Angela Merkel and François Hollande Criticize President Trump’s Refugee Ban

Well played, President Bannon:

“BERLIN — Reflecting mounting European anger and astonishment at President Trump, several countries on Sunday rejected — sometimes in blunt terms — his ban on all refugees and the citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries entering the United States.

The spokesman for Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany said there was no justification for the policy — not even the fight against terrorism — of refusing to admit refugees fleeing war. Prime Minister Theresa May of Britain revised her stance on the American directive to take a harder line, while Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni of Italy said that Mr. Trump’s approach ran counter to basic European principles. …

The comments came a day after President François Hollande of France, who unlike Ms. Merkel is not running for re-election this year, said he had reminded Mr. Trump of his “conviction that the ongoing fight to defend our democracy will be effective only if we sign up to respect to the founding principles and, in particular, the welcoming of refugees.” …

Mr. Trump’s executive order was preceded on Friday by an emotional appeal from the mayor of Berlin, related to another proposal by Mr. Trump that has proved polarizing — the construction of a wall along the United States border with Mexico.

“Berlin, the city of Europe’s division, the city of Europe’s freedom, cannot silently look on as a country sets about building a new wall,” the mayor, Michael Müller, said in a statement. …”

Domestically, President Trump can point and laugh at Angela Merkel and François Hollande, as France and Germany have been repeatedly attacked by Muslim refugees under their failed leadership. Internationally, Angela Merkel and François Hollande’s attacks open the debate in their own countries, which paves the way for Marine Le Pen and Frauke Petry in France and Germany’s upcoming elections. 93% of Muslims in France voted for Hollande who has a 4% approval rating.

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  • With Trump, I find it extremely difficult to determine whether he’s a practical businessman exercising common sense, or an Alt light ideologue. Where does one end and the other begin.

  • I believe Trump’s Muslim shithole countries ban has been done partially to help the European Populist Right.

    There are elections this year in France, Germany, and the Netherlands.

    Wilders is projected to win and will win now riding on the coattails of Trump. Hollande and Merkel are now publicly rejecting the Ban, a tacit endorsement of the continued Trojan Horse invasion and Muslim terror attacks.

    If Fillon cucks out and attacks Trump, he’s done. Fillon already has a finance scandal to deal with. Then Le Pen will face some Socialist in the run off who wants to let in more Muslims. We may in fact have President Le Pen. I can’t believe that!

    In Germany, the AfD will be shut out because the SPD, CDU, Greens, possibly even the ex Communist Left Party will all unite to keep the AfD out of power. But if the AfD gets 30-35 percent of the vote and bests the CDU, it sets up the AfD as the true opposition in Germany. Merkel is politically finished and will resign after her CDU does poorly in the German federal elections.

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