MILO: Mainstream Conservatism Is The Answer

Admittedly, I was never a fan of MILO.

As time goes by, I am less and less of a fan. Why was MILO ever associated with the Alt-Right?

“The reality is, if you force everyone to play identity politics, if you insist in pitting whites against blacks, women against men, straights against gays, the reality is you guys are gonna win and the left isn’t going to like it very much,” declared MILO. “But there’s a better way. Don’t fight identity politics with identity politics.”

“White pride, white nationalism, white supremacy isn’t the way to go,” he continued. “The way to go is reminding them and yourselves that you should be aspiring to values and to ideas.”

“You should be focusing on what unites people and not what drives them apart,” MILO concluded. “You shouldn’t give a shit about skin color, a shit about sexuality… You shouldn’t give a shit about gender, and you should be deeply suspicious of the people who do.” …”

Yeah right.

That’s the same neoconnery you can find at National Review or The Federalist. Breitbart‘s content was nothing but a dog siren to white identity politics during the election. It was the White working class that put Trump in the White House. Not blacks. Not Hispanics. Not Asians. Not LGBTs. Civic Nationalism fell flat with all of those communities. No, it was the dramatic surge in the White working class vote which lifted Trump to victory in all of the key battleground states. He won the election by developing a personal bond with the White working class. He talked to them about their interests, not values or abstractions.

As for identity politics, MILO’s brand is being a flamboyant avant-garde homosexual, a kind of mainstream conservative Liberace. He hosted a “Gays for Trump” party at the RNC. He had lurid photos from Lucian Wintrich’s “Twinks for Trump” photoshoot plastered all over the wall. MILO doesn’t want to mainstream White identity politics. Instead, what he is trying to do is make homosexuality more acceptable on the Right. It is Ben Shapiro conservatism except with twinks, blood baths and fancy clothes.

Say no to “white supremacy.” Say yes to “black cock supremacy.” No thanks.

“MILO wears glasses by Givenchy, $350. Distressed blue jeans by True Religion, $329. Brown leather belt with gold buckle by Louis Vuitton, $450. Light pink dress shirt by Brooks Brothers, $92. Sparkly purple suit jacket by Angelino, $225. Burgundy crushed velvet slippers by Crockett & Jones, $370. Socks by Ralph Lauren, 3 pairs for $21.98. Jewellery and pearls, too much money to count.”

Forget White Nationalism. What does this have to do with populism or nationalism or Western civilizaton? I can’t stand the narcissism, materialism or the firehose of homosexuality:

“On Thu, Jan 26, 2017 at 12:40 PM, MILO wrote:

Some kind of racist that just got railed for 18 hours in a hotel room by his black boyfriend. You fucking morons.”

FYI, he’s not proud of his race. Instead, MILO boasts about his clothes and getting railed for 18 hours in his hotel room by his black boyfriend. That inoculates him against the charge of racism. He’s called a racist anyway and people are even being shot at his events now. No matter. He desperately wants the world to know that he is getting gangbanged by lots and lots of black guys. (Emphasis Added)

Oh, and conservatism is the answer!

Note: I read lots of conservatives. Maybe it is just me, but I would take Rod Dreher over MILO any day. If we are going to have conservatism, I prefer the pro-family, non-pozzed version.

Hunter Wallace
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  • You could not present a better example of infiltration and co-opting then Milo. What a crock of shit. Yes, Race DOES matter, because their are differences which will always prevent the integrated de-segregated utopia (((they))) want. The only part of this video I agreed with is if we play identity politics we will win and the left won’t like it. Good, that’s the point.

  • I think it was important to have Milo around initially because he was the only one who could break through into popularity thanks to identity politics and being gay. He used to be funny when I was first becoming red pilled, but now I don’t see the benefit in having him around.

  • I came to the altright after reading Milo’s piece on it, and then redpilled myself by reading about the works of Frank Salter, Tatu Vanhanen and J. Philippe Rushton. Looking back I’m glad I left the alt-lite, and I feel ashamed about having ever even read this guy.

