Cernovich and Molyneux: Is America Headed For Civil War?

I’ve never watched any of these videos before.

My take is that Cernovich and Molyneux are underestimating the Left. They missed the real story which is that the Far Left has rejected civic nationalism. They no longer believe in the liberal consensus. That is why over 1,000 of them were outside the Deploraball throwing bottles, rocks, starting fires and attacking people. That is why the assault on Richard Spencer went viral and why so many people on the mainstream Left shared and applauded it. They don’t believe in freedom through equal rights.

Cernovich has a naïve faith in institutions like the police and the courts. It is true that Trump will repress leftwing violence, but this will prove to be only a brief reprieve. Trump will prove to be very polarizing. He is already radicalizing the Far Left. Eventually, changing racial demographics will return the Left to power in Washington. For the time being, the Trump administration will be a wet blanket on leftwing violence, but that will be due to force, not any shared cultural consensus.

From the perspective of the mainstream Left, Trumpian civic nationalism is “dark.” Yes, the idea that all citizens of the republic should be able to enjoy the same constitutional rights … is scary. Just consider the things which the Left has already abandoned: free speech, the taboo on political violence, property rights, tolerance of different points of view, the peaceful transfer of power through elections, etc.

What happens when states like Arizona, Florida, Texas and North Carolina go blue? The Alt-Lite isn’t willing to go there and contemplate what is going to happen beyond Trump. Perhaps they seriously believe Trump is going to succeed in Making America Great Again? Maybe they want to hope this epochal demographic transformation will work out in the end? It will all be fine?

The Alt-Right isn’t deceived.

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  • I am not as concerned about the four states mentioning going Blue. I don’t personally think AZ will. FL and TX are maybe’s. NC will. A firewall to that will be WI, PA, and MI, these states will continue to vote Red provided the GOP stays with Trump policies and does not return to muh conservatism. Ohio I think can be considered a light red state going forward.

  • problem is the lefties that will see serious repercussions from the crackdown will be naïve white people that think they are standing up for justice by defending the rights of the “oppressed” (blacks and jews). the BnJs will goad them on and we will lose people that in 2-5 years will see things for what they are and be on our greatest allies

  • I first became interested in ethno nationalism because people like Molyneux and Cernovich redpilled me on other issues. They acted as a stepping stone, and I think that’s a good thing. Soon that step won’t be needed (hopefully) to get normies interested but for now until there is direct line it’s something to work with.

  • I think many people who are basically on our side just don’t get numbers. It’s obvious in the abstract that at some level of migration, a democratic country must collapse as the migrants and their descendants are large enough to displace the natives and take power. But people who can’t abstract numerically are unable to conceive of America being turned in this fashion. They surround themselves with people like themselves and then conclude from direct visual observation that there is no demographic problem. Migrants exist but are one-off anecdotes in their minds.

  • The logical endpoint of unfettered Liberalism is factionalization. Liberal Republicanism as put forward by its’ proponents among the Founding Fathers explicitly hinged on a tightly bound culture. “Republic” could even be loosely translated as “Our Thing”.

    The American system isn’t an ideology meant to be universalized, and it wasn’t even actually able to be applied to different groups of British colonists without resulting in armed conflict within 2 generations of its’ implementation. The culture we had in north America by the late 18th century wasn’t tightly bound enough for liberalism to be viable without violently suppressing some factions. The idea that this form of government is realizable today is not an expression of the ideals of the American Revolution, but that of the French or Russian Revolutions.

  • The Alt Right is suffering from a lack of interest in the US. Nationalism on the other hand is flourishing globally.

    • The French, Germans, Dutch, hell even the Philippine Master race led by Duterte, they all essentially have ethnonationalism. Maybe not explicitly, but what the hell do you think Wilders is getting at when he says Muslims should be banned and expelled from the Netherlands?

      A bit harder nut to crack here in America because the Alt Right has to roll back 50 years of “proposition nation” propaganda which states America is not a White ethno state but a nation founded upon ideology like the Soviet Union was. The Alt Right even has to fight its own right wing allies on the false god of Civic nationalism, which ethno nationalists do not have to do in Europe.

    • 10 years ago, 5 years ago or even 2 years ago, what reaction would you have received in the US had you talked about Nationalism being on the rise and Nationalist rhetoric being the impetus to winning a Presidential election?

