Vox Day’s Absurd Counter-Signaling

It is getting really tiresome:

“It’s all but a dead letter now, but this little photo montage from Twitter should suffice to demonstrate why the American Alt-White’s Master Plan to embrace a long-defunct German political ideology was, in a word, retarded.

Is it fair? Not particularly. So what? It’s funny and effective. It is excellent rhetoric. It’s the first time the Left has outmemed the Right in ages, and all because some amateurs thought they were playing underwater 5D chess. Sometimes, what looks stupid is just stupid. …”

Dude, stop.

1.) Someone was actually shot at MILO’s event in Seattle. These same people have shut down countless MILO events on college campuses. They attacked Martin Shkreli with flying dog feces. The antifa even attacked the SPLC Hatewatch reporter in Seattle.

2.) Lauren Southern was accosted outside the Deploraball and had to dodge flying rotten eggs.

3.) Over a 1,000 antifa protesters tried to shut down the Deploraball in Washington, DC. There was even a plot to disrupt the Deploraball with butyric acid bombs.

4.) Gavin McInnes got into a fight with antifa at the Deploraball.

5.) Multiple people were assaulted outside the Deploraball including one young man who had his head busted wide open.

6.) Frank Luntz was attacked at the DC Marriott for fascism.

7.) The antifa tried to beat up Tomi Lahren in Washington, DC.

8.) Countless ordinary Trump supporters and people on their way to work were attacked by antifa in DC.

9.) The antifa attacked Starbucks, McDonalds, Bank of America and even trash cans.

10.) The very same antifa who protested the NPI Conference held a Queer Dance Party on Mike Pence’s lawn.

11.) The antifa have been attacking us for decades now. They even attacked my wife at a picnic in St. Louis when she was 15-years-old.

12.) The antifa were distributing stickers outside the Deploraball which said “NO! Stop Trump/Pence #NoFascistUSA.” In their view, President Donald Trump is a fascist, and everyone who supports him is a racist which justifies the use of violence against them.

Everyone to the Right of Lenin is a “fascist” to antifa including Frank Luntz. It’s not Richard Spencer’s fault that The New York Times didn’t run Vox Day’s answers to their questions about the Alt-Right. I’m interviewed all the time by the media and they often don’t run my answers to their questions either.

The Left is currently in a bloodthirsty mood because Trump won the election. As Richard has said, there has been a change in their behavior. They have been psychologically wounded by Trump’s victory. Many of us have been doing this for years now including hosting conferences in DC, but we have never seen anything like the amount of leftwing violence we have seen over the past week.

If you don’t want to be a Nazi, then fine. Don’t be one. I’m not a Nazi either. The same Neo-Nazis have been around for years now, but they aren’t responsible for what we are seeing. What this is really about is that antifa are psychologically experiencing a sense of loss of power and are violently lashing out in rage.

Note: If either Vox Day or Cernovich had wanted to find a fight in Washington, DC, they could have easily found one. This is all about President Trump, not Richard Spencer.

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  • Richard Spencer’s biggest problem is his ego. He thinks he can dance with the vile LibMedia snakes and get the best of them. So far, the results are not in his favor. He has just ended up looking silly. He got attention, but it was through the LibMedia’s filter, giving the optic that put him in the worst possible light. Even he realizes this now. The way you win is by going around the LibMedia, developing your own channels.

  • Someone should be around to video any and all interviews with media for two reasons:
    1) the media will cut and paste to completely change the interview- ie take the worst 12 second sound bite seconds of a 20 minute interview.
    2) to keep the interview from disappearing down the memory hole and use from our own propaganda purposes.
    Of course, this is all common sense but I mention because it’s not always observed. I’m always happy to do the filming when around. Also, a cameraman can function as backup security. He just might not be able to react as quickly as someone else who’s not focused on filming.

  • These guys are just cowards, afraid to takes sides on the race issue. They have to know where all this is heading. Either that or they’ve been asleep the last eight years.

    • Yep. In 2009, a person could reasonably have assumed that racial harmony was possible if not likely.

      Today, that is simply no longer the case. One needn’t even be “woke” on the JQ or biological racial differences to understand that the grand experiment in multiracial liberal democracy has been an abject failure.

  • The thing about Vox is that he knows how to answer a question by giving elaborate word salads. He also knows how to word salad a position and then support the opposite position using yet another word salad.

    He has a very high verbal IQ, but when breaking his statements down to simplicity, you see him back and forth on the same position. That kind of strategy vexes me to no end.

  • A few Roman salutes and in the harsh media crackdown, the cucked cowards retreat. Shameful. The proper response would have been to laugh it off.
    You cannot be explicitly pro white without getting labelled a Nazi racist hater. This is why it is essential to continue to un-demonize the era of the NSDAP. We must chip away at the lies until the edifice crumbles so we can freely express admiration for who we are.

    The original classical ‘fascist’ era was not all wrong, they wanted white Europeans to be strong and had to face off against the same forces we have to deal with today. To uncritically dismiss the ideas of our people of that time is the same thing as agreeing with our enemies of today, to do as we are told and be a good goy. Vox needs to wise up

  • I think that Vox has a big problem with convincing himself that he is white.

    I dont think he can do it. Now Vox is an extremely accomplished man (for a fantasy writer) and he is a model of self-mastery, but he, it seems to me, is driven, not by that spiritual spark towards the infinity that is so characteristic of whites, but by convincing himself that he is apart of that tradition.

    I read a comment he wrote on his website where he was talking about mien kampf. He said that the psuedo-science in the book disqualifies it as an important document, among other things.

