“Normal” is knowing who you are, living with dignity and purpose, and leaving a legacy which means something. Normal is pursuing the upward development of your own people, not tearing down everything decent and beautiful in pursuit of the twisted visions of egalitarianism.

A professor brags about his desire to genocide an entire race. He is the victim. Those who notice what he’s done are evil because “White genocide” is somehow both a myth and a self-evident good.

Members of a group who commit wildly disproportionate violence against both their own and other peoples are occasionally shot by police while committing crimes. This is “genocide” against this group. Those who deny it have death wished upon them by thousands of people. Those who make these threats are praised for doing so.

People whose presence in the country is illegal, go on to commit additional crimes. A newly elected president, widely called a “fascist,” says he will deport them. This is called an attack on families.

The President-elect takes a congratulatory phone call from an American ally under constant threat of attack and invasion by a nominally Communist and indisputably authoritarian state. This is condemned as a provocation.

The same President-elect praises a far less repressive leader for not imposing sanctions on the United States to the detriment of both countries. This is also condemned as a provocation.

A donut-licking thot famous for posing in cat ears and grinding to autotune baselines about getting screwed till you can’t walk excites one of the thirsty male fans that sustain her lifestyle. This is taken for a violation of the decorum she evidently expects. She is now a feminist hero.

A homosexual teacher and his “husband” commit suicide after being exposed for abusing underage boys for years. They claim they are the real victims in a suicide note and other teachers hold a moment of silence for them. The school which presided over the abuse issues a bland statement about how it strives to provide a “safe and secure learning environment,” and is offering “mental health counseling.”

Members of one group receive preferential treatment in applying for jobs and coveted slots in elite institutions. Individuals of mixed race, or even entirely of other races, try to become members of this group to receive social and economic benefits. This group is still “oppressed.” Even denying that this group is oppressed renders one a “racist.”

Members of another group have high rates of income and education relative to other groups. They systematically organize in defense of their group identity and are concentrated in culturally influential professions. The United States military defends their ethnostate, even though the alliance brings no benefit to America anyone can identity. This group is also “oppressed.” If you deny it, your career will be ended and you will be cast out of polite society.

Violence and shootings of predominantly African-American residents have increased in most major cities across the country, especially in cities affected by a movement proclaiming itself “Black Lives Matter.” Attacks on police officers have also increased, including ambushes against cops sitting in their cars. In response to the unrest, there is now a painting portraying police officers as pigs hanging in the U.S. Capitol’s office complex. Saying “All Lives Matter” is a deeply offensive statement. Saying “White Lives Matter” is economic suicide.

An activist group attempts to extort a woman for financial gain. The government and the media join the campaign. This is called activism for “human rights.”

Voters in the United Kingdom overcome an unprecedented media campaign and say they want to withdraw from the European Union. A thrice-married woman from Guyana who moved to England at 10, whose latest husband is nicknamed “Mr. Hedge Fund,” files a lawsuit and stops it. She credits her “strength” to the breakup of her last marriage. Her ex-husband says she simply married someone who had more money. She is praised as the “woman of the century.” Perhaps she is.

A ‘model’ named Tess Holiday, who weighs 280 pounds, is too disgustingly obese to fit into a complimentary robe provided at hotels. She “calls out” the hotels. She is very brave.

The United States government, currently $18.96 trillion in debt, provides grant money to illegal immigrants who get deported to El Salvador. This is perhaps one of the less objectionable expenditures of the federal government, which include, at random, $152,000 to stimulate adoption by lesbians, $100,000 to produce “socially-conscious puppet shows,” and $4.6 million to increase the “emotional wellness of refugees.” Meanwhile, Republicans say Trump’s border wall may not be constructed because it is too expensive.

While Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton had a foundation where foreign countries could donate money. Reports from even left wing media sites suggest it may have been used in pay-for-play schemes. This was fine, but the incoming president has his name on hotels, so he should be impeached.

A video game for children features a hero saving a princess. This is called unsuitable for children. A lesbian relationship is inserted into another video game. This is a “step forward for video games.”

For no ostensible gain and after no vote, Europe’s most powerful nation insists on abandoning border controls to admit an unlimited number of young, male, Muslim migrants. It is perhaps the most consequential decision in postwar history, but there is no mainstream party which disagrees with the policy. The overwhelming majority of migrants are both unemployed and unemployable. The cost is ruinous. Crime has increased and dozens of lives have been taken in terrorist attacks. In response, the government is censoring news, covering up reports of crime, arresting citizens for posting criticism, and allowing armed thugs to attack anyone who disagrees. This is called liberal democracy.

