Alex Griswold Is Now A Nazi

Did you know it?

Neither did I, but you learn something new every day:

“The tweet took off, and not in a good way. Literally hundreds of people responded, all saying that they would have loved if the attacker had killed Spencer. Some went further, calling for the extrajudicial killing of all Nazis.

I honestly don’t have room for all the responses along these lines. These are also the polite responses, not the ones calling me a Nazi or calling for my death.

It was an eye-opening reaction. The reason I penned the tweet was because I thought the liberal consensus that serves as the bedrock of the American society was intact. I had this whole spiel planned about how if we as a society endorse violence against one Nazi, we’re responsible if it leads to worse violence, maybe even murder, where do you draw the line, blah blah blah. I thought it was more or less self-evident that you don’t murder people on the street for expressing views you don’t like. I thought we were all the same page, and I was wrong.

What was most depressing is that the pro-violence responses came almost uniformly from liberals. I suppose that isn’t that shocking: 51% of modern Democrats believe the government should ban hateful speech entirely. …”

I’ve been saying it for a long time.

Civic Nationalism isn’t going to work. Americanism used to be a combination of whiteness, Christianity and liberal republicanism. Actually, the American identity used to be more like Northwestern European (Nordic), Protestantism and liberal republicanism until it was broadened to include the descendants of immigrants who came over during the Great Wave. Then it became whiteness and Christianity to accommodate the Jews and Southern and Eastern European Catholics.

The Cold War redefined Americanism by decoupling whiteness, the traditional bedrock of national solidarity, from liberal republicanism. For the first time in history, America was transformed into a “universal nation,” a kind of miniature United Nations, which would lead the “Free World.” At this point, Americanism was a creed which still heavily leaned on Christianity, but once the Cold War was won and the Soviet Union fell religion ceased to be a point of national solidarity too.

By the 21st century, Americanism had become nothing but an “idea.” The United States was said to be a “proposition nation.” In other words, Americans are people who live in a geographic territory who share the same ideology. The problem with this model, however, is that ideology is a poor source of national solidarity. Ideologues are notoriously sectarian. Within the United States, liberal republicanism splintered into a Right that was for “freedom” and a Left that was for “equality.”

In the political mainstream, the only thing good in this country is more freedom or more equality. That is your choice in every election. There is nothing else worthwhile in life. The problem is that liberty and equality are both like acid to any established social order. They dissolve the social fabric by weakening social bonds. Eventually, liberal republicanism in its most advanced stage, which is to say, when liberty and equality are taken to the greatest extremes, destroys any sense of national solidarity.

The Left’s latest bright idea is to jettison liberal republicanism from Americanism – ideology, the final point of national solidarity, and the last and weakest source of national cohesion. We’re told that some classes of citizens are so dangerous that they should be subjected to vigilante violence. It is legitimate to violate their constitutional rights. This caste of people are Deplorables and their ideas are so dangerous that they shouldn’t be tolerated. That’s where the mainstream Left is at in 2017.

You may have noticed that “liberal republicanism” or “civic nationalism” has become increasingly meaningless on the Left. Traditionally, liberal republicanism has meant a republican form of government coupled with ideas about individual rights. As the theory goes, the government exists to secure those rights, but in the 21st century the Left is no longer synonymous with liberalism. The Left has been infected by other more authoritarian strains of leftwing thought like Marxism and critical race theory.

Many of these leftists, who call themselves “progressives” in order to distinguish their views from “liberals,” believe in banning “hate speech” and what they call “no platforming.” They believe in violently assaulting their fellow citizens for political reasons. They support criminal conspiracies to deny rightwingers, not merely the Alt-Right but the Right as a whole, their constitutional rights.

Ultimately, the logic of “social justice” is leading us down the road to civil war. When you reserve the right to violently assault your fellow “citizens” and/or deprive them of their constitutional rights, the status of “citizen” has become meaningless. It is no longer a point of solidarity. What’s left to hold the nation together at that point? What does it even mean anymore to be an American?

