White Student Savagely Beaten By Black Thug In Murfreesboro, TN

Apparently, this happened a year ago in Murfreesboro, TN, and we are just now hearing about it because the father has released the video. He wants the public to know what happened to his son:

“MURFREESBORO, Tenn. – The father of a high school student who was beaten after getting off the school bus in Murfreesboro has released a video of the attack in hopes of tougher sentence for the attacker.

The attack was sudden, brutal and caught on camera. The teen involved was badly beaten. …

He said he released the video evidence because he wanted the public to see exactly what happened to his son, and he wanted the punishment to fit the crime. …”

If it was a White kid being savagely beaten a black kid, taking his belt off, and whipping him with it, do you think we would have heard about? Would it qualify as a story about race in America?

My friend Jim Giles has told me we need to stop complaining about the Fake News media and how it selects facts to fit the Narrative. The media is going to lie. That’s what it does. It presents a distorted picture of race-related criminal violence. Instead of complaining about it, we need to become the media. Honestly, the Alt-Right needs to staff a full-time employee who will do nothing but document these attacks.

Note: We also need to staff a full-time social media manager (where is Ricky Vaughn?) who will do nothing but build the networks we need on social media to virally spread our message.

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Tammy Easley
I am so disappoint in the lawmakers and District Attorney of Murfreesboro TN. This thug Mickeal Ladd deserves to be charged as an adult and with attempted murder. I am so tired of these violent individuals getting a slap on their hand and then you wonder why so many people are having to purchase guns for their own protection since the law doesn’t protect us anymore. If we don’t get tough on these type of crimes now what is going to become of our youth. This thug didn’t care he was being video taped or that others saw him beat… Read more »
Celestial Time

I’m a short drive away and I never heard about this.

barrowsron .

Daily employee? The daily content is already there. Colin Flaherty is the obvious choice exposing this. But I say we get more subversive and promote Tommy Sotomayor instead as it’s much harder for media criticize a black guy calling out his own. He is more dangerous to the narrative. He’s puts out new videos everyday ripping into black criminals, taking local news stories that are buried by national media. Additionally, he is funnier than Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle combined. This one just came out this morning:

Jack Burton

You’re confused. Colin Flaherty hates pro-whites like you and the Alt Right. He says pro-whites like you are no better than BLM terrorists.

I have no problem with Negroes killing each other. I consider it post-birth abortions that lower crime and miscegenation.


So, what is the end of the story here? Has the Black thug been convicted on the hate crime? Is he serving a long sentence?

The Real McGoy

I’m not sure I can watch this video.

rick rage

i won’t watch it. but i would enjoy giving this nigger a little pay back.

BTW–before starts staff searching for ‘social media manager’ and what not, better find some volunteer editors first; nothing kills a story quicker than pot holes like this:

“If it was a White kid being savagely beaten a black kid, taking his belt off, and whipping him with it, do you think we would have heard about?”


Buy your son a nice handgun dad.


doesn’t work like that. if he shot him even after a stomp if would be 50/50 he serves enough time in jail to ruin his health. at least in NJ he would. guns don’t win wars anyway. dangerous people do