Steve Bannon: The Media Is The Opposition

Steve Bannon more or less declares the Fake News media is the enemy of the Trump administration:

“The media should be embarrassed and humiliated and keep its mouth shut and just listen for awhile,” Mr. Bannon said during a telephone call.

“I want you to quote this,” Mr. Bannon added. “The media here is the opposition party. They don’t understand this country. They still do not understand why Donald Trump is the president of the United States.” …

“The elite media got it dead wrong, 100 percent dead wrong,” Mr. Bannon said of the election, calling it “a humiliating defeat that they will never wash away, that will always be there.”

“The mainstream media has not fired or terminated anyone associated with following our campaign,” Mr. Bannon said. “Look at the Twitter feeds of those people: they were outright activists of the Clinton campaign.” (He did not name specific reporters or editors.)

“That’s why you have no power,” Mr. Bannon added. “You were humiliated.” …”

We need to adopt the same attitude.

Now that Bannon is chief strategist to President Trump, we need to become the media. I will have more to say about this soon. I’ve got a big speech to start writing tonight.

Hunter Wallace
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  • Trump’s refusal to use the “6 bazillion” line on his “Holocaust Remembrance Day” statement was delicious. The Jews response was enough to raise the eyebrows of the blue pilled goyim. Hopefully they’ll blow their own cover with their constant Trump Derangement Syndrome.

    • We need to be more critical here: yes, it’s good. He’s throwing the “anti-Semitic” members of the Alt-Right (the serious Jew-wise, Jew-critical Alt-Right, not Milo faggotry and GOP anti-White conservatism) a bone here for us to chew on for now. But don’t be fooled for a second: Netanyahu and Trump are bum-chums and Trump cucks for the Jews and Israel and is extremely philo-Semitic in outlook and his family is sold out and miscegenated with the Jews, for whom the “holocaust” is the most sacred event.

      Trump clearly isn’t de-legitimizing the “holocaust” narrative, and of course, you’d have to be the most naïve fool to even think he would. Nobody in the West, let alone ZOG-USA is going to let go off Israel’s and the Jews’ cash-cow: the holohoax. The least of all (((Hollywood))) either…

  • All the purity spiraling autists need to use Bannon for what he is, a moving sidewalk to where we want to be. He’s not perfect, but he’s not a ZOG tool either, that’s ridiculous. No man can serve two Masters, and Bannon is serving America, and will do more for the White American as any goy since Calvin Coolidge

  • Phenomenal. It’s like all my dreams are coming true. And it’s amazing considering that a little over a year and half ago, I had completely written off politics and the future of this country. Trump is actually giving us a fighting chance now!

      • Lol! I sympathize with the guy but you need to have reasonable expectations and take achievable steps towards accomplishing your goals. Some of these guys act like Hitler 2.0 just needs to appear and immediately GTK and anything less than that is failing.

    • Bannon is a tool of the Jews, pure and simple. Pure Jewish controlled opposition. I’m so black-pilled as of now… and have enjoyed reading Hunter’s articles about Trump on The Occidental Dissent and here cautioning the celebration of “civic nationalist” Trump.

      I cannot believe so many so called Whites in the US and worldwide are rejoicing and proclaiming him the new savior of Whites and White interests and preservation. I feel sorry for these since they’ll inevitably be let down by the bread and circus freak-show this is all becoming.

      When I see a Zio-Jew operation like Breitbart trumpeting Trump, I am nauseous that many WNs are on the same page as the sub-human Zio-Jews. Moreover, there are many who are welcoming Jews into the Alt-Right, like Spencer (correct me if I’m wrong)… and using disinformation and distraction techniques like “look at the Muslim threat to the West” (while ignoring its Zio-Jew origins).

      Further, is Jewish miscegenation something to be looked upon with approval in the WN movement now? I must say I’ve always been suspicious of Trump and his selling out to Jewish interests, including his entire family to the Jews.

      The USA has entered into an explicitly pro-Jew phase, with its first de-facto Jewish First Family… is this a model for the rest of the West?

      And the media remains as Jewish dominated as ever.

