Operation Reinhard – Leftist Violence is Nothing New

Things haven’t been going so well for the Left lately. As the Alt-Right continues to grow, we’re going to see more targeted attacks against anyone to the right of Bernie Sanders. This isn’t anything new, however; terror, murder, and political violence are staples of the Left.

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Vlad le Putin

The left is going to ultimately be the root cause of the formation of 21st century brown shirts

Gubbler Chechenova
Emma Lazarus’ poem makes America sound like the garbage dump of the world? Why did we blame Castro for dumping trash on the US? He was only fulfilling Lazarus’ dream. We should have build another Statue of Litter-ty near Cuba with the sign, “Give us your criminals, nutjobs, murderers, rapists, junkies, freaks, perverts, crooks, and retards. We are America, and we take everyone.” Globalism is a flood, a deluge like the Great Flood of Noah’s story. Now, it’s good for different lands to be joined by sea routes so that they can do travel and trade. Water is useful in… Read more »
¡Yes Pasaran!

It’s time for us all to do some serious networking. Get in touch with whatever group is in your area; you don’t have to agree on everything or have the same aesthetic taste, we just have to be on the same side.

Laguna Beach Fogey

We need the Freikorps back.


There are plenty of veterans now due to the wars in the middle east.

Neo-cons may one day regret the creation of so many vets!