A failed attempt to cast a white man as the Persian poet Rumi highlights the anti-white establishment’s campaign to erase Iran’s heritage as the world’s greatest “Aryan Imperium”, and to derail the Persian people’s path to becoming the white world’s most reliable geopolitical ally in the very near future.

This summer David Franzoni, the screenwriter of Gladiator, announced that he wants to cast Leonardo DiCaprio in the role of Rumi in an upcoming bio-pic about the medieval Persian poet. Franzoni has also suggested casting Robert Downey Jr. in the role of Rumi’s mentor and dear friend, Shams of Tabriz. White liberals, ‘people of color’ and others partial to de-colonial theory are at it again claiming that white people have misappropriated something – or in this case, someone – of their own. Hurling accusations of “whitewashing” at Franzoni and Hollywood, they began trending the hashtag #RumiWasntWhite and successfully intimated DeCaprio out of accepting the role.

In fact, Rumi was white. He was an ethnic Persian who wrote the vast majority of his world-renowned poetry in his native language. The Persians are the cultural-historically dominant subgroup of the ethnic and linguistic grouping of Iranian peoples, which also includes the native peoples of the Caucasus region (especially in Azerbaijan and Ossetia), the Kurds, Pashtuns, and Balochis among others. The so-called ‘Tajiks’ of Central Asia (present-day northern Afghanistan, Tajikistan, and part of Uzbekistan) are simply Persians who have been given another name by 19th century British and Russian colonialists who schemed to colonize this area of Iran.

It is not just any area either. Known as “Khorasan” or sunrise land in Persian, this is where the majority of native Persian scientists and poets of the so-called ‘Islamic Golden Age’ hailed from. It is also Rumi’s birthplace. Stan means province in Persian. Afghanistan and the rest of the stans in that region are totally artificial nation-states, which is partly why they are so dysfunctional. The Persian spoken in the stans is referred to as “Dari” (Parsie Darbari or “Tajiki”) because it was the courtly (Darbari) language of the Crown (Taj).

The Persians and other Iranians never called their realm “the Persian Empire” or referred to their country as “Persia.” This was an ancient Greek designation that caught on in the West. When, in 1935, Reza Shah Pahlavi asked Westerners to refer to his country by its proper name he meant to remind the West that “Iran” is shorthand for Iran Shahr, a middle Persian form of the ancient Persian Aryana Khashatra or “Aryan Imperium.” To this day, many natives of the part of Khorasan that Rumi hails from refer to their land as Aryana. The first recorded usage of the term “Aryan” is in the rock carved inscriptions of ancient Persian Emperors such as Darius and Xerxes, who used to sign their decrees: “I am a Persian, son of a Persian… an Aryan of Aryan lineage.”

These men were white and they established the most tolerant, humanitarian, and constructive form of government in pre-modern times, which at its zenith counted nearly 1 out of every 2 people on Earth among its subjects. I am not even counting the realms governed by Scythians and Sarmatians, northern Iranian tribes who refused the Empire, and rode freely in an area from the Ukraine to the Gobi. Their warrior women became the basis for Greek legends about the Amazons. The Persians and their northern cousins were phenotypically identical to modern Europeans, having all descended – ethnically and linguistically – from the same Indo-European or Caucasian community of prehistory.

It is only beginning with the catastrophic Arab invasion of Iran Shahr in the 7th century AD that Iran’s ethnic composition began to be forcibly altered. (The Hellenistic colonization of the Persian Empire did not have this effect, since the Greeks were fellow Aryans.) Consistent with their messenger’s mandate in the Quran, after burning libraries, mutilating art, and massacring urban populations, these half-savage desert tribesmen took to enslaving and selling Persian women at public markets. Two centuries of Persian insurgency, especially in the Azerbaijan and Mazandaran regions, ended in defeat. The Zoroastrian mystics who led this Khorramdinan (“those of the Joyous Religion”) insurgency – a continuation of ancient Persia’s Mazdakite sect – donned the cloak of Islam in order to survive. They were badly persecuted nonetheless, since the idea of esoteric (Bateni) interpretation (Zand) is declared heresy by the Quran itself – which insists that its legal injunctions are clear, perfect, and unalterable. These Batenis or Zandiqs were the nucleus of the Sufi movement whose epitomizing voice Rumi eventually becomes.

When he was born in 1207, Khorasan was still ethnically white. Some of the region’s illustrious scientists were forced to pen their treatises in Arabic, rather than in their native Persian, because their research was being commissioned by Arabs (who at first just tried to wipe out Persian science). However, Persian remained the language of poetry and the Persian poets of Khorasan, especially Ferdowsi, actually saved the Iranian national identity by maintaining the linguistic structure that enfolded an Aryan modality of thought within itself, and by fostering the kind of living tradition of ancient Indo-European lore that we see in the Shahnameh. The poets, and even the Iranian scientists forced to write in Arabic, effected a Persian Renaissance of sorts that both inspired and reinforced regional revolts that came to the brink of liberating large parts of Iran from the Arab Caliphate by the 11th century AD.

Then the Turks and Mongols poured in from Asia in the 12th and 13th centuries, respectively. During Rumi’s adolescence, the Mongol hordes rushed into Khorasan forcing his family to flee from Balkh in 1219 and head westwards across Iran, moving each time the Mongols advanced further. Entire cities were razed. Ultimately the Mongols would be responsible for a genocide of half – yes, half – of the Iranian population. The half that survived was subjected to plunder, rape, and forced miscegenation. Rumi ultimately wound up in Anatolia, which is where Mowlana Jalaluddin Balkhi picked up his nickname. Rum (pronounced Roum) is the Persian name for “Rome”, including the Eastern Roman Empire or Byzantium – so Rumi means “the Roman”. Konya, where Rumi settled, was hardly Turkish when he arrived there.

Easternmost Anatolia, the home of the Kurds, has always been ethnically and linguistically Iranian. This region, and the more central part of Anatolia in which Rumi’s family settled, had only been conquered by the Seljuq Turks (which the Ottomans broke off of later on) for a little over a century. It was a conquest as bloodthirsty as the Mongol one (in fact, the Turks and Mongols are ethnically related), the most catastrophic consequence of which was the miscegenation of the population of Azerbaijan – itself a Turkicized appellation for Azar Padegan or “Fire Stronghold”, that province of Iran in the Caucasus mountains that was thought to be the birthplace of Zarathustra (one reason why the insurgency against the Arab-Muslims was based there). From Baku to Tabriz, Azerbaijan was demographically white and it took centuries of Seljuq Turkish occupation to change this before Iranians re-conquered the area. So there is no reason whatsoever to think that Shams, the mentor from Tabriz that Rumi met in 1244, was other than a white man. He was certainly a native Persian speaker, and a newly arrived Seljuq Turk in Azerbaijan in those days would have spoken Turkish.

The worst thing about the Turkish and Mongol invasions was not that they represented a second wave of miscegenation in a white nation already under Arab occupation, it is that both of these Asian conquerors adopted an orthodox form of Islam. Largely nomadic and illiterate tribes, unlike the highly-civilized Persians, the Mongols and Mongoloid Turks felt at home in the worldview of the Quran. One wonders how Rumi’s mystical philosophy would have taken shape had he grown up in an Iran where the Persian Renaissance of the generation before him were to have continued. Iranians say, Masnavié Mowlavi ast Qorân be zabâné Pahlavi, meaning “the Mathnawi of Rumi is the Quran in Pahlavi.” The term Pahlavi refers to the middle Persian language of Pre-Islamic Iran, so that the saying suggests Rumi made out of Islam something tolerable to the Persian ethos. Of course, as I suggested above, Rumi only represents the culmination of this process, which I would describe as a kind of Sufi Stockholm Syndrome. A brutally colonized and terrorized population of ‘very understanding’ white folks come to identify with their hostage taker and begin to make excuses for him that are so good that he would never have been able to dream them up himself. So if there is any whitewashing going on, it is Rumi who whitewashed Islam.

Some of the less vile people who have jumped on the #rumiwasntwhite bandwagon have tried to say that his ethnicity really does not matter, since his message is for all mankind. The fact is that a “message for all mankind” (women included) is an Aryan idea in the first place, and a specifically Persian one at that. Ancient Greek writers and thinkers, like Herodotus and Xenophon, who lived under the Persian Empire knew that the opposition to slavery, religious tolerance, a humanitarian concern for the welfare of all peoples, and a Cosmopolitan openness to learning from other cultures were Persian ideals. They were grounded in the worship of Wisdom preached by Zarathustra and became state policy under Cyrus and Darius. This tradition survived the vicissitudes of centuries of history, influencing Roman Europe through Mithraism and guiding the statecraft of Khosrow Anoushiravan – one of the late great Persian Emperors in the century before the Arab-Muslim Conquest of Iran. There is an agenda to erasing this heritage: it allows de-colonial theorists to claim that only non-white people can be colonized, and to demonize white colonialism by excluding the benevolent Persian Empire from the history of the white world. Iran’s glorious history – that of Rumi’s folk – puts the lie to their claim that Caucasian superiority in science, technology, and the arts always came at the expense of exploited non-white peoples.

Despite Rumi’s best efforts to whitewash Islam, anyone who has seriously studied Islamic scripture and law knows – as he should have – that this is apostasy: “Love’s creed is separate from all religions: the creed and denomination of Lovers is God.” “Love’s valley is beyond all religions and cults… here there is no room for religions or cults.” What these verses sound like are the teachings of the Nizari Ismailis, better known as the Order of the Assassins, who actually did and still do claim that Rumi was secretly a preserver of their movement. The Nizaris adopted Persian as their liturgical language. They were the Sufis who remained truest to the Khorramdin teachings after the failed insurgency against the Arab invasion. In fact, they renewed the insurgency by waging a winning war against the Caliphate – until the Turks and Mongols descended on Iran.

