Antifa Gets Punched In The Mouth In DC

Andrew Anglin has found a new video:

“On Sunday in DC, antifa attacked some random guy who was just trying to go to work, and received a vicious COUNTERSTRIKE.

This video is the best thing ever.

The faggots rushed this guy who was just trying to walk to work, and right in front of the cops, the random guy just smashes this fat bitch right in her cow mouth.

I have never seen a cow get tipped like that since summertime in Kentucky.

wew. …”

What do you think? How funny is it now?

I mean … I want to laugh, but then again, I don’t since we are truly in a sad place when a man can no longer go about his business without getting harangued by thugs on the street. Violence follows the antifa like their shadow. They are the ones who are seeking out confrontation. There is no equivalence with even the most violent elements of White Nationalism because they aren’t known for this kind of thing.

Update: In The Tennessean, I found another story of another Trump supporter being assaulted by antifa. The victims are random people, not anyone affiliated with the Alt-Right.

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  • White & Normal men will instinctively support our position.
    Typically not men of many words, their alliance is evident in their actions.

  • If they want to see a police state they ought to look at any country that has Democratic Republic in their official title.

  • Good news – nearly 230 antifa and collaborators will be charged with felony rioting and face up to ten years in prison and a $25,000 fine.

    That may put a huge damper on their planned rioting for April 15.

    Now would be a good time to dox the entire American antifa network – it’s not really all that big – and start suing them – not just the expendable street trash, but their lawyers and handlers.

    Destroying the American antifa network is an achievable goal and would clearly advance the pro-white cause.

    Don’t “protest” the antifa – roll them up.

  • The “lady” takes a swing against the man who defends himself. I bet this female usually get away with physically assaulting men, hence the behaviour. Also, the mans epic reply; “She doesn’t look like a woman to me” seems to be a problem many leftists females have.

    • I was outraged at the man in the mask belittling and trying to oppress that lady by making it look like she wasn’t 100% equal with a man and of the same ability. Good on the gentleman in the glasses who liberated her and let her feel truly equal and on a par with males.

  • Jewish media lies last only so long and then trust drops close to zero and normies fight back. That guy isn’t Altright. He’s just another normie who’s sick and tired of Shitlibs. That’s what happened to the Soviet Union. And now that’s what’s happening in America. The Judenpresse is the Lugenpresse. They lie about everything to militate against Whites. The normies better fight back now because Dindu demographics is creating a permanent hostile nation.

  • Too funny! The anti-fa are begging the police to arrest and file a report on the individual defending himself, then a few short minutes later telling one of their own that was arrested not to talk to the cops. Ha!

    Gavin McInnes Gets Into A Fist Fight At The ‘DeploraBall’

    As usual the antifa scum back off.

  • This is why I am not worried long term about “hailgate” or “the punch”. People will still continue getting assaulted, fired from jobs, replaced by Indians, and getting screwed over by (((globalists))) in general. They can either join us and do something about it or live a very uncomfortable existence right along side us.

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