That had nothing to do with nazism.
        Sorry for the rambling, but to me nazism just looks like a continuation of existing trends.

      • A conspiracy theory – with a preponderance of mathematical evidence.

        Some folks are just “gone” and are willfully refusing to come back.

      • Just a few weeks ago I stumbled upon some site that was in the process of translating his book to english. Unfortunately I forgot to bookmark the site but I remember the url ended with so it must have been british. They mentioned it was a difficult task because he used some elderly form of germanic. But also that it would turn out to be dynamite. So I do look forward to it.

      • Adding onto Rutger some, there’s also the difference between UK/US environmentalism (the granola-gnawing hippies) and German ecologists at play here. They were heavily nationalist by comparison. A good pair of quotes that showcase this lineage might be:

        “We recognize that separating humanity from nature, from the whole of life, leads to humankind’s own destruction and to the death of nations. Only through a re-integration of humanity into the whole of nature can our people be made stronger. That is the fundamental point of the biological tasks of our age. Humankind alone is no longer the focus of thought, but rather life as a whole . . . This striving toward connectedness with the totality of life, with nature itself, a nature into which we are born, this is the deepest meaning and the true essence of National Socialist thought.” ~Ernst Lehmann 1934

        Now compare that to one of the 1850s’ eco-philosophers “We must save the forests, not only so that our ovens do not become cold in winter, but also so that the pulse of life of our people continues to beat warm and joyfully, so that Germany remains German.” ~Wilhelm Heinrich Riehl, Field and Forest

        As to the second part of your question, there’s a handful of rabbis out there who are pretty darn open about it!,7340,L-4299673,00.html like this one

    • We need to have a massive show-trial in the U.S. that puts the “Holocaust” on trial to prove that it’s fake history. It could be brought about via class action in one of the states that requires by law teaching the “Holocaust” at public schools. I know New Jersey is one of them, and that there are several others. Jewish groups are currently lobbying for legislation to make it mandatory in Middle School and High School curricula. Having kids myself, laws like these make my blood boil. Anyone here from a state that mandates “Holohoax” education interested in something like this?

  • On a more serious note what he said appears perfectly reasonable to normal people. The ADL reaction looks paranoid and unreasonable.

    Good poker player that Trump.

    • Also he retweeted Bibi’s tweet about how well the Wall works in Israel. Now if they want to critisize him, they’ll be also critisizing Israel.

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  • When you look at WW2 in it’s entirety, Jews basically got a European sanctioned ethno state out of it. In my opinion a reasonable people would consider this reparations for any wrong doings, perceived, real or otherwise and move on.

    At this point I am over WW2. I just am. I don’t even enjoy movies about it anymore.The old world hierarchy that was established from it, which I consider a failure, is falling apart, and pretty soon it will leave all living memory of humanity forever.

        • It always irks me how countries that fought as the Allies, against Nazi Germany are also supposed to feel white guilt over the Holocaust. People in my family fought in WWII, so stop telling me we deserve to be dispossessed because of the Holocaust.

          If it hadn’t been for the white soldiers that won WWII the Ashkenazim would have been completely exterminated. A little gratitude would be nice.

    • You don’t like Das Boot? What’s wrong with you?? But, yeah, other movies that huperbolize “Jew suffering” should be placed under “Alternative Facts” … “Fiction” would be ok too.

    • Yes, you’d expect that a reasonable people would at some point be prepared to total up the “pros and cons”, decide that it all worked out well enough in the end despite the undoubted heartache along the way, and just move on. There are no indications as yet, however, that Jewish power is inclined to forgive and forget.

  • our best hearts and minds, the growing core of WN, should not waste another minute of their valuable time on this dreary, dull, uninteresting, and untrue jewish god call the ‘holocaust.’ as i type, tens of thousands of utterly determined WN foot soldiers are slowly but surely beating down the walls of this god and cash engine of the jews.

    just as the Iron Wall of jewish communism in europe came down almost over night, just as Don Trump triggered the end of the jewish stranglehold on the american media almost overnight, so too will this hideous state religion, this grotesque lie of the holocaust, come crashing to earth with breath-taking speed. the world is at the threshold. one year? two?

  • Good article…the fact that we should continue to accept the undeserved guilt of Hitler/Holocaust is effing ridiculous….the times are changing though and this playing card that tries to direct the narrative that: Europeans (American Europeans as well) should just accept forced, mass immigration of mostly low-skilled third world people which will increase welfare cost…etc…..because remember Hitler?!? And the Holocaust? ….is over. That narrative is used up….Jewish interests are destroying ours (Europeans) so we got a big problem here, and *they* are doubling and tripling down on it.

