DNC Chairman Candidate: “My Job Is to Shut Other White People Down”

So, Keith Ellison has ties to the Nation of Islam and once supported the creation of a black ethnostate, and Sally Boynton Brown sees her job as “shutting other White people down” as DNC Chairman:

  • Bill Jackson

    That’s great. She should say it louder. White anti-Whites don’t have a party any more.

    • Roof Top Voter

      She’s doing the Lords work and doesn’t even know it.

      • Lurker

        Wouldn’t it be hilarious if she was secretly a WN seeking to troll the DNC into being openly anti-white? Maybe she’s one of us?!

  • I swear it really does seem like they’re trying to make our job easier by purposely driving White people into identity politics and forcing them to take sides. It’s an unconscious racial awakening.

    Thank you, I think.

  • Roof Top Voter

    And the sheboon just sits behind her and smiles as she blasts whitey.

    • Johnny Fash

      Look at that smug grin on her face… Ugh.

  • A White man voting for a Democrat is like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders.

    • rick rage

      (laughing smiley face)

  • Christian

    “MY JOB IS TO SHUT OTHER WHITE PEOPLE DOWN”… as she goes home to her all white Idaho.

    A candidate for DNC who has chosen to segregate herself from non-whites gives this incoherent rant. What a joke. However, I hope she gets elected. This will guarantee Trump will get another 4 year term.

    • Raphael Verelst

      Simply living in a place doesn’t mean that it’s because of segregation.

      • Christian

        Yes I realize that. In America it is common to call out anti-white leftists who disparage whites while living in all white communities. I think you missed my point. I hope I offered some perspective.

        • Raphael Verelst

          I understand that. Doesn’t mean Mrs Boynton Brown did so because of the reason you gave.

          • Christian

            I believe you are correct.

      • Bill Jackson

        To be able to afford $$$ to escape diversity, you have to praise it every day. Praise Diversity! Hallelujah!

  • The Real McGoy

    The DNC seems to have learned nothing from their loss.

    • Johnny Fash

      Their doubling down. This should ensure 8 years of Trump.

  • Fred

    We are already several countries in one America. A person from Idaho will never understand today’s realities of Texas. Similarly, I have no clue what Bernie is preaching from Vermont – the second whitest state in the country. Totally different priorities. The Wall is the most important policy point for us.

  • That’s fucking painful to watch. Why elect a White woman to be a fake negation of a whither woman?
    That party is doomed.

  • Vicky

    From the mouth of the highest judge in the highest court in South Africa.
    “All Constitutions seek to articulate, with differing degrees of intensity and detail, the shared aspirations of a nation; the values which bind its people, and which discipline its government and its national institutions; the basic premises upon which judicial, legislative and executive power is to be wielded; the constitutional limits and the conditions upon which that power is to be exercised; the national ethos which defines and regulates that exercise; and the moral and ethical direction which that nation has identified for its future. In some countries the Constitution only formalises, in a legal instrument, a historical consensus of values and aspirations evolved incrementally from a stable and unbroken past to accommodate the needs of the future. The South African Constitution is different: it retains from the past only what is defensible and represents a decisive break from, and a ringing rejection of, that part of the past which is disgracefully racist, authoritarian, insular, and repressive, and a vigorous identification of and commitment to a democratic, universalistic, caring and aspirationally egalitarian ethos, expressly articulated in the Constitution. The contrast between the past which it repudiates and the future to which it seeks to commit the nation is stark and dramatic.”

    Good luck. Our future as subjects if we fail.

  • Gwoobus Harmon

    We are actually witnessing the end of white liberalism having an impact upon national elections, and these explosive contortions, marches, and public kvetchings are their heaving death throes as their importance wanes.

    They have actually made themselves less relevant precisely because of demographics. “The browning of America” actually occurred in the democratic party FIRST – while largely avoiding the Republican party. No candidate can emerge from their ranks without explicitly appealing to non-white constituencies, upon whose turnout and participation any potential victory hinges, nearly exclusively. Blacks and Hispanics can threaten non-participation and thereby control the direction of the party and who its national candidates are for the foreseeable future, especially as it simultaneously hemorrhages whites. These non-white voting blocks do not respond to the kind of things that white liberals do (environmentalism, feminism, gay rights, etc…) They are simply going to be crowded out of their own party which is going to reflect the interests of its non-white composition.

    They will have no home in either party. They will not be able to effectively impact any elections outside of a few small pockets. Rather than toppling the entire country with massive non-white influx and inclusion, they merely toppled their position within their own party. All of what you are seeing right now is them screeching and reeeeeeeing at the realization that they have lost influence, and irrelevance awaits them.

