A Giant Step Toward Civil War

The Nation has given its seal of approval to violence against the Alt-Right:

“The Nation does not support violence directed at individuals for their speech, however reprehensible that speech may be. Not everyone shares that view or interprets it in the same way, as was clear in the reaction—from left, right and center—to the video of neo-Nazi Richard Spencer getting punched in the face by a masked demonstrator. We published one article, by Natasha Lennard that reported, approvingly, on the black bloc organizing behind that incident and other actions taken at the Disrupt J20 Inauguration Day protests. We’ve since published another article, by Peter Van Buren, that condemns such tactics. Editorially, The Nation is committed to nonviolence. But it is also committed to airing differences of opinion, as well as candidly reporting on the strategies different movements choose to take at this time. …”


Suppose for a moment that Richard Spencer was to release a statement that said, “Editorially, is committed to nonviolence. But it is also committed to airing differences of opinion, as well as candidly reporting on the strategies different movements choose to take at this time.”

Is initiating violence against the Left a legitimate difference of opinion?

Ari Paul writes in The Observer:

“A viral video of a masked protester socking white supremacist and anti-Semite Richard Spencer in the jaw as he was being interviewed about protests at the presidential inauguration prompted an increasingly common question: when it is acceptable to use non-lethal violence against those who advocate ethnic cleansing?

It’s difficult for many to say out loud, but the violent attack against Spencer does not deserve condemnation. …”

I’ve been writing for years now about how the Left has been inching toward this explicit embrace of anti-White political violence. It can be seen in the rise of the racial snuff film genre: Inglourious Basterds, Machete, Django Unchained, The Hateful Eight and most recently The Birth of a Nation. It is no coincidence that I have been arguing with a Twitter character who goes by the nickname “Lt. Aldo Raine.”

Hollywood movies have been normalizing the idea that political violence is legitimate when it promotes the cause of social justice. This is why, for example, it is commonplace now to be treated to movies that glorify mass murderers like Nat Turner. What is more *woke* than the slave rioting against his master or the Jew who hunts Nazis or the Hispanic illegal alien who kills border vigilantes?

All of that is being taken out of the realm of fantasy and into the real world now. Inevitably, the consequences are going to be significantly more far reaching than identity politics and social justice. What is the argument against vanguardist violence now? If the Left treats political violence as just another difference of opinion or a strategy that some are pursuing and that translates into blood in the streets, where does this go except straight back to the battlefields of Bleeding Kansas?

It is worth recalling the story of John Brown’s raid on Harper’s Ferry in 1859. More than any other single polarizing event, John Brown’s actions destroyed the Union. It pushed the average conservative to moderate Southerner off the fence and into the radical camp in key states. The secessionist vanguard had languished for twenty years in the Deep South until abolitionist violence – and this is key, the Northern reaction and celebration of that violence – demolished trust in the federal government.

Richard Spencer getting sucker punched is a very small story, but the principle that is being established here is a big story. We’re seeing the mainstreaming of political violence on the Left. It is going to have a big impact on our community and eventually the nation at large.

Hunter Wallace
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  • Nothing wrong with “legal” ethnic cleansing. That said, it ain’t gonna happen till we remove the Jew from the power apparatus because his agenda is clear and it includes ethnic cleansing of the white race. Also, interesting that violence is being so preemptively used when those being charged in the possibility have committed none while those worrying about the possibility are routinely doing it and congratulated for it

  • A few years ago The Nation went bankrupt and was resurrected by a hard core Zionist Jew Communist. It went from well written essays meant to appeal to upper middle class leftists, to neo-Marxist, pseudo-academic, quasi-post-structuralist essays.

    Reintroduced to The Nation after the change, an acquaintance, after perusing a few articles from the latest edition, dryly inquired “am I going to get any college credits for finishing this?”

    Bon mots aside, here is a more realistic analysis of if, when, and how serious civil conflict in the USA would play out.

    The number of leftists interested in and capable of even small time interpersonal violence like sucker punching Spencer is tiny. The number of rightist in the same position is also tiny.

    The number of online LARPers on either side is far greater, although one gets a greatly exaggerated impression of their numbers when one spends an inordinate amount of time reading purple prose on “edgy” political websites, right or left.

    But as they say, if you can’t beat ’em, join em.

    So I am hereby changing my position, and calling for members of the “alt-right” to actually form a “muh streets” organization, just like the antifa, except yours will be called “Fa.” Since Antifa have long haired hippes, you must have skinheads. Since they are commies, you must be nazis. Since they are environmentalists, you must be pro-pollution (er, wait.) They dress like slobs, you must dress in Hugo Boss uniforms (armbands optional.) Since they show up, chant slogans and hold up signs, you must show up, chant slogans, and hold up signs.

    Since they sucker punch you, you must sucker punch them.

    The universe must balance.

    Now sure, the media will make them look like the good guys, and make you look like the bad guys, but it doesn’t matter. At least you are getting out of the house, doing something, and getting some fresh air. What else you gonna do, post about it online?

    Stop just gabbing on about it and DO SOMETHING!!

    • I’m not following you.

      These people already engage in doxxing, harassment, violently shutting down conferences, getting people fired from their jobs, etc. Now, they are edging into explicitly normalizing assault and some are even calling for murder, but you don’t seem to be taking the threat seriously.

      It is a big deal when The New York Times is debating questions like: Is It Okay To Punch a Nazi? It doesn’t get more “mainstream” than that on the Left. That is signaling that violence is now a legitimate topic of debate. It is one thing when fringe sites like One People’s Project are winking at violence. It is another thing altogether when the mainstream Left is embracing it up to and including people who worked for the Obama administration.

