Attacks on the Alt Right

Richard Spencer discusses the violent attack on him shortly after Trump’s inauguration.’s YouTube channel


  • Completely agree. I take these subhuman shitlibs deadly seriously. He is spot-on, we are in the middle of a soft civil war, we need to take a queue from right wing groups in Europe on how to respond

  • I hope you’re getting your carry permit so you can be armed in the future. I’m not trying to be overdramatic but you can’t be as public as you are with our views and not expect your life to be threatened. It’s a sad reflection of our times but people like me are very grateful to you for taking the lead and putting yourself out there to advance our cause. I guess what I’m trying to say is, “thanks for being a namefag.”

  • Richard, this was a defeat no matter how you look at it. This has been bothering me so much because like it or not, this has made you look extremely weak. It doesn’t matter if he blindsided you and ran off, it doesn’t matter if the punch hardly did anything. It looks like you got your clock cleaned and that’s all that matters. Furthermore, the video I see shared the most makes it look like you got knocked down.

    Please, PLEASE stop talking about this. You reacting to it just makes it worse.

    In high school, I witnessed a fat girl, who had been tormented by some guys, finally snap and start punching one of her bullies. The bully sat there with a grin on his face and after she was pulled off said “That didn’t hurt”. He could have gotten up and punched her out, he could have complained about being violently assaulted – what hurt his attacker the most was that it was futile. It didn’t hurt him.

    This should have not hurt you at all, in any shape or form.

    That punch you received was weak. Unless he had something up his sleeve, he hit you wrist/hand first. He probably did more damage to his hand than to you (and by judging from his face, he’s in his 50s-60s, this has got to hurt him). Clearly it was the first time he threw a punch, and clearly it was the first time you’ve taken a punch. I’m no MMA guru here but I’ve taken worse at moshpits for pissant garage bands. Come on.

    Your best strategy here was to play it off, laugh it off. Agree and amplify. “Oh, come on, hit me harder!” You walking away made it look like it did more damage; you constantly talking about it, including discussing it with the MSM, makes it seem like it did emotional damage to you. Now you’re afraid? Really? You didn’t expect this?

    This, despite what others are saying, will NOT get us any sympathy, or any new recruits. It just makes us look weak. It’s all in all a lose-lose situation.

    PLEASE, PLEASE stop talking about it. Let it go. It was nothing. Random whites sucker punched by blacks a lot harder and a lot more vicious with a lot more actual damage. What you received was one rung above a bitch slap. TREAT IT THAT WAY.

    • Can I drill you in the side of your head when you’re not expecting it to see how you react?
      It would be one thing if this was a blow given in the midst of battle but Richard was talking to someone else when this coward took a cheap shot at him. I don’t think Richard is the weakling you’re making him out to be. He played football in high school and knows about physicality. But there’s a difference between getting tackled during a game or hit during a MMA match when you’re prepared for impact and someone taking a swing at you when your back is turned and you’re not expecting it.

      • I agree.
        Not to say that I don’t truly cringe at the hideous GLEE that the left (&, seemingly, not even people who are explicitly left) have been getting out of this, but ffs, it’s absurd how some folks have been critical of RS’s response to this bullsh*t:
        “Should’ve fought back!” (Uh, HOW??)
        “Should’ve run after him!” (Yeah, maybe if he didn’t vanish into a mob of hundreds of other people, etc)
        Be critical of his not taking better precautions for his own safety, but to criticize his response to being assaulted, dang, get fricking real! Ever been caught totally off-guard whilst in the middle of talking to someone, whilst in the midst of a huge, noisy crowd of people, by a violent blow to your head by some dark-clad freak who literally fricking punches you while in the process of running past you into the crowd? God, where do people even come up with their weird notions that someone would be perfectly poised & ready to chase someone, act totally indifferent, or fire off some nonchalant zinger, in response to that??
        The lefties, so distraught about having been let down so hard by their own MSM & overconfidence in their corrupt candidate, would be trying to milk this incident for whatever sick delight they could get out of it regardless of what the hell happened, how RS did or didn’t respond, etc.
        And yeah, they’ll likely for a long long time to come, periodically resurrect their video loops etc when they have no better argument or means of attempting to “shame” RS/ the Alt-Right in general. But, just wait: there’s going to be a LOT of things to come (which hopefully will not involve fricking assaults on any people of our Movement) : if/when RS does the college talks, that’s going to eclipse any of this stuff: this video loop crap is going to get old, & maybe some of the more sensible people will even start to realize that it’s stupid/ isn’t an argument/ is a thing to resort to when someone has no better “argument.”