    ‘…[If you use white identity politics] the reality is you guys are gonna win and the left isn’t going to like it very much…’

    I think that says it all.

  • Yes, I hate Milo too because Milo has earned it. Evil man, oven-bound. He is playing identity politics, nobody would listen to him if he wasn’t a fag minority. 18 hour fag sex sessions isn’t going to win this war…..

  • The alt-lite, or alt-cuck as The Daily Stormer calls it, is about virtue signaling by having homosexual degenerates be your spokesperson, to prove you’re not a bigot. Instead of democrats are the real racists, it’s democrats are the real homophobes.

  • Milo is a pure gatekeeping/gaslighting operative. The old “conservatism” (which failed at conserving anything at all) is dead, kids. Here is the hip, trendy new conservatism, and it’s all about fags, black dicks, and not seeing race, creed, religion, gender…

    Wow, that sounds suspiciously similar to leftist SJW-ism… “NO, NO, NO, this is TOTALLY different, we promise!”

    This is how f***ing brain-dead and easily led young people are. A guy who totally, openly, and flamboyantly embodies leftist degeneracy gets up on stage, makes fun of SJW’s WHO ARE EXACTLY LIKE HIM IN EVERY WAY, proclaims himself our new “conservative” leader, and these kids swallow it hook, line, and sinker. They’ve completely lost touch with reality, logic, and common sense.

    Notice also, this operation combines defense and offense into one maneuver, which is something we need to learn to do. Defense by cautioning the audience against (WHITE) identity politics, and offense by shifting the Overton Window (or rather, the audience’s perception of what constitutes “conservatism”) further to the left than it was under the Neocon/National Review/Cucks ‘R Us regime.

    Have no illusions. Milo is consciously working towards white genocide. As is ANYONE who attempts to prevent, slow down, or misdirect white racial/cultural/spiritual awakening and solidarity. That includes Trump. Don’t make an enemy of Trump, as long as he is doing good things. But don’t ever, EVER be misdirected from your goal. White sovereignty and cultural/spiritual renewal. No compromise.

    • This is from Zionist Watch/ Zionist Report a few months’ back.

      While I don’t think it’s nuanced enough in its labelling of the “Alt Right” since the movement is still evolving and may be outdated (the repulsive Milo is in it), it does show how the issue of Zionism and the Jews is suspiciously omitted by many figures in the Alt-Right and various WN groups.

      Moreover, many actively support the Jews and Zionism and cover for them and make excuses for them.

      Alternative Right Media – EXPOSED

      It is imperative those in the Alt-Right keep a close eye on the perfidious, back-stabbing, parasitical Communist Jew who is not to be trusted. How many Jews have we now who have tarnished the Alt-Right.

      Also… I noticed there was no mention that MILO IS A HOMOSEXUAL JEW !

        • Yes, I would also like to take this opportunity for not only thanking you for your insightful comments (even while I may not agree with all of them, I am fascinated by them and agree with your view that we need to look at the world through a Jew-Gentile paradigm, not ‘Left vs Right’).

          Having spent a lot of time reading Breitbart and the atrocious commenters there and noticing any slight mention that disparages the Jews, Zionism, Netanyahu, Jewish interests gets you banned.

          Anything even hinting that Jews are nothing less than the saviors of mankind, or rather more accurately the goyim non-human soul-less slaves as per Rabbi Ovadia Yosef and the Talmudic Satanic rabbis, causes me to want to take a shower after visiting Breitbart. And that’s not even starting with that disgusting homosexual Jew Milo.

          The Alt-Right needs to continue tracking and naming the Jews and being critical of Zionism as a threat to the West. Those who are concerned with the “Muslim threat to the West” need to recognize its Zio-Jew origins (eg, Barbara Spectre, Annetta Kahane, etc) and also how the “counter-jihad” is rooted in the false belief that “what’s good for Jews is good for the West” and that our interests converge.