    The only I can remember that would qualify as pseudo-science is Hitlers qualification as to what is means to be white.

    This is why you dont race-mix: you’re children will have all these weird (unnatural) emotional problems. The human brain is imperfect when dealing with reality, however, no human should have to suffer an uncertain foundation of what their identity is.

    • Millennial Woes points out that race-mixing results in lost children who have a void where an identity should have gone. They try to fill the void with sexual hedonism, drugs, alcohol and radical politics, only to discover that these substitutes don’t work.

      Enough of these lost children have become public figures in recent years that we can see their dysfunctions writ large. One of them moved out of the White House last week.

      • On the other end of the spectrum, you have those who try to use intellectualism to fill that void, ie thinking they can think their way out of that void.

  • Vox says that Hunter misses the point and that the communication gap strikes again (i.e. Vox has a super high IQ and everybody who misunderstands him is atleast 20 IQ points below him, and thus they are not smart enough to understand his arguments)

    It’s such egoistic bullshit when he says this and it is obvious that Vox is missing the point.

    Vox says the Alt-Right is dead because its following a “long-defunct german ideology” and that is why Spencer got attacked. Whilst Hunter’s point is that everybody on the right got attacked – alt-lite and alt-right – as evidenced with the list of examples in the article.

    In other words, Hunter undermines Vox’s point. It is not the problem of the defunct german ideology, but rather the recent hyper-aggressive behavior of the Left

    Vox needs to sharpen his philosophy

    • I put Vox’s IQ at about 120. He is smart and motivated, but he isn’t that smart. IQ isn’t everything, but it has its parameters.

  • You’re talking about a guy who started his own press to publish his Lord of the Rings fan fiction. From Castaliahouse website:

    In Selenoth, the war drums are beating throughout the land. The savage orcs of Hagahorn and Zoth Ommog are on the move, imperiling Man, Dwarf, and Elf alike.

    Nigger please.

  • Voxday is a very smart man, unfortunately, he lets his ego supercede his intelligence. This combination is a tremendous weakness. His situation is very unfortunate.

    • In the immortal words of Charles Barkley, you can be smart but still be a dumbass at the same time.

    • He will eventually isolate himself because he always has to be right. His egotism will alienate every one of his followers besides the masochists.

  • What VoxDay is counter-signaling is stupidity and clownery. He’s not “punching right.”

    “In their view, President Donald Trump is a fascist, and everyone who supports him is a racist”

    Yeah, and? Ronald Reagan was Hitler. George H. W. Bush was Hitler. Sarah Palin was Hitler. Even Obama was Hitler according to the conservatives. Clinton was “Hitlery.”

    “We don’t need to dance for the media to win. We don’t need to play-act or engage in theatrics.”

    Who could possibly disagree? Are we suggesting that we SHOULD dance for the media? Are we suggesting that we SHOULD play-act and engage in theatrics?

    • “We don’t need to dance for the media to win. We don’t need to play-act or engage in theatrics.”

      Yes, I’m so sure Trump receiving BILLIONS in free media coverage really hurt his cause.

      Vox, Cernovich and other Alt Lite personalities are just jealous Spencer has zoomed past them and gets free media coverage because Spencer makes better copy. I mean, who would you rather interview, Richard Spencer or some Gamergate video game dork?

      • When you and your fellow travelers have a billion dollars and 30 years of celebrity behind you, you too can play the media like Trump does.

        So far, Richard Spencer is doing great. It’s the hangers-on that I’m worried about. Every time Spencer does something great – the NPI conference, the Texas A&M speech, the Radix site – here come the clowns ready to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

        If Vox is jealous of Spencer – then why is Spencer’s site writing about Vox? Why not just ignore him?

        • NPI? Net positive. Got CNN to run a banner “ARE JEWS PEOPLE?” CNN later APOLOGIZED for that themselves!

          Texas A&M? I think you’re sperging out about Azzmador but no one really heard about that and no one knows about Spencer speaking in College Station, don’t know where you’re going with this…

          Radix? What was the problem with Radix? Also don’t see your point here…

          Why is Spencer writing about Vox? First off Hunter wrote this, not Spencer. Second, did you not learn from Trump that you hit back at your enemies with full force verbal and rhetorical assaults when attacked?!?! Vox is some gamer dork who hit his peak bitching out on low hanging SJW feminist fruit who attacked him and his fellow video game nerds. Now, the going gets tough and Vox is worried he may have to fight actual leftists in the streets rather than dealing with fat Type II Diabetes feminazis.

          • Yep – NPI was a net positive – so was Texas A&M. Thanks to Spencer (and the other speakers) – and no one else.

            “did you not learn from Trump…”

            Well I am not pretending that the same rules apply to me that apply to Trump. Trump can get away with things that mere mortals cannot.

            Who cares about Vox anyway? He’s not even a White Nationalist. Apparently, Vox is writing about Spencer, but Spencer isn’t writing about Vox.

            “he may have to fight actual leftists in the streets”

            Oh god not this shit again. Can’t you people do anything but talk tough online and debase yourselves to the levels of Antifa and Dindus?

            FFS, act like a White Man for once.

          • The rhetorical notion of counterpunching, letting your enemies exhaust themselves, then hitting back and KOing them does not only apply to Trump.

            You’re the one defending Vox’s screed where he hilariously claimed he could fight back after a Sucker punch because he read military self defense manuals. The dude is a fucking joke who reached his peak with a dead gamer nerd movement.

            White men don’t bitch out and attack every Alt Right writer, as you do constantly. And yes, the left is endorsing violence, so people need to be prepared.