  • Good for Trump, he really triggered them. That ADL statement perfectly illustrates the totally ethnocentric attitude of the ALD and their ilk.

    • Yes, it’s a risky gambit for Greenblatt to kvetch about the lack of specific mention of Jews. “The Holocaust” is a paradigmatic example of Jews couching moral particularism in the language of moral universalism, but that only works when the masses believe that the moral principle espoused is indeed universal. The more that Jews demand the Holocaust remain specifically about them, the more that people are apt to begin thinking, “Hang on a fucking second…”, especially since they nowadays need only look at Palestine to see true Jewish morality in action.

  • “In academia, the rise of “genocide studies” (I was actually a Teaching Assistant for such a course in grad school) has, on the one hand, cemented the Holocaust as the moral paradigm . . . and simultaneously threatened its uniqueness, threatened to make the Holocaust “just another genocide,” which is unimaginable for Jewish activists.”

    This is why Abe Foxman and the ADL resisted recognizing and in fact denied the Armenian Genocide. The ADL actually lobbied Congress to NOT recognize the Armenian Genocide under the pretense that doing so would damage America’s alliance with Turkey, and by proxy, Israel.

    Jews have in fact adjusted their rhetoric to counter the many proclaimed Genocides that have emerged recently (Armenian, Bosniak, Irish Famine, Native Americans, and on and on). Jews now claim the Holocaust was “Unique” and an “evil event” without parallel in history, as if any such moralistic claims can be measured in the academic discipline of history.

    • Jewish Tzvetan Todorov : “Germans should talk about the particularity of the Holocaust, the Jews about its universality”. Nice of him.


    Within this century, the population of Africa, economically the world’s poorest region, is expected to surpass four billion. Other non-European societies are likewise projected to experience large or even massive population growth. The wealthiest and most attractive areas, primarily Europe and America, are expected to see modest population growth and in some cases diminution. By the end of the century, these more successful peoples will represent only a trace element in the global population. At the same time, their societies will be the target of hundreds of millions, possibly billions of aspiring immigrants from outside the western realm.

    For as long as western countries remain wealthier and more comfortable than most, they will continue to draw great numbers of migrants from regions where conflict, overpopulation, ecological failure and social deterioration inspire continuing emigration. By century’s end, hundreds of millions will wish to enter western countries. Owing to their numbers and western humanitarianism, it will not be possible to halt the flood.

    Eighty years from now, advanced societies will have been submerged in tides of less accomplished peoples, a consequence of the current belief in western ruling elites that economics is the only important social value, that people are fungible, and that all are equal.

    If the liberal belief in the equal cultural potential of all people is correct, then civilization may continue or even improve. If not, not. My own expectation is for a new and irredeemable Dark Age more awful than the last one.

    Tito Perdue

    • Yeah, something like a new, more literal, “Black Death.”

      There’s a slim possibility that “global welfare payments” might be instituted to stave off the flood, a solution which has the “merit” (so to speak) of falling within the moral limits of the liberal worldview.

      In fifty years time the combined GDP of the rich countries of the world, which by that time will include China and India, will total somewhere between $150-200 trillion 2017 dollars, while the average per capita GDP of sub-Saharan African countries might have grown from roughly $2000 today to $4000-6000 by 2065. In that case, a contribution of 5% of the GDP of the rich countries redistributed among say two billion sub-Saharans would represent about a 50% increase in their per capita GDP. (This could take the form of direct payments or the provision of various services such as housing, which is vastly cheaper to provide in poor countries than in wealthy ones.)

      Such benefits could well entice the great majority to remain in Africa rather than seeking greener pastures elsewhere, even more so if combined with whatever rudimentary immigration restriction liberal mental faggotry is capable of mustering up. It’d be expensive, but in lieu of anything harsher, it’d be well worth the money.

      • “Such benefits could well entice the great majority to remain in Africa”

        Where their numbers will continue to explode. But I shan’t complain if this tribe elects to breed itself out of existence.. .

        • Ideally, the program would be linked to fertility reduction measures (as all welfare programs should be), which can be rationalized as poverty reduction measures to sooth the anxieties of liberal bed-wetters. The beauty of this rationalization is that it doesn’t even need to invoke genetic causes of poverty; it’s enough to note that fewer hungry mouths lessens the burden of a meagre economic inheritance. And yes, doubly ideally, the program would lead to the long-term severe diminishment of black numbers – an outcome to be devoutly hoped for!

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