The Trump Era Begins

This pretty much sums up what has been going on in DC over the past two days:

Hunter Wallace
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  • Don’t get complacent about this breakthrough. We Trump supporters need to press our advantage and start to roll back the progressive-utopian degeneracy that has damaged our country for several generations already.

    In other words, the partisans of the Alt Right need to rediscover and articulate for our time our ancestors’ tragic view of man: “Social progress” can’t happen because man has an enduring nature that doesn’t mysteriously change in The Current Year. You can’t reshape this nature like clay into the imaginary New Man of progressive fantasies.

    This cultural restoration will take a few years, at least a generation, but the Trumprising provides an opportunity to start now.

    • In other words, our proverbial boot is on their throat, remember as you shift your full weight forward with no remorse, these are the people that violently advocate for White Genocide.

    • I prefer going for Cultural Hegemony.

      Read Gramsci. That pinko was onto something and Sam Francis (a reliable Paleo-con) knew it and had some Rightist commentary on Gramsci.

      With the MSM dying, the emergence of sites like Breit Bart, the continuing pipularity of of Conservative talk radio, and Trump on Twitter I think we are actually pretty close to achieving Cultural Hegemony.

      The Left knows something is ‘wrong’ and that is wht they are freaking out.

    • Agreed. We need to ensure these eight years give us a position of strength that cannot be reversed. Watching the coverage of the protests throughout the country, make no mistake, the left will strike back with a vengeance if allowed. We cannot leave them any room to do that.

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