Michael Moore Confronted by the AltRight

Our Red Ice Philly crew ran into Michael Moore while filming in Washington, DC during Trump’s inauguration and had a few words for him.

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      • Don’t know if this is real or parody. Judging by the metrosexual Millennial profile pic and Bio, I’m guessing parody.

          • In your dreams faggot.
            What are you a music teacher?
            Leave the defense of Western Civilization to the Men and go play your music.
            Where were you for the last 8 years? Like most Radical Leftists, you suddenly become political when it suits your Anti-White narrative, when the Anti-White Neo-Con Elites wind you up, you’re ready to resist. Pathetic.
            While we Pro-Whites, on the other hand are politically engaged no matter who is in the White House.

            You’re in over your head faggot. Go back to

            “Look at the stats on mass shootings in the US, bud.
            Look at the stats on mass shootings in the US, bud.
            Look at the stats on mass shootings in the US, bud, ” said the JewThinking Parrot.

            In the US… In one incident:

            Omar Mir Seddique Mateen.
            On June 12, 2016, Omar Mateen, a 29-year-old security guard, killed 49 people and wounded 53
            others in a terrorist attack/hate crime inside Pulse, a gay nightclub
            in Orlando, Florida.
            Son of Afghan immigrants, Mir Seddique holds strong political views and supports the Afghan Taliban.
            Second generation Non-White immigrants are statistically more hostile to Western Culture and it’s inhabitants, often feel disconnected and alienated.

            So much for your short-sighted obsession with the Anti-White JewMedia promotion of mass-shootings.

            How about Europe last year? Excluding violent assaults and rapes:

            Terror in Europe MAPPED –

            Shocking number of deaths and injuries from attacks in 2016


            Brussels terrorist attacks
            Fri, March 25, 2016

            The Brussels airport and Metro bombings

            Bastille Day Massacre: 84 dead
            Sat, July 16, 2016

            84 people have been killed and
            100 more injured in the southern French city of Nice after a lorry was
            ‘deliberately driven’ into a crowd celebrating Bastille Day in a
            confirmed terrorist attack.

            Munich shooting: Teenage gunman kills nine at shopping centre
            Sat, July 23, 2016

            An 18-year-old German-Iranian gunman kills nine then himself at shopping centre in Munich.

            Normandy Church Terror
            Wed, July 27, 2016

            A PRIEST had his throat slit and
            several others were taken hostage after armed men stormed a church in
            northern France during morning mass today, with authorities describing
            it as an Islamist attack.

          • Some teacher.
            You’re getting hammered in here. You can’t respond to anything, your a pussy who just shoots his faggot mouth off.

            Men save civilization while the band plays music.

            And I’m not you buddy… Cuck.

          • Mass shootings are a red herring and when overall crime is taken into account, mass shootings are statistically irrelevant. Anti-Whites NEVER talk about the grinding daily murders of Violent Rapes, Assaults and Murder against Whites by Non-White, choosing to sperg on over-hyped “mass-shooting events”.

            Don’t like memes? Try Facts.

            Black people in the United States are more likely to be
            victims of violent confrontations with police officers than whites
            because they commit more violent crimes than whites per capita.

