I’m Glad Richard Spencer Got Punched in the Face

The neoliberal establishment and the radical Left have put aside their recent feuding this weekend to enjoy a moment of mirth about Richard Spencer getting sucker punched while performing an interview at the inauguration this weekend. Time Magazine, the New York Times, and the cable news outlets are rejoicing the return of political violence. After all of these months in a row of failure and humiliation, culminating in Donald Trump’s ascent to the highest office, one can’t help but understand their profound need for cathartic laughter.

It’s pretty unwise for the Left to be normalizing political violence given the way the wind’s blowing. It doesn’t take a genius to see that ours is the side with most of the guns, most of the veterans, most of the people who work out, and most of the people who can both execute and absorb a good solid punch. Our side avoids violence because we’re attempting to win a moral case. Our side avoids violence because the system’s itching for any excuse to crack down on us. Our side avoids violence for a lot of reasons, but fear of losing a fight isn’t one of them.

Last summer in Sacramento, the Golden State Skinheads and our men attempted to host a peaceful permitted rally which was swarmed with over two hundred masked leftist radicals who all agreed that violence is appropriate. Our men, White Nationalist men, stood strong against staggering 20-1 odds, shredding through the gaggle of screeching degenerates. We’re not all as tough as the Sacramento Spartans, but we don’t need to be. We can all strive to be healthier, stronger, and more trained for riot combat than we are, but even now, America’s radical Left is no match for America’s radical Right.

Sacramento was exceptional, but it’s no exception. Despite being dwarfed in terms of resources and manpower, our side has prevailed in every major skirmish where the left has attempted to introduce political violence into the equation. They know this. Everybody knows this.

Everybody wonders why the Black Lives Matter riots always remain in their own neighborhoods. It’s no secret. They know that even the most cheesy White suburban neighborhood is littered with weapons and strong men who are prepared to defend their families and property.

We may have forgotten how strong we are, but our enemies haven’t. They’re scared of us, and they know that if they don’t land a quick sucker punch and scurry off, they’ll be rapidly and soundly defeated. Within the antifa backchannels I’ve infiltrated, they’re cheering their supposed victory against “the fash,” with their “strategists” explaining that the threat and execution of violence does regularly cause men to cease right-wing political activism. And they’re technically right about this. The doxing, the death threats, and the rabbit punches drive a lot of men away from nationalist leadership.

It’s a good thing, though, that the threat of real risk, real pain, and real sacrifice hovers over our movement. The only men we need leading and speaking for this movement are men who can take and bounce back from a sucker punch. The overwhelming majority of men would have never placed themselves at risk of that. The overwhelming majority of men would have second-guessed their project in light of that risk. But the very real threat of violence guarantees an authenticity, integrity, and virility in our movement which will pay dividends as our movement scales up from here.

Men show up and expect to lead this movement all the time. They set up websites. They make a call for followers. And more often than not, they achieve plenty of followers. But sooner or later, the lifestyle sacrifices, physical risks, and mind-numbing obstacles present themselves and most men cast off their general’s uniform and return to their safe, anonymous, apolitical lives. The antifa considers their chasing these men off a “victory.” I consider it hygiene.

I’m not glad that Richard Spencer got punched, per se. But the incident is of huge benefit to the nationalist cause. Having it on record that it’s the Left that is instigating the aggression—with the mainstream Left fully endorsing it—is a priceless long-term propaganda victory. This will help frame what’s in store in the years to come.

Having it on record that leadership of our struggle is genuinely dangerous will frighten off plenty of lesser men eager to elbow their way to the top of a rapidly growing political movement. Having it on record that our leadership will bounce right back from an attack, both literally and figuratively, underscores the seriousness of our work and the quality of our men.

I’m not associated with Richard Spencer. I’m not a contributor to this website. I belong to a separate project with a different message and strategy. But moments like the one that took place this weekend transcend our differences. The leftist degenerate attacked all nationalists when he attacked Dick, and it escalated a conflict between nationalists and globalists, one which we are destined to win.

Matt Parrott
the authorMatt Parrott


  • Richard said on the 2017 wrap-up podcast that it was actually a hard elbow he was hit with, not a punch. Not only is he a Texan but he also played football in high school – he’s not nearly as soft as a lot of these Antifa shitheads like to think he is. If it were 1-on-1 I’m sure Richard would mop the floor with 95% of the “people” that call themselves Antifa.

    I’m going to try to attach an Antifa meme here….

  • I would sincerely like to offer Richard Spencer my services in protection and defense. I, along with a couple of my friends, offer a special set of skills I think he would appreciate going forward at events. I assure him he would never be hit again, and should he suffer any health or physical life threat, we could handle it. How can I contact him?

    • There is a contact form on, but Richard retained security services after he was attacked a year ago and has not had issues since.

      • I’m going to write him on the form you mentioned. Maybe you could let him know I’ll be contacting him. I think he should consider something more aggressive. As this movement grows, he will be a more likely target.

  • I ‘ve at this since the 60’s ; and can assure anyone who is interested in actually bringing the message of white genocide to light – if your try , you will get hit. Probably more than once ; and you will get spit on, threatened and probably arrested ,hospitalized or killed.The Race War is ON-and has been ON for decades , and the Left isn’t playing around anymore. Given the opportunity they will attack and they generally do not fear being arrested.

  • I sorta wished the fucker was sporting a .45 and had blown the tiny amount of grey matter that little dickey had in his pathetic Aryan skull. The attacker was probably Richard’s alt-gay roommate, paid handsomely to make the left look thuggish. The Trumpistas tried to pay for a few leftist groups to close a few bridges down and got caught yada yada, and only ended up finding a few morons to smash a Starbucks lol. Trump propaganda. Sad. Pathetic. Queue Stephen Bannon + Andrew Breitbart sex tape.

  • Already a $5,303 bounty is being offered to anyone who outs the cuck-coward. Once found, he’ll be turned over to cops. If he’s a bit bloody-and-swollen, tant pis:

    The Left wants war. They’ve been egging on the Right for years, counting…like women…on being able to attack with impunity. Them days is gone. MAGA and Krav Maga are here now. Antifas need to carry teddybears in their backpacks to hold in emergency rooms.

  • I’m glad TWP sent many antifas to Sacramento hospitals.

    I’m glad an antifa was recently gut shot at a Milo talk, three thugs jumping one peaceful attendee. No arrest ‘cuz self-defense.

    I’m glad a feminist was punched…twice…for assaulting a man during the Pussyhat March. No arrest ‘cuz self-defense.

    I’m glad women who attack men are getting decked:

    I’m glad Trump booted Hilligula’s bulbous butt.

