Politics Just Got Real

This past week of President Trump’s inauguration, we’ve seen serious escalation from various elements of the Left against right-wingers in various cities.

Trump supporters have been targeted, set on fire, beaten with metal pipes, punched for putting out fires that Leftists created, and our own Richard Spencer was attacked in the most limp-wristed, cowardly fashion—sucker-punched during an interview for a documentary while the rioters around him hold signs proclaiming that “White Lives Matter Too Much.” How refreshingly honest. I, for one, thank them for making explicit the implicit subtext of their ideology.

These events mark a serious escalation in “direct action” tactics used by the more extreme Left-wingers (they were comprised of everything from Anarchists to Communists) against those on the Right, targeting everyone from normal, everyday Trump supporters to Alt-Right leaders. This wasn’t one “radical” movement against another; this was a wake-up call to the entire Right that they consider all Rightists to be evil. Frank Luntz, one of the most weak-willed, milquetoast Republicans to exist on the Paul Ryan-Lindsay Graham cuck spectrum was attacked for being a “fascist.” How utterly bonkers! But the message being delivered is simple: it doesn’t matter how many times you DR^3 (Dems R the Real Racists), how often you give minorities special privileges & access to resources, or discuss getting minorities off the Democrat “plantation,” the result is the same: you get a punch in the face. Those who were engaging in these actions see you as just as evil as those who they believe are members of a now defunct 1930’s German worker’s party.

Beyond the street violence, it was the reaction of the mainstream Left that was the most eye-opening and the most damning revelation of this increased expectation of violence. Mainstream Left sites such as the Independent celebrated the attacks, particularly the one on Richard (they have since deleted the article, but the Internet never forgets). The New York Times at least rhetorically pondered whether such an action was acceptable (naturally, they decided that it is). Haaretz, a Jewish website, was also on the “Yes” train for physical violence against “Nazis”. While never defining what makes one a Nazi, we can safely assume that recognition of race realism is sufficient for both the members of the Black Bloc that were attacking Rightists as well as those in the mainstream Left who celebrated the street violence. For most Jews, acknowledgement of the JQ, the “Jewish Question” of egregiously outsized Jewish power in gentile politics, media, academia, finance, and law is enough. As we can see by the attacks on everyone from Lauren Southern to Frank Luntz, the Left’s definition of a modern day “Nazi” is quite a bit more expansive than our own.

The goal of these “Antifa” is to prevent the “normalization” of the Alt-Right and of ethno-nationalist politics. We are riding the wave of resurgent Nationalism in America, and all those who consider themselves “Antifa” can sense that the Alt-Right is gaining a foothold in the American political scene. Dismayed by their prospects of debating us in the realm of ideas, they thus decide that the best way to drive us back underground is to threaten us physically. We are perceived as the first real threat to the managerial neo-liberal order since the Cold War, fighting against it from within like antibodies fighting off a virus.

In effect, this makes Antifa a wholly establishment organization. They LARP as anti-establishment radicals while defending the System they profess to want to overthrow. They yell “Burn the banks!” while they attack those people who would likely do more to reign in the financial system than almost anyone else. Many have outright left behind the Marxism of yesteryear, trading in class solidarity for lifestyle identity & only non-White ethnic interests. Hillary Clinton actually ended up playing many of these people like the fools they are:

“If we broke up the big banks tomorrow….would that end racism? Would that end sexism?”

“No!” the crowd yells.

“Not everything is about an economic theory, right?” Clinton said. “If we broke up the big banks tomorrow—and I will if they deserve it, if they pose a systemic risk, I will—would that end racism?”

“No!” the audience yelled back.

Clinton continued to list scenarios, asking: “Would that end sexism? Would that end discrimination against the LGBT community? Would that make people feel more welcoming to immigrants overnight?”

To borrow a phrase, these people are pwned. They attack the managerial system’s only real threat in the streets while the neoliberal order marches on. They have become the guardians of the neoliberal galaxy, the shock troops of the bourgeoisie. They are pwned.