          • I read the Vox Day article linked here, he said nothing about military and self-defense manuals in that post. Maybe somewhere else, but not in the post linked here.

            “White men don’t bitch out and attack every Alt Right writer”

            Oh, this from the faction that spent the last two years attacking Richard Spencer, Paul Ramsey, Colin Liddell, Jared Taylor, Peter Brimelow, Vox Day, F. Roger Devlin, and everyone else?

            I haven’t “bitched out and attacked” a single alt-right writer, not a one. I have only ever complained about clowns – virtually all of whom rejected the term “alt right” until just a few months ago.

            That’s why I keep my profile public, because I stand by my words, unlike cowards who set theirs to private.

          • Vox made his “I can defend myself from a suckerpunch because I read military self defense manuals” statement in the comments section. Go see for yourself, if he hasn’t deleted his own hysterical comment like Cernovich does all the time. I work, so I couldn’t screenshot it.

            “Oh, this from the faction that spent the last two years attacking Richard Spencer, Paul Ramsey, Colin Liddell, Jared Taylor, Peter Brimelow, Vox Day, F. Roger Devlin, and everyone else?”

            What faction and what the fuck are you talking about? Jared Taylor and Peter Brimelow aren’t Alt Right anyways. Great writers, but not Alt Right. They also don’t turn their fire on people like Spencer, unlike your fellow Gamer dork Vox Day. Vox Day is now punching to his right and thus he is deserving all the incoming fire he’s receiving. Ramz Paul is a virtue signalling faggot who cries every time the Alt Right are called Nazis. He’s “disavowed” the Alt Right and White Nationalism and now shows up in Cernovich’s Twitter feed. Must be worried about making money off his shitty Youtube videos.

            My profile is kept private for a good reason, it enables me to troll the shit out of leftist blogs and pose as a Kike. I even got the attention of the NY Times, because contrary to your opinion, getting free coverage from the old media dinosaurs is a good thing.

          • “What faction and what the fuck are you talking about?”

            Oh, you know the ones, at your favorite websites, that said that that NPI was run by a shadowy homosexual mafia, that the Phalanx was a financial pyramid scheme and was involved in homosexual orgies, and that Spencer’s wife isn’t white? I think you know exactly what faction. The handful of sites that Vox’s article was clearly directed toward.

            Hilarious that certain types always whine about infighting and “D&C” when that’s what they have spent the last two years going.

            “your fellow Gamer dork”

            I don’t play video games, son.

            You are also lying through your teeth about Ramsey, but that is to be expected from virtue signalers afraid to stand by their own words.

            Act like a White man for once. Stand by your words. Stop attacking men far better than yourself.

          • “Oh, you know the ones, at your favorite websites”

            This isn’t basic bitch implicit nationalism here, so you can at least be explicit with what you’re saying. What websites? I suspect you mean Anglin and the Daily Stormer, which I do read sometimes. Interesting that Spencer himself hasn’t attacked Anglin. Anglin serves his purpose, Spencer serves another purpose.

            “I don’t play video games, son.”

            Then why the fuck are you defending Vox like a little puppy?

            “You are also lying through your teeth about Ramsey, but that is to be expected from virtue signalers afraid to stand by their own words.”

            Not lying, Ramz has cucked out numerous times about 1488 and Heilgate. He’s a boomer on Testosterone patches who can’t keep his mouth shut so he keeps punching right.

          • Ramsey has never cucked, you’re lying. Ramsey is 100% solid on race and the Jewish problem. It’s you – and Anglin – that cucked by hooking up with a Jew propagandist like Joshua Goldberg. Anglin used his website to promote a Jew working for SITE Intel – that’s either cucking – or collaboration – I’ll let you figure it out.

            Only idiots think that being smart and savvy is “cucking.”

            If one were to stoop to your level, you could say that Spencer threw Anglin under the bus by saying that Anglin was just “trolling” about his big march thing and that Spencer wanted the whole thing to be over. But I suspect that Spencer – being far, far smarter than you and Anglin, understands how damage control works. Better to pat Anglin on the head like a puppy and let everyone knows he’s just a little boy trolling for attention.

            There are a lot of people latching on to this movement that would be more effective if they just shut up and went home, to be frank.

            You snipe at your better from behind a private profile, so you keep doing that.

          • This “RIP Alt Right” video is from Ramz is the definition of Cucking. He gets BTFO’d in the comments, they are quote hilarious. No wonder Ramz has disavowed the Alt Right and White Nationalism after that abortion, he’s reduced to breadcrumb retweets from Cernovich.

            This is the second time in 2 days you’ve been called out for your division sowing agitprop by an Alt Right writer on this website. I suggest you shut the fuck and go home to Vox Day’s shitty blogspot blog.

          • No, it is not the definition of cucking. You are seriously, seriously confused.

            “Cucking” would be if Ramzpaul said “racism is bad white people shouldn’t work for their own interests.” Ramzpaul never said that.

            Bemoaning the fact that a half-Jew married to a Jewess decided to play act for the Jew media is not “cucking.”

            Besides, Ramzpaul in that exact same video said that why call yourself “alt” now since Trump won, now Ramzpaul isn’t “Alt” – he’s a mainstream Republican?

            Guess who else calls himself a mainstream “Republican” now – that’s right, you’re favorite internet troll, Anglin. Is Anglin a “cuck” now too?

            You just attacked Liddell in the other thread and said we shouldn’t start attacking other people – yet here you are, doing just that.

            Face it – you just defend clowns and attack reasonable people because clownery is what appeals to you – it’s on your level.

