SPLC Squirms Over Steve Bannon’s Power

SPLC President Richard Cohen is upset with Chief Strategist Steve Bannon:

“The chief strategist in the White House, a man who rallied a growing white nationalist movement behind Donald Trump, is now telling the news media to “keep its mouth shut and just listen for a while.”

We should all be outraged – and more than a little unnerved. …

To maintain their propaganda, they must muzzle the institutions that reveal the facts, the objective information that informs policy decisions. Without this information, a democracy simply cannot function.

Without a vigilant press and without the free flow of government information, Trump can lie with impunity. He can govern based on the “alternative facts” he gets from the far-right extremists and conspiracy theorists he apparently follows quite closely.

Voters, meanwhile, will have no way to get the truth. …”

Hahaha … what vigilant press? What objective information?

The Fake News outlets exist to push the Narrative. Remember “Hillary has a 99% chance” and “Trump has no path to 270”? Steve Bannon is correct to label the Fake News media the opposition party and to note it completely blew the election. Nate Silver makes the same point here, here, here, here, here, and here. The upshot of Silver’s analysis is that the punditry blew the election.

The punditry desperately wanted Hillary to win. They misinterpreted the data. There were oddities like Trump being ahead in Iowa by 7 and Ohio by 5 on the eve of the election which were dismissed and explained away. Iowa and Ohio have traditionally been Midwestern bellwethers. There was clear evidence that the Millennial vote was depressed, that black turnout wouldn’t match the record set in 2012, that Hispanics weren’t alienated by Trump’s racism, that there was an unusually large number of undecided voters and that there was a massive enthusiasm gap. It had also been well known for months that Trump was winning the White working class by an unprecedented margin.

I recall telling my wife on the morning of the election that there was a possibility that California was skewing the popular vote in the national polls and that Trump could win the electoral college. I simply couldn’t see Trump easily winning Ohio and Iowa, but losing Florida or North Carolina. It made no sense to me because state voting patterns are closely aligned.

“Trump +7 in Iowa.

What does that tell you? If history is our guide, it sounds to me like a Hillary collapse across the Midlands. George W. Bush won Iowa by less than 1 percent in 2004. You would have to go back to Reagan in 1984 to find a Republican winning Iowa by a similar margin.”

I was citing “alternative facts” here like cultural geography and the fact that the stock market was predicting a Trump victory. I also brought up Master Feng who predicted Trump would win the election because he had the feng shui purple energy of the country leader.

Who called the election? Master Feng or Steve Kornacki?

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  • ‘To maintain their propaganda, they must muzzle the institutions that reveal the facts, the objective information that informs policy decisions. Without this information, a democracy simply cannot function.’

    This is, ironically, a perfect description of the $PLC’s activities. Silencing information and facts is the $PLC’s entire job. They exist solely to silence anyone who wants to have an honest discussion about race. Look at their campaigns to cut off funding to the Pioneer Fund, one of the only sources of funding for research on race. They do this for the sole purpose of hindering scientists from doing more research into race, the results of which might contradict their ideology. They target the jobs of those with views opposing their own. They are the managerial state’s soft Gestapo.

    And their behaviour shows that we must be onto something. Flat-Earthers promote insane ideas, but I don’t support targeting their jobs and shutting them down. I just find them amusing. I know that they can never win a debate, so why would I want to shut them down? The $PLC obviously isn’t very secure in their multiculti beliefs, because if they really were the ones revealing facts and objective information then they wouldn’t feel the need to silence everyone who disagrees with them. If the facts were on their side they would welcome open debate and the exchange of information, and they would challenge us to engage with them. Yet they don’t.

  • I have tried to imagine what the world would be if there had NOT been a holocaust. A nightmare beyond all imagining.

    • not just any hate group, this. the SPLC is a gathering of the greatest group of anti-white haters in the US. this filthy nest of greasy jewish hairballs and fat kosher kunts is a veritable time capsule from Weimar Germany, Bolshevik Russia and the Cultural Revolution in the US during the Sixties. when we gain control, the SPLC must be carefully preserved for study so that future generations of whites can witness for themselves just what sort of sub-human creatures and toxic Marxist poison we had to deal with.

  • At the risk of being banal, are there any photos of Bannon not looking homeless? I know why leftwing media chooses lede photos where he looks like he just got his fill at a soup kitchen, not sure why rightwing media is doing it too.

  • If Trump has any balls, and I think he does, he will use an IRS audit on the SPLC. The SPLC is now openly hostile to Trump. They have a 501c3 charity tax status. Lets find what the SPLC has done with all that money they’ve raised!

    • When I said this a year ago, I meant it:

      If Trump can assure me that he’ll initiate a federal investigation of the SPLC when he gets into office, I’ll be the biggest Trump supporter on the planet. I’ll start campaigning for him like a maniac if I hear him say this on the campaign trail.

      In fact, I still mean it.

      • Apparently, you are either lazy, misinformed or just stupid. I’m not sure which, but all you need to know about any non-profit is posted for anyone to check on a government website. Google it and check them out. Or stay uninformed and keep spouting nonsense.

        • Funny how the Clinton Foundation, set up to help the world, lost funding as soon as pay-to-play Hildebeast lost the election. Does the “governement website” note her and Bubba’s corruption, how they might have been in it to help themselves?

        • I could be lazy, misinformed and stupid. It all depends on the day of the week and time of day.

          But I also happen to be good with words and stuff.

          501(c)(3) rules are extremely specific about absolutely prohibiting political campaign interventions. The “intervention” portion is essentially saying that tax-exempt organizations are prohibited from directly or indirectly influencing elections that show an obvious bias between the different political campaigns. They give little wiggle room, and make it very, very specific when they say that activities may only be “conducted in a non-partisan manner.”

          Hell, the IRS even goes on to spell it out for you in fairly simple terms, Kevin:

          On the other hand, voter education or registration activities with evidence of bias that (a) would favor one candidate over another; (b) oppose a candidate in some manner; or (c) have the effect of favoring a candidate or group of candidates, will constitute prohibited participation or intervention.

          I don’t think there are many people in existence that would claim the SPLC is a non-biased, non-partisan entity. And guess what, Kevin? The SPLC even admits to this when it states that it “monitors and exposes the activities of the American radical right.” Not just radicals or even the radical Left which is unquestionably more numerous and violent, but specifically the so-called radical right. Often times, you don’t even have to be “radical” at all for the SPLC to slander and libel you, you only have to be somewhere on the Right. That’s the exact opposite of being non-partisan.

          And we’re just talking about political campaigns. There’s also the issue of the SPLC being involved with disseminating information and propaganda to federal and local law enforcement agencies and trying to influence legislation. Again, this is strictly prohibited in any capacity, directly or indirectly, except in circumstances where it can be said that non-partisan.

    • Well aren’t you the stupid one. If you want to know what any non-profit with a 501C-3 designation has done with their money just check the government website that posts all their filings. It is all there for the public to see. I know, I worked at one once not too long ago and used the website to see what my boss was paid so I would know what kind of raise I should ask for.

      It’s public information and will stay that way until such time as Trump feels a need to hide that too.

      • Yeah because charities have never cooked their books! Especially a fake one like the $PLC.

        You are very sensitive, do you work at the Poverty Palace in Montgomery, Alabama?

      • KEVIN: “North Korea is a democracy…’cuz its website say it’s th Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.”

        Nothing stupid about you, eh Kevers?

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