            – FACT: Despite making up just 13% of the population, blacks commit around half of homicides in the United States. DOJ statistics show that between 1980 and 2008, blacks committed 52% of homicides, compared to 45% of homicides committed by whites.
            More up to date FBI statistics
            tell a similar story. In 2013, black criminals carried out 38% of
            murders, compared to 31.1% for whites, again despite the fact that there
            are five times more white people in the U.S.
            – FACT:
            From 2011 to 2013, 38.5 per cent of people arrested for murder,
            manslaughter, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault were black. This
            figure is three times higher than the 13% black population figure. When
            you account for the fact that black males aged 15-34, who account for
            around 3% of the population, are responsible for the vast majority of
            these crimes, the figures are even more staggering.
            – FACT:
            Despite the fact that black people commit an equal or greater number of
            violent crimes than whites, whites are almost TWICE as likely to be
            killed by police officers.
            According to data
            from the Centers for Disease Control, between 1999 and 2011, 2,151
            whites died as a result of being shot by police compared to 1,130
            Critics argue that black people are overrepresented in
            these figures because they only represent 13% of the population, but
            they are underrepresented if you factor in violent crime
            offenders. In other words, you would expect the number of blacks and
            whites killed by police to be roughly equal given that they commit a
            roughly equal number of violent crimes, but that’s not the case. Whites
            are nearly 100% more likely to be victims.
            And what about black on white violence in general?
            – FACT: Despite being outnumbered by whites five to one, blacks commit eight times more crimes against whites than vice-versa, according to FBI statistics from 2007.
            A black male is 40 times as likely to assault a white person as the
            reverse. These figures also show that interracial rape is almost
            exclusively black on white.

            Of course, being Anti-White, you’ll dismiss the statistics I present as inaccurate, claiming this is anything but a tactic is disingenuous and proves your Anti-White bias. I won’t make any claims that my statistics are not biased, I will say that they are NOT politically motivated and are not Anti-White.

            New DOJ Statistics on Race and Violent Crime

            For a comprehensive analysis of race and crime in the United States, see our 2016 report: “The Color of Crime.”

            How come White Anti-White Radical Leftists NEVER talk about the RAPE Committed by Blacks against White Women?

            Total over six conservative years:

            White on Black: 0

            Black on White: 135,206

            Black on Black: 148,380

            Average over six consecutive years:

            White on Black: 0

            Black on White: 22,534

            Black on Black: 24,730

            The claim that YOUR “proof” is without bias is an appeal
            to a higher authority and when examined closer your source reveals
            ideological corporate interests behind the motivation of these
            findings. On any other day, you would dispute these findings as they
            were influenced by Private Corporations.

            You, like all radical Leftists, are hypocrites when it comes to consideration of data to support your claims.

            like all Anti-Whites when presented with any opposing opinion always
            state that, “we’re just uninformed, or we’re inbred, or uneducated”.
            This is not an argument, rather it exposes your need to rely on
            ad-hominems to support your tenuous, politically motivated position.

            [From Statista Website:]

            To provide our clients with responsive, accurate and specialized data
            they have come to expect from Statista, we work closely with market
            leaders in the research sector in addition to specialist institutions.
            Our strategic partners in the United States include the Interactive
            Advertising Bureau (IAB) and the American Association of Advertising
            Agencies (4 A’s). Our media partners include, Business
            Insider, Wall Street Journal, The Independent and Forbes.

            On Mass Shooters:

            Are Most Mass Murderers Really White?

            By Selwyn Duke

            from attacks on the Second Amendment, there is a certain theme that’s
            now repeated after every massacre committed by an unhinged individual:
            that most all mass killers are white. After the recent Elliot Rodger
            murders, for instance, Michael Moore said that he no longer had
            “anything to say” before immediately saying,
            “Nearly all of our mass shootings are by angry or disturbed white
            males.” Not to be one-upped in the inanity department by a mass of male
            whiteness, one Brittney Cooper at Salon wrote,
            “How many times must troubled young white men engage in these
            terroristic acts that make public space unsafe for everyone before we
            admit that white male privilege kills?” Ironically, Cooper had
            mentioned, parenthetically, that “as many commenters have pointed out,
            [Rodger] had a white father and mother of Asian descent,” but, hey, you
            can’t let a minor detail get in the way of a good racial screed. And
            perhaps mass killing is such a Caucasian domain that perpetrating one
            bestows a person with honorary whiteness. Yet about this we should ask a

            Before rushing to play pin the tale on the honkey, did anyone bother to check the history of mass killings?

            Because I have — a comprehensive list dating from 1982 through 9/16/2013 is found at Mother Jones here — and guess what?

            Of the last 20 mass killings of that period, 9 were perpetrated by non-whites.