  • Yes, there needs to be some volunteer security. However, they need to be cool headed and well trained and informed about the law. Ideal types would be those with standard police training or solid bodyguard training. And, in addition to bodyguards, there need to be those on our side who film everything so the other side can’t make false claims.

    • This is probably the best idea. Have guys there who have the training on dealing with threats and can act as AltRight bouncers to defend our public figures from antifa.

  • Right now the justice system in the US seems pretty neutral. This is extremely valuable. Where I live the justice system is extremely biased against nationalists. It is more or less legal to do crimes and violence against nationalists. The police does not even investigate. And nationalists regularly get sentenced to prison for only defending themselves.

    For example, 5 nationalists went out to town in Malmö 2 years ago to watch a game of boxing. Some leftists spotted them and gathered some 15, 20 people to attack them. One of the lefties was hurt bad. And just a few weeks ago one of the nationalists got sentenced to two years in prison and a fine of 50 000 $.

    It would be a huge mistake for nationalists in the US to act to escalate physical violence. Since nationalists in the US are winning the argument. Thats why the left is trying to move this conflict to physical violence. Because they are losing. Getting suckerpunched is nothing compared to what is happening in Europe. Set up situations where such things are less likely. But do not seek violence, it would be a huge tactical error.

    My guess is that the relative health of the US justice system is due to the insightfulness of the founding fathers and due to the charachter of US society. And from the second amendment.

    • The exchange around inauguration was excellent.

      1 sucker punch v 200 arrests. The attritional nature of that is great.

  • If you are gonna fight for white rights then act like a white man and ORGANIZE. You are not immune to the animals. GLR wasn’t, and he had an army.

  • Not only physical attacks, but verbal and rhetorical attacks as well:

    “There is the alt-right which wants to do white identity politics. And there’s people … who want to do nationalism without white identity politics,” Cernovich said. “And now everybody knows where I stand and everybody else knows where everybody else is.”

    “The alt-right is now Richard Spencer’s weird house,” Cernovich added. “I think that I drew the lines and that a lot of people who called themselves alt-right realized they weren’t.”

    Nationalism without [white] identity politics is really nothing but a repackaged version of the SJW mentality of ascending to a multicultural/multiracial utopian paradise. So it should come as no shock to people when they find out that practically all of the organizers and mouthpieces of the “New Right/Alt-Lite” are either homosexuals or practice and promote miscegenation, or even a combination of both, which is certainly the case for someone like Milo.

    If those are the lines, then I proudly call myself a supporter and advocate for the Alt Right.

  • The really weird thing is, looking at Richard’s face in the photo, there’s no visible bruising or swelling at all.

    Like it didn’t even happen. WTF?!

    Are you sure he made contact with you?

    Was this thing all just a publicity stunt to draw attention to the new site?

    Please advise.

  • spencer, what are you gonna do about top 3 google search results for “altright” being a very biased wiki article, SPLC, and ADL? (alt right includes the reddit in 3rd place.. but ur still not on any results, stopped looking after 5 pages

  • you got some good coverage over here in Australia. they even got it correct by calling you a white nationalist instead of a white supremacist. did you report it? these guys are getting paid by someone. maybe it can be traced back to soros. with sessions in the job it might be a possibility instead of the old reality of throwing all the resources black “hate crime” maybe we will get equal treatment. another option is to set up a situation that will draw them in but this time be ready for them.

  • You do the talking. Your bodyguards do the guarding.
    Any bodyguard worth his salt will not allow his client to participate in defending himself.

  • Granted, this wouldn’t have done much good in liberal utopia DC, but most states in the US have shall-issue CCW permits these days. Alt Right people should arm themselves and practice so that they know how to use their weapons.

      • That should go without saying, since antifa type groups aren’t common—they are usually outnumbered—in areas where the localities have a high prevalence of people carrying guns.

      • You don’t know anything about antifa, fascist. But you pontificate anyway, guess that helps your anonymous internet types with the illusion of insight and understanding.

