Operation Reinhard – Leftist Violence is Nothing New

Things haven’t been going so well for the Left lately. As the Alt-Right continues to grow, we’re going to see more targeted attacks against anyone to the right of Bernie Sanders. This isn’t anything new, however; terror, murder, and political violence are staples of the Left.

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  • The left is going to ultimately be the root cause of the formation of 21st century brown shirts

  • Emma Lazarus’ poem makes America sound like the garbage dump of the world?

    Why did we blame Castro for dumping trash on the US? He was only fulfilling Lazarus’ dream.

    We should have build another Statue of Litter-ty near Cuba with the sign, “Give us your criminals, nutjobs, murderers, rapists, junkies, freaks, perverts, crooks, and retards. We are America, and we take everyone.”

    Globalism is a flood, a deluge like the Great Flood of Noah’s story.

    Now, it’s good for different lands to be joined by sea routes so that they can do travel and trade. Water is useful in serving as both barriers and bridges. They keep nations separate from one another but also allow them to trade by ships. So, different nations can have both separateness and connected-ness.

    But globalism is like flooding the entire world under water. Nations no longer have control over the uses of water. Instead, the globalist deluge drowns out all independence and sovereignty.

    We don’t want Waterworld.

    It’s funny. Globalists scream about Climate Change and about how sea levels are rising to flood the cities… but they are indifferent to the dangers of the globalist tide that threatens to drown every nation, culture, and tradition out of existence.

    If we follow the vision of the Jewish Globalists, only Israel shall survive as an Ark while the rest of the world becomes covered in the globalist tide.


    Finders keepers, Sowers reapers.

    The American Continent was there for any people to find and build upon. Africans, Chinese, Hindus, Muslims, Turks, and etc could have done it if they had the vision, daring, resolve, and energy. They didn’t.

    Europeans did it. So, they found it, and they built upon it. So, it is theirs by historical right.

    And yet, the New Elites say that whites in the West have some historical duty to ‘share’ their achievement with the rest of the world? Why? Other peoples could have done what whites if they had the foresight and fortitude. Was it white folks’ fault that most peoples decided to stick to their Old Wold places and habits?

    Imagine what white folks had to go through in the beginning to build this nation. Chop down trees, build roads, form communities, construct factories, construct channels, and tons of hardship. Why did they do all that? To hand it all over to strangers and foreigners? NO, they did it for their descendants/posterity.

    Surely, the early Zionist who toiled to make Israel into a nation didn’t make all that sacrifice to hand it over to a bunch of Muslims, Hindus, Chinese, or Nigerians.

    Crazily enough, the New Elites don’t just say this for the New World but for even Europe itself. Europe too must welcome immigration to ‘share’ and hand over its land and legacy to ‘New Europeans’.

    If the globalist logic is that the New World doesn’t belong to whites since whites took it from Indians, this argument can’t be made about Europe since Europe was always the homeland of Europeans.

    But even in the New World, the globalist logic makes no sense. If whites took from the indigenous folks of the New World, their moral duty is to them. It is not to the entire world.

    If the white man took from Gernomino, treat the chief nice. Give him some beef, liquor, cigars, and casinos. What does the white man owe to Patel, Wang, Abdul, and Cucumonga? When it comes to blacks, whites owe ONLY to those whose ancestors were brought as slaves.


    Why should white Americans(or, for that matter, black Americans and American Indian Americans) keep taking in immigrants who are either hostile towards White America or MADE hostile towards White America by people like Cohen?

    Why is invasivism a good thing?

    Immigration is invasion at current levels. In small amounts, newcomers can meld in with the native majority and assimilate, especially if the native majority hold the levers of power.

    In the current US, the power is held by people like Cohen who pass out to every newcomer, “Whitey is your enemy”. Given the Culture of Hostility, why should White America take in more demographic imperialists?

  • It’s time for us all to do some serious networking. Get in touch with whatever group is in your area; you don’t have to agree on everything or have the same aesthetic taste, we just have to be on the same side.

    • There are plenty of veterans now due to the wars in the middle east.

      Neo-cons may one day regret the creation of so many vets!

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