            That would be 45 percent, which exceeds non-whites’ 37 percent share of the population.

            Of the last 30 mass killings, 11 were committed by non-whites — right at the 37 percent mark.

            what if we go all the way back to 1982? We then have 66 mass killings
            in which the races of the perpetrators were known, and 22 of them, or
            one-third, were at the hands of non-whites. Note here that America’s
            demographics have been changing, with non-whites comprising only about
            20 percent of the population in 1982; thus, if we consider an
            approximate average non-white population of 28.5 percent during the
            31-year period in question, it appears that, again, mass murderers are
            slightly disproportionately non-white.

            In other words, there is no evidence whatsoever that mass killings are a characteristically white phenomenon.

            And there never was.

            fact, the group most disproportionately represented on the Mother Jones
            chart is Americans of Asian descent. While only 6 percent of the
            population, they have been 15 percent of the 31-year period’s last 20
            mass killers, 13 percent of the last 30, and 9 percent of the last 66.
            This is quite interesting, too, since Americans of Asian descent have a
            very low crime rate in general.

            So in light of this, why are whites implicated in mass killings? The answer is one word:


          • How come White Anti-White’s like you refuse to discuss the Rape of White Women by Non-Whites?

            Go ahead, brush this off. Come up with a smug slur against me because I’ve presented you with documented facts by actual experts who put their name on their research, not some shadowy corporate NGO set up to support the Open Border Policies of the Fortune 100 and International Capital.

            You choose to ignore politics while a Leftist 1/2 Negroid President bombed brown people and unleashed Terrorists all over the Middle East, precipitating a ‘refugee migration’ into Europe and the US. You support the Neo-Con Hillary Clinton who would have escalated wars against sovereign nations. You only decide to become ‘political’ since a slightly implicit Pro-White get’s into office. And you want to come to this website and threaten us with violence and say really hateful things.
            Your a fraud and a hypocrite.

            And Your just Anti-White.

            Germany: Migrants’ Rape Epidemic

            by Soeren Kern

            September 18, 2015 at 5:00 am


            A growing number of women and young girls housed in refugee shelters
            in Germany are being raped, sexually assaulted and even forced into
            prostitution by male asylum seekers, according to German social work
            organizations with first-hand knowledge of the situation.

            Many of the rapes are occurring in mixed-gender shelters, where, due
            to a lack of space, German authorities are forcing thousands of male and
            female migrants to share the same sleeping areas and restroom

            Conditions for women and girls at some shelters are so perilous that
            females are being described as “wild game” fighting off Muslim male
            predators. But many victims, fearing reprisals, are keeping silent,
            social workers say.

            At the same time, growing numbers of German women in towns and cities
            across the country are being raped by asylum seekers from Africa, Asia
            and the Middle East. Many of the crimes are being downplayed by German
            authorities and the national media, apparently to avoid fueling
            anti-immigration sentiments.

            On August 18, a coalition of four social work organizations and
            women’s rights groups sent a two-page letter to the leaders of the
            political parties in the regional parliament in Hesse, a state in
            west-central Germany, warning them of the worsening situation for women
            and children in the refugee shelters. The letter said:

            “The ever-increasing influx of refugees has complicated
            the situation for women and girls at the receiving center in Giessen
            (HEAE) and its subsidiaries.

            Meanwhile, the raping of German women by asylum seekers is becoming
            commonplace. Following are a few select cases just from 2015:

            On September 11, a 16-year-old girl was raped by an unidentified “dark-skinned man speaking broken German” close to a refugee shelter in the Bavarian town of Mering. The attack occurred while the girl was walking home from the train station.

            On August 13, police arrested two Iraqi asylum seekers, aged 23 and 19, for raping an 18-year-old German woman behind a schoolyard in Hamm, a city in North Rhine-Westphalia.

