Antifa Gets Punched In The Mouth In DC

Andrew Anglin has found a new video:

“On Sunday in DC, antifa attacked some random guy who was just trying to go to work, and received a vicious COUNTERSTRIKE.

This video is the best thing ever.

The faggots rushed this guy who was just trying to walk to work, and right in front of the cops, the random guy just smashes this fat bitch right in her cow mouth.

I have never seen a cow get tipped like that since summertime in Kentucky.

wew. …”

What do you think? How funny is it now?

I mean … I want to laugh, but then again, I don’t since we are truly in a sad place when a man can no longer go about his business without getting harangued by thugs on the street. Violence follows the antifa like their shadow. They are the ones who are seeking out confrontation. There is no equivalence with even the most violent elements of White Nationalism because they aren’t known for this kind of thing.

Update: In The Tennessean, I found another story of another Trump supporter being assaulted by antifa. The victims are random people, not anyone affiliated with the Alt-Right.

Hunter Wallace
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