            Embrace it. Make your profile public and be proud of your clown act. Don’t be a cuck – embrace your inner (((Joshua Goldberg.))) You know you want to.

          • Not going to lie here, but I think you are guilty of the claims your are making against Finkelstein.

            Seems to be a lot of projection, belittling, and contextless handwringing coming from you.

            Maybe you should embrace your inner Roosh V, because looking better than everyone else seems to be your forte. That, and making our enemies seem like unbeatable monoliths (They destroy themselves), making your allies look like pussies (Many of us are learning and have applied Trump’s lessons IRL), and making up conspiracy theories (I remember some of your posts on Aryan Skynet, they were whack as fuck).

    • 1.) Yeah, and? The Left is now openly flirting with the legitimization of political violence. Calling people names is one thing. Mainstreaming violence is another.

      2.) Sorry, but the point is lost on me. Vox is mad because he gave interviews to Politico and The New York Times. They didn’t use his answers. If you are going to condemn others for talking to the media, you shouldn’t give interviews to the media yourself.

      • In 1972, there were 1900 bombings across America, virtually all of them by leftists. Leftists have always legitimized political violence. In 1972 the Weather Underground were debating the “morality” of murdering white babies.

        The recent violence – at Trump events, the post-election riots, and the inauguration riots – are comparatively small stuff compared to what went down in the 1960s and the 1970s. Mostly they set trash cans on fire and broke a few windows. They threw a few punches.

        I’m not condemning anyone for talking to the media – when the hell did I ever do that? I have a five year record of supporting Richard Spencer and his media campaigns because he is an effective spokesmen and knows how to handle the media – far, far better than most.

        Vox may not realize that it isn’t Spencer “embrac[ing] a long-defunct German political ideology.” It’s some of the idiot hangers-on that Spencer rejected forcefully last year, but unfortunately hasn’t this year. We can already see that it has objectively hampered his otherwise excellent and effective work.

        “If you are going to condemn others for talking to the media, you shouldn’t give interviews to the media yourself.”

        Maybe, but far more important: unless you are as well spoken, polished, and photogenic as Spencer, chances are you shouldn’t be sticking your face in front of the media cameras.

        • 1.) Obviously, the violence we have recently seen from the Left is nothing compared to the Second World War or the War Between the States, but that’s not the point. They haven’t been this violent in the last 20 years.

          2.) I’m guessing that is because he realizes it is pointless. Everyone is a “Nazi” now. MILO is a White Nationalist. Steve Bannon is a white supremacist. Frank Luntz is a fascist. Trump is a racist. Spencer was attacked for being a Nazi within seconds of denying that he was one and explaining that actual Neo-Nazis don’t like him for being too soft on the Jews. So what is the point of condemning Nazis?

          3.) Vox gave written interviews to Politico and The New York Times. He’s angry they didn’t run his answers. It is bizarre to condemn others for talking to the media while simultaneously being bitter that the media isn’t covering you.

          • I don’t condemn the actual “Nazis” – the actual NSDAP. I don’t know enough about them to either condemn them nor to praise them. I plead ignorance.

            The only people I condemn are the fake “Nazis” like (((Joshua Goldberg))) and his collaborators. When that idiot asked Spencer if he was a “Nazi” Spencer said “no I’m not.” That was a perfectly reasonable response. Another reasonable response would have been to ignore the question. Another reasonable response would have been to ask “are you a Commie?” Or even, “you’re a Nazi.” Or even “fuck off punk.”

            As an occasional reader of Vox I tend to agree with him 85% of the time or so. I don’t know enough about him to psychoanalyze him or to determine whether or not he’s “angry” about his treatment in the media. The blog post that was linked here – quite short – I read and it seemed perfectly reasonable, although perhaps a bit confused about who exactly was doing the clowning (hint: it wasn’t Spencer.)

            Just a few years ago, antifa walked into a diner and beat a group of pro-whites with baseball bats and put them in the hospital – that’s as violent as anything we’ve seen recently. In 2009, Antifa called in terrorist threats to hotels to shut down AmRen. Even the violence at Trump rallies barely reached the level of a summer weekend in Chicagoland.

            Apparently, Trump is taking care of the antifa that rioted in DC last week – they are looking at ten year sentences and a $25,000 fine. That is going to do far more to prevent future antifa violence than all the tough guy posturing in the comment sections or LARPy style “Safety Squads.”

            It’s sad to see White men losing their heads because a few thousands punks acted out, threw a few sucker punches, and set some trash cans on fire. It ain’t no big deal.

      • Like I said, Spencer makes better copy than some pasty gamer dork who never sees the Sun. Vox be jealous of Dick Spencer.

  • Vox is part injun. He has a grudge against white America. He has made this evident on numerous instances. He pushes this “haha the Founding Fathers were British therefore white America is meaningless lol” as a form of divide and conquer, like a Jew would.

    Meanwhile, he has ditched the country of his birth to live in Europe. So why should we listen to him?

    We can learn from the victories and mistakes of the Third Reich. Period. Trying to cash in on virtue-signalling against Hitler will never work.

  • Vox Day’s “Alt-Right 16 Points” includes the 14 words as Point 14, but now he’s disparaging the “Alt-White”? Does he now disavow that document and don’t believe whites deserve a homeland or is no longer against white genocide?

    And of course, as you alluded, it doesn’t matter if you’re a “Nazi” or not, they’re going to call you one and they will target you. Use all the nuance you want, the AntiFa & SJWs don’t care! One might not like the 88 crew, and one is free to say “hey that’s not what I’m about,” but signaling against them and punching to the right is counter-productive, an not a helpful for waging a culture war.