            On July 26, a 14-year-old boy was sexually assaulted inside the bathroom of a regional train in Heilbronn,
            a city in southwestern Germany. Police are looking for a “dark skinned”
            man between the ages of 30 and 40 who has an “Arab appearance.” Also on
            July 26, a 21-year-old Tunisian asylum seeker raped a 20-year-old woman in the Dornwaldsiedlung district of Karlsruhe. Police kept the crime secret until August 14, when a local paper went public with the story.

            On June 9, two Somali asylum seekers, aged 20 and 18, were sentenced to seven-and-a-half years in prison for raping a 21-year-old German woman in Bad Kreuznach, a town in Rhineland-Palatinate, on December 13, 2014.

            On June 5, a 30-year-old Somali asylum seeker called “Ali S” was sentenced to four years and nine months in prison for attempting to rape a 20-year-old woman in Munich.
            Ali had previously served a seven-year sentence for rape, and had been
            out of prison for only five months before he attacked again. In an
            effort to protect the identity of Ali S, a Munich newspaper referred to him by the more politically correct “Joseph T.”

            On May 22, a 30-year-old Moroccan man was sentenced to four years and nine months in prison for attempting to rape a 55-year-old woman in Dresden. On May 20, a 25-year-old Senegalese asylum seeker was arrested after he attempted to rape a 21-year-old German woman at the Stachus, a large square in central Munich.

            On April 16, a 21-year-old asylum seeker from Iraq was sentenced to three years and ten months in prison for raping a 17-year-old girl at festival in the Bavarian town of Straubing in August 2014. On April 7, a 29-year-old asylum seeker was arrested for the attempted rape of a 14-year-old girl in the town of Alzenau.

            On March 17, two Afghan asylum seekers aged 19 and 20 were sentenced to five years in prison for the “particularly abhorrent” rape of a 21-year-old German woman in Kirchheim, a town near Stuttgart, on August 17, 2014.

            On February 11, a 28-year-old asylum seeker from Eritrea was sentenced to four years in prison for raping a 25-year-old German woman in Stralsund, along the Baltic Sea, in October 2014.

            On February 1, a 27-year-old asylum seeker from Somalia was arrested after attempting to rape women in the Bavarian town of Reisbach.

            On January 16, a 24-year-old Moroccan immigrant raped a 29-year-old woman in Dresden.

            Dozens of other cases of rape and attempted rape — cases in which
            police are specifically looking for foreign perpetrators (German police
            often refer to them as Südländer, or “southerners”) — remain unresolved. Following is a partial list just for August 2015:

            On August 23, a “dark skinned” man attempted to rape a 35-year-old woman in Dortmund. On August 17, three male “southerners” attempted to rape a 42-year-old woman in Ansbach. On August 16, a male “southerner” raped a woman in Hanau.

            On August 12, a male “southerner” attempted to rape a 17-year-old woman in Hannover. Also on August 12, a male “southerner” exposed himself to a 31-year-old woman in Kassel. Police say a similar incident occurred in the same area on August 11.

            On August 10, five men of “Turkish origin” attempted to rape a girl in Mönchengladbach. Also on August 10, a male “southerner” raped a 15-year-old girl in Rinteln. On August 8, a male “southerner” attempted to rape a 20-year-old woman in Siegen.

            On August 3, a “North African” raped a seven-year-old girl in broad daylight in a park in Chemnitz, a city in eastern Germany. On August 1, a male “southerner” attempted to rape a 27-year-old woman in downtown Stuttgart.

            Meanwhile, parents are being warned to look after their daughters. Police in the Bavarian town of Mering, where a 16-year-old-girl was raped on September 11, have issued
            a warning to parents not to allow their children to go outside
            unaccompanied. They have also advised women not to walk to or from the
            train station alone because of its proximity to a refugee shelter.