    Keep bringing it, Leftoids. The Right is finally fighting back. Get physical and you forfeit the right to control the kind and severity of responses. Then again, it’ll be easier to suck you nuks in safe-spaces when you no longer have teeth.

    Be nice, debate using words, or suffer the consequences.

    Consider every black-dressed, balaclava-masked protester to be armed and dangerous. Respond accordingly. It’s up to them to make sure there are enough ambulances and ERs around to handle their cowardly cuckbros finally experiencing reality.

    Molon Labe!

  • The Communist Liberals are the most intolerant people in the World. Those cowards have no respect for Freedom of Speech and the American way. Only in the Genocide of our People and all pure races in the World. We represent true racial diversity in the World. We represent it by advocating for the survival of all races and nations in the World. WPWW !

  • The comments on this website are better than the articles. It’s just an endless procession of people trolling and trying to punch each other in the head.

  • Spencer’s reaction to being punched was subpar. Not saying he should’ve chased his attacker given Spencer’s importance to the movement, but at least go back to in front of the camera where you were before getting punched.

    We aren’t going to win over normies by acting normal. That’s the problem with how Spencer reacted. He reacted like how a normie White man would react to getting sucker-punched for engaging in constitutionally protected speech. Normies need to perceive us as having tremendous vitality and fighting ability so they’ll turn to us when they feel threatened beyond a certain point.

    Of course Spencer is more of an intellectual. Perhaps he isn’t suited to handling this kind of situation well. But that just means he should start having some kind of security. Can he afford a body-guard? That would be really cool and make him seem important.

    • Remember, Richard had already been hit with a punch – enough to cause swelling around the eye – but continued on with the interview. The second blind-side blow was more severe. The attacker was already gone and one can’t be blamed for not getting back in front of the camera when your head is ringing.

  • There are a couple normi-book facebook accounts that actively encourage there members to make assaults like this the meme. I would encourage people to complain to facebook admins, as well as the justice department. Also I know we always complain about not having many lawyers on our side, but if you don’t post on normi-book could be good to follow such groups and try to document similar calls to violent criminal activity (?)

  • The antifa are complete cowards. Not only did that guy run away, he ran away after knocking Richard Spencer several feet and disorienting him. For an antifa type, with no sense of a fair fight, that would have been the perfect time to start beating on him, but he still ran away. I think he recognized, on some level, that Richard Spencer could have beaten him even after getting suckerpunched. Notice how many of them still carry hammers or other improvised weapons, despite having their giant black bloc to back them up?

    Judging from the pictures of the thugs from the Trump riots, most of them seem weak even by middle-class leftie standards. They were thoroughly beaten during the Sacremento Riot despite having a 10/1 advantage. If the altright formed our own security groups I doubt they would even be brave enough to attack, and they would get what they so dearly deserve if they did. That antifa thug went after Richard Spencer because he was unprotected. Had he had a even one guy watching his back he might have been able to grab the assailant before he got away.

  • I got my Red Pill when I realized that the ‘6 bazillion’ weren’t really gassed and cremated in WWII. Realizing that I’d been lied to all my life and that the Jews were behind it was a shocking wake-up call. The Jews behind Cultural Marxism, Multi-culturalism and white guilt use the Holocaust as the centerpiece for all of their reasoning. I believe that exposing the Holocaust as a lie, and acquitting Germany of war crimes is one of the keys to breaking the pattern of white guilt that has stemmed from it. I’m not sure how to go about it though, as the lie has been woven so deeply into so many aspects of our lives. TV, movies, books, museums, Israel.

    • Same red pill here.
      I’m ready to die on this hill — are you? Serious question, no trolling, no fooling.
      It must be exposed above ground, to all — not just underground to those ready for it. Though I think a groundswell is indeed coming … and I think dispensing red pills to those ready for them first is going to precipitate it.

      • I agree it needs to be done above ground. The problem is the Jews who will literally kill to keep the foundation of their plan for the white race from crumbling. The evidence is so simple and damning though it doesn’t take much to blast that foundation to dust. It’s just a matter of getting normies to actually look at it. Right now they’re too afraid.

  • Matt, don’t miss the characteristic that makes Donald Trump unique, and ultimately the only characteristic that got him elected: FIGHT BACK. In his #1 best selling book, Art of the Deal, Trump lists 11 steps to success. 10 of them are so common, you can call them “boiler plate” – or – “obligatory”. There’s one unique step: #8, FIGHT BACK. Sometimes, the only “win” or “lose” is based on whether you fight back or not. Fight and you win. Tuck your tail and run, and you lose.

  • This was a great read, erudite and on-point. As annoying as this incident has been, we need to remember that it’s just that, an annoyance. The progs are going into paroxysms of ecstasy because they are starved for real victories. In the ling run, The Punch That Was Seen Around the World will deligitimize the Left, which has revealed itself to be both uninterested in and incapable of rational engagement, at the same time that it will galvanize the Right. The advantages of the Left are institutional support & perceived moral superiority; the Trumpenreich will undermine the former even as the commies undermine the latter by their own actions. They will be left with nothing but street violence … and that’s the Right’s home turf.

  • It’s unfortunate that this happened to Richard but his reaction was appropriate. Part of being a good leader and conscious strategist (and public figure) is knowing when to pick your battles. Obviously, if Richard had retaliated that would have been far worse propaganda than taking the blow. And this applies to all possible violent interactions the Alt-Right may experience in the future. Remember that you’re Men, not savage Antifa apes.

    “The victorious strategist only seeks battle after the victory has been won, whereas he who is destined to defeat first fights and afterwards looks for victory.”
    Sun Tzu

  • I always enjoy Matt Parrot’s articles greatly. I followed the Sacramento events closely last summer and while I was upset that hundreds of masked antiFa physically attacked the small group of Trad Youth nationalists who were holding a peaceful, legal public talk, I was incredibly proud of their bravery and toughness. God bless our people. God bless our brave nationalists who show up on the front lines & take punches from antiWhites so we can secure a decent future for our White children.

  • I know right now the meming of this kind of sucks but I agree with Matt. Putting Spencer personally aside, long term this is what I consider casus belli.

    We just need to learn from this. Obviously we gain no advantage from letting our opponents get free shots on us, so don’t let it happen.

  • Well said, Matt.

    It’s pretty unwise for the Left to be normalizing political violence given the way the wind’s blowing. It doesn’t take a genius to see that ours is the side with most of the guns, most of the veterans, most of the people who work out, and most of the people who can both execute and absorb a good solid punch. Our side avoids violence because we’re attempting to win a moral case. Our side avoids violence because the system’s itching for any excuse to crack down on us. Our side avoids violence for a lot of reasons, but fear of losing a fight isn’t one of them.