What This Means for the Right

The problem in all of this for the Alt-Lite and even for the Cuck Right is that your enemy defines you just as much as you define yourself. As the political philosopher Carl Schmitt discussed in The Concept of the Political, he notes:

The specific political distinction to which political actions and motives can be reduced is that between friend and enemy.

For Schmitt,

A people exists politically if it constitutes an independent political unity and in the name of this unity opposes itself to other kinds of unity.

Essentially, a people can only be said to exist on the level of the political to the extent that it identifies itself by its opposition to some Other, which does not exist within its own circle. In simpler language, your enemy defines you by exclusion from it. This means that no matter how many times Mike Cernovich and Bill Mitchell “disavows” the Alt-Right and other far-right movements, they will continue to be lumped in with us in opposition to the Left whether they like it or not. Their enemies have already defined them on the level of the Political; they can now either ignore them and their physical assaults (an obviously poor strategy) or choose to work with us against those would-be enemies.

Whether the Alt-Lite and the Cuck Right will do this is ultimately up to them. We can’t force them to work with us, and we can’t force them to stand up alongside us in the future. But if they have a strategic bone in their bodies, they’ll realize the necessity of teaming up with us against a foe that have publicly demonstrated that they are enemies and that they are willing to violently assault them in the streets.

An Ethnostate doesn’t sound half-bad right now, does it?


  • The people on the left has no right to burn down the university, punch people, break windows, beat people, etc. That is disgusting behavior. But on the same side,that FedEx guy who everyone is calling a hero was also not within his rights and needs to face repercussions. Those people were peacefully protesting and burning a flag under their first amendment right and he interfered, breaking their freedoms. Both the left and the right in this case need to be punished for their actions accordingly.

  • Disgusting behavior. I am all for protesting peacefully but this is taking it way to far. If you need to break things, become violent. and violate others rights just to satisfy your own, you are a vile human. Shame on these protesters.

  • Jews kvetching about the US not taking in Jews-as-refugees during WWII would be like Japanese and Germans bitching that the US didn’t take in Japanese and Germans as refugees during the war. After all, tons of Germans and Japanese were being killed in the war.

    The fact is Germans and Japanese were culpable because they were instrumental in triggering the war. And, this goes for Jews too. Jews had a huge role in the events that led to WWI and WWII. Jewish bankers played a significant role in WWI, and Jewish role in communism pushed many conservatives to the far right. Jewish communists(in cahoots with gentile communists) smashed innumerable churches and killed millions of Christian Slavs and Muslims in the USSR. Jewish communists dominated the dreaded Bela Kun regime in Hungary. And the failed communist putsch in Germany was dominated by Jews. Also, Jewish financial capitalists did much to undermine the economy of Europe and America. And Jewish perverts degraded culture and values in Germany and elsewhere. And if Americans grew wary of Jews in the first half of the 20th century, it had to do with lots of Jews dominating anarchism and communism in the US.

    So, it is lowdown for Jews to act like perfect little victims like Anne Frank when, in fact, so many Jews back then were more like Sarah Silverman and Emma Goldman.

    True, Jews who died in the Holocaust were victims, and many were innocent(though I suspect many communist Jews with blood on their hands were killed in the East). But this goes for German and Japanese victims too. Many of them had NO say in the wars and didn’t even support them. As such, they were innocent. But they were killed by Allied bombings just the same. All the babies that died in Hiroshima and Nagasaki had no say in the war but they were vaporized too. And the US did nothing to spare or save the innocent ones from mass bloodshed(even acts of extermination as in carpet bombings and use of atomic weapons) during the war.

    So, what happened to the Jews was unexceptional in this regard. It is true that a lot of innocent Jews did get killed, just like innocent Germans and Japanese got killed in the millions as the war turned crazy on all sides. And if the US didn’t take in Jewish refugees, it didn’t take in Japanese and Germans who were being massacred too(by the Allies). And the US didn’t take in any Ukrainian refugees of mass communist killings carried out by Lazar Kaganovich at the behest of Stalin. And the US didn’t take in Chinese refugees from WWII or during the bloody Mao era.

