Inside The Alt-Lite’s #Deploraball

New York Magazine attended the #Deploraball and offers us this window into the Alt-Lite:

“When I asked to attend the DeploraBall — the vigorously-protested 1,000-person pro-Trump black-tie event causing a rift in the alt-right — organizer Jeff Giesea offered an angle: “There’s definitely a Trump baby boom in the works.” His DeploraBall co-organizer, anti-feminist activist Mike Cernovich, will soon have a daughter with his wife. And Giesea’s surrogate mother is twelve weeks pregnant with a son. Surrogate? “I’m a gay man,” said the 46-year-old businessman, whose mother is Mexican-American. (She supports building the wall.) Will his son have two dads? “It’s complicated,” he said, describing his relationship as well as the conflicting impulses within his movement — particularly when it comes to gender and sexual politics. …

While protesters with signs preaching feminism and resistance to fascism were being pepper-sprayed outside the DeploraBall, Cernovich invited Gateway Pundit blogger Jim Hoft (who came out as gay after the Pulse nightclub attack in Orlando) onto the stage to announce his website’s first White House correspondent: “Twinks for Trump” photographer Lucian Wintrich, whom Hoft described as a (gay) victim of the New York City art world’s “gay mafia.” Leaning into the microphone, a tuxedo-clad Wintrich announced, “I’m going to be the youngest, gayest correspondent in the White House in history!” Someone in the crowd shouted, “Our gays are better than their gays!” DeploraBall’s guests, who had paid between $99 and $2500 to be there, cheered. Soon thereafter, a man with a Flock of Seagulls haircut took the stage to sing. …

In the world of Deploraball, same-sex interactions of all kinds — social, political, sexual — seem somehow easier than those between men and women. …

A question about Trump’s golden shower rumor led McInnes to an indictment of sex in New York City: “That’s not really his culture,” He said of Trump. “I think that fact that rumor got wings shows how naive the left is, and how they don’t get Trump or really anyone that’s not in their inner circle. That’s normal for us to hear about, golden showers.” By “us,” he meant “New York creatives,” the liberal-leaning tribe to which McInnes, who has worked in magazines, blogs, radio, and TV, still sort of belongs.

“I mean, I may have been into that stuff as a young man, but when you get older, you get more traditional. And you realize that these things that go back a quarter million years maybe have some merit to them,” he said. He recommends getting out of “that stuff” by the age of 25. If you stay in it much longer, “you become a colostomy bag for other people’s cum. New York City is an elephant’s graveyard for ovaries.” …”

Rolling Stone offers this comment from Gavin McInnes:

“What does define these new voters? Gavin McInnes describes what he sees as the prototypical Trump voter: “He’s a chain-smoking, swearing Staten Islander. … You know what he thinks of gays? He doesn’t. He doesn’t really care,” McInnes says, throwing his hands in the air in an elaborate shrug, noting that “he” doesn’t care about transgender issues or racism either. “It doesn’t come up in our day-to-day. You know what comes up in our day-to-day? A little three-letter acronym that goes like this: U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!

“It’s pretty simple, is it not?””

Do you see the Alt-Lite’s problem here?

Trump’s base are rural, White working class evangelicals from the South and Midwest. I talked to dozens of these people while I was touring DC. Trump lost the West Coast and the Northeast. He lost California and New York by such a landslide that Hillary ended up winning the popular vote.

The Alt-Lite seems to think that homosexuality can be mainstreamed on the Right, but “White identity politics” will and should remain taboo. And so, you can have someone like MILO who bathes in blood, a White House correspondent who hosts “Twinks for Trump” rallies, and some other gay guy from California who is having a child via a surrogate and that is going to be “mainstream” and the Trump coalition is going to work that way in practice. As Bill Mitchell says, there is “no room on the Trump Train” for White Nationalists. Now that the election is over, the Alt-Lite has convinced itself that White identity politics had nothing to do with Trump’s victory – this, of course, after scrubbing their own Twitter accounts – and that huge numbers of blacks and LGBTs will vote for Trump in the future.

I guess we will see how that works out. It is a hard trick to appeal to and summon the electoral potential of White identity politics while simultaneously trying to disavow White identity politics.

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  • We need to get the Alt-Light completely decoupled from us. Their views are completely opposed to what we want.