      • Quick question: What politically would make you happy? And I’m talking about something which is actually feasible versus some retarded vision you’ve cooked up in your mind.

      • of course they will jump ships when they see their plans failing but they had to change plans and that means a lot. we need younger people in governor seats, state senate and both houses. this is a great chance to grow. its not perfect all of sudden no

        • The Soviet Union created the still-in-existence and part of the Russian Federation, the Jewish Autonomous Oblast. (Jews make up less than 5-10% of the population, if that.)

          If only the Jews could perhaps be shipped over there and leave the West, and the Palestinians and Muslim world alone.

          However, there are many Russians who aren’t happy having them, of course, and that’s totally understandable with the bloody history of the Bolsheviks and the Holodomor.

          Anyhow, interesting viewing and a “hidden gem” (!) that many in the West, including in the Alt-Right are not aware of: Birobidzhan.

          The Jewish Autonomous Republic – Established 1934: Israel Has No Legitimate Reason To Exist

          Who knows, this region may play a geo-political role with Russian/Chinese affairs and the Jews with the Western Jews pitting Russia and China against the West (using these Jews as their foot-soldiers on the ground).

          All I know is wherever the Jews lay their hands or sites, war and misery is soon to follow…

      • Clearly, Racialists are becoming a concern for the MSM. I would say the racialists need to learn some discipline and keep the eye on the Jew prize cause they are getting painted as haters. Anglin acting out is a Jew win, just sayin
        However, situations are springing up where those with more pure messages may start getting through. What we want is to avoid is unnecessary goyim wars for Jews which of course is how Jews get more power

        • Whatever you may think of Anglin, his website gets more hits than all other similar sites combined. So he’s doing something right.

      • I knew the mainstream media was Jewish dominated.

        What has surprised me is how Jewish the “Alt Right” media seems to be.

        Ah well, there’s no reason to be black pilled. There’s a civil war among the Jews – the Zionists vs. the Diaspora. It started a while back with the release of the Israeli film “Defamation.”

        Jewish run outfits like TRS and (((DS))) are purposefully promoting anti-semitism, the result of which will be Jews either making aliyah to Israel, or abandoning Judaism – including its secular anti-white forms like cultural Marxism.

        That’s good for us.

        And so far Trump’s first week has exceeded all expectations.

        • Thanks for your comments, I find myself more and more in agreement with them, and I appreciate reading informed comments even if I don’t always agree with them.

          I know many Jews and have grown up around them, including formerly close Jewish friends, personal and family. I understand their mindset and their tom-foolery. They are perhaps the most self-indulgent people on the face of the earth.

          The Diaspora vs the Israeli Jews dichotomy may be a little overblown: both work towards the goals of Zionism and work against Whites and White Christian goyim.

          One thing that unites these two Jewish groups is the “counter-jihad” anti-Muslim and anti-Iran movement. I know the leftist Jews in the Diaspora are more likely to be against “Islamophobia” and Muslim “discrimination” in the West (and are the instigators of Muslim immigration to the West), yet many do not speak out against Zionism.

          Unless you count the small number who do who have also allied with the culture/family wrecking homoperverts: the Queer International. Which has co-opted the Palestine issue; seriously Palestine and the Queer International. It just seems like a Jewish ploy to corrupt the Muslim world with the same anti-family tactics they have successfully deployed with their identity politics against the West and which they are trying to do to Eastern Europe and Russia.

          Also, Judaism isn’t just a religion but a race or races (depending on your source/s); we do know that Israel has started to, or raised the issue of genetically testing Jews to confirm racial/ethnic “Jewishness” re aliyah.

      • Where did you get that Richard Spencer is Jewish? Or are you claiming he’s allowing Jews into the Alt-Right? Because I seriously doubt either, seeing as he’s a white nationalist who stunned a rabbi into silence at Texas A&M.

        • I never said Richard Spencer is Jewish, I don’t know how you could have read that into any of my posts. He’s an important voice in the Alt-Right, and the fact that the Jews maliciously targeted his mother in Whitefish, Montana shows the Jews are threatened by his WN views.