        • The Zionist BookWurm ( – he forgot to change his handle in the other thread) thinks I don’t know anything about antifa.

          But I infiltrated Antifa back in the 1990s for the … uh, never mind. Ever heard of Judi Bari, BookWurm? She was a kosher Zionist – just like you.

          280 something looking at 10 years in the federal pen … felony charges, boy. Don’t worry – the #BlackLivesMatter brothas in prison will surely help y’all out ’cause you hate Whitey too!

          But the street trash we don’t care about – it’s your lawyers and your Israeli handlers we’re going to dox.

          • *yawn* Are you the sole commenter with a semblance of a sac? You keep beating a drum like you’re shaming me, but your research skills and savvy are almost as weak as your genetic history.

          • Poor, poor BookWurm the Zionist – still thinking it’s 1968.

            We aren’t your grandfather’s anti-anti-fas son.

            You know that long haired hippie “goy” at your antifa meeting?

            Yeah, he’s one of ours.

            We got it all on tape, son.

            280 facing federal felony charges – that’s TEN YEARS in the federal pen playing “Mommies and Daddies” with #BlackLivesMatter, son.

            You know that new “shiska” intern at your law firm?

            That’s one of ours too, son – and she copied all the files. Attorneys can get arrested and face charges too, you know.

            Y’all had a good run, but it’s all over now.

  • I am glad that you recognize the threat level. Yes, twitter was disgusting on the issue. I the end I am of the opinion that this helps our cause, but in the short term it is going to suck.

  • Golden Dawn is a template we can use in forming the street level presence for alt-right identitarians. There needs to be close alliance (but with legal separation) of intellectual orgs like NPI and groups that contain rougher elements that are ready to deter and counter antifa violence. The alt-right is really top tier in terms of the quality of people, but we need brown shirts because the left has their version. It’s a delicate balance to be sure, but this is getting ugly and the power of our ideas won’t shield our bodies from harm.

    We must reach the point that they fear us more than we fear them.

    • Golden Dawn is popular among certain Greek communities because they do a lot more than just show up and “protest” Communists.

      Golden Dawn – like Hezbollah – has an extensive charity program which takes care of elderly Greeks, distributes food to poor Greek families, and otherwise engages in an extensive social welfare campaign to benefit the Greek working class.

      Moreover, Golden Dawn are members of the same Greek communities they serve.

      The case of various American “muh streets” organizations is the exact opposite. The American “muh streets” organizations do not engage in any worthwhile activity at all, they exist for a single purpose – to get media coverage “battling antifa in the streets” – they travel around the country staging ridiculous and comical “protests” in communities they have no ties to whatsoever, and they don’t do anything even resembling charity work except for occasional symbolic gestures strictly for the purposes of PR.

      Golden Dawn has credibility because they do very unglamorous but effective work in their own communities. The various American “muh streets” organizations have zero credibility because they do nothing worthwhile at all, merely posture for the Jewish media playing “bad guy.”

      Anyone serious about bringing the Golden Dawn model to America would need to do a few years of work without any “glory” in the media in order to build up credibility among the actual White community.

      I suspect that is never going to happen because no one in the American “muh streets” organizations have any interest in anything except for playing “bad guy” for the Jewish media.

      • I was encouraged when Anglin mentioned Hezbullah at his Whitfish then, nothing. But that’s probably why he called it off because Hezbullah take the issue to terrorist connections.

      • Keep in mind context. Golden Dawn’s a good template for a country of less than 10 million the size of Maryland. Also, poverty breeds hardness and the Greeks in general are more hardened.

        I’m not saying don’t follow the template, just keep in mind it’s a lot easier to organize in smaller countries, for anything.

  • Richard, your Youtube video is not just speaking to us, your supporters. I noticed that one of the comments on your video was a death threat.
    Please don’t go near public protests anymore without a bodyguard (or bodyguards) of people who are prepared to protect you from physical violence.

  • Pro Tip: You have reached the point where you should have a personal secretary and/or driver with you when you give off the cuff remarks in questionable situations.

    Having a secretary or secretaries with you sounds good in the newspaper, or on TV, if there is some sort of a dust up. Spencer’s “secretary” defend him from an attack. “Driver” is ok too, and cannot be questioned. As in Spencer’s driver…

    The kind of guys you want around you, have clean police records, and could get on any local, state of federal police force. If you ask around, you will probably find that your friends, have friends or relatives who are police in the towns you are visiting. It’s a small world, and politics is about political relationships.

