Winning: Miami Has Fallen


“On Thursday, Florida’s Miami-Dade County became the country’s first jurisdiction to abandon its “sanctuary city” policy in response to an executive order issued this week by Donald Trump. Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez ordered county officials to comply with “detainer requests” from the Department of Homeland Security, which ask local law enforcement to jail suspects without warrant until they can be picked up by federal immigration police. …”

Do you think President Marco Rubio or some other worthless cuck could have accomplished this? I don’t think so! Look what can be done with real leadership!

  • Rick

    Or Jeb Bush?

  • Lamplighter of Mexifornia

    If this can happen in a county as notoriously friendly to illegal aliens as Miami-Dade,then it can happen here in Mexifornia.

    Know hope.

    • Frontierland

      I stand with ye

    • boob dylan

      Unfortunately, California sanctuary law is statewide. Even though most cities are not “sanctuary cities” county officials in all counties are prohibited from detaining people per ICE requests if they aren’t suspected of criminal activity. If Pedro is an illegal Guat who’s not doing anything but pulling weeds and ICE asks local authorities to hold him so they can deport him, the authorities won’t comply. Pedro has a rob someone first.

      • Lamplighter of Mexifornia

        I know. The leftist demagogues in Sacramento have a stranglehold on this state that is going to be tough to break.But I’m going to persevere in my hope,however futile it may be,that TPTB will be hammered enough by the Trump administration that they finally see the light and repent for their pro-illegal alien ways.

        • Ruby Begonia

          Ca is a waste. I am a 4th generation and could no longer take it and left the state. I now hang in Vegas and Utah. Vegas 0 tax, CA 13% = NO BRAINER!! Utah is a wonderful place to hang out…far less people and legal BS

  • VictoryOrValhalla

    The man is a glorious wrecking ball, literally smashing into the festering towers of the last few decades. Incalcable gallons of salty, salty tears shall flow.
    Hail Victory!

  • richard garyson

    I am so happy. I cannot believe this is finally happening. It is unreal.

  • Gleimhart Mantooso

    I think some of these sanctuary cities will pretend to go along in order to keep the money flowing in, but won’t truly cooperate to the extent possible.

    • Vlad le Putin

      I think you’re probably right

  • Frontierland

    I’m so happy.
    I’m already addicted to the destruction of the Anti-White Policies.

    Realizing many Pro-Whites are willing to sacrifice California, just imagine the total demoralization of the Anti-Whites when we take it back.

    When your going to fight a pack, take out the biggest one first and the rest will loose their nerve.

  • Teelar

    And it’s only the fifth working day of his presidency. Love it.

    • Yeah, he’s the worst. (I’m assuming you’re being sarcastic. If not, fuck you straight to hell.)

    • Dharma S. Rama

      God Bless Trump! Naysayers may get Doxxed, because ANON is watching.

  • Lurker

    Nothing will stand in the way of our Trumpenfuhrer!

  • Looking interesting so far

  • angrywhiteman

    It is possible that Miami complied first because they didn’t want a replay of 2009 when they almost went broke. Or did go broke. In any case, they need the money…

  • Dharma S. Rama

    GOOD! SANCTUARY CITITES are traitors! Screw em! And i live next to miami. No wonder its over populated and there is constant boring traffic.