    Anyway, just like a lot of Germans and a lot of Japanese were responsible for supporting regimes that ignited WWII, Jews as a people were also responsible for steering historical events from WWI to WWII that led to the rise of Hitler, who was an extreme reaction to the madness created by the threat of Bolshevisim, parasitic finance capitalism, and cultural degeneracy.

    Even though, as with Germans and Japanese, we can speak of innocent Jewish individuals, Jews-as-a-people were one of the major guilty parties in the horrors that gripped Europe from WWI to WWII.

    And if we fast-forward to the end of the Cold War, what did Jews do to Russia in the 90s? It was even worse than the robbery of Germany after WWI. And what did Jewish control of foreign policy do to the Middle East and North Africa? Some of the violence is on par with the horrors of WWII. The great irony is that Jews, who never tire of reminding us of the evils of the Germany(and Japan) in WWII, never seem to realize that they are the ones who are acting most like the New Nazis.

    Today, Jews never look in the mirror, never reflect on their own history and misdeeds. They just pontificate about Emma Lazarus and Anne Frank and wallow in the moral narcissism of caring about ‘refugees’ when, in fact, it was Jewish-dominated policies that led to so much horrors all around the world that led to this massive refugee crisis.

    And look at the state of our degenerate culture in movies and TV and music. Who were behind that? Just how did rap and Lena Dunham became the posterchild of ‘Western Values’? The state of current culture is even worse than in Weimar Germany. Massive degenerate homo parades are the mainstay of American Culture. We have women whose idea of political statement is wearing ‘pussy hats’. We have quasi-pornography promoted even to kids. Kids are told that there is nothing wrong with Nikki Minaj ‘twerking’.

    The madness of Jewish Globalist pathology can be seen in Madeline Albright, the cold-blooded witch who said it was worth it to kill “500,000 Iraqi children” but now yammers about registering as a ‘Muslim’ in an act of solidarity. If Jewish Albright thought it was OK to kill 500,000 innocent Iraqi children to punish Iraq, then one can argue that all those innocent Jews who died in the Holocaust were ‘worth it’ as collective punishment for Jewish role in the horrors from WWI to WWII.

    I wonder if such moral blindness is cynical or genuinely delusional.

  • Pertaining to the issue of ‘refugee’ politics.

    Patriots need to go on the offensive and mention the J-factor and American neo-imperialism.

    Progs and so many Jews feign compassion and humanitarianism for the ‘refugees’, but they never address the issue of why ‘refugees’ exist in the first place.

    It is because of Wars for Israel and American neo-imperialist strategy in the Middle East and North Africa. US foreign policy is Babelian. Smash other nations, shatter and scatter the native peoples, and then take them in as ‘refugees’ as a form of pubic relations and bribery. It’s like bribery because the ‘refugees’ who are allowed into the US are so impressed by material rewards that they soon become mum about what the US did to their nations.

    American message is, “We destroy your country, but just forget about it. We let you in and give you free stuff.” Since humans are organisms and since organisms prefer comfort and convenience above all else, a lot of ‘refugees’ who should be angry at the US just keep mum and look forward to all the goodies promised to them by the US government.

    Of course, the US also feeds on much internecine tensions in places like the Middle East. As there’s plenty of corruption, oppression, and nastiness among all the various tribes, clans, sects, and ethnic groups, it’s never difficult for the US to win over allies and collaborators who figure even the neo-imperialist US is better than native enemies or oppressors. Narcissism of small differences.

    But Americans are like that too. Prog whites hate patriotic whites(deplorables) so much that they are willing to side with foreigners to destroy ‘racist’ White America. And even feminists are willing to side with Muslims(semi-officially recognized as the new victim group) against the ‘patriarchy’ of Trump.

    The best way is, of course, for the US to stop meddling in the Middle East. But as long as Jewish Globalists are powerful in both parties — even in Trump’s administration — , the danger remains. Because both parties are so beholden to Jewish Power, no one is willing to say Jewish-controlled foreign policy is largely, though not entirely, responsible for the Mess in MENA that led to this ‘refugee’ crisis — of course, many economic migrants are merely using the crisis as pretext to move to the West for better material life.