A Catholic priest sets up a nativity scene where the Virgin Mary is placed in a burqa and the Star of Bethlehem is replaced with the homosexual flag.

A woman says she is in love with a robot and wants to get married.

Children as young as four are having sex change operations. A nine year old transsexual is on the cover of National Geographic. A male YouTube “celebrity” was recently made the face of CoverGirl. They are all, we are told proudly, “making history.”

At the same time, at a university named after a man who used to be called the Father of Our Country, history majors are no longer required to study U.S. history. Given the quality of education, this is probably a good thing.

And finally, the only White father on television who isn’t portrayed as weak, cowardly, degenerate, or perverted is a Literal Nazi.

This is “normal.”

In contrast to the above, we are told Donald Trump isn’t “normal.” Indeed, he and his supporters must not be “normalized” by portraying them as reasonable people with legitimate ideas or grievances. In fact, those who did portray Trump as a normal man, television hosts like Jimmy Fallon, should “go to hell.”

Instead, the propaganda of pathology must be intensified. Trump won because of “fake news.” He won because Russia “hacked the election.” He won because the media didn’t do enough to shut down “racist” viewpoints. It’s not because free people agreed with him and made an informed choice. It was all a nefarious scheme of some kind, some aberration of the natural order. After all, what could be more sick, unnatural and self-evidently evil than a leader who, at least rhetorically, believes it is his job to guard the interests of his own citizens?

Of course, civic nationalism, as objectionable as it is to those who determine our morality, is not what they truly fear. What is the most horrific, noxious, and insane thing imaginable is White people living by their own standards and on their own terms.

There’s no scenario where White people are reduced to a small enough minority or stripped of enough wealth and power to be left alone. If the entire White population was one village living in the middle of nowhere, there would be an international media campaign screaming about the evils of “segregation” and exclusion.

In fact, there already is. Consider the situation in South Africa, where a small but hardy group of Afrikaners have, in full compliance with the law, created the settlement of Orania where they can live in peace. It is in undesirable land near a desert. The people pose no threat nor can anyone seriously argue there is “exploitation.” Yet every year, some journalist goes there to pathologize the residents and implicitly agitates for it to be abolished.

The latest is from Thomas Page of CNN, who appears and thinks exactly as you would expect. His article marvels that the settlement is allowed to exist and sneers at those who “intellectualize the argument for self-imposed segregation” as opposed to embracing the glories of the Rainbow Nation. Orania’s residents have “divisive” views on race, we are told.

Page also shills for a book from a Swedish woman, Kajsa Norman, who worries about the “radicalism” of her kinsmen that question their dying nation’s immigration policies. Norman spent time in Orania and, having been let into the lives of its residents, now works to deconstruct and destroy them. Poor Afrikaners have it rough, but they lack “empathy.” People in Orania may not be the most racist people she knows, but they are “not role models.” Incredibly, Norman also dismisses Whites’ fears of violent crime because more Blacks are victims than Whites. Of course, that’s also because they tend to be surrounded by other Blacks, which is exactly what journalists are demanding of Whites.

This is what you would expect of course. Journalism is not a profession; it is a tactic. It is activism by different means, no different in intent than protesting, sabotage, throwing shit at your political opponents, or simply murdering your enemies. The usual goal of a journalist is to destroy his subject. Information is a weapon. Trying to “convince” a journalist is like trying to have an earnest exchange of views with the far-Left fanatic hysterically screaming he wants to kill you. They’re the same people, with the same ends and driven by the same hateful beliefs. And they have truly skewed belief about what is normal and what is not.

Orania, in their view, is not “normal.” South Africa’s president singing songs about killing Afrikaners at political rallies obviously is.

What is “normal?” Well, consider Steven Otter. He was a White man who rejected “self-imposed segregation” and lived in a Black township. He lectured his fellow Whites about the “misperception” of high crime. He attended rallies of the comically anti-White Julius Malema and his “Economic Freedom Fighters,” complete with a goofy red beret and indoor sunglasses. (Incidentally, abolishing the “racist enclave” of Orania is a goal of some in the EFF.) He also indulged in the kind of ethno-masochism pushed on Whites worldwide, berating himself for thought-crime when he pondered “racist things.” Objectively, Otter was an unstable lunatic. By the standards of the society which gives us all the blessings listed above, he was “normal.”