#RumiWasWhite and so were all Persians and other Iranians before being colonized, genocided, raped, and plundered by Semitic Arabs and Asiatic Mongols and Turks – half-savage peoples who parasitically appropriated the greatness of Iranian (i.e. Aryan) Civilization in the name of Islam. Even today, there is no place on Earth where the discourse of Aryan identity is more outspoken and influential than within the Iranian opposition to the Islamic Republic. On October 29th, 2016 more than a million Iranians gathered at the tomb of Cyrus the Great to revere him on the day that commemorates his founding of the Persian Empire, and to chant anti-regime slogans that included: “Our Aryan Cyrus, your honor is our honor!” “We are Aryans, we don’t worship Arabs!” This nation, 70% under the age of 30, will soon become the white world’s staunchest ally and the linchpin in a new Indo-European alliance of global scope that secures white interests.

  • Zazz

    Who Leads The Alt-Right? Published on Jan 16, 2017

    • yea, TRS is Jewish, haha. I think Matt came from Breitbart. You supporting him?

      • Matt is naming the Communist International Jew as the existential threat to White Civilization and worldwide peace, and that is good because it’s the Truth.

        And it is clear he isn’t religiously Jewish (if you are hinting at that) but an Orthodox Christian.

        Jews hate those who convert to Christ possibly more than anybody else. They refuse Aliyah to Jews who have converted to Christ, so much is the resentment of Christianity by Jews. Brother Nathanael is another ethnic Jew whom the Jews resent.

        Matt is an important and rational voice in the Alt-Right, as he names the Communist International Jew, much like Henry Ford did.

        Could you imagine how much better the USA and the West which it currently controls, would be if it had heeded the words of Henry Ford and other voices such as those of Fr. Charles Coughlin as to the Jewish Bolshevik threat?

        Make no mistake, the Jews have turned the USA into a multicultural dystopic melting pot and want the same for all White and Western nations. They openly boast about how Third World Immigration into the USA and the West is their number one priority. (Though one would suspect that pushing censorship, “anti-hate laws” would be, though they have pretty much succeeding in doing that in our Communist-Bolshevik dominated Western nations.)

        Is it any surprise US-Jews, like Barbara Spectre, have come from the US? Some of the worst Communist Jews fled from the Soviet Union and post-WW2 Germany to make their Communist-lives in the US.

        The Jews are still the most leftist and Bolshevik adherents in the US. And they have been using their influence to brainwash uneducated Whites into miscegenation, supporting anti-White projects that destroy the future of Whites (promoting divisive issues from feminism to homosexuality and anti-Christian secularism).

        And, of course, don’t forget the Rosenbergs. The Jews are bringing us closer to worldwide annihilation with their nuclear politics.

        • Orthodox Christianity in particular has retained its initiatic character, hence why Russia has been relatively impervious to liberalism.

          • “Orthodox Christianity in particular has retained its initiatic character, hence why Russia has been relatively impervious to liberalism.”

            It is also a huge reason why the Western neo-con Jews are after Russia and to subordinate it to the globalist-Jewish liberal agenda. Russia has a relatively awakened ethnocentric population whose religion of Orthodox Christianity is uniquely Russian.

            This is the same with most of the European Orthodox people. It goes back to Byzantine Church-state relations. Critics claim this phyletism limits the ‘universality’ of Christianity to other ethnic groups. But I’ve been looking at the largest of the Orthodox Churches – the Russian Orthodox Church.

            When the R.O.C. expands its evangelism into non-White areas, eg, China, it has subordinate Churches, eg, ‘the Chinese Orthodox Church’.

            The Church is highly imperialistic and nationalistic. Much as I imagine the (still, but so emasculated and Judaized) Church of England may have previously been. The State may have sponsored evangelism, but the Whites and Europeans spreading the Gospel were (like Russians of today) racially conscious that, while doing so, they were establishing subordinate ethnic Churches for non-Whites/Europeans.

            And there was to be no non-White/European race-mixing taking place. It is no surprise many Western conservatives have been looking to Russia as the last-remaining White super-power, as ethnic Russians seek to throw out the corrupting influence of the Jewish-Bolsheviks ideas (of the related Marxist-Frankfurt school) that have now swept across the West, including into the Western Churches.

            Markos Power at TRS did an article about this about a month ago, which I’ve noticed has been taken off TRS (perhaps at his request with the Enoch-fall-out; he appeared very Jew-aware and critical, as I am).

            Greeks are some of the some Jew-wise people I know, as well as ethnocentric, who rarely out-marry and who are culturally Orthodox to the point where non-Orthodox Greeks are considered non-Greek by many Greeks. This is the same for many other Greeks. I guess many nominal Catholics retain this to an extent with Italians and Irish, for example.

            It is the WASPs in colonial White countries who are the least racially conscious from observation. They are also tend to be the most pro-Zionist, pro-Jewish and Christian Zionists (if Christian).

            Anyhow, all Europeans and White people need to urgently become more ethnocentric and racially conscious if they are to survive the onslaught of the Jewish-dominated public sphere in the West, with the incessant toxic anti-White messages everywhere. It is so blatant these days, there’s no excuse for Whites not to become more racially pro-White/European.

          • “as ethnic Russians seek to throw out the corrupting influence of the Jewish-Bolsheviks ideas (of the related Marxist-Frankfurt school)”

            Do they ? If you read their comments on Russia Insider it makes you wonder.


            And they will celebrate the “revolution”.


        • Did you say Matt is ethnically Jewish? I would remind the leaders of the Protestant reformation were ethnically Jewish and was necessary to set the stage for liberalism and Jewish revolutions (almost all revolutions are Jewish psyops to gain freedom and power for themselves and less freedom and less power for the hosts. SO, it definitely is a concern if a Jew masquerades as white and the assumption should always be not good. I personally haven’t listened to Matt very much but noticed he was supported by the NWO in the beginning- pic as a twenty year old with Breitbart. That’s a huge concern just like it’s a concern Damigo got a start with a Jewish media company and possibly a staged event robbery charge. Weev was covered by Jews are Change during his trial and Molly Crabapple not to mention a major documentary was done on him and MSMBC interviews. TPTB claim that nothing reaches the vast majority without our consent. All those situations reached the majority so….

    • MisatoKatsuragi

      If you don’t think foreign and state agents aren’t trying to or haven’t already subverted the Alt Right , you are naive.

      • “If you don’t think foreign and state agents aren’t trying to or haven’t already subverted the Alt Right , you are naive.”

        I don’t think any right-thinking White person is unaware of oblivious to this. Honestly, it is people like Matthew Heimbach, who openly and fearlessly names the International Jew as the enemy of Whites.

        As we know Iran is also Israel’s #1 enemy and whom the Zionist state wants the White Western people to bleed and die for, and have brainwashed the US, UK and many other nations who see Iran as the “world’s greatest threat to world peace”. (What a joke, when Iran isn’t a nuclear power, yet Israel is, and even Muslim Pakistan has nukes. But the focus is on Iran due to Israeli-Jewish-Zionist Jew-media brainwashing.)

        The Jewish media has thoroughly propagandized the West. Heimbach is one of the few voices to carry on Henry Ford’s naming-the-Communist-Jew.

        The West has been thoroughly conquered by Bolsheviks – make no mistake about it. All the censorship laws, whether it is against revising the truth about the holohoax, to the phony “terror” legislation post-9/11 that has been subverted from their public image of tackling “Islamic terrorism”. Such vaguely worded anti-terror laws in reality keep White activists and other groups in line with conformist-Bolshevik Western/European society.

        Marxist (predominantly Jewish) academics have usurped every lever of power in the West, make no mistake Joe McCarthy was right. We are now living in a Communist-Jewish run dystopia in the West that seeks to, and is unfortunately currently succeeding in demoralizing. Whites to accept their own extinction or miscegenation with non-Whites/Europeans all around the World.

        We just saw the over-arching anti-terror/anti-social behaviour legislation being weaponized against Whites (as opposed to Muslim terror groups) with the banning of Richard Spencer into the UK… which is arguably one of the most Communist nations on earth today, along with the rest of Western Europe especially, and the West in general.

        And sorry, Trump is not a panacea but a stopgap/ short-term band-aid measure to White-interest problems and issues: he is merely a civic nationalist and a Zionist to boot, who has had to offer his offspring to Jewish miscegenation in order to gain power. I am skeptical of Trump and his involvement with Jews but we can only hope and pray that globally he will not be used by Israel and the Zionists to usher a war with Iran, or its ally Russia (and possibly China).

    • If it wasn’t for Heimbach, I don’t think I would be disillusioned with the Alt-Right as of now. He is undoubtedly a key voice in the Alt-Right, especially as he names the International Jew as the NUMBE ONE ENEMY of White and European peoples all around the world.

      As Julius Streicher reminds us: “The Jews are our misfortune!”. As Whites and Europeans, we need to find a way to did-entangle ourselves from the negative influence of the Jews. Those in the Alt-Right who are willingly naming the Jew and engaging an pushing White awareness of the JQ, are central and key players.

      Heimbach is one of the leading namers of the Communist International Jew, who manifests himself in those of the ilk of Soros, who are a threat to the whole of humanity, but especially Whites and Europeans whom the Jews continually see as a threat.

      The message is the same today as it ever was:
      Die Juden sind unser Unglück!

  • Strac5

    Hate to burst your bubble, but Persia wasn’t that great. Alexander the Great had a fetish for their court lifestyle, but he couldn’t make the adoption of Persian ways stick on the Greeks after his death, because the Greeks recognized Persian culture as inferior to their own.

    • Simon_in_London

      5th & 4th century BC Greek culture was the greatest in human history. It’s hardly a fair comparison. Persia generally compares well to its neighbours.