Perhaps I am discounting the possibility that sixty million people will submit to the caste-based, politically correct, social justice dictatorship that progressives are striving to implement in Washington. I’m skeptical that model of Americanism will work though.

Hunter Wallace
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  • Still wondering when the left is going to stop pretending and correctly brand themselves as the Marxists they are

  • Are Jews Aryans? First of all, what is a Jew? A Jew is a descendant of Abraham, who was a Syrian. What is a Syrian? Semitic. What is Semitic? They are related to Arabs, and white-skinned North Africans such as the Berbers and Moors. DNA studies have proved that Jews are not Turks (Kazars), although they have some Turkish blood (and Turks have some Jewish blood). What is an Aryan? You mean Indo-European? Finns and Magyars (Hungarians) are not Indo-Europeans, although they live in Europe. Aryans were a tribe of eastern Iranians. Most Europeans are part-Aryan, and part Proto-European. The Aramaens (Syrians/Assyrians) are “part” Aryan, because DNA shows it, and also their language shows it. Hebrew word for snake is NAWKHASH, and Sanskrit (Aryan) name for snake is NAGAS. Same word, really. There are no “pure blooded” Aryans left, except maybe the Pashtoons. One thing for certain: Jews belong to the Caucasoid race, have white skin, are very intelligent, and are peaceful unless provoked. There is no internationally conspiracy that all Jews belong to. That little Jeiwsh kid on his way to Hebrew school isn’t thinking: “Gee, I wonder how I’m gonna help destroy the White Race?”. He isn’t thinking that. He will live a productive life, free of violence, free of crime. He will go to university, pay taxes, and contribute to society in a good and positive way. Is there a cabal of Jewish bankers in some underground lair planning evil? If there is, of Jews are not aware of it nor involved in it. When Arab terrorists murdered 3,000 innocent Americans on 9-11, the Jews did not dance in the streets. Palestinians did. Case closed.

  • Be a RSW or Racial Justice Warrior. We believe in justice for the European Race to survive and thrive in their homelands.

    Racial Justice means the protection of the white race from its enemies that mean to do it harm.

    Warriors for the Racial Justice of Whites, you must unite and fight.

  • “Civic nationalism” holds no value anymore except as a platitude by the weak and timid. The only thing besides Ethnic, Blood & Soil Nationalism that could possibly bring a halt to the multicultural neoliberal nightmare is Integral Nationalism ala Maurras, which is akin to Italian Fascism. Are civic nationalists willing to have their individualism subsumed by The State and have their lives governed by the Will of The State? Authoritarian rule and subservience to the State is the only way a multiracial country can be successfully governed.

    Libertarians and those left-leaning liberals that support liberal democracy are a dying breed in the face of today’s reality. America has lost any real meaning or social coherence.

  • Well, 200+ of these spoiled brats could be looking at 10 years in prison and or a $25,000 fine.
    If this happens as a result of every Antifa or BLM riot then the shit will settle down fast.
    Or I guess we could just allow the police to shoot vandals and looters. Its not unheard of.

  • As I pointed out immediately after the antifa disruption of the last NPI conference, a small minority of antifa are willing to throw a punch.

    “they would have loved if the attacker had killed Spencer. Some went further, calling for the extrajudicial killing of all Nazis.”

    All this talk of “killing Nazis” by the “left” and the talk of violence by the “right” is all just so much keyboard warriorism. It’s a function of the internet more than the political reality on the ground.

    Unfortunately, there are those on the “right” that simply want to be a mirror image of the “left” – using the same tactics, doing the same things, copying the same media stunts.

    As Sam J. put it:

    “We must not have a protest sign gap. If they have antifa we must have a fa. They have long haired hippies we must have skinheads. The universe must balance.”

    So if 15 long haired antifa show up to “protest” something holding up signs that say “Punch a Nazi” the “fa” think the best response is to show up with 15 skinheads holding signs that say “Punch a Commie.”