    • Vox cant go full “alt-white” because he would not be considered white.

      He is essentially mad that we wouldnt play with him so he started his own game where he can play.

      • If that were only true. The vast majority of people would just take him as white at face value even knowing of his admixture. Mitt Romney is part Mexican and I’ve never really seen anyone seriously suggest he isn’t white including himself. A closer to home example would be the 1/64th negro Morrakiu. Vox Day’s status as a non-white is something of his own construction and basically puts him the same category as Rachel Dolezal and Sean King.

        He’s deeply invested in culturally ingrained leftist narratives about the plight of indigenous people and the moral opprobrium of sympathizing with “The Oppressor”. He views white civilization as invalid on some level and harm that comes to white people as comeuppance for colonialism. He’s said variants of this sentiment repeatedly and recently including gloating about white genocide vindicating his Noble Savage ancestors.

        • He has put himself in an awkward position and he constantly gets away with impropriety because he just has to snap his fingers and his minions will pounce. Before long, you are way off topic and the point is lost.

          Vox is a useful step towards full fash, but once you make that step you see him as the piece of shit he is.

          He is a materialist and by extension overly reliant on logic. He has no spirit from what I can see, at least no kind, warm spirit.

        • Another analogy is Ward Churchill, who is an unconfirmed 1/16 injun. He basically had the same career arc as Rachel Dolezal, except that he pulled it off longer because it’s easier for a grizzled middle aged white man to pass as part injun than it is for a youngish white woman to pass as part nigger. Although to Dolezal’s credit she managed to get a position in black leadership while Churchill got stalled at tribal enrollment. All in all, Beale’s race farce is amateur hour compared to those two krazy kids.

  • Never read or heard much of Vox Day, saw some of his tweets during the election.

    Isn’t Vox Day a video game nerd who came out of Gamergate? Vox Day bragging that he could fight back from a sucker punch because he’s read military manuals is hilarious larping, exactly what he accuses Spencer of.

    The plain fact is that many of these Alt Lite personalities are jealous of Spencer because Spencer gets more interviews and TV time due to Spencer making good copy. So they bitch and virtue signal. At least Paul Joseph Watson and Molyneux defended Spencer and condemned the sucker punch, but those two aren’t Americans and aren’t fighting with Spencer in a political turf war for the soul of this new Right Wing. That’s really what this is about, Vox and Cernovich think they can marginalize Spencer and the Alt Right at this moment.

    They are wrong, were not into bland civic nationalism that trots out the 2 black Trump supporting e celebs.

    I’ll take Spencer over a video game nerd and Cernovich, who is social media’s William Jennings Bryan, a mile wide and an inch deep. Cernovich has never said anything of consequence and gloms on to other people and movements. Cernovich leading any movement will take it right into cul de sac of vacuous thoughts and mentally ill behaviour from which it won’t accept.

    I just posted at Vox Day and he deleted my troll post attacking him immediately. Guy must be very sensitive, but he is a dork who spends all his time blogging and playing video game nerds. Even Cernovich left up my top rated troll of him after Heilgate on

    • I think you hit the nail on the head. He’s a sensitive baby. I remember back before Cernovich got huge, he would respond to almost every tweet criticizing him. He asked Enoch to tells his fans to stop making fun of the way he talks. Broken man whose wife probably cheated on him for being an insecure beta. This probably made him turn to the manosphere, where he first got popular. Then he somehow became an alt-lite figurehead when he started supporting Trump (who embodies that “manhood” Cernovich always sought for himself). Vox is the same way.

    • On one of his Milo promotional posts I pointed out Milo did an “art exhibit” where he bathed in pig’s blood and it was immediately deleted, but he also posted a snarky response. LOL.

  • Superb article, Hunter. Your 12 point list describing the insane recent actions of AntiFa is excellent. I agree with your conclusion that leftists are extremely riled up right now. They seem to be acting from instinctual “fight or flight” mode, with extreme primal aggression and hate towards anyone who thinks differently.

    I wonder how our side can exploit that for strategic advantage?? One easy, effective thing we can do is spread memes emphasizing leftist violence, and undermine the perception that leftists are tolerant and compassionate.

    • This is basically reflecting the actions of the SJWs. They’ve begun attacking anyone with minor disagreements.

  • The endless counter-signaling and ebook pitches have made Vox’s site unbearable. He has a core audience who will, without question, buy everything he’s selling (both literally and figuratively). At the end of the day that’s all he really cares about; milking his cult followers for shekels.

    • I can’t figure out why people read Vox Day? Is it because of Gamergate? If he was an important figure, wouldn’t he move beyond some shitty blogspot blog?

      • I think a lot of people (myself included) read Vox before/during their red-pilling process. It’s very Alt-Light/purple pill, which is great in that it can attract normies and ultimately lead to full on red-pilling on race realism, JQ, etc. for those who get curious and venture off into other, more fully woke platforms (TRS, Daily Stormer, Radix…) Unfortunately, Vox has a financial interest in keeping his readers from venturing off and attaining full enlightenment on these issues, so he constantly counter-signals against the Alt-Right. Gotta sell those ebooks!

        • OK, I realize many weren’t red pilled as early as me. I suspect as late Gen Xer/Early Millenial I’m also older than much of the Alt Right. I was reading Richard Spencer, Pat Buchanan, and Taki attack kikes in the American Conservative magazine during the salad days of neoconservatism in 2006.

          I also never got the whole Gamergate thing since I stopped playing video games years ago.