  • Gubbler Chechenova

    Even though Political Correctness enforces rigid dogma on Racial matters — “race is just a social construct”, “there are no significant racial differences”, etc — , in truth many individuals in the academia & think-tanks are well-aware that there is a genetic basis to race and racial differences. And these people freely discuss this matter among themselves. So, their main concern is not the discussion of race and racial differences but the ‘danger’ of this knowledge leaking out to the masses. To these elitists, many of whom are Jewish or white collaborators(cucks or shabbos goyim), the rise of mass consciousness on the Reality of Race is a threat to their own power and privilege since the entire edifice of Political Correctness is built on ‘White Guilt’ of ‘racism’ that supposedly constructed wholly artificial racial hierarchies when, all things being equal, every race is capable of achieving as much as any other. Thus, Political Correctness blames ‘white racism’ for all the social inequalities and problems in the West. This is useful for the Jewish elites because their elite-minority-power rests on suppressing white pride, power, and unity. And nothing has been as effective as ‘white guilt’, especially since Western Morality is founded on Christian Culture of Conscience.

    But in fact, many Jewish elites know that race is real among themselves. They know that blacks tend to make a mess of things because blacks are more aggressive and less intelligent. Also, genetics made blacks more muscular and stronger, which accounts for interracial violence being overwhelmingly black on non-black. Jews and white shabbos goyim know this in their inner circles. But if such knowledge were to become widely disseminated among the white masses, the cult of ‘white guilt’ would dissipate. White people would realize that it’s not their fault that other races have the problem that they do. Thus freed of ‘white guilt’, white people will think, organize, and operate on basis of white pride, power, and unity. This will threaten Jewish elite-minority-power-and-privilege, especially since Jews have been so hostile toward whites. And since white shabbos goyim(cuck collaborators) depend on Jewish largess, threat to Jewish power is threat to their power(just like threat to Nazi power in France also threatened French collaborators in Vichy). Is it any wonder that not only Jews but Conservatism Inc. is freaked out about the Alt Right that is willing to directly address the issues of race and the Jewish Question?

    This is why the Jews want to keep the Realities of Race a SECRET KNOWLEDGE that can only be discussed among the Jewish elitists and their closest allies. As for the white masses, they must be kept in the dark and fed a steady diet of ‘race is just a social construct’ and ‘white guilt’. Some Jewish academics have said that EVEN IF there is scientific truth about racial differences, it must be censored & suppressed for the Social Good. Of course, what these Jews really want is to protect their own power and privilege that is premised on Everlasting ‘White Guilt’ that paralyzes White Pride & Power.

    But such attitude is nothing new in history. The Hindu Brahmins also had their secret knowledge. Their sacred texts could only be read by them for certain peoples. If someone of the wrong caste heard even a bit of this knowledge, the punishment was molten lead poured down their ears.


    And in totalitarian-communist nations, the knowledge of the outside world, especially of the capitalist West, was restricted to the elites. The communist elites knew that life was more bountiful in the capitalist West. They themselves enjoyed the goods and entertainment of the the Enemy. But they kept this knowledge within the inner circle while feeding the Official Dogma to the masses since their power and privilege were premised on the ‘scientific-materialism’ of Marxist-Leninist Doctrine. If the masses were to know the difference between the Capitalist West and Communist East, they could rise up to overthrow the power of communist elites(like what happened in Romania).

    So, the communist elites kept the facts about the capitalist West a Secret Knowledge. They themselves wanted to access and enjoy Western luxuries, but they had to censor the truth from the masses who, if enlightened, might demand end to communist rule in favor of market economy.

    Jewish elites, Brahmins, and Communist rulers, as keepers of the Secret Knowledge, all invoked the INTERESTS OF THE PEOPLE or NEEDS OF A SACRED ORDER, but their main concern was preserving their own power and privilege. If the masses were to know, they might tell the rulers to go. What the rulers decried as corrupting of the masses was really disruptive to their own power.

    And this is why Political Correctness is used to keep certain facts and ideas taboo for everyone but for the elites who believe they and only they should be guardians of the Secret Knowledge.

    Insider Trading may be illegal on Wall Street(even though the real insiders do it all the time by ‘other means’), but Insider-trading-of-secret-knowledge is the norm in elite circles.

    When the Jewish elites attacked Charles Murray, it wasn’t primarily because of his views on race and racial differences. If anything, such views had long been aired in elite circles. The problem was he wrote a book for the public, thus playing a Promethean role. Gods didn’t punish Prometheus for having the knowledge of fire. They punished him because he took the knowledge of fire to the mortals. Thus, fire was no longer the sole magic power of the gods.

    • Scouticus

      Jesus Christ, gubbler. More “black dick is so big and muscular” crap… since we got you and your socks banned over at rightstuff.biz you’ve found your way here to shit up the comments with your groid worship.

      • Gubbler Chechenova

        I’m not banned at right stuff.

        • Scouticus

          Maybe we just flipped you enough shit you quit posting. Hadn’t seen you in a while. I admit, I find your posts entertaining. I don’t advocate for banhammering anyone, but folks there were so doing and I assumed, since I hadn’t seen anything from any of your three or four personae in the past ten days or so, that you’d found a high-t, aggressive, big, tough, fast buck to service or been banhammered.

    • Crud Bonemeal

      gubbler spams copypasta, mods should ban him

  • Gonçalo

    Thanks Jason 🙂 Awesome article.
    It’s also true that other parts of the Middle east and north Africa were ethnically European. But still today we can find many white people of north African and Middle Eastern origin like you. 🙂
    BTW I also have an interest in mysticism, and you are one of my favorite leaders of the Altright, thanks for your efforts and work. 🙂


    Ancient Egypt

    Kabyle berber north africans

  • James Alexander

    A fascinating read, thank you. I fear that Central Asia may be racially and culturally too far gone for any “Aryan” renaissance to take place. All that we, Europeans and non-Semitic Iranians alike, can do at this point is endeavour to combat anti-White/Third-Worldist narratives that seek to erase or rewrite our history (the positive elements and inconvenient truths, that is).

  • Zazz

    Jason get this to Rich. Sombody had it posted on The Right Stiff. Let me know if you want me to take it down. I guess that’s why the scat after he made his mark. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ac25ed2162780d991f352c8361e422bf578981a7db29ec0ea8ed5e931ab5aaab.jpg

    • Katachthonios

      LMAO – good job no one punched him back – this one would just enjoy it! Never punch the masochists, they only enjoy getting a good beating.

  • Domitian

    Very interesting article. Persia as an Aryan empire.

  • Yehudah Finkelstein

    Persia would be an ally if it was not Muslim.

    Make Zoroastrianism Great Again. It could happen, the Indians returned to Hinduism after Buddhism declined. Persia would need some sort of radical state like Communism to wipe out Islam, however.

    Academics always like to wipe out or downplay the inherent Whiteness of great cultures. What was a known fact in the early 20th century for example, that the Hittites were great because they were Indo Aryan, has become a thoughtcrime in today’s academic history.

    • Yes, it is a great pity as well, given that the Persians and Jews shared such a rich and extensive history (until the brutal Arab conquest of both their lands), and now both their governments are such bitter enemies today. What a terrible tragedy of history indeed…

  • Captain John Charity Spring MA

    Interesting that you mention this.

    Terry Jones did a marvelous documentary in his Barbarian series about the Parthians at the time of Crassus. He forwarded the thesis that the Parthians were a millennia ahead of the Romans in terms of horsemanship and had developed a prototype for the Chevalier in France, UK, Germany…


  • Simon Ström

    The tendentious claim that Iran was white prior to the Muslim conquest is absurd, and contradicted by contemporary genomic science (Lazaridis et al 2016, among other corroborating sources). Iran has been a south-west Asian country, genetically speaking, since before the Neolithic. Arab, Mongol and Indo-European admixture is present at low levels in modern Iranians, and the male uniparental lineages are living testimony of the prestige and influence of invading cultures of the past, as in any population. But racially not much has changed. Certainly, one may not speak of a white genocide, rather an ancient conquest of modern Iran by migrating, war-like tribes (who were white, more or less), establishing themselves as a political elite in the Bronze Age.

    Let me explain.

    The Proto-Indo-Iranians are commonly identified with the Sintashta culture of north Central Asia, which emerged as Northern Europeans (in the modern, proper sense of the term) back-migrated to the steppe, from Europe, as an eastern extension of the expanding Corded Ware Culture. The Sintashta people, or Proto-Indo-Iranians, were genetically in Eastern Europe or slightly outside, as they were to an extent admixed with the people they displaced and succeeded (Poltavka, late Yamnaya people). So they were certainly white people, perhaps most accurately described as ‘extreme East Europeans’, to the east of Russians. They had split from Late Proto-Indo-European, a dialect continuum spoken throughout Northern Europe in the 3rd millennium BC. In terms of language they were closest to Balto-Slavs, and they did of course identify as Aryan, a word inherited from archaic Proto-Indo-European that perhaps attained the character of an ethnonym, rather than merely a general term for ‘freeman’, ‘nobleman’ or ‘kinsman’ as the PII encountered the southern peoples of the Indus Valley (Dravidians), Iran and the Near East (Elamites, Sumerians, Assyrians etc.).

    This encounter resulted in a north-south contact zone evident in archaeology and genetics. Miscegenation occured as the Aryans descended upon South Asia, and eventually the urban Indus Valley Civilization collapsed and European-derived cultural patterns became dominant. The remarkable homogeneity of language and the particular subclade of R1a today, are artifacts of this invasion which occured on the margin of the historical era. But lo and behold, the overall genetic makeup of Indians and Iranians is largely the same as before this dramatic shift in culture, language and paternal lineages happened.

    Elite cultural dominance happens all the time, just look at Turkey. The majority of Turks have close to 0% admixture from actual Turco-Mongols. Anyway, this talk about White Persia is delusional; their cultural framework was Indo-European, but I have yet to see one credible source for their Aryanness in terms of race.

    • Yehudah Finkelstein

      Genetic research does reveal that the conquering elites did not wipe out and replace the original settlers.

      Just look at India, which clearly had an Indo Aryan elite that brought their culture, language, and religion with them. But over time, the Aryan elite bred with the Native Dravidians on the subcontinent.