And he died as you’d expect, murdered by robbers who broke into his home, the fifth recent housebreaking in his neighborhood and the third on his street. No one has been arrested and probably no one ever will be. Does Otter deserve sympathy? Poor form to celebrate a man’s death, but Otter demanded that all White South Africans live like this, with no possibility of escape. Why shouldn’t he be forced to live, or die, with the consequences?

Norman smirks in the CNN article that Afrikaners who have “become the most successful in South Africa today have given up their Afrikaner identity and become South Africans first and foremost.” Otter was a South African and he died as one. And despite all the virtue signaling and temporary tributes, his death was essentially meaningless. None of the underlying premises of that Third World society will be challenged. In South Africa, the goal of the deracinated European is simply to make enough money to isolate yourself from social collapse – or just move to another country entirely, as many of the liberal Whites who agitated against apartheid have already done.

This is not meant as an insult to South Africa. Today, every Western country is a “Rainbow Nation.” An as an spokesman for the Orania Movement puts it to CNN, today there is an “existential attitude towards human identity that views it as a mere construct, to be reconstructed by anyone and everyone for and by him/herself.” I’d argue that to be “normal,” this is exactly what you need to believe. And once you build your society around this, the headlines above are only the beginning of what you will get.

The Orania spokesman said defiantly, “That is not the way we plan to live.” And neither can we. Living under siege is more noble, and more “normal,” than living the way we do now. And as some reviews of Norman’s book note, ultimately, the choice of whether to separate and survive or deracinate and die confronts not just the Boers but the Swedes and ultimately all Europeans. And this isn’t “normal.”

“Normal” is knowing who you are, living with dignity and purpose, and leaving a legacy which means something. Normal is pursuing the upward development of your own people, not tearing down everything decent and beautiful in pursuit of the twisted visions of egalitarianism. Normal is taking pride in your own nation. Normal is having a place to call home. We owe the perverted fanatics who seek to take this away from us no explanations, only defiance.

All the progressives freaking out about Trump and the course of 2016 are right for the wrong reasons. This isn’t normal. Nothing about our culture is normal. Nothing about the state of our people is normal. But Trump’s election is one tiny step towards normality. And we should be confident in our eventual triumph and restoration.

After all, we are Europeans. Victory is our birthright.

Gregory Hood
the authorGregory Hood


  • Some people are different. So fucking what? This isn’t an attack on whites. White people will be fine. Stop making it all about you and your fear mongering no one is anti-white. Okay…maybe the feminists…but even I don’t like them.

  • This article is a stunning indictment of decades of relentless leftist hegemony and the widespread normalization of decadence and degeneracy under the banner of anti-White bigotry. It is also somewhat triggering to read. The author hammered away with one implacable hate fact after another until I was shaking with rage.

    What are we supposed to do with all this? How do we fight it? How do we re-establish the good, the pure, the strong, and the beautiful that is our genetic birthright? Where can we find a small glimmer of hope, to arm ourselves against the oncoming darkness?

    Because giving up and surrendering to existential despair is simply not an option.

      • i’m sure right now there are hundreds keeping these lists that are growing longer every day. when the day comes, it will be something terrible to see.

    • The Alt-Right exists to answer those very questions!

      Every revolution is a failure… Before it succeeds.

      Personally I think that Trumps rejection of PC and planned enforcement of immigration laws is a step in the right direction.

      Trump is buying the Alt Right time to stop The Death of the West.

      • “Trump is buying the Alt Right time to stop The Death of the West.”

        exactly. too many of our comrades are rigid ideologues. if something or someone is not 100% pure, they have no tolerance and with folded arms they frown down from their high perch and spit on us. these people would prefer to die pure rather than deviate a fraction and live. trump is not perfect, nor will he ever be. understood. but where would we be now, one week after her inauguration, had that she-beast won? ha. my worst fears are probably not far from the mark. and this, i believe, is the real reason why the reaction from the other side is so violently maniacal—the marxist beasts had planned on our figurative, and perhaps even literal, massacre, once hillary has assumed power. certainly gun confiscation was high on her priority list. after that, let the games begin.

        with trump, we live to survive, and fight, another day. and we will!

  • I’ve seen this article before.

    OT: For those interested, recently published some good pieces on the TRS scam. Eye-opening.

      • I don’t get what the purpose is really. Anglin gets accused of working for the FBI and now this stuff with Enoch. If they’re fake and working for other people, they’re failing miserably and popularizing white resistance (not so much Enoch anymore, but you get the point). We need more of these infiltrators, not less apparently.