    Yes, this is what I’ve been telling libtards and antifa on Twatter.

    If, or when, political violence is legitimized, the Left has no chance.

  • True, I was saying on my you tube wall. Even if you normally think Spencer is too tame, it’s clear that the worst enemy is about to call him Hitler’s son. We need to protect our people. These folks are being provocateured by Jews to act out. The enemy is the Jew but when the SHTF, those taking Jew orders we may consider the enemy as well

  • HipsterRacist is a conspiracy crank who invests more time in spinning elaborate baseless exposés of nationalist activists than he invests in pro-white political work. He speculates egregiously, ruthlessly taking everything he possibly can out of context, frame, and topicality to weave together the darkest possible motives and priorities of everybody, myself included.

    According to HipsterRacist, I’m a fed who runs all of the nationalist websites as a honeypot for information. According to HipsterRacist, pretty much everybody except his personal friends are conspiring jackals deliberately sabotaging the movement.

    In this comment thread, and just about every other comment thread, he sews negativity and paranoia.

    • Anyone attacking Anglin right now like Hipster Racist is sowing division. I don’t care if Anglin isn’t your cup of tea. Goering hate Streicher. Lenin hated Trotsky. They worked together until THEY WON! The goal is to win!

      • My creed and my mission is the 14 words. I am not a fan of Anglin’s “White women like being raped” bullshit comments, but nevertheless I appreciate the considerable contribution that Anglin’s Daily Stormer website makes to the pro-White movement.

      • Considering that Anglin and his JIDF troll army have spent the last three years attacking virtually everyone in the pro-white movement that won’t play (((Hollywood Nazi))) it’s them that are “sowing division.”

        Why are you sowing division by attacking Hipster Racist? Try eating your own dogfood – see how good it tastes.

        • …attacking virtually everyone in the pro-white movement that won’t play (((Hollywood Nazi))) it’s them that are “sowing division.”

          Then why is it that you’re the one here that has made it a point to sow the most division and discord when people choose to not follow your sagely advice and criticisms?

    • I’ve never accused Matt Parrot of being a Fed – as we can see, Matt Parrott is creating a conspiracy theory.

      The reality is Matt Parrott and his collaborators chose to parade around on college campuses waving around “lynching signs” and wearing Nazi-like armbands and I suggested that was counter-productive, even subversive.

      Supposedly this was supposed to “recruit the college kids” but – to no one’s great surprise – college kids looking at Parrott’s friends waving around lynching signs while wearing Nazi-like armbands (who wears armbands anyway?) for some reason did not line up to join the pro-white cause.

      Later, Parrott acknowledged that my criticism was correct – on his own Trad Youth site.

      Remember, Parrott also accused Richard Spencer of being controlled by a shadowy groups of homosexuals attempting to ban Christians from the pro-white movement.

      It’s amusing that people conflate criticism of their tactics and motivation with accusations of being a “Fed.”

      Let’s not underestimate the FBI – a very effective organization. When the FBI hires Feds to disrupt a movement, they can do a credible job.

      • You clearly implied what you implied. And the mistakes you reference over and over again were acknowledged by ourselves shortly after the incidents (if not during) and occurred years ago. But you’ll keep bringing them up years from now.

        Note: He’s got a website. Just peruse it for a spell and decide for yourself if his message is a constructive and reasonable one.

  • I have a question regarding PR since many seem to think that a moderate, normie friendly message is so crucial. How do you reconcile that with the fact that Daily Stormer gets more traffic than the rest of the alt-right combined?

    • Because Anglin is damn good at what he does and produces good content. I don’t like the 1488 shit all the time, but if we are being attacked in the streets, then we need Anglin to serve as Julius Streicher with his Daily Stormer. Richard Spencer can do the high brow intellectual stuff, Anglin can do the Agitprop that hits people over the head.

    • gets way more traffic than (((Daily Stormer))) does.

      Do you go around fucking in the street?

      (((Daily Stormer))) gets a lot of traffic for the same reason that does. People love looking at freaks and people making fools of themselves online.

    • While I can’t really defend or support some of his work, a lot of the criticism of Anglin does pertain to a generational disconnect on humor.

      Nobody over thirty really gets the post-ironic accelerationist humor. I’m not saying the site’s a joke. He’s quite serious. But part of the imageboard community’s humor relies on dancing on the line between the sincere and absurd while holding a straight face. It’s a bit of a hegelian reaction to my own generation’s nineties-style smug sarcastic snark.

      The short answer is, of course, that the man consistently and rapidly delivers topical copy. I guarantee you that if Anglin quite White Nationalism and started a Pomeranian Fancier blog, his blog would blow out every other Pomeranian blog within a month and eclipse all of the other dog fancier blogs combined within a few months.

      • It just doesn’t make sense to me that so many people here are pissing their pants over someone saying hail victory. Meanwhile DS is the most successful branch on this tree. I’m quite familiar with the imageboard humor and I’m over 30. I’ve been there way, way too long pls no bully. But you’re right its a very young crowd and a huge crowd. Doesn’t that bode well for the future? These kids are coming up completely desensitized to muh holocaust and white guilt or aversions to racial slurs. They don’t hold the left’s sacred cows and Anglin and /pol/ has done this by being about as extreme as you can get with rhetoric and propaganda. Oh but lets hyper-fucking-ventilate over “hail victory.”

        • If Richard follows the advice of the men complaining to him to tone police and counter-signal the alt right kids in order to grow his movement, …he will shrink his movement.

          Then those guys will complain about his movement shrinking.

          Since they’ll complain either way, his movement might as well be growing while they’re complaining.

  • Does Richard Spencer go by “Dick”? I’ve never heard anyone use that nickname to address him.
    Very few men named Richard of his age go by “Dick” as a nickname. Rick, or Rich, perhaps.
    It strikes an odd discordant note in this otherwise fine essay.

  • I was astonished at the response to the assault on Richard Spencer I saw on reddit (r/news). I know the Alt Right is extremely controversial in mainstream society, but I had no idea how common violent sentiments towards us are amongst the normies. It was as though people didn’t even view this as a crime. And yes, the rejoinders to pointing out this fact were of the, “muh grandpa fought Nazis” variety.

    If all these fools understand is violence, they makes peaceable compromise impossible. Richard has remarked before that it’s almost as though on a subconscious level after years of phony politics, the Left starves for another worthy enemy. They are lost and the only hope of restoring their vitality is through conflict and struggle with a worthy foe. So they let us loose as monsters in their minds, rather than confront the uncomfortable possibility that what they know is not the truth.

