A Deplorable at the “Deploraball”

Whether you are Alt-Right, Alt-Light, or even if you don’t identify as right-wing at all, you’ve no doubt heard about the infamous Deploraball, or “Cuck Prom” as it’s come to be called in certain circles.

The event was organized by the pro-Trump citizen grassroots movement, MAGA3X, to “celebrate and honor the passionate citizens who worked social media, knocked on doors, and endured harassment to support” Donald Trump in 2016.

Had so much infighting not broken out amongst the event’s organizers and headliners, the Deploraball might’ve come and gone without causing so much as a ripple in the news stream. Instead, the ensuing drama created waves so large that the event captured the attention of the mainstream media, who (quite strategically) leapt at the chance to report on the fact that the pro-Trump social media network had descended into civil war and was teetering on the verge of collapse. Fortunately, such a collapse did not transpire. Perhaps this was because between the origin of the infighting and the Deploraball, the Left provided us with plenty of causes to unite over. One such cause was when Project Veritas, an investigative non-profit organization founded by journalist James O’Keefe, exposed a group of left-wing activists from the “D.C. Anti-Fascist Coalition,” who were allegedly planning to crash the Deploraball with butyric acid bombs (commonly known as “stink bombs”), as well as to disrupt the parade at the Presidential Inauguration.

The Deploraball did, in fact, take place on the evening of January 19th at the National Press Club. The Leftist protest, which snaked all the way down the block near the main entrance, was stitched together by a barrage of low-energy chants—the lowest-energy chant of them all being “fascist bow ties.” Surprisingly enough, though, in a rare bout of self-awareness, the protestors seemed to catch to the uselessness of their rhetoric and soon resorted to hurling batteries. Batteries aren’t the most cost-effective ammunition, but then most George Soros-funded protests . . . ahem, I mean, most Leftist protests don’t seem to lack funding.

Like the low-energy chanting, the battery hurling was also short-lived. I assume that the protestors must have come to terms with the fruitlessness of it all, for their dissention did not last through the four-hour event. By the time the Deploraball’s final curtain closed, the street outside the National Press Club was as vacant as a Hillary Clinton rally, without even the echos of triggered screeching to remind us that “The Resistance” had once attempted to take a stand there.

In contrast to the doom and gloom that dominated the exterior of the event, the interior was rife with celebratory music, victory speeches and a nearly tangible excitement for President Donald Trump’s Inauguration the following morning. As promised, the event was also relatively star-studded. Special appearances by some of the most influential Trump supporters were made, including Sheriff Joe Clarke, Peter Thiel, Michael Flynn Jr. and James O’Keefe. Rumor had it that even Ricky Vaughn himself was anonymously in attendance . . .

Arguably though, the desire to meet stars was not the driving force behind the sizable turnout. On the contrary, from what I observed, the vast majority of Deploraball attendees were unknowns who were responsible for playing a small yet positive role on social media, either publicly or anonymously, during the election cycle, and who had purchased tickets to the event for the purpose of meeting one other. These men and women viewed the Deploraball as a rare opportunity to put faces to the allies with whom they had spent so many months in the virtual trenches, shit-posting and trolling as part of a seemingly impossible campaign to meme a man into the White House.

With that said, one can understand why the Deploraball was not an event to be missed. Despite the drama, the infighting, the negative press and the incessant threats of disruption, sabotage and violence, the only noteworthy damper on the evening was the fact that so many familiar faces were missing—fellow MAGA soldiers, both prominent and lesser known, who had practically bled themselves dry for the movement, but who, through one reason or another, were unable to attend.

As a whole, the Deploraball was an ideal primer for the Presidential Inauguration, which felt just as much like an end as it did a beginning. President Donald Trump’s inaugural address symbolized the end of the Left’s uncontested reign of power and the beginning of the Right’s ability to fight effectively—to play our cards in a way that would result in the revitalization of our ability to influence politics, society and culture. While we are still in the fledgling stage of our governance, if the results of the Presidential Election have assured us of one thing, it’s that when united, we cannot lose.

  • Yehudah Finkelstein

    “With that said, one can understand why the Deploraball was not an event to be missed.”

    Disagree. Who wants to be around the fag Bill Mitchell, who said going to gay bars was the most American thing one can do on the night of the Orlando Massacre.

    Who wants to be around the huckster and confidence schemer Mike Cernovich?

    Who wants to be around Gavin McInnes, who sticks dildos up his ass and christened his movement Proud Boys, which sounds like an excursion of Bear and Cub homos.