    Patriots need to go on the moral offensive. If they just say, “We don’t want Muslim refugees because they are terrorists”, they come across as mean, paranoid, and cold-hearted.

    So, it’s much better to frame the argument in favor of Muslims. First and foremost, patriots must say the Muslims are on the move and they’re angry as hell because of neo-imperialist US foreign policy.

    Patriotism isn’t “my country right or wrong”. True patriotism is a universal defense of the sovereignty of every nation. So, an American patriot should defend the right of other nations to mind their own business and not be destroyed by US invasions, bombs, and proxy wars. A true patriot denounces the policies of his own nation IF it is immoral and imperialist.

    Offense is the best defense. The main issue for the patriots should be the question, “Why are there so many refugees in the first place?” That question will expose the GLOB for what it is. WHO CREATED THE REFUGEE CRISIS? The Globalists!!

    Hell Cometh to the Middle East, Welcometh to the West.

    So, why are the ‘refugees’ on the move?

    Gee, maybe because of policies like this and this and this?

    If Seymour Hersh is right, some decent US military guys prevented the total collapse of Syria and its takeover by Jihadis. Those were true patriots.

    Trump should say he is working with Russia to defeat the Jihadis so that order can prevail in Syria so that the refugees can return home.

    In contrast, the GLOB is for the further destruction of Syria by working with Saudis to fund the Jihadis and then masking its warmongering with bogus humanitarian gesture of ‘caring’ about ‘refugees’. It’s amazing that so many suckers fell for this.

    The truly moral position is not to take in refugees but to ensure that people are not turned into refugees. Why were so many people in MENA(middle east and north africa) turned into refugees? Because of neo-imperialist policies of America controlled by the GLOB dominated by Jews.

  • “The problem in all of this for the Alt-Lite and even for the Cuck Right is that your enemy defines you just as much as you define yourself. As the political philosopher Carl Schmitt discussed in The Concept of the Political, he notes:”
    Well, yes, the enemy Jew that controls the discourse in this nation and what we are allowed to see and not to see.There is only one enemy to all mankind and that is the Jewish elite power apparatus, motivated by it’s own hidden self-serving agenda for which till the wars of liberation, called people’s revolutions, actually Jewish psyops, we had some sort of control over
    Freedom for Jews= slavery for goy

  • I was nowhere near D.C. on inauguration day, and actually have not been there since I was 12 years old. But based on the reports that I have read, it seems that the street professionals of the left are quite worked up over Trump –and that white people might have the right to exist, maybe even in the country they founded (now referred to as “white supremacy”). I live about an hour south of Bloomington, IN and I heard that there was a small protest with some vandalism there by the whole antifa crowd. Maybe racially conscious white Americans need to consider the Amerikaner identity concept?

  • Normies hate Richard Spencer. Normies endorse punching Spencer. Normies are therefore our enemies according to the flawed logic presented above. This is indeed how militant right-wingers think in Europe. They obsess over Antifa and hate pretty much everybody. That is why they got nothing done in decades. They are stuck in Carl Schmitt’s trap.

    Different political and ideological factions within the white race are currently subject to rapid change in character and composition. They are not fixed “unities”. The alt-right was on a successful, exponential growth trajectory even before Trump. If a strategy works, change nothing. We need more movie reviews and memes, not obsession over Antifa, preparation for street brawls, or appeals to Cernovich and Milo.

    Overton window shifting and missionary work have enormous potential left.

    • Do me (and yourself and everyone else) a favor.
      Go on Facebook and search for “Richard Spencer.”

      Read the public statuses about him.

      Comment on some with civil, genuine comments.

      I’ll wait.

  • America is a Nation of Immigrants. So, we are told over and over.

    Okay, I can live with that(depending on how we define immigrants; maybe pilgrims and early settlers could be called ‘immigrants’ too).

    But it’s sort of meaningless as a general abstraction. Why? It’s like saying a Nation is a ‘nation of people’.

    Okay.. but which people? Surely, the character of a nation is defined by WHAT people it has.