    I’m still pretty new to the movement, but I still believe that if hostile normies understood the facts and the implications thereof, they would come to understand the world as we do… But events like this make me fear that normies would rather stay asleep and suffer nightmares of their own creation than wake up and see the monsters were only in their head.

    • The reaction to Heilgate was way over the top from people like Cernovich, but Cernovich was still right: That type of thing looks awful to the average person. It was incredibly unfortunate. Now the only thing normal people are going to associate Spencer with is that time people Seig Heiled him while he said “Hail Trump”.

      • It was unfortunate but necessary. Unfortunate because it would have been better if it had never happened. But necessary because something like that was inevitable. We need to overcome the historical phantom of the Nazis, to “step over it,” in the words of Jonathan Bowden. And the normies can’t get over it unless the taboos are transgressed. Again, unfortunate but necessary. It’s an uncomfortable pairing.

        • I suppose that’s a fair take on it. I guess I’m just frustrated because he’s put a lot of work into the Alt Right and fighting for white and that really dings his ability to reach people who might otherwise respond to his message. Maybe you’re right though, down the road it will have been a necessary error.

          • I don’t think we’re going to be able to separate “pro-white” from “nazi” by any stretch, anyway — at least, not in the minds of antifa and those who take their word as “gospel truth” or “wisdom from the streets” or whatever. Antifa make no distinctions — ANYONE who disagrees with their politics or even their tactics and actions is automatically a “racist, fascist, white-supremacist nazi” as far as they are concerned, and they neither see nor make any distinction between any of those terms. For antifa and their sheep, those terms are all interchangeable and all universally despicable and evil. THEY will continue to make no distinctions (nor even educate themselves on what constitutes an actual example of any of those labels), whether we do so or not. There is no amount of “distance dancing” away from one another we can do to put a stop to that. Antifa are irrational, reactive, and lump-sum-labeling. End of story.

            What needs to happen is for the truth about WW2 to break above ground level and become mainstreamed. This is why the alt-right as a whole cannot afford to interrupt achieving new levels of winning to go on some silly self-purge from the redpilled.

          • “at least, not in the minds of antifa and those who take their word as “gospel truth” or “wisdom from the streets” or whatever. Antifa make no distinctions”

            But who cares about them? They don’t matter. They aren’t who Richard Spencer is trying to reach. He’s trying to reach the Republican voter who is sick of seeing his hometown transformed by immigration or the college student who is in the early stages of being red-pilled by all the diversity propaganda on campus. But those people are going to stop before they get to Richard’s message because he’s associated with Nazism and that is a dead end.

            Take this election for instance. I slowly worked on 6-7 people who generally vote democratic and lean liberal into at least not voting for anyone. There were times where I wanted to push them toward some more radical stuff, but I didn’t want to overstep my bounds. My arguments generally centered on economic impact of trade and immigration and (in certain cases, depending on the person) why people might not like seeing their towns and cities transformed.

            Now I’m glad I didn’t push them toward anything geared toward RS, because it would have tainted any gains I made. Its just reality.

        • A skinhead with a swastika tattooed on his neck doing a Roman salute is bad for our cause. A milquetoast 20-something white guy in a suit and tie doing a Roman salute at an intellectual conference on white identity is great for our cause. It gets media attention and overreaction, and seeing a regular guy doing a Roman salute de-stigmatizes it ever so slightly.

          You can’t turn a normie into alt-right by quietly saying ‘Dems are the real racists’, rather you need to present a strong, vigorous alternative to the mainstream narrative on race, and white identity (including the Roman salute) does this.

    • Reddit isn’t representative of “normies” and neither is Facebook. Employers comb your facebook looking for thought-crimes, and reddit is censorious in the extreme. Regularly deleting subreddits and politicking with radical leftist cliques on the part of the sites admins to subvert them up to and including blackmailing subreddit owners with doxing.

      I don’t hide my power level too much in real life and you don’t get responses in real life of the variety that you do on reddit. The ones who conform to reddit stereotypes in real life are generally people you wouldn’t respect or want on your side anyway.

    • A lot of the men who fought in ww2 alighting in Germany realized their leaders had hoodwinked them.

  • How much better would it have been if instead one of the very large weight room addicts surrounding Richard had intercepted this sucker punching worm and power bombed him into the pavement? Don’t attribute any courage or capability to these people. If get they maimed when they try this shit they’ll stop. This has never been the case before. They’ve never even faced legal prosecution. These people are weak cowards who will crawl back under their rocks as soon as there are actual consequences for their actions.

  • Before the thread is full of tough guy posturing, let’s review the ACTUAL history of political violence, right vs. left, in America:

    Institutions are one of two major assets that the Left has and the Right lacks. The other is Shock Troops.

    Institutions are organizations the Left controls that operate for the
    benefit of the Left’s people. The Right doesn’t really have these. As
    an example, there are occasional hard right lawyers, but so far as I
    know there is no such thing as the Reactionary Lawyers’ Guild.

    Let’s not forget that the Radical Lawyers Guild actually smuggled weapons into prisons to arm left wing terrorists. (((Lawyers))) represent anti-fa thugs for free and pay their bail.

    Do we have any lawyers on our side? Do we have any plans to get some?

    Do we have any institutions that provide a nice retirement for our “street warriors?”

    • The Battle of Sacramento was a complete failure.

      All anyone knew about the Battle of Sacramento were the headlines: “Nazis Attack Anti-Racists.”

      In what way did that giant waste of time advance the pro-white cause? How many normal white people became pro-white because of that “protest?”

      • It was fantastic optics. I know it triggers your insecurity when people go outside and do things you can’t or won’t do. Tell me. How effective is some facebook meme page with MS Paint doodles? What value did the NEETs that were swayed by some podcast add?

        • It was terrible optics. Virtually every white person that even heard of it, not many, believed that “Nazis” were attacking innocent white people against racism. That is all anyone ever saw. That was the optics.

          A complete, 100% FAILURE of optics.

          • @neofuturist:disqus

            What are you supposed to be accomplishing?

            You said that Sacramento Screw-up was “good optics.” That is obviously completely false – it was terrible optics.

            If your goal is to entertain yourself, or to get your face on the Jew tube labeled as a “Nazi” then I guess you “won.”

            Did you actually accomplish anything that advances the cause? Did you actually convince even a SINGLE white person to become pro-white?

            If not – yeah, it would have been better just to stay at home. “First, do no harm.”