        • Enoch is not only married to a degenerate Jew, which was bad enough, but he insinuated he was a Jew himself. That’s totally fucked up.

          There’s no video of Anglin insinuating he works for the FBI, so the accusations about him are baseless. With Enoch, he admitted it. This means you’re comparing apples to oranges.

          That said, all I care about is results. If TDShoah can help the movement in any way, fine, but I don’t think they can now because Mike’s a Jew, and if you accept a Jew as a face of the White Nationalist movement, it softens people on the JQ overall…

          “Hey, Mike’s part Jew, so maybe this Jew over here is okay too, let’s give this guy a chance. Oh hey, here’s another cool Jew, let’s let him in our movement…” etc.

          It sucks, but it’s not my fault.

          I don’t believe Mike should be given a pass, because if you give him a pass, it sends a message that we don’t mind being deceived by Jews, and we’re okay with a Jew LARPing as a White, speaking on behalf of Whites.

          It sends a conflicted message to the public.

          • There is zero hard evidence of Mike Enoch being Jewish. If people had this evidence they would post it, but they don’t so it probably doesn’t exist.

          • “There is zero hard evidence of Mike Enoch being Jewish”
            Yes, unfortunately, there is. If you know me, I don’t talk out of my ass.

            He suggested that he himself is Jewish on 3 different occasions.

            It is what it is. I’m not telling you what to think or to ‘disavow’, but let’s be honest here.

          • I listened to the whole shows and in context the quotes aren’t clear. Non-scripted speaking is going to produce these kinds of vagaries. Having done public speaking I’ve made these kinds of vague statements that have unwittingly misled people, not knowing I had basically said something completely different than what I meant. It’s certainly suspicious but it isn’t hard evidence.

            Hard evidence is evidence that any of his ancestors are Jewish, none of which appear to be based on what digging has turned up so far. The most damning argument against his being Jewish is precisely that none of his parents or grandparents have Jewish surnames and both of his parents seem to be shitlib mainline Protestants.

            I’m open to being convinced but I need something more concrete than supposed Freudian slips. The answer does matter to me, but I feel like if he was definitively Jewish someone would have been able to point to specific Jewish ancestors given his dox.

      • Same ideals, retty much the same sort of people, and there is no real border between 1488 and “the rest’, the most of the AR probably resides in the grey zone

    • I don’t know how those articles would be considered “eye-opening” considering they don’t have any evidence of their claims. We’ve now dug up Mike Enoch’s genealogy back to his great grandparents born in Europe in the late 19th century and have yet to find a definitive Jew.

      The other claims that Mike Enoch’s nefarious Jewish plan was to get people involved in political activism and engaging the political system to allay the inevitable fascist revolution in America is completely fucking retarded.

      Furthermore article’s author isn’t White. Discarded. If you want to say you are taking a hardline stance then at least be consistent in disavowing non-whites who put their noses inside our tent.

  • The country I grew up in in the ’80s is basically gone.

    Today on social media I read a female friend fretting over ‘Whiteness’. (There is some New York Times story about this)

    She is married to a White man, has two White sons, and lives in the White-topia of Portland Oregon.

    If she is so worried about this why doesn’t she move to Detroit? Or John Lewises crime ridden district?

    • The term “Whiteness” is how leftists erase living, breathing White people by reducing them to an evil abstract noun.

      Any time you hear anyone in your real life using the term “Whiteness”, or “White privilege”, calmly ask them what they mean by it. Open up a dialogue with them. Simply let them tell you what they think it means. You don’t even have to reply or defend or expect them to see your side. Don’t argue with them because arguing with brainwashed people is a waste of energy. Just nicely ask them to define & expand on their ideas. When they are done, simply say thank you and remember, don’t argue with them.

      The simple act of quietly & calmly asking them to explain their ideas is VERY powerful. If we all started doing that in real life, it would slow down the perception that twisted leftist ideas are somehow “normal”. It would make normies think twice about using anti-White words if they knew that they would be asked to explain themselves every time they said something anti-White.

      • In one breath the Anti-Whites blame White people for everything.
        The next, they’re denying the White Race exists.
        You just need to point out the contradiction, let them roll in the grey goo.

      • Sounds like a good tactic.

        Outside of the bubble of Academia these Anti-White ideas don’t have much of a chance and so I think your tactic would be a good passive-aggressive one.

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