How to Deal with Fake News Outlets in Style

It is time to realize that the leftist-liberal mainstream media need us more than we need them. The media/political situation has improved to the point where we don’t really need these ”fake news” media outlets at all.

We can reach out perfectly fine through our own channels and some of the more serious media outlets that regularly provide us with a platform through fairly neutral interviews and articles. We therefore no longer have any reason — if there ever even was one — to cater to hostile agenda journalists from radical leftist-liberal media outlets.

Here is a recent example of how to handle interview requests from fake news outlets such as Swedish leftist tabloid Aftonbladet (the Swedish equivalent to Huffington Post).

The following correspondence took place in the last few days (translated from Swedish):

Hi Daniel,

My name is Hanna Sistek and I got your name from Richard Spencer, who I interviewed this Sunday. Me and photographer Mattias Lundblad are working on a number of articles about the alt-right, for Aftonbladet (, ETC, Finnish Institute for Foreign Policy and the Norwegian webzine I have understood that you and Henrik Palmgren are partners of Spencer, and that you started up together with him: is that correct? It would be interesting to talk to you about that, since I am writing about this for Scandinavian media outlets. Would you be willing to do an interview with me through Skype or Facetime this week? Thank you in advance for a prompt response.


Hello Hanna,

Thank you for your e-mail. I’d be happy to participate in an interview. Tomorrow I am fully booked with another interview for the New York Times as well as a radio broadcast, but Thursday and Friday this week should be fine.

Daniel Friberg

Did you have time to talk today, Daniel? If so, when?


Hello Hanna,

Of course. I did however forget to mention my conditions in my earlier reply.

I would be happy to participate in an interview. Although, in return, I expect that you will also allow me to do an interview with you.

The reason for this is that we are currently working on a serious article for about ”fake news,” and your main employer Aftonbladet could be regarded as the market leader in Sweden within that field, given your decades-old tradition of producing this particular kind of news.

The interview will, among other things, cover Aftonbladet’s and other leftist-oriented agenda journalists’ capacity for innovation when it comes to fake news about immigration. For example, we will discuss how you have systematically succeeded in portraying bearded old men from the Middle East as ”refugee children,” and how you, through so called “white-pixeling” of faces, have managed to portray African rapists as Swedish men… among many other things.

Since we are both working as journalists, and I assume neither of us has anything to hide, this feels like a reasonable and fair deal. We can do both of the interviews either through e-mail, phone or video conference.

I’m looking forward to a mutually beneficial cooperation.


Thanks Daniel,
I appreciate your offer to interview me, but I think you should choose someone else at Aftonbladet to talk to. This is the first time in many years I am working for them. I have been freelancing since 2004 and have worked for over a hundred different publications in Scandinavia, so unfortunately I have very little knowledge about the questions you are interested in.

I hope you get my point, and I encourage you to contact Aftonbladet directly.


Hello again Hanna,

Don’t worry, you will do perfectly fine as an interviewee for our purposes, as a representative of the leftist-liberal Swedish media establishment and Swedish agenda journalism in particular. Judging by your political activities and your previous articles, you seem like the perfect candidate.

I hope you are willing to participate!


I am afraid that I have never personally written about the topic “Aftonbladet’s and other leftist-oriented agenda journalists’ capacity for innovation when it comes to fake news about immigration. For example, we will discuss how you have systematically succeeded in portraying bearded old men from the Middle East as ‘refugee children,’ and how you, through so called ‘white-pixeling’ of faces, have managed to portray African rapists as Swedish men… among many other things.”

Here are some links to the only stories I have done on immigration so far, which I wrote many years ago, when I spent four months researching our latest large migrant group, the Somalis.

Quite far from what you are looking for, I suspect.



This article series will not deal exclusively with migrant politics. And a quick glance at your Twitter account and the strong leftist statements you have posted there shows that you are a left-wing activist first and a journalist second. In other words, you’re a leftist agenda journalist and therefore perfect for our article series.

But if you really don’t want to participate in an interview, we will obviously respect your decision.



I am not interested in participating in your articles. And I reserve the right to define myself, if you don’t disapprove. Some advice on communication methods that will make the subject feel more welcome — on the topic of asking someone for an interview etc. — I can recommend Marshall Rosenberg’s books about non-violent communication. His number one rule is to avoid labeling people, because it almost never leads to a positive response.



Obviously you have the right to define yourself, but you must also realize that you have already defined yourself through what you post on the Internet. Judging from your latest posts on social media, I assume I am not the only one who has concluded that you are a radical leftist activist — especially considering your aggressive and hostile posts about Donald J. Trump, who is now the president of the world’s only superpower, and his administration — rather than a serious, truth-seeking journalist with a genuine interest in understanding and relaying a fair portrayal of our political views. My impression is strengthened by the fact that your current employer is the notorious radical leftist tabloid Aftonbladet.