  • Let us know how much you need and where you need us Richard. We’ve got your back, so you better have ours. None of this “gay is okay” non aggression bullshit no more cuckery. No Enemies to the Right, but stay on the fucking script.

  • If you thought antifa as a joke you weren’t paying attention.

    I’ve seen some of the groups in spain posing with M249’s (maybe a diff model) and other hardware.

    The fact that you were walking down the street at the inauguration and weren’t strapped or didn’t have other altright people around you just boggles the mind tbh.

    There is a GOOD REASON Putin made Soros a wanted man in Russia.

    • If you think this is some kind of retribution for refusing to partake in the I’m Not A Nazi, I Hate Racists virtue signaling, then you have no room to talk about people not paying attention. Nazi or no Nazi, if you’re pro-White and make yourself a public figure, you will be targeted by the anti-Whites, and you’ll still be called a Nazi and/or White Supremacist when they try to justify their actions.

      • Yeah let’s just wear uniforms then too?

        Because we can’t possibly be escalating that reaction through our actions then, right ?

        Nazi Uniforms at NPI next year is a go then I take it?

        No, it’s not. Why? Oh that’s right because of the fucking reaction.
        Stop this moronic argument, I hear it every day or two by your mindless fucking Richard lickers.

          • Why is it ridiculous? They are going to call us Nazi’s anyhow right?

            Even Richard doesn’t try this line of bullshit.

            “I did it Ironically” isn’t “Well you’re going to call us Nazi’s anyhow.”

          • Donald Trump and the Alt-Lite figures have met with massive protests and violence. Ask the protesters and they will tell you that there’s no difference between a Richard Spencer and Trump. You’re trying way too hard to convince people of something you’re not, when in reality they really don’t care what you claim to be. They attack you the same. Chase your tail all day long. I won’t stop you.

          • Dude. Can you not understand its not about the protesters? My parents voted for Trump. They saw Heilgate and were mortified that Trump was connected to that until he disavowed the group.

            Nazism is a dead end when it comes to waking up white people. Larping is the stupidest fucking thing anyone can do. It shuts down any chance you have of reaching new people.

          • Because first they say “hey it’s fun to do Heil Hitlers” – then they start saying “hey let’s wear these TradYouth totally-not-nazi armbands to public protests and hold up lynching signs” – then they say “hey let’s wear some kind of uniform” and eventually you’re the National Socialist Movement.

            We’ve seen this subversion happen over and over again so don’t be surprised when not a few people step in to prevent this subversion from happening again.

        • There are many reasons to not wear “Nazi Uniforms” which have nothing to do with PR, such as not pretending to be something you aren’t.

          • Because transgressing harmful taboos has utility. Jumping with both feet into the realm of the absurd isn’t as powerful as dancing on the line.

            Furthermore the Roman salute also has culture cachet that literal SS LARPing does not. Every Trump rally included people doing Roman salutes, and so too will almost every metal concert. It’s a symbol of rebellion against the Left not unlike the Confederate flag. There isn’t a high school in the US that didn’t include a clique of bad white gentiles who aren’t

            If even the mildest exhibition of the symbolism of the 3rd Reich is toxic because of its’ association with the ideas of National Socialism then you can’t win. The political opinions of Adolf Hitler isn’t significantly distinct from the opinions of Russel Kirk.

            I am right-wing. There are distinctions between Marxist-Leninists and Trotskyists. I don’t give a damn what they are as they are irrelevant from my perspective. Likewise there isn’t enough air between doctrinaire western Communists and progressives for me to care about them kvetching about being associated with Mao or Pol Pot.

            When the Left associates Donald Trump with Adolf Hitler they aren’t being disingenuous. They aren’t trying to advance some talking point. From their perspective the distinctions between Nazis and Conservatives are just some internal dispute on the Right which is irrelevant. They are absolutely correct. Breaking the stranglehold of the taboos erected by people who view the world through this perspective is the only real path to victory with the means we have access to in the presence.

          • That’s not triggered, that’s explaining concepts which deserve more than a soundbyte. Perhaps if you had more in you than attempting to police other’s actions and speech you wouldn’t be in such a position of total impotence. You’d be able to do it better yourself and have your own audience, but we know you can’t and are stuck being very, very concerned.