      • I mean, he is obviously a smart man. He gives good analyses.

        But he isn’t white and that fucks with his mind.

  • It is interesting that -despite years of media screaming about violent patriots/white nationalists/ Nazis/rednecks etc.- it is the left antifas that are acting out violently. I guess this is just a tiny bit of what my parent’s generation lived through in the 60s. (They seen it on the news, not in person). The left always had a love of Bolshevik type violence hidden under their SJW veneer.
    White Nationalists are not looking for a physical fight. Well, Commander Rockwell might have welcomed one, but that was in wilder times. And no, I am not including Timothy McVeigh in the WN camp, as there are suspicious facts and anomalies about who all was involved in the OKC incident (see the video documentary “A Noble Lie”).
    On a parting note, I do not think Milo, or any of the queers in his Alt-Light circles, are looking for a fight! They might get their panties in a wad.

  • I have little doubt all this upheaval is AstroTurf just as it was in the Middle East. There’s nothing organic about it, it’s just a bunch of useful idiots cutting off their noses because they don’t actually know any better.

  • I think the left has seen through most of the alt-right rhetoric anyway. The nazi/not-nazi label is irrelevant. Wanting the USA to be white-only homeland has woken up the dogs (i.e. the non-whites, mixed-whites, multi-culturalists) so it doesn’t matter if you’re soft-spoken or not or wear jackboots or blazers. It’s going to be an interesting ride.

  • Anyone know what Bill Mitchell is up to?

    Ever since Richard intimidated him into wetting his panties at a DC bar, Mitchell has been awfully quiet.

  • Vox is trolling the Alt-Right. Notice how he’s now floating the “Right Alternative”?

    It’s telling that little bitch-boys like Vox and Thernovich are now throwing Richard under the bus.

    Never trust the Alt-Lite!

    • uh, they already did that the minute (((Cernovich)))) accused Spencer of being a CIA Plant. Vox is as much a garbage human as him. I too detest how often his name appears lately. He is nothing to us.

      • Cernovich isn’t Jewish and I think it’s boring and counter-productive to keep repeating things that aren’t true. He is a cuck though who only cares about book sales. I have no idea what Vox Day cares about — being a contrarian probably.

        • There is strong evidence suggesting he is Jewish.
          – he said so on Twitter (trolling, perhaps)
          – lives in LA
          – lawyer
          – Jewish supremacist Loren Feldman produced his movie
          – nasally voice
          – peddles self-help books and “supplements”
          – Russian name

          • Dude, he posted his 23andme results and his name is not Russian, it’s Croatian, which he admitted to Mike Enoch at the Deploraball after party. Unless you want to say that he “forged” those results for some reason and then lied to Enoch in private, it’s definitive he’s not Jewish. He had 0% Ashkenazi on the 23andme if I remember correctly. There’s a screengrab of it online somewhere.

            This “everybody we dislike is Jewish” meme is tired and old. Yes, I’m all for naming the Jew, but as soon as we get into this spiral of “every enemy is a Jew because I say so” we’re no better than the Left’s “every enemy is a Nazi because I say so.”

          • Fine. But if you pal around with the likes of Feldman (who got kicked off Twitter for anti-white racism, think about that), and say you’re Jewish, and basically act like a Jew by peddling junk, well, don’t get all defensive when people think you’re Jewish.

          • lol, you don’t know what the fuck he is since he lies like a rug on a reg basis. I have NEVER seen a White man pretend to be a jew, not ever. So the question is still up for this creep.

        • Vox day cares about the preservation of white nations and the Western tradition. Contrarianism is his hobby, and may sometimes get in the way, but his value to any ideological commitments you have is significant. Warring with him is worse than a waste of time.

    • Enjoy permanent irrelevance. That is the only future for purity spiraling navel gazers like yourself. I hate people like you, because it is your stupidity that will see the downfall of the last hope for the Western world, and lead to my children not having a single nation in which they could be a safe, prosperous racial majority.

  • Vox,like most non whites, has trouble with humility.

    Yes he knows how to be civil, but it says a lot on its own that his followers are afraid to say what they mean lest they trigger vox.

    It’s the same thing with mark levin. Everyone has to pay homage to that Jew bastard before they get in with the point. Typical cult of personality vox has going.

  • Sorry, but I’ve been saying it even before hail-gate that Richard Spencer’s attention whoredome is completely counter productive. He doesn’t understand “meta-politics” or PR and lacks a true sense of irony.

    • I’ve had harsh words for just about every pro-White personality and entity in existence. I’m certainly not afraid to voice my opinion and give criticism and critique when and where I think it might be productive. But there comes a time when complaining about someone doing something that you wouldn’t personally do is essentially just complaining for the sake of complaining, because you probably haven’t done a damn thing consequential enough for anyone to complain about or even notice; and complaining is pretty much your own little form of activism.

      That actually reminds me of lyrics to a song:

      Let’s admit America gets the celebrities we deserve
      Let’s stop saying “Don’t quote me”
      Because if no one quotes you
      You probably haven’t said a thing worth saying

    • Are we just supposed to hide behind computer screens forever? Do I think that Spencer was naive giving interviews in DC around antifa? Yup. Do I think we need people that are publicly outspoken? Yup.

    • Spencer doing interviews isn’t counter-productive so long as he does a good job getting his message across. He manages to do this in most cases.

      Heilgate was bad because it allowed him to actually be painted as a Nazi. Someone was arguing “Well, Trump got called a Nazi and he won the presidency!”. Hunter is making a similar argument here. What that argument ignores is that there was no proof to people who might be receptive to our message that Trump was a Nazi, whereas there is now video of Richard Spencer saying “Hail Trump” and people Seig Heiling in response.