            In the Bavarian town of Pocking, administrators of the Wilhelm-Diess-Gymnasium have warned
            parents not to let their daughters wear revealing clothing in order to
            avoid “misunderstandings” with the 200 Muslim refugees housed in
            emergency accommodations in a building next to the school. The letter

            “The Syrian citizens are mainly Muslim and speak Arabic.
            The refugees have their own culture. Because our school is directly next
            to where they are staying, modest clothing should be worn in order to
            avoid disagreements. Revealing tops or blouses, short shorts or
            miniskirts could lead to misunderstandings.”

            Recent Articles by Soeren Kern

            Germany Downplayed Threat of Jihadists Posing as Migrants, 2017-01-27
            Trump Fires Up Europe’s Anti-Establishment Movement, 2017-01-22
            The Islamization of France in 2016, 2017-01-17
            The Islamization of Britain in 2016, 2017-01-09
            The Islamization of Germany in 2016, 2017-01-02

          • “Negroid president”? Ok so you are undeniably racist. You’re just out there in the open with it. So anything else you have to say on race can be thrown in the toilet.

          • You’re just saying that because I’m White. Anti-Racist is just code for Anti-White.
            Your Anti-White term, ‘racist’ is a bug on a windshield, only effective on demoralized White Cucks… Like you.

            And this is why the Anti-White Left is collapsing into it’s own footprint. You have zero content to your position. You can’t discuss facts when presented with them, you sperg endlessly about banning an emotion and mean words.

          • Truth is. Anti-Whites don’t like facts.
            You’ll present them when they suit your narrative and discount them when they don’t and unlike me who provides a counter argument supported with data, you rely on Anti-White slurs to refute those facts. It’s only about your team winning. Admit it.

            That’s why you’re just Anti-White.

            Here’s some more fun Hate Facts:

            There were almost 6,000 blacks killed by other blacks in 2015.

            Here’s Your Numbers:

            Between 1982-2016:
            Mass shooting by whites, 48.
            Next highest is blacks with only 14.


            6,000 blacks murdered by blacks in 2015 alone! WOW!

            Since this doesn’t fit into the cherry-picked political Anti-White gerrymandered parameters that define a ‘mass-shooting’, which Leftists throw out repeatedly
            ( like the JewsMedia has conditioned you to do ) as if it was some kind of winning argument.

            Maybe to the kids you teach in school. Maybe you should tell you White students to watch out for dem negroes.

            One last one:

            Blacks committed 52 percent of homicides between 1980 and 2008, despite
            composing just 13 percent of the population. Across the same time-frame,

            whites committed 45 percent of homicides while composing 77% of the
            population, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics.


          • What exactly is your point, Greg? Is it because SOME mass murderers are White, that means we must shut up and welcome millions of violent, low-IQ migrants into our country? The cost-benefit analysis of your argument does not make sense. I bet you live in a nice, safe all White community.

          • No, I live in a college town and some of my best friends here are immigrants from Mexico, Spain, Uruguay, etc. Plenty of Mexican Americans and African Americans as well. I’m guessing YOU live in an all-white community because it seems you know nothing about how important immigrants are to this country. And if you’re not Native American then you’re an immigrant too. My great great grandparents came from Ireland and Poland long ago, two groups that were also persecuted in their time. I’m glad they didn’t get sent back of banned or I wouldn’t be an American.

            Where do you get off saying all immigrants are low-IQ? They may be willing to do jobs you find yourself “too good for” but imagine if Trump sends them all back – our crops will rot in the fields and he will even have to close his own casinos and Trump towers because he probably has thousands of undocumented workers in his kitchens, doing the landscaping, etc.

          • Anecdotal Fallacies are irrelevant in an argument and do not disprove the rule of the greater trend. But I will note that, college towns are not an accurate representation of most multi-ethnic societies. The inexperienced, largely yet to be educated young folks blanketed under the snugly atmosphere generated by the carefully selected Politically Correct educators ( an admitted 90% Leftist Activist “Educators”) spawns a Leftist Ideological Indoctrination bubble, with which you fit neatly into. Add to this a high rate of drug and alcohol consumption and a network of businesses support this closed system… Well, this is not a model to be taken seriously.