    Who wants to around Lauren Southern, whose new book originates the clever argument of blaming all of society’s ills on Boomers and Muslims.

    I suspect Deploraball and those attending are very similar to those who attended Neocon Inauguration balls in 2004.

  • boob dylan

    Is “cool story, bro” still a thing?

  • Laguna Beach Fogey

    The reason the event was marred by infighting is because it was organized and emceed by an utter shit. A sick tree bears rotten fruit.

    I like James O’Keefe’s work, but I had to smile a bit when I saw him with his “hover-hand” around some chick at the party (the author of this piece, I think).

    I’m glad I didn’t go.

    • Vin 🇺🇸

      Anything Cernovich gets involved in turns to shit. Now he has Spencer dancing like a pet monkey for him. So disappointing. While not always agreeing with him I’ve respected Richard’s integrity and guts. Toxic Cernovich will destroy RS

      • Yehudah Finkelstein

        “Now he has Spencer dancing like a pet monkey for him. So disappointing”

        Don’t see where this has happened. Spencer solicited Deploraball attendees to do a writeup about the event. This girl submitted one. Spencer can be a man and still cover events like this that are put on by his enemies.

        I happen to think the article is dumb, which is why I’m shitting all over it in this comments section. But that doesn’t mean Spencer shouldn’t have had someone do a writeup of what happened.

        • Vin 🇺🇸

          No not talking about that. Some boxing/mma match toxic Cernovic has goaded Spencer into participating in. On Twitter

          • Yehudah Finkelstein

            Yeah, I saw that. The liberal tech nerd Jason didn’t agree to a debate in conjunction with the boxing match, so its not going to happen. It would have been funny anyways, Spencer wasn’t going to take on some badass, but some venture capitalist Silicon Valley bitch.

          • Vin 🇺🇸

            Thanks. I walked away from it when Spencer agreed. If it involves Cernovich, steer clear

          • Yehudah Finkelstein

            Yeah the Venture Capital Fag Jason said, I don’t need to do a debate, just use my fists. I haven’t seen anything else since then, so I’m guessing its not happening.

      • Laguna Beach Fogey

        Agreed. Absolutely ridiculous. I think Greg Johnson is also behind this. Cernovich and Johnson want to embarrass RS and drive him away, each for his own reasons. It’s a really shitty thing to do.

        • Christian

          Laguna give it up. You are troll no one believes your drivel.

    • White Prowler

      They need to learn game.

    • Christian

      So the narrative is once again bitch about others and never show up. “I’m glad I didn’t go”. You never had any intention of going. Be honest.

    • Christian

      Fraud. No one entertains your bull shit on this site,

    • Joseph Curwen
  • E.I.Cronin

    Inspiring piece! Thanks Brittany. All I saw was footage of Gavin and mates swinging punches at some screamers who got past the security line. Glad the rest of the night was a success.

    • Murikanner

      Rumor has it Gavin hit someone with a dirty butt plug.

      • E.I.Cronin

        Can you do Brittany, Spence, the Alt-Right and me a big favour and delete this disgusting post? Elevate your tone – we’ve got a serious movement to launch.

        • Yehudah Finkelstein

          Sorry, Gavin actually likes dirty butt plugs, he’s a Proud Boy after all!

          But hey, Nazis and White Nationalists are more disgusting than butt dildos!

          • Murikanner

            This is evidence … Truth to Virtue.

          • E.I.Cronin

            Trash to Class actually.:)

          • Yehudah Finkelstein

            This is an article defending the Deploraball. You mentioned McInnes, who is a degenerate who shoves dildos up his ass. If you can’t handle it, there’s always NRO or Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire.

          • Murikanner

            Noted.- I speak trash to class. See you around faggot.

          • White Prowler

            1488 :–)

        • MagnaEuropa

          Can’t handle the bantz.

          • Yehudah Finkelstein

            Maybe he can go chillax and watch Ramz Paul videos.

          • E.I.Cronin

            Hey if you think lo-rent snark and scat are a great way of welcoming newcomers and the curious into WN and AR forums knock yourself out. The editors and writers of this site seems dedicated to professionalism and an equally vigorous and civilised BTL debate instead of ‘bantz’ will help bring people in and keep them here.

          • Murikanner

            Because that sanctimonious Gatestone approach has proven so damned successful. Try to find your sense of humor. Man, if you had seen the video or screen caps you would have gotten it.