            If you can’t do anything useful – don’t do anything at all.

          • Here’s an idea. I’m pretty sure those antifa scum in Sacramento are never going to fuck with a pro white demonstration again. Let me tell you what won’t convince people to be pro-white. Seeing pro-white figures getting their asses beat everywhere they go. Alternatively if we put these faggots in the ICU when they chimp out it projects an image of strength and winning. I’m curious, really answer me this. .do you think we should be playing the victim card?

          • ” I’m pretty sure those antifa scum in Sacramento are never going to fuck with a pro white demonstration again.”

            Well you are absolutely wrong about that.

            You don’t actually seem to care about winning white people to the cause. Chances are – if you really do what you are suggesting as opposed to just LARPing online, you’ll just wind up in jail.

            What a worthless waste – but hey, it’s your life. Good luck with that. Don’t drop the soap.

          • That is not what I saw. I saw people laughing at antifa for starting it and getting the crap kicked out of them.

          • When I saw it on the news it looked like a group of White people with some signs (who were actually quite calm) surrounded by people screaming at them like their heads were going to explode. It certainly made the anti-Whites look ridiculous, irrational, and hateful imo.

          • The Asian women that led was ridiculous as well. I forget her name, but she worked at a local school.

          • Really? Where did you see that?

            I scanned all the major websites and the reaction ranged from “good I’m glad the Nazis got stabbed” to “I hate Nazis but they have the right of free speech.”

          • Pretty sure it was antifa that got stabbed. In fact I believe ‘our guys’ took their weapons away from them and stabbed them with them. No one was defending antifa, even on places like reddit. People were horrified at the violence in some cases, but it was completely started by antifa so the response was “well don’t start a fight if you cannot finish it.”

            This is why I know it isn’t a “moral” victory to take cheap shots from these people. The majority of our society will laugh at the loser no matter what. There is no sympathy to get, because our culture is so degenerate.

            Out of everything that has happened I am mostly frustrated with Spencer allowing himself to be such an easy target. I hope everyone learns a lesson from all of this.

          • Maybe it was the antifa that got stabbed, doesn’t matter. The point is that virtually everyone, right left and otherwise, got the message “Nazis Attack Peaceful Anti-Racists.” Virtually everyone, right left and center, denounced the “Nazis” and cheered for the “Anti-Racists.”

            So that means the “Battle of Sacramento” was a complete failure – at least, if it was supposed to somehow promote the pro-white cause.

            I saw PLENTY of people on reddit defending the anti-fa, hell, my comments on that story denouncing anti-fa got me banned from /r/politics. No one was defending the “Nazis” – at most people were defending free speech. Some were critical of antifa violence but no one sided with the “Nazis” and from what I remember, I was the only one even suggesting that they weren’t even “Nazis” to begin with.

            As for Spencer – immediately after the last NPI conference we at AryanSkynet predicted this would happen, urged Spencer to hire a professional security team, and laid out a plan to disrupt antifa – as some of us have experience disrupting antifa in an effective manner.

          • The politics subreddit is the worst. So is the New York Times comment section. That is like using breitbart or even R_Donald as an example. Those aren’t exactly even handed barometers of the public conscious.

            I am talking places like the gamergate subreddit, the news channel youtube comments, the local news article, the ralph report, even yahoo news. Places where there is a better mixture of left and right leaning people.

            Sorry man, we just saw different things. At worst I would consider it a wash.

          • Wait you are saying that politics and NYT are biased, but … the “Gamergate” sub … has the real pulse of America?

            Sorry, the Sacramento Screwup was a farce. Basically, no one outside of the altright and the antifa even remember it. What little press it did receive was negative for the pro-white side.

            The group that staged the Sacramento Screwup has a years long history of doing counter-productive and purposefully subversive clownery in public that does absolutely nothing for the pro-white cause.

            Does the White Nationalist movement merely exist to give antifa something to protest?

            I thought it was about, you know, helping white people. Not getting into fights with antifa street trash.

          • Look, I get it, you will never change your mind on the subject. Gamergate is not a right wing movement. I provided my view point with multiple examples and you scoffed it off. I have news for you, you and I will NEVER be accepted by the New York times., so you should just get over that one.

          • And yes it does matter who got stabbed, it matters who started it, and it definitely, matters who won. It simply does. In the antifa and communist subreddits their moral was visibly shaken after that fight happened.

          • “Maybe it was the antifa that got stabbed, doesn’t matter.”

            You’re a fucking retard. Did you understand that? Probably not.

          • People can determine who started a fight independently of
            The media.

          • Ha, like most on the supposed right you greatly overestimate your intelligence or the impact whatever your supposed intellect can have. Rationalizing with those that hate you and want you dead is a worthless endeavor. PERIOD… It will not go the way you want it to go. The demographics do not allow for it.

          • “Rationalizing with those that hate you and want you dead is a worthless endeavor.”

            Well, no shit Sherlock.

            So what exactly is “protesting” the anti-fa supposed to accomplish?

            What – did you think your signs are going to somehow make them say, “well I used to hate white people but that Nazi’s signs convinced me otherwise, derp!”


            OK, did the Sacramento Screwup convince even a SINGLE white person to be pro-white? Did it convince even a SINGLE white normie to be pro-white?

            No? Then what did it accomplish?

            You’re supposed to be so smart – how many white people joined the pro-white cause because of the Sacramento Screwup?


          • Settle down. 1. I am not Alt Right. Just Right. 2. California is lost. 3. I give a rats ass what they did in Sac. Pathetic City with which I am quite familiar. Whether or not it got anyone interested in whatever, who knows. Do what you want. Good Luck. I am not against you. Have a nice night.

          • Southern California is certainly lost for the time being.

            Whites marching–so what, mainstream stations can misrepresent their real views into their twisted agitprop?

            I don’t think “we” even get what marching is exposure wise.
            Who reports that march?
            Who’s responsible for the exposure?

            I doubt marching is an effective tool for us at the moment.

          • We need smart guys in suits to write articles and talk to media and we also need smart, hard men in work boots to curb stomp antiFa faggots. We need to be both smart AND hard.
            A hard man is a good thing. 😉

      • To be honest, most of the headlines I saw were about how anti-racists “took on” the big bad neo-nazis and white supremacists. Making the former out to be heroes, painting them up as such, while simply automatically assuming the latter to be villians — not even trying to do a paint job in that regard.

  • I don’t agree. You’re acting under the impression that modern society is somehow normal or consistent. It isn’t.