            -Anyone born in the US is not an immigrant, by definition.
            -American Indians genetically trace back to Asia, so they are not ‘native’ either.
            -Ireland and Poland are genetically and behaviorally compatible White Europeans that blend much better than non-white outliers.

            -Poland? Are you half Jewish, just asking because that would explain a lot.
            -I think Mary refers to non-white immigrants, who do have a lower average IQ.

            I love this argument the Anti-Racist Left pushes:
            -You want to have an underclass of slave labor to pick your crops?

            We really don’t need 1/3 of South America in the United States to help us maintain our civilization. Especially with automation. The slave plantations held onto the use of slaves in part because they didn’t want to spend the money to automate, which was the trend. When you done playing your guitar, google recent trends in robotics. Companies are replacing slave labor with machines, largely driven by the stupidity of raising the minimum wage, which is absorbed quickly by inflation.

            What Anti-Racists leave out of their argument, is that we have numerous
            examples of the inevitable bloody racial conflict and collapse that
            follows the multi-racial ethnic-conflict model. Egypt, Rome, the Middle East, collapsed as their empires expanded to encompass more races and ethnic groups. A recent example can be found in India and Pakistan, which took years of bloodshed to separate from the unworkable Multicultural model. The Balkans, is another. To this day, even after the creation of separate racial and ethnic based states, is still suffering from the last 75 years of living under a multicultural state.

            The Anti-Racist claim those that live in multi-ethnic communities are more tolerant and homogeneous is simply magical thinking. Recent studies only reinforce what history has shown. Putnam’s study is the most recognized. See links below.

            I realize you already know everything, but see Below if you care to learn something new…teacher.

            Harvard study paints bleak picture of ethnic diversity

            Link To Study:


            Diversity Destroys Trust
            Harvard sociologist Prof. Robert Putnam
            has completed an important study of more than 30,000 North Americans
            and concluded that – especially if you live in ethnically diverse cities
            such as Toronto, Vancouver or Los Angeles – it’s likely you are
            “hunkering down.”
            “Inhabitants of diverse communities tend to
            withdraw from collective life, to distrust their neighbours, regardless
            of the colour of their skin, to withdraw even from close friends, to
            expect the worst from their community and its leaders … have less faith
            that they can actually make a difference, and to huddle unhappily in
            front of the television,” Robert Putnam writes.

            This study is a survey of people living in 41 different American
            communities that run from racially homogeneous rural South Dakota to San
            Francisco, which is one of the most racially mixed places on earth. The
            clearest finding was that the more diverse the area, the less people
            trusted each other. As diversity increases, trust in other races decreases.

            Other consequences:

            -Higher Non-White Racial Violence against Whites

            -Lower confidence in local government, local leaders and the local news media.
            -Lower political efficacy–that is, confidence in their own influence.
            -Lower frequency of registering to vote, but more interest and
            knowledge about politics and more participation in protest marches and
            social reform groups.
            -Less expectation that others will cooperate to solve dilemmas of
            collective action (e.g., voluntary conservation to ease a water or
            energy shortage).
            -Less likelihood of working on a community project.
            -Lower likelihood of giving to charity or volunteering.
            -Fewer close friends and confidants.
            -Less happiness and lower perceived quality of life.
            -More time spent watching television and more agreement that “television is my most important form of entertainment.”

            Another Study in Canada supported Putnam’s:

            What Diverse Countries Really Look Like

        • Not all shooters are white but there are still plenty of home grown WHITE terrorists. Yes many are black, Muslim, Arab, etc. I m not saying there are none of these types of terrorists either, I just reject the bullshit notion that there are NO white terrorists or shooters.

          • Funny how you Anti-White Cucks follow predictable patterns.
            You came to our site, to call people names and present a weak position.
            Your position is destroyed with facts and you resort back to name calling.

            Who sounds stupid?
            You do…Cuck.

            And you look like a real grids faggot.