    The greatest thing that can happen is that they continue to chase sane white people out of the Democratic party and transform the “left coalition” into the “non-white” coalition, then they themselves depart to form a third party with limited influence in the national sphere of politics. This may very well be what occurs within the next ten years.

    ::white pill::

    • Lurker

      10/10 comment. Would read again.

  • When will these uppity negros, espalda-mojadas, towel-heads, fags and assorted browns realizes that (((white liberals))) are the glue holding their minority coalition together? Espalda-mojadas hate black people and will turn on them in a heart beat, black people are slowly realizing that espalda-mojadas are taking their unskilled labor jobs, towel-heads want to kill all the fags, and all brown people are basically all about their own ethnic groups’ interests and don’t give a damn about other browns. They won’t last two seconds without (((white liberals))) guiding them and making them play nice together. Disaffected white liberals who aren’t of the Tribe will take their votes and campaign donations elsewhere. Even fags are waking up and ditching the towel-head party.

    • Jaded Diaspora

      Which is why I hope Ellison is DNC chair instead of this lady. She may be able prolong some semblance of party cohesion, whereas Ellison would almost certainly assure the DNC’s atomization into warring tribes. Remember naive whites are the only people who truly believe in diversity as an inherent good. For everyone else, diversity is only a means to gibs and tribal dominance. Seeing the progressive party devolve into open racial squabbling will be a huge cognitive dissonance the average white liberal, and it will hopefully help to wake up more of our folk.

    • Gwoobus Harmon

      One of the biggest things is that SWPL type white liberals believe that there are reciprocal views of themselves between the non-whites. These foolish whites believe that they are “allies” when the reality is that they are seen as annoying and unfit for leadership by these people of color. The admiration is not mutual.

      Blacks/Browns do not and will not see white liberals as their “allies.” There is not gratitude by people of color for the whites who advocate for them. Whites, even well meaning self-styled “allies,” are actually seen as competitors for the roles of leadership in the party and the spoils in potential victories by the non-whites, poised to make up the majority of the party. They do not want to share power with whites, nor with other non-white groups within the coalition for that matter. These non-whites are increasingly vocal about this power shift and new reality.

      Beyond not having admiration, there is actually quite a bit of its opposite —-genuine resentment. There are no shortage of condescending “DEAR WHITE PEOPLE….” type articles which can be summarized as shut up, we don’t like/want/need you, wait for orders from us, accept a silent subordinate role, and send more money.

      The SWPL has no home in the future of either major party. They have successfully pissed off the demographic base of both parties, and marginalized themselves in the process.

      This is ultimately a very good thing as it makes politics strictly racial from this point on.

  • rick rage

    if these moral lepers of the DNC have some sick fetish going on in their twisted minds and enjoy WN’s pissing all over them, fine. we will gladly pee all over them. but this is way TOO Easy. give us foe-men and foe-women worthy of our urine. these sick creatures are giving up far too soon. no fun.

  • Allen Wright

    This is the type of things to show/send people and ask “Genuinely curious to get your opinion on this? Do you really think these people have your best interests at heart (or your children’s)?

  • Dillon Francis

    What do you all think about this video?

  • “I’m a white woman, I don’t get it.” Well, step aside. The DNC needs a woman who is a POC, and who does get it. NEXT token candidate, please!

  • Yes, our problem is the whole democratic party are multi-cultural globalists and the right is about half so and that half is mostly in charge

  • Captain John Charity Spring MA

    Careful bitch… you are waking beast that forgot it owns this mountain fastness.

  • Darrick Evenson

    Q. What do you call a black women in the ghetto whose had 30 abortions? …………………………………………………………………….A. a crime fighter!

  • Darrick Evenson

    Q. What’s another name for Planned Parenthood in the ghetto?……………………A. Crime-Stoppers

  • Darrick Evenson

    Old Time Democrats: “Hey, let’s tell the Negros we’re their friends. We’ll give them lots of free stuff, and they’ll vote for us, and we’ll be power forever! We’ll keep them poor, ignorant, and powerless, and they’ll be under our control forever!”

    New Democrats: “Hey, let’s get rid of the evil White Race, who has oppressed the poor people of color for centuries!”

    The inmates have taken control of the insane asylum.

  • Tex Wood

    “Kill White America” should be the slogan for the democrat party. Politicians running on such a platform would win their primary. The anti-white hatred is so out in the open and obvious that it’s finally becoming apparent to the traditional masses.

    • Roof Top Voter

      And that will lead to their demise. They took the mask off far too soon.

  • Vlad le Putin

    1. Hopefully she becomes the new chair. 2. At what point in her life did she fully go insane?