    The Spencer punch has become a meme, not just by radical leftists and antifa, but by Normies. I’ve seen this shared all over my fb by friends, some of who are not political and yes, some of who even voted for Trump. I’ve seen it pop up on non-political meme pages. The punch is memed to Captain America or Indiana Jones. The coward who punched, despite his obvious cowardice, is being lionized as not only a hero but a true, red blooded American patriot (Because muh grandpa punched Nazis in WW2). The absurdity of this of course (your grandpa also thought it was OK to hang black people according to modern dogma) is irrelevant because the truth does not matter. All that matters is propaganda. Spencer looks weak and vulnerable and this has galvanized the general population against the “Alt-right”. That coupled with the fact that the general population finds it morally acceptable to sucker punch what they deem a “Nazi” means that we’re on the ropes here. This is a defeat that can’t be spun as a victory, and this is a serious issue for us when we are viewed on equal or lesser moral terms to pedophiles.

    This is the reality we face. It’s not just leftists.

    • Well there is at least this :

      Waiting for someone to turn him in for the bounty. Once he is caught we can start making triumphant memes, I mean although the antifa got that symbolic victory… in reality they got felony charges and their lives were destroyed that day. Trump is taking no prisoners, and if we get this coward we can meme the fact that we are the final victors.

    • Good post. Matt brings up some good points about this whole thing but ultimately this is clearly a symbolic victory for the left. Spencer getting punched in the head is not a good look.

    • Many of the online handles – and the IRL “movement” that essentially does little more than stage stunts for the Jewish media – don’t really care about promoting pro-white ideas and getting the majority of White Americans to be pro-white.

      Have they ever asked themselves – what is the point of “counter-protesting the anti-fa?” What good does that do? What does it accomplish?

      Why not go down to the ghetto and “protest” the dindus? What is that supposed to accomplish?

      What is the goal? Is the goal to get your face on TV? Is the goal to make yourself feel tough? Is the goal to just “do something” that gets you out of the house?

      If the goal is to convince the majority of White Americans that it is legitimate to act in our own interests – if the goal is the 14 words – then you have to ask yourself “is what I am about to do actually going to advance the cause or not?”

      People don’t like to ask themselves that question, because the things that actually advance the cause are usually not particularly glamorous and likely won’t get your face on the TV news.

        • Lol, is this a Jew troll or what?

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          You should be killed in front of your family.
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          Looooool you are dumb.
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          You have autism.
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          Politically correct!? Lmao humans are pure autism
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          Also: I’ve. Ever heard baby metal.
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          Babymetal > deathspell omega
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      • Only one thing will advance the cause, exposing and challenging Jewish power. Since any exposure is censored or misdirected, exposure in and of itself, challenging Jewish narratives they claim as truth is a direct challenge. Everything else, especially if unlinked to the source, is baggage

    • This is why Nazi larping is pointless and why Spencer messed up with the whole “Hail Trump” bit.
      Normal people who would be accepting to the idea of “Why can’t white people have a space for themselves without being ashamed” are not going to be accepting to “14/88 SEIG HEIL GAS THE KIKES”.

      I know Richard isn’t a nazi and I respect him. He’s contributed more to this than just about anyone. But throwing that Hail Trump into his speech was really dumb. And the people who threw up Roman Salutes should be ashamed.

      • This. It’s easy for us in our echo chambers to forget just how normal people see Nazis. You may as well try to convince Evangelical Christians to join you while you wear a devil costume.

        • A lot of that rests on the hold over from the apparent demographic security that existed in the US up until the mid 2000s… you could dismiss the POV of a Duke or even a Tancredo as absurd well into the 90s. The BNP, FNs warnings could have been ignored up until recently.
          The data is in. NatSoc were 70 years ahead of time with their desire for purgations.

        • Well, there is no way to over throw the Powers that be without exposing the taught lies. No way, everything else is fake if you don’t expose the lies

      • I agree, Spencer’s “Hail Trump” moment was a mistake even though I personally found it amusing. I don’t think LARP’ing or over the top acts for publicity will help grow nationalism into a legitimate political movement in the long run. With that said, no one was compared to a Nazi more than Donald Trump and it didn’t stop him from winning. Anyone even remotely Civic Nationalist is going to be called a fascist. I don’t think Civic Nationalism is the answer in the long run so we’re just going to have to embrace the name calling. Some professionalism can go a long way though.

        • If I was a billionaire Hollywood celebrity with a 30 year record as an anti-racist activist and a liberal – like Donald Trump – people could call me a “nazi” and it wouldn’t matter either.

          We should only embrace a label if it is useful to us. If it isn’t useful, don’t embrace the label. It doesn’t matter what the anti-whites want.

          • What is a useful label depends on how you use the label.If all you do is react to enemy insults, you will go nowhere. Do not let the enemy tell you what is moral

          • If you react to enemy insults by automatically embracing those insults, you will go nowhere.

            That’s like “reverse psychology” you used to trick your ten year old brother with.

          • Well, I personally think Hitler was a great goy and refuse to let Jews define him for me. Isn’t that the problem with the Jew glasses, letting them define the rules.How you gonna win like that -protocols 12-5 by the way

          • Chairman Mao was a Jew tool. I am anti-Jew. Why would I do that? All I am saying is we shouldn’t let Jews defame our greatest leaders

          • I believe in giving in kind. It’s not a warm and fuzzy environment out there and Jews have no scruples about making the worst accusations against us. Once they open the door, we should make them wish they hadn’t

          • Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

            Trump has a long history of attacking the White community in Florida to promote “diversity” – and he bragged about it. In the 1980s Trump was known for his “anti-racism” and friendship with non-white celebrities. He helped make “anti-racism” popular in the 1980s.

          • Yea… He was also that mongural Mike Tyson’s (the ear biter) manager and defended him vigorously after the rapes of white women.

          • It literally means against racism. And no not the bullshit calling everyone who has a different o pinon than you a racist. ACTUAL racism.

          • No it literally means anti-white. Calling a white person a “racist” is no different than calling a black person a “nigger” or calling a Jewish person a “kike.”

            You really need to work on your hatred. What made you so hateful? I can imagine your gender dysphoria causing you to be resentful toward the world in general, but why do you take it all out on white people?

            Stop the hate. White people are people too.

          • No shit white people are people too, but so are black people. Stop making me look like the evil one when you clearly only care for white people. I am not the one running around calling people the n word and demanding they be desperate from us, saying the Jews are evil, or that anyone in the LGBT community needs to be shocked to get “cured”.
            I like white people just as much as I do anyone else. That is equality.I don’t like white people more,but that doesn’t in any way mean I dislike white people. Learn the fucking difference. I don’t overuse the word racist or fascist like most people do these days, but I do place it where I see ACTUAL racism or fascism.
            And my “dysphoria” (if you even know the actual definition and are not just using it as a sad excuse to dismiss our conversation) isn’t doing anything to influence my opinions on matters that have nothing to do with it, you are reaching blindly for straws and pulling your hands out covered in shit. What a joke.