      • What I’m suggesting is that none of this is new, it’s just a bit more visible now because of Trump. Let’s stop pretending that the left is “just now” normalizing violence. Let’s instead put it in context – they have been advocating violence forever.

        The article going around that I linked the other days shows that Obama actually pardoned a group of terrorists. It’s not new. For the entire Obama administration we had people like Glenn Beck talking about Bill Ayers and the left’s open embrace of “former” terrorists.

        So it’s not new. Let’s not make the mistake of taking it out of context – let’s put it in context.

        Perhaps more importantly, let’s not allow ourselves to get sidetracked by their narrative. Their narrative is “punching Nazis.” But we know that Spencer isn’t a “Nazi” and according to these people, Trump = Hitler, everybody is Hitler. “Hitler” says more about them than it does about Spencer, or anyone pro-white.

        It’s not a step toward “civil war” at all. It’s nothing more than a failing legacy media property, the New York Times, squandering their reputation and position in the media with click-bait meant to appeal to the most absurd of the Social Justice Warriors.

        Remember, Trump is going to prosecute nearly 300 rioters. They are facing ten years in federal prison. That is a BIG deal. That will put a crimp in the “it’s ok to punch a ‘nazi'” nonsense.

        Saying this is a start of “civil war” is giving them far, far too much credit. They are a joke; laughable. The guy who sucker punched Spencer is some sort of mentally ill sex pervert. Antifa violence doesn’t ever reach the level of a summer weekend in Chicago.

        The New York Times publishing this tripe is NOT a sign of a coming civil war. It’s a sign of the New York Times moving from mainstream to out of the mainstream.

        That’s a good thing – it means we’re winning.

  • Editorially, The Puppetmaster is committed to nonviolence. But it is also committed to airing differences of opinion, as well as candidly reporting on the strategies Dylann Roof choose to take at this time. …

  • One man’s ethnic cleansing is another man’s right to freedom of association. It isn’t that we (whites) want to round up nonwhites at gunpoint and march them across some border. It is that we want to be able to associate with our own kind. Our governments will not allow us to do that, currently.

    I am not in favor of calling for white ethnostates now. It is true that the left thinks that anyone to the right of center is a “facist,” but what the left thinks doesn’t matter as much as what mainstreamers just to the left of the alt-right think.

  • as dire as it might seem, don’t forget: the system, aka the jewish power grid, just received the beating of its life. they are now a wounded, cornered animal and they know it is only a matter of time. they are in a death spiral. and in that death spiral all wounded, cornered beasts are extremely dangerous and will fight to the death. we must protect ourselves, of course, but for the most part, all we need do is simply maintain pressure and allow this wounded beast to merely bleed out….as it will.

    as a student of the american civil war, 1861-1865, i agree that the divisions dividing the US now are deeper and wider than they were in 1861 when the first civil war began. if it does come to that, i.e., Civil War 2, our side is in far better shape than the other side. WE will have the government on our side, we have the greater numbers who are heavily armed and very capable of not only defensive but offensive operations. we are also quickly gaining control over communications. but by far the best thing going for our side is that we stand on the moral high ground. we are in a fight for our very survival. we all know this; the world know this. the other side is a loathsome collection of jews, minorities, mental and spiritual cripples, loud lesbians and whiny feminists, and other assorted misfits, all held together by their anti-white, anti-male hatred.

    postscript: if we white males cannot defeat this motley menagerie then we indeed need to perish from the face of the earth as quickly as possible.

    • This episode was 60 minutes of Thernobitch marketing his “brand”, and 13 seconds of discussion on possible Civil War 2.

      Borderline click-bait inaccurate title Molyneux. Don’t blow your credibility with stuff like this.

  • Why is anyone surprised that the left is violent? The left has always been violent. We need to stop bullshitting about “freedom of speech.” I don’t believe in freedom of speech for leftists, commies, kikes, or any of our enemies. I believe in silencing them.

  • If political violence is normalized, the Left won’t survive it.

    Leftoids, progs, and antifa will not survive the coming civil war.

    So, I’m hoping they bring it on.

    • well now that they have shown and not only spoke about it, we have the right to talk about what we might have to do 2 defend ourselves. things are obviously going to get physical and we have a right to protect our people as well

  • It is amazing seeing the left OPENLY accept this violence against Richard Spencer. I wonder if America is going to degrade into a 1960ish riot in the streets nightmare? Speaking of that, I remember reading Rockwell’s essay from that period titled “Nightmare”. Things can get really bad. I hope all my brothers are aware and able to protect their families if chaos descend son the fracturing U.S.A.
    Matt Parrott of TradYouth put up an essay yesterday concerning Balkanization that was worth reading. And of course, my piece on it from last November is still readable on my blog at

  • I knew this was coming. What can I say that I haven’t said a dozen times in recent days?

    Be prepared to take a hit, but more importantly, be prepared to HIT BACK.

  • I dont understand why you are not suing every single newspaper for this spencer…. its free money. They passed the journalistic rubicon and are literally calling for violence against you. Sue them into bankruptcy

    • I hope you are keeping a record of the people and publications making threats. It will come in handy if you decide to sue, or have those making the threats prosecuted.

      If something does happen to Richard or his property, or to another like Brad, the police will have a list of suspects.

    • Not sure that would really accomplish much. All of these media outlets have a lot of money for lawyers (as well as libel insurance most likely). It would provide them with a “The AltRight wants to silence free speech!” talking point. And really, this type of stuff works to our advantage in many cases. They are scared now and lashing out, not thinking rationally. “Never interfere with your enemy when he is making a mistake.”

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