          When clearly they don’t: Israel want to shed more White and Western blood in their war against Iran and the other PNAC-initiated, regime-change obsessed organizations have been planning for decades now since the fall of the USSR. From Ukraine/ Maidan with (((Nuland))) to Libya, Syria and the criticism of the Visegrad-4 nations and Viktor Orban and Hungary with Soros’s Central European University and his Jewish hatred of the White/European goys… the Jews are absolutely no friend to humanity, be it White Gentiles, White Christians, Muslims, etc.

          Jews are the masters of identity politics and division and invented “divide and conquer” of humanity when they chose to anoint themselves “God’s chosen” ABOVE ALL THE NATIONS. They are the most narcissistic people (or parasites) on the face of the Earth, and many goys in the West especially go along with their sickening plots and interests, even when it goes against White preservation and White rights.

          • I think you get it and this is why I am here. I have been concerned these facts were getting lost in the shuffle in order to make headway, so to speak in a political system dominated by Jews.
            Let us recall, Hitler in speeches referred to the fact no one thought what they were doing would succeed but it did and we must ask ourselves what were the essential components of that success.
            I know one was deprogramming the audience from thinking like Jews and then of course, naming the Jew
            Though Hitler and friends did prattle on about race, there was no race issue in Germany beyond the Jewish Q. and considering the times was more race friendly than the US so….. many of the controlled opposition anti-semites have intentionally linked Jew awareness with blind racial hatred. We have some undoing to accomplish ther. I call it baggage for it is counter productive and irrelevant as long as the Jews continue to implement the Kalergi plan

      • Good comment, I would argue that’s more the alt-light then the alt-right. The podcasts/videos I listen to are quite up on the JQ and RR (Nordic Frontier, The War Room,, Spencer, TDS, Reactionary Report, Amerikaners, Lauritz von GH). Glad you had Pat Codell listed, him, Savage, Milo, Cernavitch, Crowder, PJW, Infowars, Stefan Moly, are all alt-light who not only avoid the JQ, but actually distract from WN and RR are just as detrimental to us as the SJW’s and Antifa.

    • Milo has the ear of Pres. Trump. As Hunter noted, he was central to having Trump hold up the LGBT flag. I would say it isn’t Milo who has gone totally off track… but the entire population who is largely behind this degenerate homosexual Jew.

      Have you had a look at our Western birth rates lately? How is the promotion of sodomy, feminism, etc.. by the Jewish academics in the ivory towers, the Jewish-MSM and alternative media (if you so choose to put Breitbart as “alternative”) conducive to promoting a healthy population that promotes family values, denounced LGBT degeneracy, the soon-to-be normalization of pederasty and NAMBLA’s vision, etc.

      Sad to see the degeneration of the US and the West by the Jews and their identity politics they propagate to brainwash the Western masses/ goyim with.

  • The New Conservative Poster Boy – Tyrones bottomless pit. And even supposed moral folks support him.

    The exciting possibilities for Cuckery these days are truly endless. Literally.

    • When Milo dies from AIDS in 2020, Trump will be the first President to build an AIDS memorial statue dedicated to Milo and other AIDS victims in Washington DC.

      • Surely Tyrone, in all his savage sodomite glory, will be included in the hopefully lifelike monument to conservatism.

  • You ever notice the least-commented on articles at Breitbart are the ones about Milo? Your average Trump voter mostly tries to ignore this push to normalize homosexuality combined with National Review tier politics. I just don’t get why they’ve tried so hard to push him on to people who don’t want to see stuff like that. Obviously, the virtue signaling doesn’t work since the left has taken his gay card away, and normies (at least ones that don’t watch a lot of TV) are turned off by him.

        • Yeah I know, going to Breitbart with all their ads reminds me of when I had NetZero free dial up internet as a teenager in the late 90s.

          • The Breitbart commenters truly are retarded. Its like dealing with the Ted Cruz cucks like Chuck Nellis in the primaries all over again. I just got a Libertarian at Breitbart to admit that Libertarianism runs contrary to human nature. We have a lot of work to do.