      The same is true in Europe. The Magyars simply converted the natives of the Hungarian Plain to their language and culture and interbred with them. The British Isles witnessed waves of successive invasions from Celts, Romans, Germans, and Normans which changed the culture, but the genetic admixture largely consists of people whose ancestors were in Britain shortly after the Ice Age ended.

      • Simon Ström

        Yeah, the miscegenation between the early Indo-Iranians and the southern native populations might actually have started before they even reached India – in Central Asia.

        You’re wrong about Britain though. Modern North Europeans only emerged in the Late Neolithic, or Chalcolithic, as the early Proto-Indo-Europeans invaded from the Pontic Steppe. Western Hunter-Gatherers account for less than 25% of our ancestry.

        • GrenadierGunther

          Western Hunter Gatherers account for 70%+ of our ancestry(well, depending on which ethnic group). PIEs, Early Neolithic Farmers, even Ancient North Eurasians were all mixes, not population outliers. The admixture runs that only show 25% are just what direct admixture we had from Loschbour or whatever. Anatolian farmers were approximately 60/40 Basal Eurasian or Natufian(mesolithic Levant)/WHG, Proto-Indo-Europeans were 50% ANE, 25% WHG, 25% neolithic farmer, and even ANE is simply 60/40 WHG/Mongoloid.

          There was certainly a lot of mixing, a lot of population movements, but the original paleolithic European genes have survived to 60%+, if not 70%+ in Northern/Central Europe.

          • Simon Ström

            We’re actually splitting hairs now, but personally I think the homogeneity of Northern Europe, as well as its internal variation, is best explained as a ‘genetic’ relationship, that is, we all descend to a large degree from one and the same population that displaced most of Old Europe, speaking some stage of Middle Proto-Indo-European at the dawn of the metal ages. Perhaps we descend significantly from the late Tripolye, at which the oldest evidence of wheeled vehicles is found. I know David at Eurogenes has recently modeled Neolithic farmers from Lengyel, Hungary to be they best match for modern NF ancestry in Northern Europe, not the Funnelbeaker farmers, which might be a clue.

            Anyway, I think it’s doubtful that Mesolithic foragers in Britain survive in modern Britons. The WHG ancestry is probably imported, like the other components, although the Creswellians et al probably looked a lot like Loschbour, Villabruna, etc.

          • GrenadierGunther

            “Anyway, I think it’s doubtful that Mesolithic foragers in Britain survive in modern Britons.”

            Oh, no doubt. I wasn’t disagreeing, I was just saying race goes back to the paleolithic and these groups were not simply some homogenous races with extremely unique features. Basically, if we want to use all population outliers, the “pure” races of the world are WHG, Basal Eurasian/Bedouin/Natufian, Mongoloid, Amerindian, Oceanian, and SSA. That isn’t to say specific features/genes couldn’t have had evolved in mixes in say the early bronze age, etc, but I personally think most racial differences emerged in the paleolithic.

            but yes, your original point is right that European genetic structure goes back to the Bronze Age with Bell Beakers for NW Euros and Corded Ware for NE Euros, not the Ice Age. Still a long time, though.

          • Simon Ström

            I don’t have the figures right now, but the largest chunk of that would-be majority WHG ancestry, that might be inferred when modern Europeans are interpreted as a Natufian/WHG/ANE mix, is inherited by proxy of the European Neolithic farmers (Natufian+WHG) and the EHG (WHG+ANE).
            I’m not trying to downplay the WHG ancestry but most of it we didn’t inherit from them directly.

          • Captain John Charity Spring MA

            The genetic tests suggest that the British are pretty much the same people who were there when the ice sheet receded.

          • GrenadierGunther

            Wrong. Bronze age.

          • Captain John Charity Spring MA

            The Cheddar Man (oldest complete skeleton remains in Britain) samples (and an older dental sample from 12,000) show a direct link to plenty of the villagers living nearby today.

          • GrenadierGunther

            A direct link doesn’t mean those modern villagers are 100% or even 70% Cheddar Man.

          • Captain John Charity Spring MA

            Shared common ancestor…but it’s still an impressive link.

          • Simon Ström

            Traces of the Cheddar Man and his cohort of Mesolithic foragers may be manifest in stuff like maternal lineages, but here’s how the current genetic structure of Europe came about:

            1) A quite homogeneous group of hunter-gatherers (WHG) inhabited Europe during the Pleistocene; these guys displaced the remaining Neanderthals and killed off most of the prehistoric megafauna.
            In the north-east, there was a gradient of admixture with another foraging people called the Ancient North Eurasians (ANE). Modern Europeans and Native Americans share common ancestry from this ANE group.

            2) The Neolithic Revolution began in the Holocene in the Levant and Anatolia. Early farmers spread from there into Europe and picked up WHG ancestry as they spread to the north-west. A mostly homogeneous Neolithic population (admixed Levant + WHG) had replaced the previous, pure, WHG foragers, and now inhabited all of Europe, including Scandinavia. Modern Sardinians are survivors from this era, called Old Europe, where several cities flourished, the Stonehenge was built, proto-writing was developed, and copper smelting was first in use (Serbia).

            3) Meanwhile, in the Pontic-Caspian steppe, the Eastern Hunter-Gatherers (EHG), who were admixed with the ANE, domesticated the horse and developed a hierarchical, martial, very mobile culture. These guys evidently traded with, and were influenced by Neolithic cultures to their south and west. They spoke archaic Proto-Indo-European and increasingly pushed westward, conquering the Neolithic Tripolye culture and initiating a new era. At this time and place, on the frontier between Old Europe and the Pontic Steppe in the 4th millennium BC, modern North Europeans emerge for the first time and rapidly expand to populate a horizon spanning from Ireland and France to Russia. We also begin to see wheeled vehicles spread from there, which, in combination with horses, created even higher mobility and made possible both economic and military velocity. And we see evidence of the type of social organization that has charachterized us ever since: single-family households.

          • Captain John Charity Spring MA

            That’s much more descriptive and useful.

          • Yehudah Finkelstein

            Yes, the Celtic, Roman, Norman, German invasions had little impact on the genetic admixture of the British Isles.

      • Jack Burton

        Indo-European is only meaningful linguistically. Generally speaking, for someone to use Indo-European racially is very tenuous.

        Let’s be honest: The only reason we care about race is to preserve Northern and Central Europeans. Southern and Eastern Europe are only good as buffer zones and to be very selective with.

    • GrenadierGunther

      Everything you wrote here is spot on. Thank you for actually not being ignorant, and it’s a pleasant surprise to know someone else in the Alt-Right follows population genetics.

      Pseudo science and conspiracy theories should be kept out of the Alt-Right.

      The very Belarusian/Ukrainian like Sintashta and Andronovo cultures were indeed impressive(Sintashta people invented the war chariot, it’s also most likely Eastern Hunter Gatherers were also the ones who domesticated the horse), we know there was an invasion supported by archeology, but we really cannot know how much impact these people had on actual Iranian civilizations, especially when we’re talking as late as Rumi. Needless to say, none of these people ever came close to making up a majority in these areas. Even if they were a small ruling elite, which they likely were, we don’t even know for how long, so accrediting accomplishments to them is useless.

      • Kourosh Khabbazan

        Iranians originated in Iran some 52 thousand years ago, as a sub group of the original West Asians/Europeans, who they, themselves migrated into Europe; up to 27 thousand years ago these two groups we’re still interbreeding in Europe, about this time an ice age stopped the interbreeding from occurring and by 11 thousand years ago, with the warming up of the planet these Iranians who settled in Iran, had become farmers.

        About 9 thousand years Neolithic Iranians began emigrating into again, interbreeding with the indigenous European population for a second time, creating the Proto Indo Iranian.

        The genetic study that you have provided and the study carried out by National Geographical both confirm this, some 43 to 48 percent of DNA present in Iranians is also present in south Europeans!

        Three further important to remember is that a) R1 originated in the area of Iran, some 25 thousand years ago, b) Indo Iranian are referred as Aryans and c) genetic testing on one Neolithic Iranian of the Zeogros area has proven that she, like most original West Asians/Europeans had a dark skin tone, her DNA had already developed the potential for lighter skin pigment.

    • so shall we call them goy beasts since we now have determined they aren’t white?

      • Simon Ström

        Call them anything but Aryan, European or White.

        • Jamshid Ariayee Zartoshti

          Simon, do you have any historical proof older than WWII than your people (if you’re a White European) are Aryan? We, Iranians and Northern Indians, have thousands years old written scriptures to prove we can call our peoples Aryans (Avesta, Rigveda, Achaemenid Royal Inscriptons, Herodotus, Shahnameh …). Your first name is by the way very Jewish. Are a Jew?

          • Simon Ström

            The word Aryan (PIE *heryos-) meant ‘noble’, ‘kinsman’, ‘freeman’, ‘man of rank’ or broadly ‘member of one’s group’ in archaic Proto-Indo-European, and has cognates in many Indo-European branches with the same or closely related meanings (Hittite, Old Irish, Indo-Iranian etc). Source: The Oxford Introduction to Proto-Indo-European (1991), for example.

            So the word was in use as an ingroup term signifying kinship and prestige before modern Europeans were actually conceived, not to mention the Proto-Indo-Iranians who in turn were derived from the North European Corded Ware dialect continuum.

            Modern North Europeans are primary inheritors of that ingroup label, showing genetic fidelity with the Chalcolithic speakers of Middle and Late Proto-Indo-European (Haak et al 2015). Whereas Iranians are secondary inheritors – you call yourselves Aryans because your European conquerors did in the Late Bronze Age. Our claim is older by several millennia.

            It’s OK if you wanna LARP being European, but don’t expect us to include you in some global Aryan community based on language. We’re more closely related to non-IE-speaking Chechen Muslims than to Iranians and Indians.