          • Again you obviously are fucking stupid and can’t read. I am not the one demanding those things I listed above. That s truly evil

        • Every obsticle is a stepping stone. We have a right to make body movements that don’t injure the way we want with out Jews telling s not to and it is Jews

        • But it’s not the comparison that matters. Most white people are going to roll their eyes at the idea of Donald Trump being a Nazi because its preposterous. Why? Because nothing that Donald Trump has done has given any sane person reason to believe he’s actually a Nazi.
          But guess what? Richard Spencer is now forever associated with Nazism because he decided “Hail Trump” was a good way to end an otherwise very good speech.

        • First of all, it’s not ALL necessarily LARPing (though obviously some of it is). Whether one gets it or not, likes it or not, understands it or not, people who are thoroughly redpilled on WW2 and the JQ are an important and indispensible backbone to this movement. There are deeper levels of awareness to the historical facets which have contributed to the conflicts and issues we see today. These should never be dismissed out of hand as irrelevant, no matter how LARPers might make it all seem ridiculous. Alienating the redpilled — who have deeper stakes, thus longer endurance potential, and consider this part of a hill worth dying upon — would be a huge mistake.

          Having said that, I think there’s much to be said for a sane and balanced approach to assist normies and disgruntled former lefties exiting the herd to understand the issues in language they can appreciate. Someone mentioned how people who would be open to hearing that blaming whites for everything is actually just as racist as the racism whites are blamed for, is not going to be open to “GTK RWN” sentiments. And they are absolutely correct about that. But the beauty of a movement is that it is not a party; it’s a movement. There’s room for a broad spectrum.

          To accomplish our SHARED goals we must work together on our common ground while continuing to remain decentralized. We can accomplish our OTHER goals that are more specialized in nature by collaborating with those who share them with us. But if your goal is to “sanitize” or “purge” the alt-right of its redpilled backbone, you’d better think twice before filleting us all, and our collective strengths, alive.

      • Fortunately, most people LARPing online with the GTKRWN gimmick and doing “Hitler salutes” are actually Jews, married to Jews, or just stupid internet trolls.

        The people who play (((Hollywood Nazi))) in real life are limited to a core of maybe a half dozen “activists” (cough) – they just happen to get a lot of media attention.

        We know their names, so just point them out. Most actual pro-white people wouldn’t go to a college campus and wave around “lynching signs” or wear “nazi” looking armbands, would they?

        Nah, it’s just a tiny little fringe group of “activists” that do things like that, purposefully trying to discredit the cause.

        So just point them out and otherwise ignore them.

        • Many of the claims by fringe merchants like Le Pen or Griffin have come to pass. Mosley was prophetic. How far you let the un initiated deal with these men is a matter of degree .

      • blah, blah, blah, so what if we did a Nazi salute. WHy are you letting Jews guilt trip you. That is not an excuse to hit someone. You can burn the US flag but you can’t do a nazi salute. Gimme a break

        • I don’t care about “Jew’s guilt tripping anyone”. If you’re trying to wake white people up from a lifetime of brainwashing, they are going to run away from the guy and his movement associated with people Seig Heiling. And people who don’t acknowledge this clearly haven’t thought it through. Its not just the action, its what its associated with. White people associate it with the worst evil ever and once that association is made, you’ve lost your chance to convert someone.

          • no the problem is people hiding under the table when the Jew yells holocaust. There is no quick way to confront years of brainwashing but catering to the lies I guarantee will go nowhere

          • In case you didn’t get my point, there is nothing evil about a nazi salute because there was no holocaust, anything less is protocol 12-5 and the Jewish glasses you, my friend, leave on even though you know better you watch the emperor with no clothes and pretend he’s wearing them. We refuse to participate in soundbites on these tough subjects but don’t stand down to Jewish intimidation either which is all it is

          • First, “LOL” is outre. Only lame douches use it now. Did you miss the memo?

            Second, your comment is dumb.

          • > “there was no holocaust”

            Dunno. I think there was. Still, it’s not the WORSTEST THANG EVAH that Zionists claim in order to excuse Israel’s many crimes…and bilk money from Uncle Sucker.

          • Actually, to live in Germany under foreign rule and hate speech laws while paying reparations for something they didn’t do IS the worst thing in the world. Also, without the holocaust, and exposing the intentional lie, the Jewish guilt trip of the goy not only falls apart, but turns on them

          • Well, What happened at NPI was poorly thought out. Letting Jews film white nationalists in an uncontrolled environment where you know they will accentuate whatever negative they cvan, was a mistake. Also, casually letting Jews in the room represent us once you have let Jews film without airing your expectations of them, another big mistake. However, once you are seen doing a salute that represents a ppl being lied about, WW II , Germany, it is disloyal to the goyim resistance to cowtow

          • Allen Wright: >”If you’re trying to wake white people up from a lifetime of brainwashing, they are going to run away from the guy”

            They’re lost anyway. Fuck ’em.

            > “White people associate it with the worst evil ever”

            Worse than WWII Russian POW, gay, Roma, and priest deaths: 6,000.000?
            Worse than the Holodomor: 10,000,000 dead?
            Worse than Tamerlane’s pre-gunpower-era murders: 17,000,000?
            Worse than WWII Russian deaths: 20,000,000?
            Worse than Stalin’s murders: 40,000,000?
            Worse than Mao’s murders: 60,000,000?

            Stop buying Holocaust hype. It’s used to get guilt-gelt from goyim so Israel can continue acting like the Fourth Reich. Jews have NOT suffered most throughout history. Period!

            > “once that association is made, you’ve lost your chance to convert someone.”

            It’s a waste of time trying to “convert” anyone, especially white cucks. Spencer says who he is to rally similar-thinkers and attract neutrals or noobs. The rest are weak, weeny-wusses who deserve to be pegged by racist blacks.

            It’s like careers: it’s ALWAYS better to start at a new position than try to get a raise at the current one. It’s like trying to enlighten college-age SJWs: useless. It’s impossible to counter 12-16 years of Marxist indoctrination. You can only fight them while getting recruits elsewhere.

        • I can barely tell the difference between half the people claiming to be Nazis and the Jews. Many of the ‘right’ here have a Kippot hovering over their head on the astral plane. In my experience a large number of alleged Nazis and Far Right activists are on the payroll of the FBI. Trolling with Nazism is a standard practice for informants.