    That’s what being a reactionary is – just aping your opposition instead of doing something yourselves, in your own interests.

    That means you are always tagging behind the left, following their lead. They come up with a tactic, you copy it. They lead, you follow.

    “The Cold War redefined Americanism by decoupling whiteness, the traditional bedrock of national solidarity, from liberal republicanism.”

    Yes – because the Communists projected themselves as a universal multi-racial internationalism, and the American Cold Warriors followed their lead, aped Communist tactics, and remade America into a universal, multi-racial internationalism.

    After all, that is what the Communists were doing, so America had to do the same thing.

    The Universe Must Balance.

    • Standing up to them works, because they’re not used to it and they don’t expect it. It knocks them off guard. I’ve seen it happen again and again.

  • So if civic nationalism isn’t going to work (which I also agree with) what’s next? If you say WN then you get shut down by your own race! So you can’t really go there. I don’t know the answer at the moment. And as far as these little idiots, along with the lame-ass media and celebrities ,talking about Nazi’s? It’s laughable and beyond ignorant. LMAO In fact, they better hope and pray Nazi’s don’t come back in “style” as their little fragile worlds will get effed up *real* quick after this past year. 🙂

    • The altright should show they can work with other races. I’d suggest a meet between them, the black panthers, and the asian connection.

      Ya know, if this isn’t all controlled opposition via Hypernormalization

      • LMAO, you are too funny. :/ To hell with the leftist Black Panthers…if we are serious though, I say no “alliance talk” for a good 10 years with other ethnic groups. Way too many white folks on the Left that need a wake up call. :p

        • Maybe not explicitly non-white ethnonationalist groups, but the Alt White better fucking learn to work with other Alt Right factions against the globalist left if you want to be anything more than a punchline for leftist jokes or an MSM scarecrow who gets trotted out in front of the cameras whenever the Lugenpresse needs to make their shrieks of,”hey look! KKK Nazi squirrel!” appear reasonable.

      • Black Panther’s aren’t Black Nationalists even nominally, and even nominally Black “Nationalist” groups are also Marxist.

    • ” If you say WN then you get shut down by your own race!”

      So the job is to convince other white people that it’s legitimate to take our own side.

      George Washington was a White Nationalist. Thomas Jefferson was a White Nationalist. Andrew Jackson was a White Nationalist.

      The United States of America was founded as a White Nationalist country. White Nationalism is as American as apple pie.

      Maybe forget what the antifa losers are doing and instead concentrate on bringing the pro-white, White Nationalist message to the White community.

  • “Then it became whiteness and Christianity to accommodate the Jews and Southern and Eastern European Catholics”

    You had me until the sentence above. First, jews are not white (Aryan, unless you mean white as in Caucasoid); second, the majority of Eastern Europeans are Orthodox. Catholic eastern Europeans are Poles, Czech-Slovaks, and Croats.

    • Jews were tacitly taken as white during that era, however. It’s only recently that their white status has been revoked, and so far, it’s still only the A/R that’s willing to say that out loud.

      • As late as the early 70s jews were not allowed inside Miami country clubs. I am not even talking about smaller cities and towns in the south. So who exactly ‘tacitly’ considered them white?
        They are Caucasoids but not white if you are using the term to mean IE.

    • You’re right about the Jews not being Aryan (which is a racial term) but I think the author refers to the fact that Jews managed to blend into the common conception of White Americanism by means of miscegenation with whites and pervasive influence in academia, politics, the media and the entertainment industry. Not that it’s somehow ‘good’.

      Normal White Americans are essentially a Germanic people, looking at genetics, with few regionally concentrated outliers like Italians and Jews in NYC.

    • Nigger, US-based Jews are so heavily intermarried with white Gentiles that your grandma could be Jewish-ish and you wouldn’t even know. The biggest issue facing Jewish women today is the shiksa.

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