          Disagree with him all you like on some matters (eg, his religious views or views relating to LGBT matters), Spencer has literally taken physical blows from anti-Fa. I don’t deny his WN credentials and I have been reading him from his time at The American Conservative.

          I may have disagreements about him on issues relating to Zionism and the Jews, but that’s what I find refreshing about this website – the fact we can engage in constructive criticism without being spuriously banned like on Breitbart, perhaps the most Zio-Jew friendly “media” outlet out there right now. Mention ANY SLIGHT NEGATIVE thing about Jews, Zionism, the right of Israel to exist as a chauvinistic ethno-nationalist state or anything pro-Palestinian, etc etc.. and you get banned. Not to mention the sickening Zio-goys… any topic related to the Germans immediately collectively demonizes all Germans.

          I could continue but you hopefully get the message. This isn’t an echo chamber, and I appreciate that. At the same time, I don’t appreciate trolling, particularly as I don’t have all the time in the world to respond to people’s comments and I’m not a 24-7 commenter on social media, which as we saw with the purge of the Alt-Right Twitter accounts isn’t going to be a very friendly outlet for us.

          The issue of allowing Jews in the Alt-Right is beyond a simple reply: there are many articles on this and convergences in opinion: there was a recent article by Andrew Joyce on this by 2 “Jews in the Alt-Right”. One laughably called himself a “reactionary Jew”. Sorry about Jews only care for what’s good for Jews and “damage control” for how Jewish perfidy reflects on the Jewish collective which is why you have “anti-Zionist” Jews. I agree with those who view the world, not in Left vs Right, but Jew vs Gentile (in particle, Jew vs White Civilization and White Christians/Europeans whom they are most hostile to).

          I have made it known I stand with those such as Matthew Heimbach of TradYouth that the Jews are best alone and not to be included at all in our WN and Alt-Right groups. Their involvement has only caused division and controversy, alienating many historically conscious Jew-wise Alt-Righters. Ask the families of the aggressors of the Bolshevik Jews and Communist Jews in Eastern Europe, Eastern Germany/ the former GDR, Ukraine, etc ec, how they feel that their families were eradicated by Communist Jews.

          Go and read the Talmud and see if it’s compatible with Western civilization. Isn’t that what the Alt-Right is about: about being PRO-WHITE and PRO-EUROPEAN? I could care less about Zionism, Jews and anything that promotes Jewish interests for they have long been known to cause worldwide Gentile misery: their Talmud legitimizes this whether or not they are religiously Jewish.

          Sorry for the length of my reply but when I get going, I can’t stop. And a caveat: we’re all evolving in our views, and these are mine. I only care for what’s good for Whites and Europeans, and for an end to the ongoing Jewish plotting and perfidy against humanity. They need to reject Jewish supremacy and hatred of the goyim.

  • I wish we knew for certain what Trump actually thinks about the looming demographic disaster just over the horizon. The numbers have already gone negative when you look at 5 years of age and younger, will he try to reverse that somehow?

    • A bit off topic on Bannon, but the demography is the key and we are all slaves to it. We can wait for a year or so and see if Trump’s presidency slows down or, hopefully, stops the anti-white demographic trend. If not, we must look in the eyes of the truth and set our goal to build a white homeland on this continent. Divide the continent and set a white state with 90% plus white areas.

    • he will allow us a chance to ride this wave and get more power in government for race realists. its up 2 us to use it. we can deport them all eventually but yeh the next election will be tight even if he does well for all
      we need real deal governors that will turn the police into nationalist armies that will stand up to the fed gov if things go south.

  • “opposition” is waaaaaaay to nice a word. how the “enemy of america”, or “the anti-white jewish hate media.”

      • jsigur, i think you mean well but do not get caught up in names. even if a movement was called the “anti-white jewish marxist front” it would trouble me not in the least just so long as they were fighting for me, i.e., white survival, a white homeland, white self-determination. and so far, the altright, milo, etc., are hitting on more positives than negatives. an enemy of my enemy is my ally and friend. my instinct is sharp enough to know when i am being taken for a ride. but thanks for the well-intended heads-up.

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