          • E.I.Cronin

            Point. I don’t follow McInnes so am not in on the joke. If he did actually slap antifa goons with a used bp am first to cheer 🙂 still, I don’t get all the animosity to Cernovich/Jpwatson/Gavin etc while I never tune in often they seem to be doing well financially and have large followings. There’s a trickle down effect which helps us grow. If it wasnt for Molyneux I would have no idea the AR or WN exists.

          • Murikanner

            All Good. Molyneux is his own man. An open minded Libertarian AnCap. And I enjoy periodically listening to him. See you around Anglo.

          • Rutger3

            I think Vox Day has the best aproach to the Alt Lite.

          • E.I.Cronin

            Thanks, I visit Vdare, Amren and now here but have never read Vox Day, will have a look.

          • Rutger3

            The mind of Vox Day is my favourite of the ones ive come across alive today. I think he comes best to his own in interviews or copodcasts as the one he did with Red Ice and the ones he does with Stephan Molyneux.

            He is also an exceedingly accomplished person. Having designed successful computergames (maybe only on the businessside, im unsure). Written well selling sci-fi books. Having fought back against the social justice warriors domination of sci-fis institutions with his sad puppies lobbygroup that wrested the Hugo awards from them. He also made really interesting economic arguments against free trade. And successfully debated an economist on it. Etcetera. He is in the alt right by choice. And he fights effectively rather than virtue signal or purity spiral. Oh, and he formulated the three rules of SJWs, SJWs always lie, SJWs always double down, SJWs always project. In his must read book “Social Justice Warriors always lie”.

            Also, he claims to be something like thirt white, third hispanic and third american indian. And is a white nationalist, of sorts.

            Here is one of the Red Ice interviews:

            And here are just some ok articles i read from his website.

            Vox making one analysis of Trump-tactic.

            Vox being sardonic and a bit harsh about one of the effects of hailgate:

            Vox exposing the cuckservative strategy as hopelsessly flawed:

            Vox on the necessity for white people to fight:

          • E.I.Cronin

            This is great.Thanks very much. Have to say its really inspiring for a white nationalist of my generation seeing so many young, articulate, dedicated men and women turning the tide on progressive orthodoxy. Some great talent coming through. Red Ice recently interviewed Bre Facheaux and was very impressed. Ha! The 3 SJW rules are dead right.

          • boob dylan

            Nigger please, half the articles on this site are name-dropping 8th grade gossip globs, including the one we’re commenting on now. When or if this side becomes mostly about ideas and less of a telenovela, we can expect more thoughtful commentary. Until then I for one will continue with my low-rent niggering as I see fit. Harrumph!

          • E.I.Cronin

            Heh. ‘Telenovela’ deserves an uptick. I reckon theyre off to a good start… give 6 months and it could be an ethnonationalist version of Breitbart!

  • Zazz

    The AR is here to stay, but nationalism is it’s father. The AR’s voice is still cracking and it’s facial hair can be shaved with a cat tongue.

  • Ivana Haffun

    Wish I could have been there. Glad you were, though.

  • Zeta

    Mike “Blue pills” Cernobitch

    • Zazz

      funny, I think even Mike would laugh at that.

  • Rascal

    Good article. While I am not pleased with some of the main actors, I am still glad it went well.

  • D. Lyrium

    “Cuck Prom”

  • Imminent Chimp

    Yeah, it’s us…we’re the Deplorables. No more safe spaces SJWs, we’re here to tell it like it is so tough shi—IS THAT A PEPE??? REEEEE

  • JPS

    You’re a beautiful gal Brittany, but I’d be wary of these political types.

    – Envious Trad man. 🙂

  • Darrick Evenson

    Stalin killed tens of millions in the name of Anti-Fascism; the vast great majority of his victims were not Fascists. Let us hope that the Useful Idiot Libtard SJWs never take power. If they do, its all over for everyone.

  • Dr. Ben

    “…but who, through one reason or another, were unable to attend.” – is a generous way of saying they spoke about race so Thirnovich wouldn’t play with them. I hope Spencer doesn’t start embracing these children.

  • Captain John Charity Spring MA
  • Pareto

    Deploraball was hosted by a Homosexual-Marxist advocacy group called “Gays4Trump” – why no mention of this in the article?

  • Christian

    Laguana Beach Fogey is utter shit. He is simply a troll who has never attended an alt-right event. The time has come when constructive ideas are welcomed . The time has also arrived that trolls are simply given the FU. The alt-right has zero time and patience for these trolls.

  • Rutger3

    Thank you for a well written report of this event. Good observation about the unifying power of the left 🙂

  • TK

    Cernovich is poison.