          • Jamshid Ariayee Zartoshti

            Once again, don’t worry, we don’t want to be called White, to be part of a European identitarian group, nor to invade Europe and to replace you (your enemies are not the Iranians). But sorry, the term Aryan is ours. And I wish you to find a beautiful muslim Chechen woman and have a lot babies with her! Cheers! 🙂

          • Simon Ström

            We know that Iranians are not our enemies. And we actually agree that Iran makes a good candidate for strategical alliance, whether Muslim or Zoroastrian. But Mr Jorjani begs to differ with you on the White thing, which obviously annoys us greatly.

          • Its not just that which raises questions about this perculiar scholar. Its also his being at odds with the entire Reactionary school of not only the 17 and 1800s, but also the 1900s. Yet he banners his website with “putting the action back in reactionary”.

            Just one example: he believes in the ‘dark ages’. Virtually all prominent reactionaries and traditionalists refuted this Enlightenment concept as bogus. The stuff being put out is very suspect, and dressing it up in this ‘Indo-Aryan’ garb does not distract from that.

            Iranians, if they ever were ‘white’, are not anymore nor will they ever be again. Shi’ite Iran can be a useful ally in some areas (look at Syria), but these fantasies about Zoroastrianism and some kind of Aryan Imperium are DOA. The stuff of novels.

          • Stig Helmer

            You have as much basis to make that absurd statement as saying French were “white” and not anymore. The fact is that Iranians are descendants of the same people who populated Europe. The race doesn’t magically disappear at the Bosphorous. Further Iran had arguably less mixing than slave holding countries in Europe.

          • “The fact is that Iranians are descendants of the same people who populated Europe”

            A) If you read further down the comment section there are several people challenging this in long, well-researched comments that cite genetic data.

            B) One could use this justification to say that anyone was white. At some point ‘white’ begins to exist.

            I don’t know how Americans see the world, but if you ask any European, whether they are French or Romanian, they will not affirm the statement ‘Iranians are white’.

          • Clay Davis

            Jesus Christ, Stig, pull your head out of your ass. The Sintashta and Andronovo cultures, both of which are considered to be Proto-Indo-Iranian, are genetically Eastern European. Iranians, who have remained the same indigenous people that they were even before Elam, received a small amount of admixture from them. We know this because modern Iranians have a small North European component. Modern North Europeans are the Yamnaya’s primary and direct descendants. Iranians are secondary or tertiary recipients of Yamnaya admixture by way of Sintashta and Andronovo.

          • Kourosh Khabbazan

            The Aryans (indo iranians) are only associated with the Sintashta culture, not the corded ware!

          • Stig Helmer

            And your lack of ethnographic understanding annoys everyone.

          • Simon Ström

            Please embarrass yourself further and substantiate your attempted insult.

          • Stig Helmer

            No – the burden of proof is on you actually, I’m not going to walk you through the history of Indo-European peoples, their migrations and what constitutes the race. You need to do that on your own. You’re the one who is embarrassing yourself.

          • persiansoul

            LOLOLOL! ! ! Yes – I AM NOT WHITE AND PROUD OF IT! LOL!!!

          • Katachthonios

            Yes, it’s a caste term – the plebs/chavs/rednecks/ferals can never be Aryan, no matter what race they are.

    • Kourosh Khabbazan

      Proto indo Iranian originated in Iran some 11 thousand years ago, as of the genetic studie you provided and the national geographical study, some 43 to 48 percent of DNA present in Iranians is also present in south Europeans!

    • Kourosh Khabbazan

      Iranians originated in Iran some 52 thousand years ago, as a sub group of the original West Asians/Europeans, who they, themselves migrated into Europe; up to 27 thousand years ago these two groups were still interbreeding in Europe, about this time an ice age stopped the interbreeding from occurring and by 11 thousand years ago, with the warming up of the planet these Iranians who settled in Iran, had become farmers.

      About 9 thousand years Neolithic Iranians began emigrating into again, interbreeding with the indigenous European population for a second time, creating the Proto Indo Iranian.

      The genetic study that you have provided and the study carried out by National Geographical both confirm this, some 43 to 45 percent of DNA present in the Aryan civilisation came from Neolithic Iranians and 48 percent of DNA present in Iranians is also present in south Europeans!

      Three further important points to remember is that a) R1 originated in the area of Iran, some 25 thousand years ago, b) Indo Iranian are referred as Aryans and c) genetic testing on one Neolithic Iranian of the Zeogros area has proven that she, like most original West Asians/Europeans had a dark skin tone, her DNA had already developed the potential for lighter skin pigment.

      However, one should bear in mind that skin tone is not the important factor, skeletor structure, skill structure and muscle structure is key in defining Iranian classification in terms of anthropologically and genetically.

  • Scouticus

    Great piece. Will mean nothing to the left, however. Of course, if they realized Rumi was phenotypical Aryan/Caucasian, their worship of him would immediately abate. Every Ancient Civ of the Near East was builtby and populated by the Caucasian Peoples,and genuine scholars realize this- including, even, a few wacky ones on the left (Hakim Bey/Peter Lamborn Wilson, translator of Abu Nuwas). Rumi is given cachet simply BECAUSE he is seen as “non-western”, therefore in opposition to or inherently superior to any horrid stodgy racist “whites” from the accursed European Continent. Contemporary Rumi “fans” have a view of the Near East not dissimilar to that held by the Victorian Orientalists- a region populated with exotic dreamy-eyed hashish-smoking traders in pederasty and “white” female slavery, but also possessed of “wisdom” and a savage “morality” superior because, well, it’s not “white”. Nothing of worth is, you see.

    The fact he likely was light-eyed and haired punctures that salacious fantasy.

  • GrenadierGunther

    Lmao. Really?

    Are we really doing this?

    What does this have to do with modern white dispossession let alone white history? I’m guessing this Jorjani guy is paying Spencer money to spew his theories to people who would actually care.

    Please don’t be like Afrocentrics and start stealing other peoples’ histories now.

    Look up ancient Iranian genomes. There’s even an Iron Age one, not neolithic. All of them genetically cluster close to modern Iranians, and modern Iranians cluster with other Middle-Eastern people. They are not white, and were not white in the past.


    • It’s a Jew op to get you to fight Iran. It’s not as if Netanyahou hasn’t been pushing it for 300 years, the idea Iran was about to go nucleur as if they are crazy ppl and don’t have the right to protect themselves

    • Ted Jones

      Are you stupid? Looking at the genetic distance between Europeans and Persians, it’s clear that they are perhaps our closest relatives outside of Europe. For god’s sake, there is even Iranian Nordics, an actual phenotypical classification.

      Ethnic, unmixed Persians ARE white. Not the brown trash that inhabits most of the nation now.

      • alterorbis

        Don’t be so ridiculous. The overwhelming majority of them are clearly non-white, regardless of the 0.1% who are `Nordic`.

        • Stig Helmer

          “Nordic” is not the same as white. Do you not realize that white people look different and that there is diversity within the white race? ||
          The closer you look to a Swede is not the closer you are to an “unmixed” white person.

          • alterorbis

            I am fully aware. If you sincerely look at a group of Iranians or a video of Iranians in Tehran and you think that they are white then you are deliberately abandoning your senses.

          • silviosilver ✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ ˢᵘᵖᵖᵒʳᵗᵉʳ

            If only I could upvote this succinct observation more than once.

      • GrenadierGunther

        If unmixed Persians are white, they don’t exist anymore, and no evidence of them exists because all ancient Iranian genomes we have cluster with modern Iranians.

        lol, Arabs are literally genetically closer to Europeans than Persians(and both are extremely far away). You have no idea what you’re talking about.

        Some Persians may have LIGHT SKIN, yes, that does not make them white. Even some Yemenis have light skin. If we go by skip colour, East Asians are white too. “White” is solely genetic, and if we go by physical anthropology, we need to go by more than just skin colour, but facial features as well. Even Iranians with light skin have clear desert, semetic facial features.

      • silviosilver ✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ ˢᵘᵖᵖᵒʳᵗᵉʳ

        And? Therefore what?

        Whatever it may have been once, Persia has for centuries lied well beyond the remit of anything calling itself WN.

        Jorjani is a larping nullity and Spencer’s association with him has severely diminished my respect for him.

  • alterorbis

    This is the Persian equivalent of the tragic mulatto, frantically trying to justify his own existence as half-white by casting Iranians as some kind of auxiliary ally of the white race. No one cares if you are half-Persian, please stop trying to shill for a nation of obviously non-white people. Whatever Iran allegedly was in the past, it is a clearly a brown country now.

    • GrenadierGunther

      I’m not against pro-white mutts. They need to however forget their other ancestry and only have one allegiance.

      • pro white mutts. Love the high level of discourse here!

        • Katachthonios

          That’s why I seldom visit these sites. Disqus forums are like the Mecca of trash-whores. Everytime I come here I lose two IQ points from commenting. Going to have to demand compensation from Arktos for having to endure all morons from Red Ice.

          • Katachthonios

            Seriously, though why did Arktos decide to combine with all these idiots? To boost sales? Something tells me they’d prefer something more low-brow like “me white, me great, duh club women drag to RoK site”.

          • Simon Ström

            The truest meaning of Aryan ought to be ethnic/racial. Otherwise American blacks can be argued to be more Aryan than white language-shifters (Uralics). Iran and India have never been any more white than they are today.

          • Katachthonios

            What people ought to do is call themselves ‘white’ or European and not Aryan to avoid the constant confusion. And preferably European, since skin bleach is widely used in many countries, just as ‘fake tans’ are in vogue in America. Besides which, without culture to accompany it, ‘white’ is a meaningless term. If a European adopts another culture they cease to be ‘European’ but remain ‘white’.

          • Simon Ström

            European = White = Aryan.

          • Katachthonios

            I’m fussy. I expect more from a political organisation than just everyone being the same shade and I opt for the original definition. Let us just agree that you hold your opinon and I hold mine, because neither of us will compromise.

          • Rascal

            Political organizations are not book clubs. I think that is your first mistake. I appreciate philosophical and intellectual arguments as much as the next guy, but that isn’t the only thing there is to politics. Ask Richard Spencer about that. In fact here is discussing that very matter.