          • 1) Russia is attacking the Ukraine.
            2) We’re not helping Ukraine despite our agreement in ’91 to do so against Russian aggression because Russia isn’t really attacking the Ukraine.

            The US Government needs to pick one. Right now they are doing both.
            Pretty obvious.

      • It doesn’t matter if you’re targeted by anti-whites. What matters is what normal, everyday white people see us as when they see us on the news or on the internet being attacked by anti-whites.

        The Heil-gate situation just made it so much easier to spin Spencer as a Nazi and to actually convince people he is one. If it was Jared Taylor who was punched they would have a harder time calling him a Nazi and more normal people would have sympathy for said political violence.

        • You mean like that time Jared Taylor got dragged out of his own conference by antifa protesters? Was there a tsunami of sympathy and support from Mr. & Mrs. White Person? Did the media pounce on that event? Jared Taylor is now a household name and is a regular guest on FOX, CNN, ABC etc., right?

          It’s easy to say that acting “normal” gets your foot in the door and allows people to see that you aren’t some crazy psycho, but the truth is that “normal people” are going to see whatever is spun in the media. You make a thousand brilliant, lucid and rational arguments, your exposure is going to be extremely limited. Make one mistake or misstep, however, and you’ll get wall-to-wall coverage and blasted as the second coming of Hitler. That’s the conundrum we all face when it comes tailoring a message that will not only appeal to normal White people, but a message that gets us closer to our goals and, most importantly, will have a chance of even being seen in the first place.

          • No – it’s NOT like that at all.

            Normal Whites saw Jared Taylor being attacked and didn’t like it, and sympathized with Taylor, because he came across as a normal American making a reasonable point.

            The audience is NOT the antifa. The audience is NOT the Jew media.

            The audience is normal white people.

            You know this, so why are you trying to obscure this obvious fact?

          • The FACT is that nobody really saw Jared Taylor being attacked, except for people who were already pro-White and the anti-Whites who cheered and applauded when it happened. Tell me about facts again.

          • If that’s the case, then it’s a wash and it STILL would have been stupid and counter-productive for anyone to dress up like a “Nazi” and otherwise play act the clown.

          • So now the insinuation is that Richard Spencer dressed up like a Nazi and has condoned that kind of behavior?

            See, this is what I meant by your mangled rationale and rhetoric being really no different than what someone gets from the anti-White press.

            Again, tell me about facts that you seem to think are on your side.

          • FOX, CNN, ABC are enemies. Back then they had alot more power than they have now. Today attacking Jared Taylor would be even more damaging than it was then. When you pretend that our audience is FOX, CNN and ABC you are at the very least making a straw man argument. And at worst, you are something else entirely. You do not make an honest impression.

          • Where did I pretend that our audience is FOX, CNN and ABC? You clearly don’t understand the concept of a straw man argument, and definitely have a hard time with context. The premise was “normal people” and what they see when it comes to pro-White advocates. Do “normal people” watch news outlets like FOX, CNN and ABC? Think real hard about this one before you just blurt something out.

          • Did the media pounce on that event? Jared Taylor is now a household name and is a regular guest on FOX, CNN, ABC etc., right?
            You paint a picture as if the rest of us expected FOX, CNN, ABC etc” would become friendly and sympathetic. Noone expected that. Hence, you are building a straweman. Hence, you lack intellectual honesty.

          • DIdn’t I tell you to think real hard before you just blurted something out?


            What matters is what normal, everyday white people see us as when they see us on the news or on the internet

            Test Question: What news outlets would normal, everyday white people be most likely to get their daily news?

          • You mean like that time Jared Taylor got dragged out of his own conference by antifa protesters? Was there a tsunami of sympathy and support from Mr. & Mrs. White Person? Did the media pounce on that event? Jared Taylor is now a household name and is a regular guest on FOX, CNN, ABC etc., right?

            The context is that you think its a good idea to make nazi salutes. Because the nazi message “..most importantly, will have a chance of even being seen in the first place.
            And when called out on your secterist nazi fetishism you make straw man arguments about those that advice against such childish selfindulged destructive sillyness do so because they, according to your strawmanship, believe that “FOX, CNN, ABC etc” will become their friends then.
            Sure, your arguments are not perfectly consistent. But you put enough of the above in there to dismiss you as an intellectually dishonest fetishist. Or worse, provocateur.