      Its something he is unlikely to shake and it diminishes the impact he can have on the public. Its unfortunate.

        • No, it wasn’t. How old are you? 18? 20? I’m genuinely curious. I feel like you must be incredibly young to think this way because you seem so much more concerned with not giving a fuck about left tards or whatever than you do actually making progress for white people.

          If you’re older, yeesh.

      • > No proof that Trump was a Nazi

        Being descended from an ethnic German seems to be proof enough for the leftist fucks. That, and that little thing where he directed the crowd to raise their hands at an angle that would look like a Roman Salute.

        • Why do people like you care so much about “Leftist fucks”? I don’t care what they think. I care about what the average white person thinks. The average white person who might be receptive to Richard Spencer’s message does not want to be associated with Nazism. Richard Spencer is now associated with Nazism. That’s it.

      • > Video of Spencer saying Hail Trump. Sieg Heiling by crowd. “Unfortunate”.

        Grow the fuck up you introverted manchild of a cuck.

        The Spencer speech and heilgate were a net benefit by the virtue of the fact that the media, in their own ignorance, decided to give us free advertising at the time when everyone knew that the mainstream media always lied (Pizzagate, the Clinton Foundation Emails, Wikileaks, and other things were still actively disproving the media’s trustworthiness). This made it easier for people, especially the kind of people who would be receptive to our message, to accept Spencer and his message at face value.

        Also ignored in this whole delusional pessimism of yours is the fact that Spencer being a “Nazi”, gives him more appeal as the edgy counterculture figure, and considering the masses are implicitlt disapproving of the PC culture that is destroying them, having a figure who is both counter-cultural and relatable does more to spread message and de-stygmatizing WN or National Socialism.

        All of this also ignores another fact. “Heilgate” (We need to stop using this term. Because it wasn’t as big of a deal as most people claim it was) happened in the same weekend as Survivor Series. More people were caring about the aftermath of (((Goldberg))) smacking Lesnar in 2 minutes than they were about a media scare campaign that backfired horribly on the media.

        • Typical person who cares more about seig heiling than actually helping and saving white people.

          I’ll lay this out for you simply, you either get it or you don’t:
          Whether you like it or no, Nazi has a negative connotation among white people in the United States.
          People call Trump a Nazi and it doesn’t stick for your average white person because there’s no actual proof.
          People call Spencer a Nazi and it does stick because of Heilgate.

          Like I said, you either get it or you don’t. You can hide behind the “ITS EDGY” defense all you want, but you’re wrong.

      • Lastly, I should note that your only real community visits were to Jack Murphy Live’s site. Are you really concerned about the movement? Or is this some subtle way of you ALt-Lite Faggots in trying to discredit the Alt-Right?

        Cause’ it ain’t working, (((Allen Wright))).

        • Nah, I just make a name every so often when I want to comment. If you read my posts at Jack Murphy’s place, it was generally in defense of Richard Spencer and decrying all the silly infighting.
          I find it incredibly dumb that people who agree on 90% of things seem to want to bicker of the silliest of subjects. But I also think its important to point out what works and what doesn’t and Nazism does not work. Its pointless. And even if its not really his fault (though saying Hail Trump was probably dumb all around), RS is tarred with that brush.

      • There is video of Trump at a rally asking for people to raise their right hand and receiving Roman salutes in response and him just smirking in response. So it’s inaccurate to say there wasn’t anything to paint Trump as a Nazi and this is only one scenario.

        The difference is that people on Trump’s side didn’t run to whatever platform they had to engage in hysterics and instead turned criticism of Trump as a Nazi into criticism of the press making the accusation.

        Not everyone who supported Spencer and the crowd is a guaranteed friend, but the people who disavowed absolutely did reveal themselves as people who can’t be trusted. At best they have poor political instincts. Whenever an outsider points to some faux pas of a member of your ingroup the response should pretty always be, “Well let’s talk about you instead.”

        It should be noted that mainstream Trump supporters even on moderately neocon-ish sites were overwhelmingly negative on the media rather than Spencer. Which is to say they actually had good instincts and if not accepting Spencer et al as friends they could recognize the media as foe and declined to engage in an obvious game of “Let’s you and him fight”.

        • Can only read the first line and shake my head.
          You’re making my point. Normal people read that article and see through the bullshit. Its as dumb as trying to say Laura Ingraham gave a Nazi salute at the RNC.
          With Spencer, they can actually see video of Spencer saying “Hail Trump!” and people legitimately Seig Heiling.
          If you can’t acknowledge the difference, there’s no point in discussing things further.

          • I’m not making your point as you haven’t made one and will simply claim all data points as being supportive of your narrative which isn’t based on anything but the perceptions of your own degenerate milieu. We aren’t ever going to convert your neighbors on the Upper East Side that you were able to demoralize from voting. That is the most you will ever be able to do, which realistically probably didn’t actually happen and people disengaged you in conversation which you took to mean victory.

            Your friends aren’t people we want on board and really probably neither are you. Ultimately when it comes down to brass tacks it is about distinguishing friend from foe and you reliably side with the enemy because you are only concerned with the way messaging is reaching your own cohort. A cohort that makes up less than 1/5th of the US population. The goal, in case you haven’t been paying attention isn’t to convince these people of anything, it is to replace them.

          • Really? Working class whites who support immigration restriction and protectionism aren’t people we want on our side? Middle class white guys in their 20s who are coming around on the diversity question and all its bullshit aren’t guys we want on our side?