          • Yes, Jews have linked mindless race hate with being Jewish and Hitler love . We need to disown the anti-goyim obsessions and promote the truth about WW II which in and of itself links to Jewish subversion. Ongoing false flags that have weak explanations and obvious plants pushing the story shouldn’t mindlessly be followed to push an anti-Muslim agenda or the like and the reason is because that is exactly why the event happened and we want to undermine what TPTB want in every way and why? Because they rule us thru lying and want to undermine us and it’s clear they want a race war. If we have to fight a race war, let us be clear we fight those mix of races, some white, who will be serving globalist interests

          • I have to say you are very intelligent, not many people in this movement realize realize the truth about the false flags. There are many faked events in the last few centuries, I wish more people in our movement had the balls to acknowledge it. Visit for more information.

          • Be careful of Mathis. There is some sort of strategy in the alt-right to pretend false flags are real. The damage of leaving the Jew glasses on (protocols 12-5) is huge however if you understand who the real enemy is

      • If straight-armed salutes are all it takes to sink a movement, the (((establishment))) has lots of money to hire people to do it. The whole “Hail Trump” stunt got Richard Spencer more publicity than he has ever had before. People who already recognize the rottenness of the system, but know little of the alt-right, might then have a listen.

      • > “throwing that Hail Trump into his speech was really dumb”

        He was trolling MSM, knowing it would NEVER treat him fairly. He acted like Trump when Megan Kelly tried to sandbag him: he counterpunched.

        You’re like Jeb Bush, constantly being nice-nice, holding back while your ass gets kicked.

        Wake up! Trump WON because he ignored appeasers like you.

        The National Organization for Women was formed in 1966. What did YOU do during the past 50 years to oppose its war on men? Nothing I’ll bet, save whining: “Please stop using my testicles as castanets.”

        Grow a pair!

    • Bill Mitchell voted for Trump. Anytime you start thinking that Trump supporters in general are rational just for voting Trump, remember that guy exists.

    • Do you really think that the Alt Right is thought of in lesser terms than pedophiles? I am sorry, but while I agree with much of your post that is simply being overly dramatic. While there is little data on the subject I will link an article that states that 34% of people surveyed had a positive opinion of the Alt Right, while 45% didn’t know about it. I will freely admit that it was taken October 31st of 2016, before “hailgate”, and “the punch”, but I have my doubts about pedophiles getting better numbers than that….

          • He got arrested in the last round of white nationalist arrests – Bill White, Strom, Matt Hale etc. Porazzo/American Front is also in and out of prison continously. This is ‘White Nationalism’ the last generation…probably a bit before the time of most users on this forum as they quite young. Everytime a White Nationalist group gets too big in the USA, it attracts government attention. By way of coincidence, Google threw me a warning about a ‘virus’ or security risk immediately after visting this website. That means the water boarding room is already being setup for someone here.

          • Hah hah. I’ve seen so many people destroyed by bullshitty political movements it could be the easiest option. Great big massive waste of time, like trolling on web forums.

    • You are over-reacting. As long as there are pro-Whites and White nationalists, there will be nazi larping. I am not Nat Soc but I don’t meltdown anytime someone posts a swastika Pepe online. Rather than disavow nazi imagery and Roman salutes, we should either encourage more nazi larping (because some of our pro-White people enjoy it) OR at the very least, simply ignore it and stay on message.

    • Whether most white people get a big ha-ha out of a friendly looking white guy like Richard Spencer getting blind-sided is open to question. Properly programmed ones will laugh because they are advised of the evil of the recipient. The publicity from this can reach some eyes and gain some new recruits. The (((media))) with its lie factories will eventually throw everything and the kitchen sink to keep power. The system is getting more discredited but not enough yet that its media can’t prop it up. We still need more leaders and more followers to take advantage. At this point, a small incident like this might help in the long run but surely won’t hurt.

      • Even the laughing ones are nervous. Laughter is a way to release tension and dissonance.

    • Complaining about cowardice – would you have stuck around if you’d hit an antifa? To misquote Sean Connery from The Rock: ‘Losers complain about cowardice, winners go home and fuck the prom queen’. And who else was it who said that people backed the strong horse? This stuff is subliminal-ish – it doesn’t matter if it was out-of-the-blue etc, that evokes pity if anything positive at all. But not respect. Maybe to thinking people. But I think our enemies are debased.

    • The problem with what you’re saying is that you’re focusing only on this incident. The left don’t have self control. If they were simply attacking anyone alt-right, then what you’re describing, this blanket celebration of “anti-Nazi” violence by the mainstream, including republicans, would probably continue.

      But they don’t make the distinction between a Richard Spencer and a Cernovich, an Andrew Anglin or even a Bill Mitchell. To them, Donald Trump is a fascist, and his supporters are fascists. They bricked numerous normal Trump supporters in the face, one was shot outside Milo’s events. If they succeed in normalizing “anti-fascist” political violence, that will simply result in widespread attacks on even normal conservatives.

      The left will take this too far, as they always do. Normie republicans aren’t going to celebrate this “its okay to punch a Nazi” narrative when they’re getting punched in the face and called a Nazi by some Antifa thug.

    • WOW 15 up votes, let’s check the names. Start another new Spencer punch meme morphed from the old one. Feelz solved.

    • In a sense Social Media is real life, but, there are many that are not engaged with it on a hourly basis, if at all. I’d say there’s more White & Normal Joe’s out there who’s Racial Instinct will kick in when under threat. Take the ordinary White man in the video below. While the White man below is probably not even ‘racial’ his White Warrior came out in this video. Most guys like this, keeping the machine going, are not posting shit like the Spencer vid on Kikebook.

    • This a Long-Term victory. Sure, the left gets to enjoy their momentary laugh of assaulting their enemy, but in the long run we will reap huge dividends from this. Don’t be so blackpilled

    • Fully agree Red. They think anyone that voted Trump is a Nazi now and that is plenty justification to attack and sucker punch. We cannot let that be the acceptable norm. While its not wise to put yourself in a 10:1 odds with the enemy..we need to bring it if attacked, That’s basic survival 101. I’m a blonde haired blue eyed devil in the enemies eyes (typical Nazi) and Ive been a major target for most my life but they don’t smell weakness on me and in turn the cowards don’t want to roll the dice with their front teeth. Some have..and payed for it. They wont do that again. None of us wants this to be about violence but if your attacked they HAVE to pay that off. There has to be a lesson taught. Watch your surroundings my friend and watch your back always.

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