          • Many will self red pill. I find church folk particularity triggering. I leave them softheads alone. Shit lib people are much faster learners. Especially young ones. They are curious about the good ole days.

          • I agree, and I say this as a former liberal. I was liberal until I started reading Pat Buchanan, Taki, Peter Brimelow, and Richard Spencer in American Conservative around 2007 or so.

  • ““The reality is, if you force everyone to play identity politics, if you insist in pitting whites against blacks, women against men, straights against gays, the reality is you guys are gonna win and the left isn’t going to like it very much,” declared MILO. “But there’s a better way.”

    Um, you keep the better way. I’ll take the winning, thanks.

    • I think it was smart to hold our fire on people like Milo and Cernovich during the election.

      In fact, I said this. But now, all gloves are off. Their vapid ideas which differ little from both liberals and Cucks (Milo, Watson, Cerno all trot out the shop worn Dems are Real Racist line) need to be exposed for being unoriginal and contributing to the societal rot we find ourselves in.

      • I’m a huge fan of no enemies ON the right, as the opposite leads to purity spiraling and failure to advance the football; but the shit has to end somewhere right?

        • No enemies to YOUR RIGHT. We don’t have any enemies to our right and thus can’t punch right.

          Milo, Cernovich, Paul Joseph Watson, these are all avowed and declared enemies of White and European nationalism. They have asked to be attacked for the frauds they are, repackaging the same old GOP talking points underneath a thin veneer of Trumpian populism.

          • the fact is real politics is Jew-gentile
            left-right is judeo-masonic by it’s nature and therefore coopted. You all support Trump in the mindless belief he will somehow serve whites while supporting Jews. Folks, I have seen no reason to believe he will throw the Jews overboard for example, who will he acknowledge publicly of his supporters? Jews

            THe genocide of white ppl stems from the Jewish problem and no other. Trump will choose one or the other in the end cause he can’t serve both

          • No one thought Trump was Pro White. Stop projecting other people’s beliefs.

            We supported Trump because he shifted the Overton.

            If Hillary were President, we’d be talking about new hate speech laws and legalizing the Dreamers, so be thankful for what Trump is doing.

          • shall we not understand that being prowhite is also being anti-Jewish. I agree, I was for Trump silently but ultimately I feel he is more likely a Jewish trojan horse than something good for us but time will tell on that and of course, initials actions always make a show of serving his support base. What he’s doing two years from now will be much more important for the final result than the show he is conducting now

        • Aside from hating women and labeling it as antifeminism –which is a common fag trait right or left–he’s not really ‘on the right’ in any meaningful way that I can see.

  • Pretty obvious why a Jewish flaming homosexual who brags about his lust for black cocks would want to discourage identity politics. It’s also fairly obvious why a gay man would make targeting feminists his priority and work overtime to be seen as a refuge for young men who suffer from the daily attacks of militant feminism.

    Milo served a purpose. That purpose has come and gone.

    • Make no mistake. The Jews are masters of identity politics – they invented the game. They are continuing to play us goyim like morons. This is why the Jews must be closely watched and we must be suspicious of them. Anybody who has watched Gilad Atzmon knows of how they control both sides of every pertinent issue.

      The Jews and Zionists have been at the forefront of the culture and multicultural wars, and the diaspora Jews are more than happy to ruin the West and then flee like the rats they are to their criminal Zionist entity in the Middle East. While leaving us in the West with the Third World immigration, Muslims, wrecked family values and divided society, etc etc…

      Truly a cruse these parasitical Jews are to the West.

      • Edit/ typo: Truly a curse these parasitical Jews are to the West and Western culture.

        I’m reminded again of the late, Julius Streicher of Der Stürmer whose words ring true today as ever before : Die Juden sind unser Unglück! (The Jews are our misfortune!)

      • then Gilad is ultimately a gatekeeper it seems to me serving in the IDF from a connected family, not invalidating the holocaust or speaking of 911 or even the Jewish bolsheviks or protocols of Zion

        • I am fully aware that Gilad Atzmon could very well be yet more Jewish controlled opposition; I have also been reading Norman Finkelstein of the “Holocaust Industry”. None of these are invested in de-constructing the holohoax narrative.