      • He’s going for mass deportations of browns and cracking down on Dindus. I’m feeling positive about his administration.

  • For a man who claims to be a slave to taking positions based on facts, reason and evidence, it’s very odd that Molyneux associates with Thernovich.

    This video destroys the cucks who espouse civic nationalism..

    • Great video. Molyneux is part Jew, did we expect him to adopt our philosophy and vision? As for
      Cernovich, he’s always been in it for the money, an obvious Jew trait.

  • Hunter Wallace keeps focusing on the left. Is the left going to start a civil war over civic nationalism? I don’t think so. The left thinks civic nationalism is fascism, but it also thinks that what we call cuckservatism (i.e. National Review conservatism) is fascism.

    We need to focus on the mainstream right, not the left. As long as explicit white identity politics is not included in the mainstream right, then that is the real problem, not the rabid anti-whiteness of the left.

    • I’m pretty sure all of these blurbs about the Alt-Lite are focusing on the mainstream Right and this one in particular is talking explicitly about the flaws of excluding white identity politics.

  • Article has a lot of truth to it. It *will* be payback time for the Right when the Left gains power again. This is the first time *ever* I’ve seen this much hatred towards us, way beyond anything I’ve ever seen. We have to think about 2020 as the Left could possibly win back the presidency then. My thoughts is that they won’t but I never say never. In the meantime, enjoy the current times. 🙂

    • What will we wish we’d done if Trump loses? It’s hard to stretch your imagination so far, but we’re taking it too easy I think – we’ve really only got one shot.

  • It’s becoming clear to this nigger that alt-right figures and their orbiters largely consist of sub-8-year-olds who have never seen the presidency switch parties.

    • You don’t want me to be less than 8 years old. That would give me 80 more years to deal with niggers like thee.

    • The opposite is true. American conservatives have not rioted. It’s the Left that riots. The burden is on you to support your baseless assertion. No riots when Bill Clinton and Obama won. You’re libelling constitutionalists.

  • In terms of school age children- Arizona, Florida, Texas and North Carolina are solidly blue and have been for years. The left knows this while the supposed right, aside from Nationalists, live in denial.

    Even Vox Day acknowledges this: .. ” even those nominally on the Right, still believe it is possible to be
    invaded by 65 million+ foreigners without the state collapsing amidst violence. And the idea that magic interracial relationships are somehow going to make this transformation possible is exceptionally stupid.”

    Exciting times to be sure.

  • Let’s make this interesting, shall we?

    I am willing to wager X number of US Federal Reserve notes (or silver dollars, your choice) that there will be no “civil war” in America from now until January 25, 2018.

    We can define “civil war” in some objective way, say, Y number of people killed in political violence, or Z number of localities placed under martial law.

    If anyone really believes this idea that “civil war is coming” – here’s a good chance to make extra cash to buy some prepper supplies.

    Anyone in?

    Full disclosure: I won all the similar wagers I made back in 2011 when half the “right” were convinced that a massive financial collapse was going to happen any day now and we’d all be roaming the streets, Zombie Apocalypse style, hunting for food. But the Piggly Wiggly stayed open, so I made a pretty penny.

    But I could be wrong this time – who wants to prove me wrong?

        • The only thing counter-productive this website has had to endure so in its infancy is your presence and your sanctimonious complaining.

          I would gladly volunteer my time to moderate and purge antagonists like you from the comment sections.

          • Your sanctimonious complaining about opposition to subversion and LARPing is telling. If my comments were nonsense, you could just ignore them.

            But you can’t because my comments are revealing the anti-white agenda you apparently defend.

            You know perfectly well that listening to hysterical “Alt Lites” like Cernovich and Molyneux does nothing but distract White people from what is important – promoting pro-Whiteness and White nationalism among normal everyday White people.

            Instead, some want to engage with anti-whites – and the most ridiculous and comical anti-whites like the antifa.

            That’s stupid, of course. Who cares what antifa thinks? We’re not trying to change the minds of antifa.

            We’re trying to change the minds of normal White people.

            You desperately want to prevent White people from doing that, for your own reasons apparently.

          • You’re not pro-White as much as you are pro-You. It becomes more evident the more comments you make. I don’t agree with a lot of things people say and do. I don’t agree with a lot of the strategies and tactics they employ. But I don’t continuously poke at them and try to pretend I’m some kind of divine being who already has everything figured out like you do. If you already had all the solutions, you’d have a large following and wouldn’t have to be here berating pro-White people every chance you get.

