Brittany Pettibone – American Nationalism & Marxist Programming in the Sci-fi Genre

Brittany Pettibone is an American Nationalist and Constitutionalist. She writes about and comments on politics, as well as a variety of social issues, and is the co-author of the science-fiction/fantasy novel, Hatred Day.

Our show begins with Brittany telling us about what it’s like to be an identical twin. We learn about her upbringing, and how she ended up teaming up with her twin to write Hatred Day. Brittany then tells us about life in California, including its demographic transformation. We consider the increasingly popular Calexit proposition, and what its success would spell for the rest of the country. Switching gears, we talk about Brittany’s trip to Trump’s inauguration, which leads to a discussion on Trump’s presidency thus far. Our show also covers Brittany’s ideological journey, the future of the Democratic party, and the prevalence of political correctness and Cultural Marxism in the publishing industry.

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  • Female on website…no comments about the women have to say, just guys trying to have sex. I guess those two ladies can build themselves a nice little hareem here.

    • Fair enough. I wonder how two women barely out of their teens could publish a credible novel, when they had relatively sheltered upbringings and little experience of life. I suppose you could point to Mary Shelley’s writing of Frankenstein in her late teens as an example; but then she grew up in the household of her philosopher father William Godwin, then eloped to Europe to live with the poet Percy Shelley and socialize with George Gordon Byron, both talented and published literary men who probably guided her efforts. Her environment offered greenhouse-like conditions to stimulate her literary development ahead of the usual schedule.

      By contrast, Jane Austen waited until her 30’s before she started publishing her novels. A good novelist probably needs a “critical mass” of life experience before starting out, and you generally don’t quite get there until your 30’s. One fantasy novelist stated in an interview I read that you need to have enough experience dealing with a wide variety of people, and you need to pay attention to how they look, how they talk, how they carry themselves, how they would act in different situations and so forth, to give you the materials to write plausible characters. And you generally just can’t reach that point in your early 20’s.

      Of course, I haven’t read the Pettibones’ novel. Perhaps they prove exceptional in this regard.

      Though again, I wonder about their success in creating male characters. How much experience have these women had in relationships with men, so that they can portray men realistically instead of projecting their girlish fantasies onto their male characters?

  • Also, if you’re reading this Brittany Pettibone, one thing you should consider is that whites simply having more babies, as you suggest, is not enough. Europeans have always had a reproductive strategy that was orientated towards a higher investment in a fewer amount of children, and as a consequence, Europeans have historically been outbred and outnumbered by everyone else. The pinnacle of European global hegemony prior to WWI was very much a function of European demography–Europeans were 37% of the global population prior to the war, an historical all time high due to the technological change of the time and one that we are unlikely to ever reach again any time soon now that the same technological changes have spread throughout most of the world. We’re now at 15% and dropping, which is closer to the historical norm. But even if whites started to have an average 3 or 4 children, it still wouldn’t be enough to sway the demographic trajectory as long as millions of non-whites (legal and illegal) are permitted to enter white countries. Three or four children is the average for immigrants coming into white countries, and even if their fertility rate goes down with the next generation, which is the norm, there is an inexhaustible supply of them who come each year to replenish their ranks. This process is nothing less than the demographic erasure of Europeans in white countries. Also, blacks and hispanics have abortions at higher rates than white women. You could argue that white women have a lower rate of abortion because they use contraception at higher rates, but you should also consider that sexual intercourse frequency also differs by race, with blacks and hispanics having higher frequencies of sexual intercourse than whites. One simply has to accept that European reproductive behaviour differs from other races, and that mass immigration will simply overwhelm European groups. And with the diminishment of European political power in European countries comes the diminishment of our ability to secure resources for our people, thus leading to even lower rates of reproduction.

  • While I find the a-list alt-light personalities like Milo, Cernovich etc. lacking any coherent ideology, what’s interesting about these lower tier alt-light personalities is that they seem to have more intellectual gravitas and are often where I was just a couple years ago in terms of my red-pilling process–antifeminist, “pro-western,” and sympathetic to traditionalism. And unlike the top tier of alt-light personalities who are almost entirely men, the lower tier is often women like the Pettibone sisters or Lauren Southern, Blonde in the Belly of the Beast etc. In other words, the women are following the ideological bread crumbs that the (predominantly male) early alt righters have left along the way. This trend is an indication that the momentum is in are direction, since winning ultimately means we need to win the women and make white babies.