          • Katachthonios

            But the politics is simplistic too. I know this might be difficult to accept, but cartoon frogs etc. are great for trolling and shit posting on FB, but it does not constitute actual policies, facts, or research.

          • Rascal

            I don’t know if you meant to reply to someone else or not, but I never said that was the case.

          • Stig Helmer

            That’s not accurate. You need to visit a library.

          • Clay Davis

            You need to check your brain, retard. He’s giving you cutting edge information that you can’t refute because you’re wrong on every front. You lost when you refused to face him and resorted to telling him to “v-visit a library”. Yeah, that sure showed him hahahahah!

          • Parthian

            ^ This response made me lol

          • Stig Helmer

            Aryan = Proto-Indo-Europeans Ancestors, whose descendants migrated to Europe, Eurasian steppes and western Asia.|

            European = people who reside on the European continent.
            SOME Europeans = can trace their descendance from Aryans and speak Indo-Europeans.

            White = a color. Also a colloquial term used to describe the Indo-European and Caucasian descendants.

          • Simon Ström

            @disqus_OfKgYiLss4:disqus The first Aryans (Proto-Indo-Europeans) lived in far-eastern Europe and contributed significantly to modern North Europeans, who were conceived in the midst of the Chalcolithic Kurgan invasion and then represented a middle stage of what was still Proto-Indo-European. We are the Aryans. The only people that could possible have a stronger claim (from whom we inherited the term, and from whom we descend to a large extent) went extinct because of us, in the Bronze Age, when Indo-European tribes expanded in all directions emanating from Northern Europe. Including the early Indo-Iranians, who were genetically and geographically in Eastern Europe.

            Do some reading on Indo-European migrations, especially the Corded Ware Horizon and the Sintashta culture.

            The study by Haak et al (2015): http://www.nature.com/nature/journal/v522/n7555/abs/nature14317.html

            – All Europeans are descended from Aryans irrespective of language, even the Finns and Hungarians, who shifted languages later on. The genetic structure of Northern Europe is intimately connected to the development of Proto-Indo-European.

            – White is a color, yes, and pale skin has existed among Caucasoid people in the Middle East and South Asia since long before any of them began speaking Indo-European languages. However, today, White has ethnic connotations and refers to European ancestry.

          • Parthian
          • Kourosh Khabbazan

            Incorrect, Indo Iranian were the Aryans and commonly associated with the descendants of Proto Indo European.

          • I don’t agree with the racial/genetic issues.

            But modern-day Iran is clearly our ally in the fight against the International Jew, ie, the Rothschild colony/ Israel, that are the key players in subverting the interests of Whites and Europeans the world over.

            Iran is our ally in the geopolitical realm. As for the racial/genetic issues, agree.

    • Ted Jones

      No, this article is quite correct. These kind of comments are why I stopped posting on forums like fucking Stormfront. Armchair anthropologists who think white stops perfectly at the artificial border constructs.

      • alterorbis

        No one is talking about artifical border constructs: I’m quite aware the boundaries of whiteness are fuzzy, particularly around the Caucasus. I just don’t think that Iranians are white, regardless of what they were 2000 years ago.

        It’s not `armchair anthropology`, it’s called having eyes.

      • Simon Ström

        Iran was never ‘white’. It’s a load of crap. They were always Caucasoid South-West Asians.

        • Parthian

          Persians and their related ethnic groups were and some still are IE / “white”.

          • Simon Ström

            Iranians speak Indo-European languages and many have paternal ancestry derived from genetically North European peoples (the Aryans). ‘Some Persians’ are not white, no Persian is white, as all Persians belong to the Middle Eastern / South Asian genetic cluster. Regional and individual variation in skin color has nothing to do with it really.

          • Parthian

            Genetically I cluster close to Greek / Italian with a shift towards North-West Caucasia. Keep in mind the continental cores between “Europe” and what constitutes “Middle Eastern” populations are close and converge. Perhaps you believe only Nords to be IE, which would exclude large populations of Europe?

          • Simon Ström

            The pivot of racial Indo-Europeanness is in Northern Europe, in the tight cluster of modern Balto-Slavs and Celto-Germanics (yes, including Nordics), which is identical to the 4th millennium BC Middle PIE populations of the Bell Beaker and Corded Ware cultures. We are the Aryans. Time to accept the facts.

          • Parthian

            Ah you must believe Southern / Eastern Europeans to be racially inferior? Well.. good luck with that.

          • Simon Ström

            Lol, keep pretending you’re white, Mr Third World IQ.

          • Parthian

            lol @ IQ thing, I don’t pretend to be brown, people just keep thinking I’m European. Crazy huh? I’ve tried the whole gym tan laundry, nothing works man.

          • Jamshid Ariayee Zartoshti

            LOL “Third World IQ” …
            43% of NASA scientists are Iranians! The equivalent of Nobel for Math has been offered recently to an Iranian woman who studied in Iran, then moved in USA for her PhD.
            The second richest and educated minority of the USA (just after the Indians from India) are the Iranians, and the majority of these Iranian-Americians voted for Trump.

          • Sangre

            Indo-Europeans were half Middle Eastern (from Caucasus/Iran) and half steppe nomad, who had ANE (Ancestral North Eurasian) component, which was related to East Asians and Native Americans. They had mostly brown hair and eyes and were darker skinned than modern Europeans.

          • Crud Bonemeal

            I don’t understand the need to conflate Iranian nationalism and European nationalism.

            I’m actually moderately pro-Iranian… as long as they stay over there.

            But attempting to argue that Iranians are European and somehow have a “right” to live in Europe is only going to create hostility between these groups, since Europeans have a strong interest in making sure at least some of these people go back.

          • Jamshid Ariayee Zartoshti

            Crud: you’re out of the subject. Iranians don’t want to invade Europe, nor to be assimilate to Europeans. Don’t worry, we are fanatic lovers of our Holy Land Greater Iran and radically proud of our Identity. The article of Dr. Jorjani was a reaction to the buzz launched by a woman, an islamist propagandist, who claimed that Rumi was not White, and therefore she wanted Rumi to be played by an arab-muslim actor! This is purely a thief of cultural legacy! It’s like saying Archimedes was a Japanese! The reaction of Dr. Jorjani was to clearly say that Rumi does not belong to the Semite world but to the Indo-European World, he used the term White, because she attacked first by using the term White. But once again, don’t worry, we Iranians don’t want to invade Europe nor to steal your Identity.

          • silviosilver ✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ ˢᵘᵖᵖᵒʳᵗᵉʳ

            Middle eastern racial issues are up to middle easterners to resolve (and not by conflating them with European racial issues). Our hands are full.

          • Katachthonios

            It isn’t anything new – remember Matt Hyatt the Satanist turned wannbe lame Islamic Terrorist (formerly known as Abdul-Aziz ibn Myatt and Abdul al-Qari)? About 5-10 years ago pro-Islamic white Nationalists were everywhere. Then the Neo-Liberals took over most of the conservative Right to make sure the Right was allied with Zionism.

          • Kourosh Khabbazan

            Europeans where never, the term only applies to Indo Iranian!

          • Jimmy Smith

            Persians are white people and so are many Arabs and Turks also white people. The only legit people that are brown and even darker are Indian people. However genetically they have the most proto Aryan blood their invasion and rape happened way back in time.

          • Clay Davis

            None of them are IE or white, and there is nothing that suggests the contrary. Modern genetics show that they cluster light-years away from Europeans on PCA-plots. They have remained the same Neolithic farmers since the actual Aryans came around and migrated to the Iranian Plateau. Enough of the lies.

          • Parthian

            Cavalli-Sforza revealed that Iranians cluster closely with European groups and more distantly from Near Eastern groups. Common genetic markers may stem from the ancient Proto-Iranians and parallel the spread of Iranian languages.

          • Parthian
          • silviosilver ✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ ˢᵘᵖᵖᵒʳᵗᵉʳ

            Man, someone just give this larper his “100% Certified White” certificate to shut him up, please.

          • Parthian

            Not looking for certified white, I saw misinformation about old and modern Persians and I attempted to correct it.

          • Shahin Rami Ghalandarabad

            We were brother and we will be again once our nation dies, you me will be in Pardis with our father Ahura Mazda, Aryans Noblemen, followers of Zoroaster reborn in Gods image once again.

      • Crud Bonemeal

        Iranians aren’t the same thing as Europeans regardless of their skin color, we can measure these differences

  • László Vitéz

    Mongols are mostly Shamanic or Buddhist, not Islamic.

  • Jewish golden age, don’t be like Trump and say Muslims were dancing in the street instead of Jews on 911. The Jewish golden age coincided with Muslim dominance and the western European dark ages. What’s good for Jews is bad for European goy

  • Captain John Charity Spring MA

    Piers Morgan is becoming Red Pilled. He’ll be an NRA member in a few months at this rate. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8e83b3cdc241367c45006ca476f83e315dc944e5197a0c3a760d169c7d612737.jpg

    • anyone can sound red pilled on a specific occasion. Also, he may have been red pilled all along and part of the NWO takeover elite which seems most likely. Always determine whose side an sset is really on. When they do things that don’t make sense, ask why. THis does require mch critical hinking to challenge orthodoxy

      • Captain John Charity Spring MA

        America does shift the Anglo into a slightly different mind frame. Although he’s really Welsh.

  • JohnK

    This seems a bit far fetched.

  • MisatoKatsuragi

    don’t drink the Flavor-Aid

  • Adolphin ++

    Who cares about Indo/Middle-eastern cultures? We already had our own civilization in Europe. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cucuteni-Trypillian_culture

  • WR_the_realist

    Why I like the alt right — I’d never see an article like this in National Review.