  • sounds crazy but these commie young leftists will eventually see the jq for what it is, bolsheviks for who they were, and communism for where it came from and what really happened. we had to fight them to get trump and and further the agenda but now that he is in, that’s where we need to recruit. they have been manipulated. the cucks know what they are doing, they are cucking to be higher up in the jewish feudal rule so they can pretend they are actually at the table

  • The Alt-Lite are the new cuckservatives. Instead of democrats are the real racists, it’s democrats are the real homophobes.Just like black conservative frontmen were completely ineffective at changing the electoral habits of blacks, so too will be the Alt-Lite’s LGBTQ showgirls in convincing their fellow degenerates to vote for Republicans. The Alt-Right is often accused of being old-fashioned white supremacy in a suit, but the Alt-Lite is really just failed cuckservatism in a new dress.

  • Gay guy schtick.

    There is NOTHING unique about Milo’s rhetoric, except it is out in the public now.

    Of course the virtue signalers on the right immediately jump up on their heels and bark their love of Milio talking about being penetrated by multiple black cokks…you know, to show they are not homophobic.

    There will be a backlash when they figure out that creepy pervert talk does not set the soul free, nor make you a superior human being. But by then Milo will be fabulously wealthy.

  • The working class, the workers, the proletariat – what the demonstrating and rioting commie scum used to pretend to represent – that is who elected President Trump!

  • Like most “conservatives” you appear to suffer from chronocentrism, the projection of your own current biases onto the supposed “good old days.” In reality, the “good old days” featured a vibrant working class (i.e, Trump people) homosexual culture, until the “progressives” started their moral panics about sex and alcohol.

    You should read George Chauncey’s Gay New York: Gender, Urban Culture, and the Makings of the Gay Male World, 1890-1940. As the Archdruid summarizes:

    “What Chauncey documents, in great detail and with a wealth of citations from contemporary sources, is that gay men in America had substantially more freedom during the first three decades of the twentieth century than they did for a very long time thereafter. While homosexuality was illegal, the laws against it had more or less the same impact on people’s behavior that the laws against smoking marijuana had in the last few decades of the twentieth century—lots of people did it, that is, and now and then a few of them got busted. Between the beginning of the century and the coming of the Great Depression, in fact, most large American cities had a substantial gay community with its own bars, restaurants, periodicals, entertainment venues, and social events, right out there in public.

    “Nor did the gay male culture of early twentieth century America conform to current ideas about sexual identity, or the relationship between gay culture and social class, or—well, pretty much anything else, really. A very large number of men who had sex with other men didn’t see that as central to their identity—there were indeed men who embraced what we’d now call a gay identity, but that wasn’t the only game in town by a long shot. What’s more, sex between men was by and large more widely accepted in the working classes than it was further up the social ladder. In turn-of-the-century New York, it was the working class gay men who flaunted the camp mannerisms and the gaudy clothing; upper- and middle-class gay men … had to be much more discreet.

    “So what happened? Did some kind of vast right-wing conspiracy shove the ebullient gay male culture of the early twentieth century into the closet? No, and that’s one of the more elegant ironies of this entire chapter of American cultural history. The crusade against the “lavender menace” (I’m not making that phrase up, by the way) was one of the pet causes of the same Progressive movement responsible for winning women the right to vote and breaking up the fabulously corrupt machine politics of late nineteenth century America. Unpalatable as that fact is in today’s political terms, gay men and lesbians weren’t forced into the closet in the 1930s by the right. They were driven there by the left.”

    My own books, such as The Homo and the Negro, expand on this perspective.

    • In the thread about Bradley Manning, I posted a link regarding the vast over-representation of LGBTs in the US military and the intelligence community, and how the “Lavender Scare” of the 1950s was triggered by the discovery of that over-representation and how the Soviets and the British intelligence services had found a way to “weaponize” those people for espionage purposes.

      That’s only tangentially related to your comment but I figured it was something you’d have an interest in.

  • The “Alt Lite” is kinda an attempt to hold back (maybe even unconsciously) the inevitable pendulum swing to the right that is currently occurring in Europe and America.
    It promotes basically the entire cultural message of the Left, repacked into a faux-rightwing (((classical liberalism))) to trick the deracinated youth into thinking that it’s good enough to just support trump and not like Islam, because they don’t want them to go here or daily stormer, essentially.
    It’s a pressure release valve.
    What they don’t know is that no valve will be big enough to stop this.

    • I agree with most of your post, except that classical liberalism is not at all a Jewish thing – it’s a very White European thing. Jews contributed virtually nothing to classical liberalism and the Enlightenment. In many ways, the Enlightenment was about throwing out quite a bit of the Semitic/Judaic/Oriental influences embedded into Christianity.