  • Science fiction needs some serious Red-Pilling. I’d like to see the story which compares two Mars colonies, one of them colonized by wholesome, competent white people with healthy sexuality; and the other colonized according to diversity criteria.

    The dialogue practically writes itself: “I don’t get it. The racist white colony has thrived, while the other colony keeps failing, despite all the gays, lesbians, transgenders, feminists, snowflakes, pajama boys, blacks, Hispanics and Muslims we keep sending there. What have we done wrong?”

  • So when will Lana and Brittany set the example by making white babies? Seriously, it would not upset me in the least if you interview one of these women who has to breast feed her white baby in the middle of the interview.

    • The human species is somewhat unique when it comes to sex. Human females do not go into heat, unlike most species. They can still have sex even after menopause. Their breasts are larger than they need to be when they are not nursing infants. Human males crave sex as an end in itself instead of just for the purpose of procreation. Regardless of whether we think this is good or bad, this is what nature gives us. I am finding it difficult to wrap my brain around this conundrum.

      Attitudes towards non-procreative sex vary from one culture to another. Jews like it when their host society tends to be obsessed with non-procreative sex. They think that this reduces the ability of males of the host society to defend their racial group interests. I think they are probably right. If this is something Jews want for us, then we should want to go in the opposite direction. There is a balance that is best for non-Jewish whites, but what we have currently is not it. This is because Jews control our culture, in short.

      • “To the extent that this is something Jews want for us, we should want to go in the opposite direction.”

        This is a terrible way to look at things. What Jews want should be irrelevant. We should not based our priorities on doing the “opposite” of what Jews want. That sort of reaction just means Jews lead you around by the nose. You wind up being like Tom Sawyer white washing the fence. “Hey you guys don’t want to white wash this fence now do you?” “Oh well if you say we shouldn’t then I guess we should!”

        “Hey you guys better not dress up like clowns and talk about how you hate people in front of the media!”

        “Oh, in that case we should!”

        Come on.

        Perhaps most importantly, if personally fulfilling the 14 words was the requirement before spouting off online, the entire Alt Right blososphere would have zero comments. Which, come to think of it, might be a good thing and certainly a better use of most commenter’s time.

        • As a group we can compete in two ways. With violence or with birthrate. If you say that you oppose that we further our interests with violence. For example by making laws that protect our territory explicitly for us. Then you are arguing for birthrates. Or oblivion.
          I think most Alt Righters are more open to the violence strategy than the Pettibones are. So they are not quite as hypocritical.

          Besides, there is absolutely no chance that we can outcompete MENA cultures with birthrates. Hence, violence. Or, possibly, economic hardship.

          • The third way – and the only effective way – is by convincing the majority of white people of what Spencer said at Texas A&M:

            1. Race exists.

            2. Race matters.

            3. Race forms the foundation of identity.

            Then we can skip the violence and the nine babies each.

            Talking about violence online is nothing but LARPing anyway.

      • Its not having sex after menopause thats unique. It is menopause itself.
        Menopause comes from us being a somewhat intellectual species. Grandmothers have had more impact on evolution by instructing and helping their grandchildren rather than tryinig to make one more brood.

    • I am sure they are having a hard time finding a suitable white man in these times. Most men these days are utterly worthless. Beta cucks are the rule. Good luck to them. +FD

  • I think a Calexit is actually a good thing for several reasons: 1) for normies, it is clearly a move for democracy, i.e. if liberal Whites, Hispanics, and Blacks (clear majority) are comfortable with the movement toward the far Left, then they should have that right. Let them do it and run their new country as they see fit and everyone can see how that turns out. 2) A Calexit sets a modern precedent for other areas of the U.S. to create separate countries that are uniquely defined. This is key for both White nationalists and Black nationalists and represents an opportunity to create societies that are philosophically, spiritually, racially, and perhaps even linguistically distinct.

  • I thought Brittany didn’t like Cernovich then why is she in a photo with him. I dont think hes human but he is definitely not alt-right. I do endorse an immigration ban with some conditions & fighting racial deconstruction or else the US is going to end up like South Africa.

  • No wonder war has broken out across the solar system in The Expanse. By replicating Earth’s diversity disaster in space, you will inevitably get racial animosities.