  • Jamshid Ariayee Zartoshti

    Genetics studies demonstrated that Modern Iranians do not have significant Semitic or Turk DNA in their population (except the Semitic minorities of Iran: Persian Jews, Christian Iranian-Assyrians and muslim arabs, and the Turk minorities of Iran such as the Turkmens and Qashqai people who live in Iran far before the Turko-Mongol invasions), therefore, despite all the invasions, Iranians are still closer to the Europeans than to the Arabs or Turks. The reason is that the Arabs invaders were and are still racist tribalist (they don’t marry with foreign ethnicities), therefore they raped women of conquered lands and the women were killed soon after or brought in Arabia as slaves where they died due to bad treatments. Same thing with the Turks (also tribalist).
    The tanned colour of modern Iranians, not all (we have many White people with light eyes), is certainly due to pre-arab mixing by wedding with the Elamites ie the pre-Aryan culture and civilization of Iran (and we don’t know anything about the ethnicity of the Elamites, as the Sumerians, we know the Elamites were not Semites for sure, maybe related to the Indus Valley Civilization). Therefore, the white Europoïd ancient Iranians may have mixed with brown Civilized Elamites, which is good and positive, the nomadic Aryans brought their military skills and the settled Elamites brought their knowledge in agriculture and city-administration, this Aryan-Elamite wedding gave us the particular identity of Iranians. and their brown skin. Another hypothesis, the brown skin/hair can also be an adaptation to the sunnier and hotter environment of Iran compared with the Northern lands (Kurgan Culture/Eurasian steppe/Caucasus) of their Indo-European ancestors, and to the even more Northern lands of modern Nordic Europeans who have gained the blond hair and blue eyes quite recently in the Indo-European History between 6,000 and 10,000 years ago (the IE are 30000 years old).

    “The genetic basis of a number of physical features of the Yamnaya people (direct descendants of the Proto-Indo-Europeans of the Kurgan Culture) were ascertained by the ancient DNA study conducted by Haak et al.: they were genetically tall (phenotypic height is determined by both genetics and environmental factors), overwhelmingly dark-eyed (brown), dark-haired and had a skin colour that was moderately light, though somewhat darker than that of the average modern European”. From Wikipedia.

    Therefore, PIE people had similar physical characteristics to the current Northern Iranic peoples. Indeed, if you want to know the type of the Proto-Indo-Europeans you have to look at the living people who are the nearest to the Proto-IE. The Scythians (Ancient nomadic Iranians of the Eurasian Steppe) were the nearest ancient people to the Proto-IE (by nearest I mean both genetically and geographically therefore same environment and weather). And the direct living descendants of the Scythians are the Ossetians who live in the North of Caucasus (who are the descendants of the Alans, a Scythian tribe). And the Ossetians look like Iranians of Iran, but they are in average taller and whiter than the Iranians. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SoFAwtgVKF0

    To conclude:
    Aryan-Iranic peoples be proud of any of our skin colour and type, what defines us as an immortal Culture, Nation and Civilization are our ZOROASTRIAN Roots! Zoroastrianism is our Identity.

  • Jamshid Ariayee Zartoshti

    This “Rumi issue” started when a disgusting bitch opened her dirty mouth full of shit: https://www.facebook.com/followzarathushtra/posts/1535186116522195

    Paid by saudi or qatari “princes” for sex and her tongue, this White woman prostitute defends the islamist cause!

    The one who wants to separate people based on their skin colour is this fake arab bitch, fake because she is as white as Leonardo Dicaprio, she uses make-up to be tanned and to play the arab who defends the islamist cause. She is a pure racist, there was no skin colour issue about Dicaprio plaing Rumi until this whore opens her dirty mouth full of shit!

    Kurds, Persians, Lurs, Afghanis (Tajiks, Pashtuns …) … are all Iranic peoples therefore they belong to the Indo-European World, therefore they are “White” even if we have tanned people (due to genetic adaptations to the sunnier lands of Greater Iran compared to the colder lands from where our ancestors came from – ie Kurgan Culture/Eurasian Steppe -).

    I used the word White because it’s the way the Westerners call themselves, and also how the anti-Westerner racists call the Europeans and their descendants in USA, Australia, South Africa. The Westerners should instead of White use the term Caucasian, Europoïd or even better, Indo-European to call themselves. Because the term White reduces the identity of Westerners to their skin colour while their identity is much more deep, rich and important than just the colour of their skin.

    So I am not offended that Leonardo Dicaprio may play Rumi, Dicaprio is a pure talent, in fact I would love to watch a such movie with him.

    This white woman with her blue eyes, her fake arabic name and her makeup to look like an arab, is either brainwashed by the islamic shit or just very well paid by saudi arabia & qatar to play the propagandist for the islamist cause.

    Just take a look at her Facebook page, and you will see the kind of shit she is: https://www.facebook.com/amanialkhat/

    • Simon Ström

      “Kurds, Persians, Lurs, Afghans (Tajiks, Pashtuns …) … are all Iranic peoples therefore they belong to the Indo-European World, therefore they are “White” even if we have tanned people (due to genetic adaptations to the sunnier lands of Greater Iran compared to the colder lands from where our ancestors came from – ie Kurgan Culture/Eurasian Steppe -).”

      Iranic peoples are brown because they mostly descend from autochthonous populations rather than Aryan conquerors.

      “I used the word White because it’s the way the Westerners call themselves, and also how the anti-Westerner racists call the Europeans and their descendants in North America, Australia, South Africa. The Westerners should instead of White use the term Caucasian, Europoïd or even better, Indo-European to call themselves. Because the term White reduces the identity of Westerners to their skin colour while their identity is much more deep, rich and important than just the colour of their skin.”

      You use the word White because you wish your Middle Eastern ass was White and European. It never was.

      • Jamshid Ariayee Zartoshti

        Aryans allied and mixed with the endogenous civilization of Iran ie the Elamites (who were not Semites) and this alliance produced our particular identity, the nomadic Aryans brought their military skills and the Elamites brought their knowledge and skills of agriculture and city-administration. This mixing produced the Medes and Persians who kicked the ass of the Semitic Assyrian empire who reigned with terror on Mesopotamia. And you are wrong by saying that the Aryans were an oligarchy who reigned on the endogenous Iranians. Because the influx of Aryans ended to bring a majority of Aryans in Iran, therefore, the Elamite blood finished to be completely diluted in the Aryan-Iranian people.

        Second, concerning the term White, don’t worry, we don’t want Iran or the Greater Iran to fused with Europe, we are fanatic lovers of our own Holy Land. My point was a dialectical and rhetorical view ie other words Communication tactics. To those who have only their skin color to defend, and who oppose to you Westerners their skin color, if you fall in the same rhetoric, ie you oppose your own skin color you will reduce your identity at the level of those who have only their skin color (and who have had NO Civilization). But if you systematically talk about your deep Indo-European roots and identity, and Europoïd/Caucasian Race, Culture and Civilization, you place yourself at the top of the mountain like an Eagle. Do you want to be a roster or an Eagle?

      • Jamshid Ariayee Zartoshti

        Aryans allied and mixed with the endogenous civilization of Iran ie the Elamites (who were not Semites) and this alliance produced our particular identity, the nomadic Aryans brought their military skills and the Elamites brought their knowledge and skills of agriculture and city-administration. This mixing produced the Medes and Persians who kicked the ass of the Semitic Assyrian empire who reigned with terror on Mesopotamia. And you are wrong by saying that the Aryans were an oligarchy who reigned on the endogenous Iranians, because the influx of Aryans migrating and settling in Greater Iran ended to bring a majority of Aryans in Iran, therefore, the Elamite blood finished to be completely diluted in the Aryan-Iranian people.
        Second, concerning the term White, don’t worry, we don’t want Iran or the Greater Iran to fuse with Europe, we are fanatic lovers of our own Holy Land. My point was a dialectical and rhetorical view ie in other words Communication tactics. To those who have only their skin color to defend, and who oppose to you Westerners their skin color, if you fall in the same rhetoric, ie you oppose your own skin color you will reduce your identity at the level of those who have only their skin color (and who have had NO Civilization). But if you systematically talk about your deep Indo-European roots and identity, and Europoïd/Caucasian Race, Culture and Civilization, you place yourself at the top of the mountain like an Eagle. Do you want to be a rooster or an Eagle?

    • silviosilver ✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ ˢᵘᵖᵖᵒʳᵗᵉʳ

      Good God. If your alt right site ever attracts positive attention from someone named “Jamshid Ariayee Zartoshi” it’s a sure sign you’re doing something wrong.


    “The so-called ‘Tajiks’ of Central Asia (present-day northern Afghanistan, Tajikistan, and part of Uzbekistan) are simply Persians who have been given another name by 19th century British and Russian colonialists who schemed to colonize this area of Iran.”

    “Afghanistan and the rest of the stans in that region are totally artificial nation-states”

    The name “Tajik” has been used to describe Sunni Persians of that region for a millennium. Tajikistan was Bokhara and Kokandian territory before it came under glorious Russian rule. They have never been any part of the “totally artificial nation-state” called The Islamic Republic of Iran.

  • Imminent Chimp

    Ridley Scott directed Gladiator…from a quick scan of the comments, everybody already seems aware that modern Iran isn’t white, nor an ally.

  • This was an interesting little piece. While I was aware of the Iranian origin of the word Aryan, I had never read much on ancient Persia. I do not believe that I have met an Iranian. Iran would appear to genetically closer to Europe than the Arabs -especially in the past. As a man of western European descent, I intend to keep most of my research to my own people group, but might check out some literature on the ancient Iranians some day.

  • Bantz Henriksen

    I’ve seen Persians way more white-looking than some Italians, but Islam still disqualifies them. Ethnic Iranians who are untainted by Semitic mixture should be taken on a case by case basis.

    The problem is, if we start floating this idea of being okay with “Iranians” in general– when what we really mean are those who are still European-looking and are not Muslims– we will run into immediate problems with rapefugees and other filth, many of whom hail from Iran.

    We are white European peoples, our destiny may be joined with some tiny percentage of Iranians who remember their heritage and still look white… But we will gas their brown countrymen assaulting our women in Europe. Ruthlessly. And we won’t care if their whiter countrymen oppose it.