    So, while Japan is a nation of people and Germany is a nation of people, they are different because Japan is filled with Japanese people and Germany is filled with German people. Change the composition and the character of the nation changes. Just ask the Serbs in relation to Kosovo.

    Yes, every nation is a ‘nation of people’ but the crucial question is Which People?

    After all, Holy Land would be a ‘nation of people’ whether Jews are there or Arabs are there. But with lots of Jews, it is called Israel and with lots of Arabs, it’s called Palestine.

    So, going back to US as ‘nation of immigrants’. Okay, let’s accept that formulation. But WHICH KIND OF IMMIGRANTS made America?

    If all immigrants are the same, would the America that we know and admire have come into existence if the founding stock had been Pakistanis, Arabs, Hindus, Chinese, Turks, or Nigerians? It would have been some kind of nation, but it wouldn’t have been America. After all, Spanish and Portuguese were ‘immigrants’ who settled Latin America, and the results were VERY DIFFERENT. Why? Different kinds of immigrants to establish the foundation and different kinds of later arrivals in varying numbers. Argentina took in a lot of Italians and ended up sort of like second-rate Italy, itself a second-rate nation in the EU.

    In contrast, the most successful New World nations were US, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. What do they have in common? Anglo founding stock.

    And it was the formula set down by Anglos that the LATER-ARRIVING whites adapted to. And they could easily meld into the Anglo-American model because they were also white, racially alike or similar. So, once they adopted the new culture and language, they were like fellow Anglos or Angloists.

    So crucial to the formation of America was the arrival of Anglo ‘immigrants’ as founding stock and then arrival of Europeans who could easily meld in with Anglo-norms.

    If indeed, all immigrants are of same worth and usefulness, let’s do to mental experiment.

    Suppose the Anglo founders of America had decided that all future immigrants must come ONLY from India, Africa, and Middle East but NOT from Europe.

    How would US have turned out with such immigration policy? I’m sure it would have been interesting(to say the least), but the result would have been something closer to Ottoman Empire or Venezuela than the most powerful and richest nation on Earth.

    Indeed, we can see the importance of THE ISSUE OF WHICH PEOPLE even from internal migration. If a bunch of white Iowans move to Minnesota, it will have different impact than if a bunch of blacks in Mississippi or a bunch of Mexicans in Arizona move to Minnesota.

    Not all peoples are the same. They are different racially, culturally, and narratively(politics of memory).

    Not just any bunch of generically formulated ‘immigrants’ could have made America possible. America, in its founding and development, has been essentially a Nation of European Immigrants. And ONLY THAT FORMULATION AND NONE OTHER could have made America possible.

    Suppose we do another mind-experiment.

    Suppose not a single East Asian came to the US. Now, the US would suffer from lack of chop suey joints and middle management in high-tech firms, but the US would essentially be what it is even if not a single East Asian had arrived.

    Suppose not a single Hindu came to the US. The US would out on curry joints and funny characters on TV, but the US would essentially be the US.

    Suppose not a single black had been brought to the US. Now, the US would miss out on certain things that came to be associated with Americanism, esp in music.

    However, the essential block of the US would still be what they are. After all, US was not built on boogie woogie and rap-crap. (And US would have far less crime, and its culture would be less rotten without the jungle boogie crap.)

    And so and on if we do this mental experiment with Muslims, Nepalese, Arabs, and etc.

    BUT imagine the US without European ‘immigrants’ as founders and builders, esp Anglos. There simply is NO America as we know it.

    So, WHICH IMMIGRANTS needs to be answered when people yammer about “America is a nation of immigrants.”

    Israel is a nation of immigrants too, but which ones? Chinese? Hindus? Africans? I think that maybe they were Jewish? Would that be a good guess as to why Israel ended up the way it is?

    Finders Keepers, Sowers Reapers.

    • You make many good points, but I think you are a bit off base on the Spanish and Portuegese in South America thing. While the USA early on had many tens of thousands of immigrants coming to start a new life, such as the Pilgrims, South America treated their colonies more like imperial possessions, to be ruled by a small colonial class. They were there to exploit native labor, create vast wealth for themselves, deliver material back to the homeland.