          • Can you please show me where I said or insinuated that giving Roman Salutes was a good idea?

            Can you please give the exact quote or comment where I’ve exhibited Nazi fetishism?

            Can you please cite the sentence where I said that FOX, CNN, ABC etc will become friends?

            Again, I don’t think you understand the concept of a straw man argument, and you have a very poor level of understanding when it comes to context.

            Also, why do you avoid questions? You were presented with a Test Question.

      • No it is the predictable fallout from Hailgate LARPing.

        Without the Hailgate LARPing, when antifa attacked normal pro-whites like Spencer, the vast majority of white people would have immediately sided with Spencer.

        Now that Mike Enoch and his collaborators assisted The Atlantic in priming the public to see Spencer as a “Nazi” the average white person is less sympathetic.

        No one needed to engage in any “I’m not racist I hate Nazis” – all anyone needed to do is act like a NORMAL WHITE AMERICAN and not play act the role of the (((Hollywood Nazis))) that Jews have created for them.

        We are White Americans in 2017 – NOT Germans in 1933.

        Acting like normal White Americans in 2017 is an authentic expression of WHO WE ARE.

        Acting like Germans in 1933 is called “LARPing.”

        This is not difficult to understand.

        • Spare me your incessant fascination with “LARPing” and cries about Nazis.

          Your hyper-reactionary outbursts are the result of overdramatizing an event where a few people threw up some Roman Salutes—Richard Spencer not being one of them. Most people aren’t claiming this to be 1933 Germany. You’re the one doing that, ironically. In this regard, your rhetoric is unrecognizable from the mainstream media and the rest of the anti-Whites who use even the slightest mistake to paint someone as an evil Nazi Racist.

          • Spare us with your predictable endorsement of fake “Nazi” LARPers, then.

            YOU are the one that is constantly defending people for pulling counter-productive and damaging stunts for the media, which “just happen” to be what anti-whites like the $PLC and the ADL are hoping for.

            We can expect that even a slight mistake will be used against us – so we have to hold ourselves to a higher standard – especially when doing something likely to be covered in the media, which we know will be hostile.

            Our audience is NOT the Jew media. Our audience is normal White Americans. If you can’t be bothered to appeal to the sentiments of normal White Americans, then you shouldn’t be engaging in any activism and the best thing you could do for the cause is to shut up and go home.

            “First, do no harm.”

          • Would you like to show me my endorsement?

            Would you mind giving me examples where I’m “constantly defending people for pulling counter-productive and damaging stunts” that you seem to think are so abundant?

            What’s a normal White American?

          • Your attempt to “deconstruct” the identity of normal White Americans is essentially the same as the anti-whites attempt to “deconstruct” Whiteness itself.

          • Is it just too difficult a question for you to answer or are you afraid that once you start to go down that path you might find out that you’re not as “normal” as you might think?

            Tell me, are you a flaming homosexual who talks about his obsession with black cocks? The only reason I’m asking is because “normal White America” doesn’t seem to have much of a problem with that kind of public displays of perversion. I’m not talking about your average Leftists. I’m talking about what Conservatism and the Republican Party has come to represent. Someone like Milo is held up as a testament to the American dream and what America should strive to be like, while Richard Spencer is decried as the ultimate evil for daring to speak up for White America, while being caught in a photo with people he didn’t even know throwing up some Roman Salutes.

            I guess what I’m trying to ask is if you’re also fond of black cock, bath in blood, and like to publicly display your young boy stable of fellow queers? That’s “normal America” for ya.

          • Now you are injecting “flaming homosexuals” and “black cocks” and “Milo” – and suggesting that normal White Americans somehow approve of that. I don’t see any evidence that is the case. As far as I can tell, normal White Americans actively ignore “flaming homosexuals” and “black cocks” and “Milo” and generally don’t think about them.

            “I guess what I’m trying to ask is if you’re also fond of black cock,
            bathe in blood, and like to publicly display your young boy stable of
            fellow queers? That’s “normal America” for ya.”

            You’ve answered my question – you are not a normal White American. You seem to think there are “two sides” – either you are a (((Hollywood Nazi))) or you support “flaming homosexuals” “black cocks” and “Milo.”

