UCONN Professor Gets Tucked On White Supremacy

I would have loved to have asked him some questions.

If we live in a “white supremacist” country, why is “racism” considered to be such a terrible moral failing? Why do we have affirmative action and disparate impact? Why do we have federal civil rights laws? Why did we elect Barack Hussein Obama as president and put up with him for eight years? Why does Martin Luther King, Jr. have his own federal holidays? Why are Confederate monuments being torn down? Why are tenured professors able to write so many anti-White books? Why is Ta-Nehisi Coates employed by The Atlantic? Why does Michael Eric Dyson have a platform in the New York Times?

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  • He didn’t explain in anyway shape or form why white’s organizing for their own interest is a bad thing. Every single ethnic group does it but when we do it, it’s considered “bad”.

  • “It only makes sense if you don’t think about it”, that just about sums up most of the left’s arguments.
    Well done Tucker and may the Farage be with you.

  • It’d be refreshing to see the US allow in immigration by white South Africans, who really *are* facing genocide.

  • Strip away the masochism and marxist double-speak and the Matthew Hewie(?) shares insights with Greg Johnson or even William Pierce. There definitely is a lot of white-arrogance at play in the post 65 immigration regime, and, as with slavery, it will come at a terrible cost to future generations. White oligarchs love driving down the cost of labor. Bourgeois whites love cheap consumer goods and yard work. They don’t want their children to grow up to work with their hands. If Hewie(?) wants to call this sorry state of affairs “white supremacy” he’s not wrong, he’s just talking about a more decadent form of it than anyone on the Alt Right can respect.

    We should welcome the left when it diagnosis the problem, just as we should suppress them when they offer the “cure.”

    I want to like Tucker, but again and again White Nationalist can answer Leftist arguments, that leave conservatives like him smirking and playing deaf.

    • yes the fox guy was not even able to address the point of the anti-white Prof. Both are right and wrong. As you stated, in the case of upper class whites they are letting us (I’m in europe, but it is the same thing here) be flooded out of economic reasons besides their anti-nationalist ideology.

  • Niggers from all over the world clamor to come to the USA a white supremacy nation. It makes no sense.

  • If this doesn’t make it clear that Whites will be hated no matter what, and that egalitarianism has failed I don’t know what will.

  • My research found that this professor MATTHEW WINDUST HUGHEY who teaches “Africana Studies” (white guilt) for a living actually resides in a city that is less than 4% black. Why is it that the leftists who teach and preach this non-sense actually practice white separatism in their own personal lives? He should practice what he preaches and teaches by relocating into a black neighborhood if he’s going to teach something like “Africana Studies”…another leftist hypocrite.

  • I wonder if Tucker was baiting this smug Anti-White out.
    To get him to willingly say, White’s aren’t the ones disproportionately represented when it comes to lobbying for Non-White Immigration, that it’s in fact, Anti-White Jewish Organizations.

  • When the professor claimed that importing tens of millions of non-whites was an act of “white supremacy”, I wish Tucker would have said “so stopping all non-white immigration into the country would be a blow to white supremacy?”

  • Tuck could have brought up how Senator Kennedy assured his colleges that Hart-Cellar Act would not change the ethnic makeup of the country.

  • from experience inside academia and out, i have discovered that professors are treated with such awe and deference among the ignorant 18-22 crowd that after years of such fawning behavior they actually come to believe they are rock stars and demi-gods. they wear that smugness in their smiles and they utter it in the condescending words to students.

    all that ends abruptly when our lordly phd leaves his ivory tower and ventures off campus. most of these people walk right off the first cliff they come to. in a word, they have no life skills beyond the campus and they are as green, stupid and foolish as children. these are those who leave i-pads in starbucks, whose birds die because they forget to feed them, who act like they know what they are doing at a downtown intersection until a bus rolls across their foot, once they leave campus someone must tie a string around them to insure they do not get lost.

    no surprise such overly-educated half-men are ill-equipped to deal with real adults in virtually any situation. it is easy to blow away an altright 18-year-old in front of a laughing, mocking class, but as clowns like the above find out when dealing with grown-ups, not such a snap when facing adults not impressed by their vocabulary.

    Drain The Universities of Marxists! Put Them to Work Digging Ditches!

  • Professor smarmy liberal says different immigrant groups that have “claimed whiteness” have gone onto be successful because they are accepted as such by the white supremacist American society hmm or maybe these immigrants are better equipped than others (just a thought)

  • I love the irony when the UCONN professor responds to Carlson’s critique of his bogus “white supremacy” theory stating, “Your point makes sense if you don’t think about it.”

  • It would be interesting to know what percentage of Republicans would take pride in the statistics Tucker cited re racial demographics, and what percentage would take horror.

    • our DUTY in these next 48 months is to smoke out all those who are happy with white genocide and deal with them.

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