      It’s more akin to how England acted in India. Lower class families of English were neither encouraged nor allowed to move to India and start farming communes there. Spain’s control of Mexico was of that sort. Millions of ordinary Spanish did not move here to make a new life for themselves.

      The fact of the numbers and orientation of the English Europeans (and Dutch, and a few others) who built America has as much to do with the outcome as the unique English values they brought.

      • I seem to remember that at one point, Spain had virtually emptied out its population into the New World. Spain’s colonies were vast, while the British started out in a fairly small area in comparison.

        Also, the Spanish had already cleared out their religious dissidents. A lot of the people who fled to America from the UK were on the losing side of various religiously based conflicts. It was just a different situation.

  • > We are perceived as the first real threat to the managerial neo-liberal order since the Cold War,

    Well said. This is exactly what inspires myself and others to devote our energy to this.

  • The Antifa wouldn’t get very far pulling this crap in Arizona, a state full of cowboys, miners and other blue-collar guys who often pack heat. And a lot of them probably sympathize with the Alt-Right’s general outlook.

    • Arizona has a lot of problems. Joe Arpaio just lost reelection. It was a great place. My grandmother was from Yuma and said it was mostly white people in the 1920s and 30s along the Mexican border.

      The same issues that confront Arizona are also true in California.

    • They’d get further than you think. The thing with whites is that shit won’t jump off at all until it goes nuclear.

  • We should accept the Alt-Lite into the fold–and then stab them in the back.

    These fucking cucks have betrayed us one too many times.

    The Alt-Right doesn’t forget.

    • The Alt Lite is too easy to attack.

      Their talking points are the same Proposition Nation bullshit Jeb Bush trotted out in 2015.

    • The rank-and-file alt-liters are often open to redpilling, it’s the leaders like Cernovich and Milo who are out only to make a buck that need a good blade through the spine.

      • Agreed. Their parasitism deserves punishment when the time is right.

        That said, I do believe the Alt-Light serve as a good gateway to the Alt-Right.

        Red-Pilling is a process. We all went through it.

        • The Alt-Light is actually more radical than the Alt-Right. They want to force other races, religions and assorted anti-white groups to give up their identities, identity politics and their animosity towards us. This is not going to happen. Alt-Lighters will give up because of exhaustion and embrace our view. The Alt-Right position is more at easy with the realities of this world.

          • That’s true. Assimilation demands are cruel unrealistic and counterproductive.

      • Cerno is valuable, I have seen his work for the common cause. Milo is just flat-out disgusting. A George Michael wanna-be.

        • he is like alex jones. addresses everything cept whats most important. he will say what he needs to in order to not lose credibility but works for ((())) not us

      • The goal of some people ostensibly on the “alt right” is not to welcome new white people into the fold and encourage them to develop a white identity and work for the pro-white cause.

        The goal of some people calling themselves “alt right” is to posture in the comment sections – and in front of the Jewish media TV cameras – as “radical” and “edgy” and “hardcore.”

        They are all about purity spiraling and driving normal white people away.

        • What is happening right now with Trump and his confrontation with Airport Muslims is going to transcend our squabbles. Keith Ellison is likely to be a Democratic candidate for President in 2020 and he’s going to be lightning rod. Black & Muslim ooosh…he’s shouldnt be allowed on a plane.

    • neocon are the problem. they have the power. alt light wants to be their successors. cuckservatives will always just follow the power

    • If we ever were to create a White Ethno-State, it would be doomed to failure if race-taitor Whites were allowed membership. And, a substantial number would certainly want entry once they saw the alternative of living in the third-world hell hole that was once the USA. That would be the the time to get sweet payback. They would deserve to be sent back to the Anti-America to be preyed upon by the third-world hordes.

  • Freely distributing Houlleubeq’s Submission should disabuse these people of their illusions.

    • I used to be cuck-right, but the relentless power of truth and reason brought me over. The Cuck-right are probably the best place to recruit. They believe everything you guys do except the JQ and racial realism.

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