          • You’ve already been called out by other commenters for your manic behavior. Your presence here has NOTHING to do with working with other people, and has EVERYTHING to do with barking orders at others and berating them when they don’t bow down to your infinite wisdom and experience. You want to be seen as some sagely advisor, but have nothing at all to show for all of your big talk. You’re a nobody, trying like hell to be a somebody on an Internet message board.

            When I made the following comment/suggestion to Hunter and the admins of this website, you were the exact type of roadblock I was talking about:

            One simple suggestion I would make is to judiciously, methodically and with unquestioning and uncompromising ferocity, learn to identify the professional agitators and misanthropes and quickly deep-six their asses. Corporations and businesses don’t tolerate that kind of dissent and agitation for the sake of being able to say that they tolerate dissent and agitation. The whole ‘drama brings attention, attention brings an audience, an audience brings more exposure and possibly revenue’ approach is why many pro-White websites have done a much better job of fighting other pro-Whites than they have fighting anti-Whites. They’ll limit your growth when it comes to attracting the kind of people you need to be attracting, and they slowly destroy forums, comment sections and even entire websites if you allow them room to fester.

          • Look mate. Trump is cracking down fucking hard on the Mestizos and niggers. If the Jews keep it up in the press he’ll let the Arabs pop em hard in Israel.

            It’s all coming together.

          • That’s great, I fully support Trump cracking down on Mestizos and niggers. Of course, Trump will never allow the Arabs to “pop” Israelis, regardless of what “left” diaspora Jews in America do.

    • As long as Trump is president, there won’t be a “civil war.” He’s not going to be president forever though. The Left is going to radicalize while he is president. Sooner or later, the demographics in states like North Carolina, Florida and Texas will tip, and we will be forced to address the question of whether vigilante violence against us and state repression is tolerable.

      • Normally I would agree that the idea of a civil war is just fantasy for the most part. The mechanisms just aren’t in place for a “civil war” to happen that we would recognize. But we’re not living in normal times. There’s just no exaggeration when we say that Leftists are crazy. I mean, they’re really, really fucking batshit crazy. Not only that, they have a lot of big money donors and behind-the-scences string-pullers pushing them and giving them an outlet to organize and spread their propaganda.

        Hypothetically, they could still overload the system enough push the boundaries of acceptable behavior and somewhat normalize things that we would see as borderline anarchy. Most people wouldn’t recognize it as “civil war,” but some of us might look at it that way. Look how quickly people have forgotten about the black shooter in Dallas killing or wounding 14 or 15 cops and causing an entire city to panic. Ask those people at that moment and they’d tell you it was a war zone. It took what, one guy? One black guy? They have numbers and they certainly have the money and media support to make this happen on a large scale. Not sure that they would, but again, they’re really, really fucking batshit crazy.

      • The chance of civil war is at the change overs. When one side thinks it has lost the country forever, that is the most dangerous time. The left knows time is on its side while cucks continue to rule. But do Whites know their time is running out?

        • You are correct, a transfer of power usually sparks civil war.

          But in the case of the Civil War, it was sparked by a Supreme Court decision, Dred Scott. Since Trump may appoint as many as 4 Supreme Court justices, I can easily envision a Supreme Court decision enraging the left and leading to outright civil disobedience and violence.

          Who Trump picks to replace Scalia will be a key factor in determining whether it is the Supreme Court that sets off the left. If Trump picks Judge Pryor of Alabama, as I suspect he will to show his conservative bona fides, then we are headed for some controversial 5-4 decisions that will piss off the Left.

          Also remember that Breyer and Ginsburg are both 80 year old Jews who may kick the bucket at any moment if G-D intervenes. Then Trump gets to replace them with Republican judges. Moderate Republican and Sacramento bitch boy Anthony Kennedy is also retiring soon and will be replaced by Trump. My guess is that Trump is saving Hardiman or Gorsuch to replace Kennedy. But to replace Scalia, he needs another Scalia, and that’s Pryor.

          Here’s hoping Justice Pryor is the Justice Roger Taney of our times.

    • Congrats, you’ve now passed Gubbler’s schizo copy and paste jobs and win the award for Worst Commenter on Alt Right blogs with your incessant bitching.

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