            You do not know who I am, where I am from or who I associate with. You are grossly mistaken. The smallest fraction of people are okay being associated with Nazism. People like me can brush it off because I know Spencer isn’t a larping moron. But if you want any kind of reach, its toxic to that and there’s no way around it.

          • You are grossly mistaken.

            I don’t believe you. For 20 years I’ve dealt with people who take your tack and I’ve never found one IRL who wasn’t talking about people deeply invested in a Leftist milieu who would be disenfranchised by a political reversal of fortune.

            White working class people are not deeply invested in a Muh Nazis narrative wherein they have to join ranks with the Far Left to shut down Richard Spencer. The facts presented themselves when basic bitch Republicans went to war and called the Atlantic et al Communists and played tu quoquo games with the Left during Heilgate. Atainting is a two way street and noticeably you aren’t traveling in the opposite direction on it. It is exclusively concern trolls such as yourself whose barometer on public perception is based on committed Leftists who can’t be won over and must be disenfranchised as a precondition for victory.

            Russel Kirk is basically a Nazi. All paleocons are closer to being Nazis than they are to contemporary Leftists. There isn’t any getting around this. If you can’t desensitize people to symbolic representations of ideas that are condemned by the mainstream media and academia you can’t ever win. WWII was not a Holy War against Racism. The reality of WWII being about geopolitical interests is the easiest redpill, especially given it was spearheaded by the American Right’s greatest boogeyman and opposed by one of its’ greatest heroes. In the context of Trumpism you can actually show them where America First actually comes from.

            On the Right you will never get rid of people who have sympathies for the 3rd Reich, or various other historical regimes which are emblematically villains to the Left and you will always be associated with these people because our ideas are actually quite similar in reality. You have to deal with this reality. Even if you could get genuine radicals to knock it off for PR you’d just be inundated with infiltrators and agent provocateurs which enemy platforms will associate you with anyway.

            Talking at them isn’t ever going to accomplish anything. Go back to your Marcus Aurelius. You have come to an obstacle in your path and are screaming at it rather than finding a way to circumvent it to reach your goals.

            You will never control anyone on the Right. It is an exercise in cat herding. You don’t have to be a Nazi, or a Nazi sympathizer, but you will probably have to be a Nazi sympathizer sympathizer. Likewise you can’t ever be on the Right while buying into a narrative about tearing down Priests and Kings, a fight the Left is still playing more than 200 years after it won the battle. If allowing them to replay the highlight reel of their past victories is the limit of your ability then you aren’t going to be useful. If the people in your life have a problem with this level of mildness I don’t have any use for them because they are factually Communist sympathizers. They aren’t “normal people”. They are apparatchiks for the Far Left and that is how they should be treated because that is directly the result of their own logic turned on them.

            You are granting people the courtesy of being allowed to shut down discourse without making an argument. If they have a problem with “Nazism” that is actually an opportunity to segue into a discussion about the things they actually believe in. If they won’t discuss call them out for the Communist pieces of shit that they are an revel in their furious disavowal of their fellow travelers out lighting girl’s hair on fire and caving in skulls with wrenches. If you find it reasonable that Richard Spencer is atainted for the theatricality of his fellow travelers there is literally zero reason to find it reasonable to exempt your “normal people” from this same guilt by association.

          • You aren’t talking about reality. You are talking about narrative. These aren’t the same thing.

    • I disagree. He is getting tons of press and any interview conducted with him shows him to be an intelligent, thoughtful, and non-violent man. He has charisma and solid talking points. Being able to get on the media and get a word in edgewise is a huge benefit. No, he’s not a spin wizard or master of rhetoric, but he doesn’t stumble or dodge on questions and is good enough with words to get his main points across in an articulate fashion. I don’t see how it could be argued what he does is counter-productive.

      BTW we are now birthing the narrative that it is the leftists who are violent and that the liberal mainstream condones & supports political violence — all because some fag sucker-punched Spencer. Getting the left framed as the violent ones by independents is some pretty decent meta-politics, IMO.

  • I don’t think Vox’s ego can’t handle the fact that while targeting the”SJW” crowd was easy pickings (its chock full of idiots). The Alt-Right has intelligent, educated, articulate people that can and will call him out on his bullsh#t.

      • Vox is an articulate loudmouth with a huge following, and therefore it is worthwhile to engage with him. Months ago he was tweeting that the “White Genocide” meme was dumb. We hit back hard on that.
        I suspect Vox is amenable to being persuaded by our arguments, to some degree. He is pro-White, after all.

        • Yep, Vox changed his tune on White Genocide and there’s even a video out there where he is describing what is happening to the West as White Genocide. His Alt-Right points has the 14 words. Attacking him is counter-productive. He does have a huge following, he’s smart and he is pro-white. I read his post and it didn’t bother me.

          • Fuck him. Guys like him and Cernovich seem “fine” until the media gives us any kind of attention, and then they’re right back to their old tricks.

          • Nor me. Does the Alt-Right not have enough actual enemies right now or something!? For fuck sake.

        • Of course he is! Vox day is a strong, imperfect, ally. Like the rest of us are to each other. A dose of pragmatism straight to the heart might make the alt-right and its family of ideas capable of actually making permanent, self directed, changes.

    • Are those the same people larping as Nazi’s. How very intellectually stimulating and subtle of them. Regardless of Vox’s ego, however, the point remains that such behaviour does not assist the alt-right in anyway, or its family of ideas. Richard Spencer made a mistake, and Vox is not wrong to call him on it.

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