      • Yes you’re right. I’ll say though that the Alt Lites use of it is extremely Jewish in that it just promotes a very familiar degeneracy to subvert or redirect a growing “New Right”

  • liberals stick together while we infight like fucking retards. then we wonder why niggers are raping all the white women in America and Moslem’s are raping all the European women. FOCUS YOU STUPID MOTHERFUCKERS. focus on the real enemy and not the fag friendly non-jq wanting lesser lights. THINK TEAM. there are better players and lesser players, 1st line forwards,2nd line forwards,3rd line forwards and bench… but we have to stay on the same team and united whether we like a guy on the team or not …or we’re fucked.

    • Ashkenazi Jews form the intellectual and financial core of the anti-white movement in America (and likely Europe as well.)

      They are obviously not the only anti-whites – there are plenty of white anti-whites as well. But Jews are the ones running the anti-white show.

  • Since Trump is appealing to the working class, his message is National Left.

    We should stop using ‘left’ to mean only the Progs.

    Progs are ‘globo left’.

    Trumpism is essentially ‘national left’.

    The ‘national’ aspect of Trump is ‘rightist’, but his pro-working class rhetoric makes him ‘leftist’. So, he is National Left.

    Neocons didn’t work. Paleoncons faded out. Prole-cons is the game in play.

    Proles vs Progs.

    The genius of National Socialism was the fusion of right themes and left themes.

    So, Alt Right must seek a synthesis of right and left.
    It must use ‘left’ only to designate the enemy.
    The enemy is Globo-Left.
    But the National Left is part of Our Movement.

  • FYI to any “New right ” here, saying you aren’t racist when the leftist mob attacks won’t save you.

  • There’s nothing unconventional about these Deplorables.

    Cultural Frankfurters in drag.

  • The civnats/libertarian media may be carefully race neutral, but BTL its readership is cheerfully white nationalist. At the very least AltLite forums give ethno-nationalists the invaluable freedom to speak and act as conveyor belts. We have zero political representation and need all the friendly media space we can get. Gavin may be critical but his column sit next to Jim Goads at Takimag and he’s willing to talk to WN’s. The next 4 years are crucial and the Right cant afford factionalism. I don’t care how permissive or degenerate they are we need to work with them.

  • “The Alt-Lite seems to think that homosexuality can be mainstreamed on the Right, but “White identity politics” will and should remain taboo.” That sums it up nicely.

  • The alt lite is simply reacting to the on the ground situations of liberalism. They’re like people who sat inside the boiling pot, but jumped out when the pot got too hot.

    The alt right is also reacting, but they’re reacting to Jewish influence, which they saw before the pot overheated. People with a dialectical view of history realize the pot always heats.

  • Actually, White Catholics broke heavily for Trump as well, which is what enabled him to crack the “Blue Wall” wide open.

    I was under the impression that the Deploraball was an entirely gay event. Most of the Alt-Light is gay men. However I consider this a win that the LGBTQ collosus is beginning to tear itself apart. Homosexuality is never going to be accepted in the #AltRight so these people did us a favor by excluding themselves. It is still far more constructive for them to be part of Conservatism Inc., then part of the barbarian horde. Mainstream conservatives are welcome to them, and the gay presence will drive more traditional Christians to the AltRight.

  • Stop calling these people “Alt-Lite” and call them what they are. — “Cultural Libertarians”

    They created the term “Cultural Libertarians” to describe their new movement. Make them wear it.

    Milo wrote about it here:
    breitbart [DOT] com/big-government/2015/08/24/rise-of-the-cultural-libertarians/

    Cultural Libertarians are just a degenerate coalition of liberals and neocons — playing edgy.

    They have absolutely nothing to do with the Alt-Right.

    Calling them “Alt-Lite” allows them to accomplish their goal of positioning themselves as a more “moderate” segment of the Alt-Right, as they divert our potential recruits into their dead-end, liberal, anti-racist, Civic-Nationalist movement.

    These people aren’t an “entry point”, or a “gateway”, into the Alt-Right. — They’re a firewall. — And that’s the intention.

    Practically every position held by Cultural Libertarians is diametrically opposed to ours.

    More in this article:
    counter-currents [DOT] com/2016/09/cultural-libertarianism-vs-the-alt-right/


    – Civic Nationalist
    – Anti-Racist
    – Pro-Degeneracy
    – Pro-Faggotry
    – Pro-Israel (Muh Greatest Ally)
    – Pro-Jew
    – Pro-Feminist (Muh 19th Amendment)
    – Libertine
    – “America is a Proposition Nation”

    Alt Right:

    – White Nationalist
    – Race Realists
    – Anti-Degeneracy
    – Anti-Faggotry
    – Anti-Israel (Our Greatest Parasite)
    – Jew-Wise
    – Patriarchy
    – Traditionalists
    – Defenders of Christendom (White Western Civilization)

    • The “Cultural Libertarians” think that the way to save Western Civilization is to say mildly controversial things, such as calling Leslie Jones a man, but denounce actual solutions offered by Richard Spencer. They live in a world where America becoming a Hispanic country is acceptable, so long as the Hispanics agree that the wage gap is fake. Milo Yiannopoulos took the alt-right the cut out anything he considered too controversial (Racial-Realism, Israel, or homosexuality) while not realizing that these were the things that made the alt-right great. If you think the major problems with society today are that people can’t say faggot, or that people are too serious when discussing politics, then you won’t understand the decline of Western Civilization.

