MILO: Mainstream Conservatism Is The Answer

Admittedly, I was never a fan of MILO.

As time goes by, I am less and less of a fan. Why was MILO ever associated with the Alt-Right?

“The reality is, if you force everyone to play identity politics, if you insist in pitting whites against blacks, women against men, straights against gays, the reality is you guys are gonna win and the left isn’t going to like it very much,” declared MILO. “But there’s a better way. Don’t fight identity politics with identity politics.”

“White pride, white nationalism, white supremacy isn’t the way to go,” he continued. “The way to go is reminding them and yourselves that you should be aspiring to values and to ideas.”

“You should be focusing on what unites people and not what drives them apart,” MILO concluded. “You shouldn’t give a shit about skin color, a shit about sexuality… You shouldn’t give a shit about gender, and you should be deeply suspicious of the people who do.” …”

Yeah right.

That’s the same neoconnery you can find at National Review or The Federalist. Breitbart‘s content was nothing but a dog siren to white identity politics during the election. It was the White working class that put Trump in the White House. Not blacks. Not Hispanics. Not Asians. Not LGBTs. Civic Nationalism fell flat with all of those communities. No, it was the dramatic surge in the White working class vote which lifted Trump to victory in all of the key battleground states. He won the election by developing a personal bond with the White working class. He talked to them about their interests, not values or abstractions.

As for identity politics, MILO’s brand is being a flamboyant avant-garde homosexual, a kind of mainstream conservative Liberace. He hosted a “Gays for Trump” party at the RNC. He had lurid photos from Lucian Wintrich’s “Twinks for Trump” photoshoot plastered all over the wall. MILO doesn’t want to mainstream White identity politics. Instead, what he is trying to do is make homosexuality more acceptable on the Right. It is Ben Shapiro conservatism except with twinks, blood baths and fancy clothes.

Say no to “white supremacy.” Say yes to “black cock supremacy.” No thanks.

“MILO wears glasses by Givenchy, $350. Distressed blue jeans by True Religion, $329. Brown leather belt with gold buckle by Louis Vuitton, $450. Light pink dress shirt by Brooks Brothers, $92. Sparkly purple suit jacket by Angelino, $225. Burgundy crushed velvet slippers by Crockett & Jones, $370. Socks by Ralph Lauren, 3 pairs for $21.98. Jewellery and pearls, too much money to count.”

Forget White Nationalism. What does this have to do with populism or nationalism or Western civilizaton? I can’t stand the narcissism, materialism or the firehose of homosexuality:

“On Thu, Jan 26, 2017 at 12:40 PM, MILO wrote:

Some kind of racist that just got railed for 18 hours in a hotel room by his black boyfriend. You fucking morons.”

FYI, he’s not proud of his race. Instead, MILO boasts about his clothes and getting railed for 18 hours in his hotel room by his black boyfriend. That inoculates him against the charge of racism. He’s called a racist anyway and people are even being shot at his events now. No matter. He desperately wants the world to know that he is getting gangbanged by lots and lots of black guys. (Emphasis Added)

Oh, and conservatism is the answer!

Note: I read lots of conservatives. Maybe it is just me, but I would take Rod Dreher over MILO any day. If we are going to have conservatism, I prefer the pro-family, non-pozzed version.

Hunter Wallace
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