          I don’t trust Jews due to their long history of subverting every institution in the West and dear to White Civilization.

          Thanks for your comment and I am more than inclined to agree with it. I hold out a small hope that some Jews will be honest but the vast majority work against the interests of White preservation and actively work towards White genocide and against Whites and Europeans the world over.

          And not just Whites, but those like the Palestinians and Iranians; and the Muslims whom segments of the hateful Zio-Jews are weaponizing against European and White nations, while also attempting to pervert Muslim nations with the same Marxist/Communist ideas of the Frankfurt school, eg, pushing the normalization and anti-family values onto the Muslim world.

          I am contemptuous and disgusted by the homosexual capital of the world: Tel Aviv. It is a living day Sodom and Gomorrah. The US is currently Weimerica because of the Jews, as is the West. They have used identity politics to cause intra-White division. Further, the Talmud actively promoted pederasty which is why the Jews are now pushing to expand the LGBT movement in the West to embrace NAMBLA’s vision of the lowering of the age of consent to lower and lower age groups, since Talmudic Jews accept pedophilia as per their Talmud.

          • I appreciate yours as well.It important to remember that when two sides are encouraged to fight, whites and Arabs, and both have the same partner (championing and defaming both) it maybe the one true enemy is the one on both sides (the Jew)

            (THis challenges Jorjani’s claim that Muslims are the one true enemy when he says “the enemy of my enemy is just another enemy” a phrase Jews would love us to believe. If there is a fight with Judeo-Islam, in reality, it will be fought solely against Islam for Jews

            “Thanks for your comment and I am more than inclined to agree with it. I hold out a small hope that some Jews will be honest but the vast majority work against the interests of White preservation and actively work towards White genocide and against Whites and Europeans the world over.”
            I think it’s important to consider all those that would help us fight the JWO genuinely. That said, we can’t continue to be duped, trusting goy

  • We need to start showing up at this cum gargler’s Campus Speeches and bully and mock him mercilessly, like he bullied Leslie Jones. I don’t see anything wrong with with what Milo did to Leslie Jones, but since he’s now an avowed enemy, he needs to be attacked for the degenerate nancy boy that he is.

    Go to Milo’s campus speeches, they are free. Then troll the shit out of him. Don’t ask him about White Nationalism. Maybe even pretend to be an AIDS addled fag like Milo. Ask him questions like: “Since identity politics failed, are you, MILO, going to go find your new big black buck on the streets of Detroit at midnight this weekend?” You can also ask him about the irony and hypocrisy of a self identified “Faggot” telling people to forget identity politics.

    Milo is used to SJWs who get outraged at his shtick. He will not be able to effectively respond to Alt Right trolling, no one has proven able to deflect or counter this. If we do this in person, it will be devastating to his brand.

    The New Right needs to be destroyed and mocked before it gets off the ground. Mitchell is done because he’s a closet Faggot. Cernovich has pissed everyone off with his neverending drama queen bullshit. Next to go should be Milo. He should take heat from the Alt Right at his stupid Pseudo Libertarian campus speeches, not from low hanging SJW fruit which Milo is adept at countering.

  • His particular brand of (((showmanship))) gets lots of people looking at him because they assume he’s got dangerous and innovative ideas when, in reality, he just uses it as a lure to get people roped in so he can talk about how conservatism needs to stay exactly the same but with more faggots.

    • he’s an excellent political operative but as always, one has to determine who do they ultimately serve, them or us. This includes within all resistance groups as well

  • Non-Whites are celebrated for advocating and lobbying for their own ethnic interests.
    As Non-White demographics replace the White host population, as the Non-White promotions have reached a fevered pitch and as we Whites awaken en mass to White Genocide…

    Cuckservatives Yell: OK, Yea we need to not be like Liberals and must end Identity Politics.

    Nothin’ Doin’.

    Anti-White Identity Politics is just another clever code word for Anti-White.

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