  • I’ve often thought that the “rock star” persona the alt-light tried to create for Milo was just a way of normalizing extreme, uh, flamboyancy, for people on the right.

    After the attempted alt-right purge of Deploraball, and seeing that Deploraball was essentially a giant Grindr/Chabad meetup, I’m pretty convinced these aren’t merely people with somewhat differing opinions. Rather, it seems to be a coordinated effort not just to subvert the alt-right, but to poison the generic right as well.

    I’m sure Cernovich was all too happy to be in a room with so many people who share his affinity for that “chemically, salty” taste.

    • “a giant Grindr/Chabad meetup”

      That accurately represents the “insiders” of the Trump campaign.

      It’s true that regular whites in the Midwest and South were Trump’s electoral base. But the “Grindr/Chabad meetup” is Trump’s insider DC/NYC fundraising and media contingent.

      Agree with the commenter calling them “cultural libertarians” not “Alt-Lite.”

      If they are supporting Trump, it’s best to simply ignore them and let them support Trump and cause havoc on the left. But there’s no reason to really offer them any support.

      Trump isn’t pro-white. We need to use Trump for our agenda, not let Trump use us for his.

      • agreed. Trump is probably the most pro-white person that could’ve been elected right now, but that’s not saying much.

        i’ve always thought he could begin to steer the ship in the right direction, not deliver us to our destination.

      • I agree it’s not worthwhile to spend a lot of energy verbally attacking the alt-light/cultural libertarians. In fact there are many who swim in that pool who are alt-right but pulled in their horns so they can stay in that clique. The alt-light does have closer ties to the Trump inner circle so I am all for anything that keeps a productive and respectful dialogue open between the camps. I’m definitely not saying we shouldn’t criticize and point out where they are wrong and why, but that discussion should be friendlier than one we might have with the anti-white left. With an open dialogue we can convert more of their followers to AR principles.

  • The Alt-Lite is more pro-homosexual and gay marriage that it is pro-White, which is beyond the pale.

    Let that sink in.

    • Good point Laguna,
      i am disgusted by Milo and crew. It appears that the faggotry at the DeploraBall was off the charts. They mock Neo-Confederates, Dr. Duke, and rural Christians like myself -and want us to think that the whole LGBTQ freak show is the future of the right? Even the term Alt-Light is too good for these pervs.

    • Yeah, this has always been my problem with them. They are significantly to the Left of mainstream Republicans on basically every issue. They are a more left-wing variant of Neo-Conservatism that is more overtly hostile to American folkways and promotes an even more abstract concept of identity.

  • Gavin McInnes is my favorite character in the Alt Right. He is many things, one of which is he’s very funny.

    The strange situation where our Alt Right, Alt Right leaders are saying once taboo things about sexuality that would never be accepted in rural White Evangelical Christian areas – it’s similar to the situation in Germany in the 1930s where traditional Christian, Prussian, pro Business things just had no resistance to unemployed industrial workers in big cities or in cosmopoiitan cities like Red Berlin . Even supposedly Conservative Bavaria had a Jewish led Communist coup and Communists in power for a short time before Free corp fighters paid by the Social Democrats went in to the streets to kill the Red Communists. Who was leading these Free Corp fighters – men like Ernst Rohm who was himself a very socialists homosexual, a socialist, gay National Socialist.

    So strange times and strange places bring about strange leads and strange spokesman. Nice, well dressed church folks in suits and ties talking about “The Constitution”, family values – lots of times, it just doesn’t work.

    • “Gavin McInnes is my favorite character in the Alt Right.”

      Gavin McCuck isn’t part of the Alt-Right. — And he never has been.

      “Alt Right leaders are saying once taboo things about sexuality that would never be accepted in rural White Evangelical Christian areas… Nice, well dressed church folks in suits and ties talking about “The Constitution”, family values – lots of times, it just doesn’t work.”

      The majority of the Alt-Right are Christians.

      • Yeah, or at least sympathetic to Christians. The problems that non-Christians in the Alt-Right have with Christians certainly isn’t that they are too intolerant. Quite the contrary.

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