I understand that there is currently significant media interest in the alternative right as well as the ongoing rightward shift in world politics in general, something that we at have noticed, going by the fact that we are contacted by journalists from all over the world on a daily basis. We therefore reserve the right to be selective when it comes to which media outlets and journalists we cooperate with, and we don’t feel the need to be featured in any leftist tabloids to get our message out there.

With this in mind, and together with your unwillingness to be interviewed by us, you leave me and my colleagues no choice but to refrain from participating in any interviews with you.

Thank you for your interest, and have a nice weekend!

Daniel Friberg
European editor for


  • The Big Macher

    beautifully done. this must demoralize for them.

  • Resistance Breeds Hope

    Haha Yes!!!! Don’t forget to organize on the IRL meetup groups. They have chapters for many cities.

  • A handful of people, like Spencer and Taylor, have shown themselves to be effective engaging with hostile media.

    The cranks who like to “protest” in public do nothing but provide the Jewish media with an unattractive and repulsive spectacle, which is why they get so much coverage in the Jewish media.

    Pro-whites should concentrate on building our own platforms, which for the first time since the dawn of mass media, we actually have the power to do.

    However, pro-whites should be focused on attracting more white people to the cause, NOT just providing entertainment and succor for those already “on our side.”

  • Demography is Destiny

    Pretty effective replies by Friberg. The mainstream press consists mostly of activists, not journalists, and their Twitter channels easily betray them as such.

    • Plus the counter-interview strategy is quite effective – RamZPaul used that to his advantage, preempting a hit piece and instead turning it around on the fake news “journalist.”

      Yes, their Twitter feeds give them away. So if you do consent to do any interviews, make sure you record the entire thing yourself, then preempt it by publishing first and include the context of their anti-white Twitter and social media feeds.

      Make sure you google bomb them so searches for their hit piece will turn up your counter-interview.

      • MartinA

        In sweden, the fact that they have written for MSM gives them away. There simply is no even reasonably decent MSM in sweden.

  • Murikanner

    Ausgezeichnet! Hope Hanna can read English so that she might visit and fully maximize her triggering.

  • VictoryOrValhalla

    Articulate, polite, and sophisticated. Well done Daniel. Most roastings I see these days are under the “troll” umbrella; and while they are important in a way we do need more… chivalrous victories, such as this one. imo.
    The left really only has three defenses: their money, their infrastructure, and their ego. We’ll probably never match the money but we’ve taken fatal chunks out of their giant, inflated ego and we’re making breathtaking strides in crushing their monoploized mainstream and social media infrastructures.

    The searing blade of truth is in our hands, and I’ve seen more than a few trained bladesmen around here.

  • The presstitutes in Sweden are the worst scum you can possibly imagine. They hack people so that they can out us as “net haters”, “racists”, “nazis” and what not. They claim it is quite innocent. About scrutinizing far right extremists. But in truth it is about public shaming, nothing else. They seek you out in your home with cameras and microphones. Whether you talk to them or not is irrelevant. The damage has already been done. They knock on your neighbours doors also to try find out more information about you. Afterwards the local Antifa pays you a visit. In my case I got off the hook pretty cheap. They shouted into my mailbox in the door and sprayed som graffitti outside. Not everyone gets away that easy. There are cases when they break into their homes, break stuff and assaults the victim. Sometimes with quite horrifying results. Just like Daniel said in the show together with Richard and Jason. They are cowards. They only attack in packs.

  • Humorous exchange. I was especially amused by the part from the Tweet by Hannah that referred to avowed (civic/economic nationalist) Steve Bannon as a “white supremacist”! People like this Hannah girl are so far left that they do not even understand what the true far right is.
    Check out my white American identity piece here:

  • melonhead

    Very nice awareness and rightful use of your power. You’re right, they’re increasingly dealing with equals.

  • WR_the_realist

    We all wish Steve Bannon was a white supremacist, but he’s not. If only Trump himself was all the wicked things the mass media says he is — he’d be perfect.

  • Silverado

    That was great. The left wing vampire looked in the mirror and nothing of substance was there looking back. Precious…

  • James Alexander

    That was a thoroughly enjoyable read. Daniel had her in the palm of his hands the entire time – masterful stuff, my good man. Having the prospective interviewee shift the spotlight 180 degrees in an email exchange clearly catches them off guard; one can scarcely imagine how much they would squirm in a face to face interview!

  • Ghetto Tarzan

    “His number one rule is to avoid labeling people, because it almost never leads to a positive response.”

    Leftists have zero self-awareness. It’s amazing to behold.

  • TransPride

    Infowars is fake news. is fake news.Matt Forney is fake news. Buzzfeed is fake news. Young Turks are fake news.

  • Vlad le Putin

    LMAO nice work

  • Krafty Wurker

    Good strategy to employ with journalists, and one that I employed myself when working with journalists, and enquiring editors.