          • hahaha- Greg you need to shut the fuck up, ok? I guess you think that makes you sound smart, I don’t know, maybe it does, but it doesn’t make you smart. Do you understand the difference? See, it sounds reeeeaaaally smart!!!!!! -but it’s not.

          • That’s because you’re a dumb fucker Greg- it says you need to shut the fuck up, ok- do you have any idea what that means?

          • Haha yup. Us “libtards” are stupid “snowflakes” yet it’s our president who has no experience and no know-how to deserve his job (and is neither book smart or street smart, and has no common sense), and is the biggest snowflake of them all, unable to take an SNL parody of himself (which Baldwin is doing perfectly by the way). Every other president in history has let comedians, musicians and artists take jabs at them, even Obama was made fun of in hilarious ways to me, and they never complained or took to twitter at 3am. Goddamn, can Trump just quit already?? He clearly doesn’t want to be president. He goes to Florida all the time on the taxpayer’s dime (read: he’s taking money out of the paychecks of you and me), plays more golf than any other president, and on a normal “workday” he packs it in by 6pm to sit in his jammy jams and watch Fox News and comedy shows to get himself all riled up. I’m scared about what goddamn fuckhead Pence will do as president (as a public teacher in Indiana, I know all too well about how evil he is towards teachers/kids and also LGBTQ folks especially, and even his financial/economical decisions are shit), but at least he is intelligent. Evil, yeah, but at least he knows how the system works and how to be a politician. Steve Bannon will be fired promptly when Pence takes over, so at least we won’t have an anti-semitic, bigoted, white power Nazi asshole out of the White House. That’s the silver lining. I can also look forward to 2020 when the country, liberals and conservatives alike, realize that no, we shouldn’t go back to the social politics of the 1960s, which is what Pence and Trump want, where women stay in the kitchen and minorities are afraid to walk in public.

            Whew! Ok, I have more worthwhile things to do than talk to some asshole on a racist website. Feel free to make some grammatically horrible and uninformed quip at me. Dickhead.

          • Wow-so you really don’t have any idea. Are you really a school teacher? Anyway I said you were stupid, not retarded -ok? Tard’s your term. So’s liberal, btw- and, honestly, you remind me more of a dog turd than a snowflake- lol- ffs

          • Cool. Dogs are cool and their turds are just a natural part of life. Yes, I am a teacher, and I am spreading love and peaceful ideas to the youth, all while educating them. You are just making the country dumber and I can only assume you work in a big business or something worthless.

          • Basically I said there’s a big difference between sounding (seeming to be) smart and actually being smart, and that it wasn’t particularly hard to see that what you sounded more like a wet fart- with no idea- and the thought of you having no idea of what I’m saying means it’s gibberish seemed hilarious to me- it was, actually, that’s what the ‘hahahaha’ was meant to indicate- and, other’n that I pretty much just said that you need to shut the fuck up, ok? An I don’t see what’s so confusing about that but I don’t self identify as a tard, or a turd, or I mean a snowflake–so–what.

          • Ok. Well, basically, I said there’s a difference between sounding (seeming to be) smart and actually being smart, and that it wasn’t particularly hard to see that what you sounded more like a wet fart- with no idea- and the thought of you having no idea of what I’m saying means it’s gibberish seemed hilarious to me- it was, actually, that’s what the ‘hahahaha’ was meant to indicate- and, other’n that I pretty much just said that you need to shut the fuck up, ok? An I don’t see what’s so confusing about that but I don’t self identify as a tard, or a turd, or I mean a snowflake–so–what.

  • I don’t understand the point of the exercise. This intimidation tactic gives him an unwarranted victim status, while it looks like we have no arguments – unwise move.

    • Moore said to harass and ridicule your enemies.

      Moore is correct. Those are bountiful tactics.

      President Trump is the proof.

    • You get out in the street with a camera while Antifa burns cars and hits women with rocks. See what you come up with keyboard kommando.

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