I’ve seen many “Watch Mojo” videos over the years, mostly on subjects like “Top 10 James Bond Villains” and “Top 10 Songs That Defined the ’80s.” I never imagined that Watch Mojo would create an informative and, more or less, fair analysis of the Alt Right. Enjoy.

  • @autismouse

    Very fair exposition.

  • If “Americanism not globalism” is a dog-whistle to the “alt right,” half of America is “alt-right,” maybe more than half.

    It says something about our times that a candidate for the American presidency saying “America First” is somehow controversial or even “alt” anything.

    What was Trump supposed to say, “Canada First, America Second?”

    “America somewhere in the top ten?”

    I think the real problem was that by saying “America First” that meant a certain apartheid regime in Palestine could only come in second, at best. Apparently, some people were outraged by that.

    • Johnny Fash

      He was supposed to say Israel first like a good goy.

  • Simon_in_London

    Breitbart clearly isn’t “unashamedly white nationalist” or seeking a “whites only State”. I guess their tone could be considered moderately ethnonationalist in the usual Anglo way that includes lots of non-whites, but they would never explicitly advocate for a white-led polity, and would not desire a whites-only polity. They don’t say anything that classical Liberals pre-1964 would disagree with. Like Trump they want a ‘return to sanity’, not anything radical.

    • Kronberger1990

      In the “usual Anglo way” of Winston “Keep Britain White” Churchill?

      • Simon_in_London

        Yes. When I said “lots of non-whites” I didn’t mean current mass immigration.

        • Rascal

          I used to be like you. Then I realized that unless things drastically change the US is Venezuela in my lifetime.

          • Simon_in_London

            Well I agree with you. Frankly I think 99% of ‘Alt Lite’ types would agree with you also, they just don’t want to publicly talk in racial terms – as classical liberals they really wish they lived in a securely majority white society where whiteness could stay implicit.

        • Kronberger1990

          The “Anglo tradition”
          of multicolored societies is portrayed in E.M. Forster novels.

  • Laguna Beach Fogey

    Very cool.

  • The Six Gorillion

    What they fail to realize is that many of us were born of meme culture… molded by it (if you’ll excuse the quote.) You can’t come at the AR assuming we’re misinformed or that we can be forced to back down. These reasons and many others are why mainstream political types have failed to effectively counter the movement. The groundswell of righteous anger at the politics and ideas that have utterly failed our people is not going away. It will not be appeased by anything less than victory.

  • Zazz

    Gov. Mark Dayton: If you don’t like our Somali refugees, get out of Minnesota because they are here to stay!
    Wait for it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uKcSpf1dvGI

  • That video was pretty fair.

    • melonhead

      Next ‘Manifest Destiny’ when? May I suggest working through Mein Kampf? Or is that too larpy?

  • kenpachi55

    thanks for the promo cuck!