    • Wake up. I am a fourth generation CA. I started a business in CA and by all measurements, it is extremely successful. However, CA tax law is a cash flow killer for small business and forced me to move the business out of the state. Paying 13% to CA in taxes while other (business friendly) states offer “0”, its a no-brainer. Wake up. CA is a joke.

      • Go fuck yourself. And don’t let the door hit your arse on the way out. If you started a business in CA without taking into account taxes, that’s your problem. Life in CA is still awesome.

        • Lol..intelligent reply. I don’t disagree that CA is a great place to live for the climate only, but I am already out, and so is my million dollar annual tax payment to the state of CA. Have fun.

        • good for ur cali pride but what did telling this guy to F off do? u have a good mind, no need to piss on people here, b a leader. u know how uptight these old folks are about muh taxes

      • Northern California is still salvageable.

        Southern California may be demographically problematic, but the southern ports are too valuable to lose. So it’s going to be a matter of setting the incentives in such a way to get browns to emigrate south.

        Whites in California need to abandon the Republican party, join the ruling Democratic party, and use the bureaucracy to rig the voting machines.

        If anyone complains, just call them a “conspiracy loon.”

        Of course you’ll need some non-white front men to keep up appearances but that shouldn’t be particularly difficult. It will take 25-50 years but California could be the Whiteopia is was always destined to be and once came very close to becoming.

    • I didn’t listen but would guess she totally stayed away from the Jewish question and focussed on white racism, and Islamaphobia, all divide and conquer, Jewish strategies.

        • call her an “evalion” for the alt-right. Clearly elitist, clearly enabled, clearly here to judaize you with her charms
          It’s a common technique by the rich to enable their kids to lead dissent where they can. Jack London is an early example
          How do you know her book wasn’t ghost written
          What they do is present experts for you who you will never know well and trust other leaders vouching for them to satisfy you as to their aims and the intention is control .

          and in case you weren’t paying attention, when you figure that out, you then start looking at the vouchers

          • 100% jsigur. Brittany CLEARLY steers around the JQ, though I’ve only listened to a couple of show so far. She’s interviewed Rebel Media and promotes Lauren Southern’s book as if it’s something we must all support. I think if you enter this field of information and you have not uncovered the reality of who is behind the scenes, you’re either stupid, a shill, or a wimp. Just like the majority of RT anchors, and many alt-right women “leaders”, they love finding attractive women to influence our mostly male opposition.

          • Thanks for the link, read through a bit, looks like a great site! I agree with much of the shill list from the page you sent, especially David Duke. I like Blindlight’s take on Renegade also, as I think Kyle and Sinead are suspect with all the shenanigans they stir up, as well as Lana and Henrik and their class “A” line up of revolving controlled ops. Cheers bro!

      • oh, not sure about actual Jew- Enabled by Jews. I made an article breaking race up differently. I claim “the rich race” and the Jew race are self supporting. She is clarly from the rich race as she talks about going to boarding schools on the other side of the country

        In a nutshell, and I know this claim won’t be popular but there are four slave races and two master races. The rich race has disowned their heritage to support the Jew race and of course the main apparatus used with the rich race is masonic

          • You could say that we had a falling out when he claimed to have three reliable witnesses claiming Sinead was a Jew and never coming through with the witnesses. He likes making shit up and as far as I can tell he’s of Indian dissent who has been pretending to be a white nationalist. It’s clear his wife was an Indian which is relevant due to his attacks on race mixers
            Oh, he also was hanging around Bernie Sanders last fall- his rallies, My read is that he was never really a white nationalist but if part Indian like as seems likely (just look at him), a tremendous secret hate for whites thus his demonizing project. Might be an op as well. Former MSM political operative as well as military man with many pictures clinging to folks like Mike Dukakis a Jew infiltrator, David Cole

          • He seems to have it in for you and Anglin. His posts are always detracting. I did not come across any posts that were advocating a positive. All attacks on this or that.

          • exactly, he has denigrated Richard Spencer and the whole alt-right, but takes smiling pics with Jew Cole. Also, consider Press TV promotes this shit
            He literally announced he was not a part of WN movement two years ago but he’s here just to attack

            basically he attacks grassroots resistance. The fact that he attacks Spencer and others is an actual good insinuation about them

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