    • asmoday20

      This right here. Until we get a concrete definition of who’s “in” and who’s “not” the rug’s being pulled out from under us.
      I’m not advocating for Iranians of any stripe. I’m advocating for us not to get hung up on minutia.
      Playing the sons of Muhammad against the sons of Cyrus means they are less a problem for us. We have enough problems.

    • Jamshid Ariayee Zartoshti

      Yes you’re right Islam disqualifies Iranians just as Christianism (which is a Semitic religion) should disqualifies the Europeans. Until both of us do not reject these foreign ideologies and embrace again our own Indo-European paganisms, we are both in a mental prison.
      There is a huge interest among Iranians since the islamic revolution for the religion of their forefathers, ie Zoroastrianism. Even if the Zoroastrian-born people in Iran are a tiny minority, we know that 80% of the Iranian population vomit islam and are Crypto-Zoroastrians. Are 80% of the Europeans Crypto-Odinists or Crypto-Olympians?
      Second, don’t worry, we don’t want to be called “White”, we are too much proud of our own Identity and we are fanatic lovers of our own Holy Land ie Greater Iran. The article of Dr. Jorjani was a reaction to the attack of a whore* who claimed that Rumi was not White, meaning he was an arab and therefore the actor should be an arab! But if you ask me, I prefer to keep the term White for you the Europeans, but I will always say that the Iranic peoples belong to the Indo-European Caucasian Race & Culture.
      * The whore : https://www.facebook.com/followzarathushtra/posts/1535186116522195

      • Bantz Henriksen

        Probably the biggest difficulty with bringing back Zoroastrianism in Iran is that, as far as I recall, Zoroastrians do not proselytize. They might be a bit assholish to Iranians and accuse them of LARPing.

        But I’d be happy to see Iranians abroad moving back to Iran, going through a rebirth of their ancestral religion and culture.

        • Jamshid Ariayee Zartoshti

          Zoroastrians are not proselyte in Iran. But when they live in a free country, the Zoroastrians* accept their fellow Iranians ex-msulims to embrace the religion of their ancestors.
          * The Zoroastrians of India do not accept to convert (even Iranians) for reasons belonging to their own particular history.

          • Then that is a great pity, in my opinion. Refusing conversion surely cannot be beneficial to their faith’s future, nor was it likely the intent of the original founder.

          • Jamshid Ariayee Zartoshti

            You did not read me well. We accept to convert but only in a free countries. In Iran, leaving islam (apostasy) is a crime and the sentence is death!

  • Uh. I think if you’re going to try to meme Iranians into being white you’re gonna have a bad time.

  • asmoday20

    Are we suprised by an anti-white, historically inaccurate hashtag? Accuracy doesn’t support their aim to disenfranchise us from our heritage and inheritance so why are we always hung up on slights and instances?

    Ignore them and plow forward. This crap is all distractions.

  • John Q. Whiteman

    There are virtually no negroes in Iran because most of the ones who were there during the Ottoman period were harem eunuchs.

  • Dr ExCathedra

    The root of Whiteness –which is a synonym for European– lies in Greece. Not Persia. The ancient non-White Caucasian civilizations, Persia and North India, were indeed great. But this is not 1000BC. Whatever their current beliefs, the descendants of the native peoples of European Christendom –Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant nations– are the Whites. All Whites are Caucasian, but not all Caucasians are White. (Especially, no matter how regrettably, Muslim peoples: Christendom and Islam are defined by their enmity.)

    • Dillon Francis

      Islam is not a race.
      And Greece is not the Aryan homeland. The Armenian Highlands are. At least two theories support this of the original home of the IE aka Aryan peoples.

  • Crud Bonemeal

    Israel’s message to Iran be like “You have a proud history. You have a rich culture. Tragically, you are shackled by a theocratic tyranny”

    Associated Press, Jan 21, 1:31 PM
    Israeli leader to Iran: “We are your friend, not your enemy”

    So, the idea is that Iran just needs regime change and they can be just like the West; IE: embracing consumerism, globalism, dysgenics and passive nihilism

    I don’t want to sign on to Israel’s message.

    The Alt-Right’s message to Iran should be “You guys do your thing, over there in Iran, and we’ll do our thing over here… separately, in our own countries”

    The West remains thoroughly subject to Eskimo mind domination and as such we are in no position to improve the situation by spreading (((our values))) around the world. Any sort of positive “Aryan” values are totally extinct in the West.

    This situation will not be quickly reversed. As such, it seems irresponsible for the Alt-Right to promote any belief system that promotes regime change or encourages the spread of our Eskimo values around the world. Far better for the West to go into a mode where it focuses on fixing its internal problems, and leaves well enough alone in non-Western countries, which usually have more sensible values.

  • Helga Baumgardner

    I bought your book, Prometheus and Atlas. You are scary smart.

  • silviosilver ✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ ˢᵘᵖᵖᵒʳᵗᵉʳ

    I really have to say that after seeing this ridiculous article posted by the utterly ridiculous Jorjani, I’m glad Richard Spencer got thumped in the head by that antifa – hopefully it knocked some sense into him.

    • Marshall Lentini

      it’s vitally important for rumi to have been white bro
      cause anything not white is ipso facto wogjew and i’m not allowed to like it

  • Abu Al Muzaffar

    By the way, the egyptian scholar ibn al haytham (9th century), father of optics is the one responsible for modern day scientific methodology and is arguably the most famous amongt the scholars from islamic golden age. So contrary to your ignorant belief, the Persians are not the author of the “so called islamic golden age”

    The Persians were invaded its true, just like Cyrus invaded Assyria who are ethnically semites. The persians invaded the lands of the semite (jordan lebanon syria northern arabia) 900 years BC and Cyrus unified their lands in thr 6th century BC. They wrote the history saying that there were good.
    I dont doubt it, the persians were more tolerant than the later roman empire, that’s for sure!

    These same semites in their turn conquered Persia in the 7th century AD. The persians kept their language. Most of the persians wrote in arabic and persian. Alot of arab scholars learnt persian as well.

    The Persians kept their language because the arab identity was not imposed on them.

    In the contrary, the saffavid persians forced their religion on irans majority sunni population in the 15th century).

    The mighty persian empire of 1100 years (since cyrus the great) collapsed at the feet of bedouin arab in 6 years!!!! They never rose again after that. (prophecy made by the prophet Muhammad, who said that the muslims will rule over persia and that the king’s cloak will be worn by a poor bedouin arab, this is exactly what happened). The best part is that, the arab muslims conquered persia with a fraction of the size of the persian army and a fraction of the warfare technology. Thats the tough reality that the iranians like yourself have difficulty to swallow.

    Woww… Its a shame that you wrote so much garbage. ” the hellenic invasion did not have the same effect because the greeks were fellow aryans” lol!!!!

    The Persians have had their golden age through the Islamic invasion as you refer. Persians did not flourish in science prior. The greeks and the indians did. The muslims simply kicked it up a notch by creating aljebra, developping astronomy, medicine, chemistry and optics(physics)

    On a last note. Jalaluddin Rumi was a muslim scholar and Islam was his voice not the persian iranian culture.
    He is a scholar from the Hanbali school of thought (the great arab islamic scholar from the 8th century) contrary to your suggestion he did not emerge from a heretical tradition to islam.

    Shame on you for holding a PHD and cherry picking history.

    Garbage. Pure garbage.

  • MylesStandish

    What does this “alt-right” have to do with the historical American nation? The NRx fad was clearly and openly against all that is dear to an American nationalist; the entire thrust of moldbuggery is violently opposed to protestantism, libertarianism, and Anglo-Saxonism, all essential qualities of the real American. Then there are the greasy, clearly foreign girl-haters who fancy themselves Casanovas – these guys are “alt-right”. And of course the “Twinks for Trump”, that’s pretty alternative. There was that “patriotic American Trump supporter/Nazi larper” at TRS who turned out to be a swarthy, obese jew with an unpronounceable last name. And now we have the Iranian-Aryan faction of the “alt-right” who naturally want to Make Iran Great Again.

    But what in the world does all this have to do with the regular American? Why should Mr. Smith and Mr. Johnson look upon this motley crew with anything but suspicion?

  • The ancient Persians never really adopted any particular policy of racial supremacy though, theirs was a very cosmopolitan and multi-confessional society, with tremendous cultural diffusion with both the West and the East…it was the Germans who came up with that ideology after their fascination with Indo-Iranian culture.

  • temir aksak

    Persian mentality is close to that of the Greeks, Italians, Spanish, French and even German Strong feeling of hierarchy which seems less marked in the Semites and Turks.

  • Today I learned there is a Persian Internet Defense Force

  • TablesTurn

    What a clever fool.

  • Jason Rogers

    absolutely fascinating article. never really thought about the connection in quite this way.

  • Jack Burton

    As you mentioned, the name Rumi means Roman. So he was likely at least partially white in the Western sense. He was certainly Caucasoid and probably not of the typical phenotype of today’s Persians.

    Hollywood has always “white-washed” or more accurately “Nordic-washed” their movies. They like to use the North Euro aesthetic to sell tickets. They often use North Euro actors for Greeks and Romans who were in reality a lot shorter, swarthier and uglier.

  • Cam

    Seems like that more and more Americans will begin to question the veracity of the Israel narrative as they begin to find alternatives. Hopefully that’s not just wishful thinking.

  • I accept the premise that Iran was once far whiter than it is now, and find this article excellent. There is plenty of evidence that the ancient Near and Middle East was once far whiter before the genetic catastrophe of the Arabic conquest. Just look at depictions of blond Libyans on ancient Egyptian temples! And as an active WN for 38 years who is now 62 years old, l have SEEN whites turn much darker just in my lifetime. In 1900, a study showed that half of all Americans (89% white) had blue eyes, and today, it is about 20%. I see brown eyes everywhere — and in the Fifties I saw blue eyes everywhere.

  • Sosa Laforge

    great article by Dr Jorjani. very-well written.