            Thanks for getting that out in the open.

          • You said you were normal. It’s a little difficult to determine where you stand in the pro-White sphere when you talk about being normal in a very anti-White world. Will Steve Bannon and Breitbart disavow Milo? Will Trump disavow someone like Milo? You seem to be really, really confused on what the borders and boundaries of “normal White America” happen to be in 2017.

            P.S. I’m still waiting on you to answer my two question that you so conveniently avoided. If you’re going to accuse me of something, then at least be man enough to provide evidence.

          • I’m pro-White.

            The fact you need “clarification” about whether “flaming homosexuals” and “black cock” and “Milo” are “normal” says everything about you – and only about you – and nothing about me nor anyone else.

            Normal White Americans don’t seem to have your problem.

          • Milo is embraced in the wider media and is invited to exclusive beltway events.

            That’s normal in this upside down political community.

            You don’t get the perks.

          • Asking for a definition of what you mean by Normal is perfectly reasonable peripatetic philosophy.

          • You honestly sound like someone who has never spoken to anyone outside of the Alt-Right universe.

  • There are some additional steps you could take:

    (1) Lift weights

    (2) Take martial arts classes

    (3) Learn boxing

    (4) Buy a firearm and train

    (5) Network with ARM (Alt-Right Militia)

    (6) You should also look into forming some kind of personal security force, e.g., Lion’s Guard, Right Wing Safety Squad, or Pepe Patrol.

    • No.

      I mean, yes, you need numbers when you go out as a deterrent and you need to protect yourself.

      Do not fight back though unless you’re literally in danger, if not the most you should do is push people back or restrain people. The media will spin you as the attacker.

      We need to understand how white people work. Most normal white people sympathize with the victim and the non-aggressive, and we are indeed victims of the left. We need to use pathological altruism to our advantage, so many on the right don’t understand this or let ego get in the way.

      • Then why do most White people sympathize with Moslem, Somali, and Mestizo invaders?

        Humans of all shapes and sizes respect power and force… Predicated by a Great Message.
        They respect someone who stands up for his life. Yes they cheer for the underdog,
        but they want the underdog to fight back.

      • I think your entire premise is flawed. People side with the victim because they are told to do so by the powerful and bucking against the narrative has serious repercussions. Media spin shouldn’t dictate our actions in toto. Ideally we are going to polarize the country enough to divert them away from the MSM and onto emerging, alternative platforms.

      • There are certain internet posters that have a long history of encouraging pro-whites to engage in counter-productive and in many cases illegal actions.

        This isn’t some kind of accident or a case of bad judgement – it is purposefully subversive behavior meant to undermine the growing pro-white movement.

        It’s blatantly obvious.

        Talk of “militias” is idiotic – the types of people who read websites like – and enjoy posing Pepe cartoons on the internet – are the last sort of people who form militias. America already has a massive gun culture and it tends to be very right wing and at the least implicitly – in many cases explicitly – pro-white.

        The Alt-Right is a meta-political and cultural movement that is meant to spread pro-white ideas to the larger white audience. It can help move white people from implicit to explicit whiteness.

        Tough guy posturing and idiotic LARPing about militias is just to give anti-white groups like the $PLC and the ADL something to point to to paint the Alt Right as “extremist” and “violent.”

        The actual white men involved in the gun culture don’t LARP online about “militias.”

    • Most martial arts doesn’t work in a real life fight. The best tool in a street fight is boxing, learn it and focus on training for the street and not for the ring: a jab to the body is completely useless in a real fight and only works for points in the ring. Focus on hitting hard and fast in the face, footwork, and defensive working.

      After boxing, I would suggest Kyokushin Karate. Forget any kind of ‘martial art for defense’ like AmericanKenpo/KravMaga/Hapkido/etc. Also, forget Brazilian Jiu Jutsu, if you go to the ground in a street fight you are dead.

      Some Judo works if you focus on the simplest throws and practice no gi.

  • Get yourself a bitcoin address. It takes two seconds and it allows paranoid folks like myself to donate without the concern of a paper trail being traced back to us. Also cuts out the jew banker middleman as a nice bonus.

  • This really seems to have affected you. Let’s hope it leads to some renewed focus. Onward to victory!

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