The Left Debates The Legitimacy of Political Violence

Yesterday, I woke up in Charlotte and drove home to Alabama. I wasn’t in any position to respond to this jaw dropping article in the The New York Times on the legitimacy of political violence:

“Is it O.K. to punch a Nazi?

That is not a brainteaser or a hypothetical question posed by a magazine on Twitter. It is an actual question bouncing around the internet after an attack on a well-known far-right activist, Richard B. Spencer, in Washington after the inauguration of Donald J. Trump as president on Friday. …”

Is it okay to initiate violence against the enemies of social justice? Please note that’s where the Left is at less than a week into the Trump administration. We’re called “fascists” by these people, but we are not the ones opening a public debate on the legitimacy of violently assaulting our political enemies.

Richard Spencer was assaulted on the streets of DC:

Gavin McInnes, the leader of the Proud Boys, was attacked outside the Deploraball:

Frank Luntz was attacked at the DC Marriott, doused with red paint and denounced as fascist:

Elsewhere in Washington, DC, a random Trump supporter put out a fire started by anti-fascists in DC, called for peace, and was promptly assaulted:

Someone was even shot at a MILO event in Seattle:

I launched the following tweetstorm while I was on the way home:

A few hours later, I learned that federal prosecutors were launching a crackdown on antifa violence:

Can you imagine the reaction from the Fake News media if WE WERE THE ONES calling for violence against our political enemies and thousands of people were endorsing it and giving it a big thumbs up? In the eyes of the unhinged Left, everyone from Richard Spencer to Gavin McInnes to Frank Luntz is a “fascist.” How long can this “climate of hate” continue before someone gets killed?

  • Vicky

    “The left embraces political violence”. Really? Do you even Bolshevik, goy?

  • Let them.

    What White people need to do is to let normal White Americans know that it is legitimate and righteous to take our own side and to advocate for our own White interests.

    It doesn’t matter what “the left” thinks, and it doesn’t matter what the anti-whites think, and it doesn’t matter what Jews think.

    What matters is what White Americans think. White Americans are targeted by anti-whites with anti-white propaganda. It’s our job to counter the anti-white propaganda and expose the anti-whites for what they are: evil, hateful genocidal maniacs that want White people dispossessed and eventually genocided.

    All normal White Americans oppose anti-Whites.

    George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, and Abraham Lincoln were all pro-white and supported White Nationalism. The United States of America was founded as a White Nationalist federation of White Nationalist states.

    White Nationalism is as American as Apple Pie, your Grandma, the Baby Jesus, and Christmas. To say “America First” is to be a White Nationalist and to be pro-White.

    Once the majority of White Americans realize that being pro-White is good, wholesome, and righteous, we’ll all be able to figure out the logistics of dealing with the anti-whites, but that’s a bridge to cross when we come to it.

    Stand on the side of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, and Abraham Lincoln and support pro-White White Nationalism. It’s the patriotic, American thing to do.

  • Charlie Primero
    • Laguna Beach Fogey

      Original Skinhead.

  • BookWurm

    You can rationalize your dogma any way you want, fascist. But give credit where it’s do. That sweet shot was courtesy of the Black bloc, educate your sorry self.
    You’ve been put on notice.

    • Lantern

      So have you communist vermin.

      • BookWurm

        Does a dim lantern still shine?

    • Can’t wait until one of you guys get shot and killed when you “””””punch””””” a “nazi” with your wrist.

      • Laguna Beach Fogey

        We need antifa blood running in the streets.

  • R. Casimir

    I hope that your columns are not all delivered as Twitter Storms, that’s a really irritating format to read. Twitter sucks, that why I come here.

  • this is a standard Jewish planted narrative. Nazis are not to be talked to, Nazis are to be pistol whipped (anyone who challenges Jewish planted myths is a NAZI). It’s a taught response, like it’s taught that Jews won’t engage with a “What holocaust?” guy. THe whole idea is to define who we are, don’t let us talk except of in out of context soundbites that imply some point they wish to make and just to be sure, tell us what we meant when we said that.
    Of course those folks that wish to hide from our Hitler heritage will never get past this because the whole NAZIs are evil thing depends on blaming Germans for the holocaust. Continue to be whipped as long as you let the lies stand

    Unfortunately there is no way to grow past this but to force them to answer for the holocaust lie. THose that give give them that narrative and then plead to them to have mercy for our race might as well wait for Santa Claus to come down the chimney cause it ain’t ever going to happen

  • Algearond

    They won’t like the reaction they get when they push things too far, and by then it will be too late.

  • MP Anon

    Keith Olberman got a hand on Bill Mahr’s Real Time last Friday when he gave his Ok to punch a Nazi.

  • Johnny Clary

    It’s more than ok to punch a nazi in fact it should be encouraged.