Richard Spencer from Talks About Being Sucker Punched by a Tolerant Leftie

Richard Spencer talks about a leftie who jumped out of a crowd wearing a mask and sucker punched him in the face, then ran away.

More video material from Inauguration day is coming at

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  • I have never seen this kind of behavior toward a white conservative before, but I think it comes from fear. They’re scared that their leftist way that has dominated the country to our detriment for the past 50 years at home and abroad is coming to a crashing end.

  • check out the video of the guy who chased the attacker. Note the crescent wrench down his sleeve (is a photo below). This is why he didn’t really punch w/ a fist, but rather tried to bash with his forearm.

  • nature abhors a vacuum. and this vacuum will be filled soon.

    fifty fighters needed, brothers bound by blood, sworn to silence. their primary function, defense. their secondary function, offense. fifty fighters needed with the strength, will, grit, and guts to ensure the safety of whoever or whatever it is deemed important to protect at any given time. also needed is funding from those who cannot join but who have the ability to pay for food, shelter and travel expenses for these fifty fighters.

  • The left is getting more violent because they are losing. Make a point of showing this around, normies have little sympathy for thugs.

  • Soooooo, the Marxist slime that sucker punched Mr. Spencer likes to have whores crap in his mouth. This is the left.

  • This is really out of control. I’m honestly afraid for Richard’s life. He was talking about baseball bats, but what about guns. I mean punching someone like that in front of a news broadcast is really audacious.

  • We’re going to kill a few of these people that assault innocent passerby and bystanders in the next gathering, because we’re recruiting snipers for the purpose of counter-violence interdiction. Basically the ROE will be that if you see someone about to commit an act of violence that is reasonably likely to cause GBI, then you can shoot.

    And that’s that. No tolerating this lawlessness anymore. We ALL have the natural right to self-defense…and the defense of others, by using lethal force IF serious bodily injury or death might occur – this is the LAW OF THE LAND everywhere in the United States…and we’re going to avail ourselves of that right.

    And the law says that we don’t have to wait until the punch has landed.

    So keep at it, anarchists…we don’t mind killing you.

  • I can understand non-whites hating whites, but Antifa is mostly white. So, why would they attack white people who actually want to save the white race? White patriots want ALL whites, right and left, to be safe and sound. But, ‘antifa’ whites attack the very whites who are for white survival and security. Some antifa must be into racial suicide. They must be self-loathing whites. Some must believe whites are so powerful and privileged that they, GOOD whites, the proglodytes, must be nice to pitiable non-whites and defend them from ‘nazis’. But I think these antifa types are more into radical theory than raw reality that is so different from their worldview.

    But then, in order to understand antifa mentality, just take one good look at John McCain and the McMuffin guy. Or Glenn Beck, David French, and all those cuckeroos of National Review. They’ve NEVER been as hostile and nasty to non-whites(even the most vicious ones) as they’ve been to Trump and his supporters. Indeed, it even applies to George Will.

    McCain has been trashed by blacks, browns, and Jews(even though he is one of the biggest cuck to the Neocons). But he bows down to them. He sings endless praises to Israel and Jews. He gushes about illegal alien with mother in US. He went wussy against Obama in 2008. The ONLY time he gets riled up is when going after Trump and white Russia. He hasn’t said anything about the horror of Muslims and Africans taking over entire regions of Europe. National Review has been muted on that too. But they foam at the mouth like ‘antifa’ when it comes to Trump and Putin, who is the most conservative leader in Europe. McCain, who is supposedly a conservative, bark like a mad dog, like an antifa lunatic, at Putin who is calling for the defense of European Civilization.

    Maybe what triggers antifa and neocucks the most is that Trump and elements of Alt Right have truth on their side and are pricking their bubble. Everyone prizes their own bubble. It provides them with meaning of life. It is their security blanket. Even self-loathing can be a kind of security blanket. After all, for self-loathing Proglodytes, anti-white politics means they are the GOOD whites at war with BAD whites, the ‘nazis’, ‘racists’, and etc. It ennobles them.

    So, when Alt Right or HBD or any truth-teller dares to prick their bubble, they get triggered and strike out in anger cuz their bubble has been disturbed. They yammer about ‘justice’ but they are afraid that the truth may blow their bubble and take away their security blanket of righteousness.

    It is why religious people are afraid of evolution. They fear the truth because it destroys their righteous worldview.

    So, maybe all this wild and hysterical reaction from the Progs and Cucks is a good sign. Maybe they are burning with fever because the truth is finally making them sweat.

    People often fear the cure because the healing process is painful. It’s like Regan going nuts in THE EXORCIST. (Incidentally, much of our political culture is on the level of Regan’s demon-possessed antics.) Some of this rage and hysteria among the progs could be a reaction to being triggered. Being triggered is the first step to being cured. Truth triggers. It’s like one cannot play sports without getting scraped, bruised, bloodied, and hurt. It comes with the territory. Truth is the world outside, not inside, the bubble. It’s like what Theodore Roosevelt said: “”Only if you have been in the deepest valley, can you ever know how magnificent it is to be on the highest mountain.”

    Trump’s message triggers the Progs with the fact that he has taken the classic leftist themes from the Democrats. While silly Progs do cosplay with ‘pussy’ costumes and 50-gender politics, Trump is talking about workers and their needs. It’s like FDR’s New Deal. FDR’s economic policy was nationalist.

    Also, Alt Right changed the political narrative. Prior to Alt Right, there were only two kinds of Right in America.

    1. Conservatism Inc that was predictable, formulaic, and obedient to Big Money and AIPAC. Tiresome cliches about ‘liberty’ and Israel-uber-alles. Conservatism Inc was combination of Wall Street hogs and Evangelical numbnuts.

    2. And there was the Neo-Nazi and KKK, mostly non-existent but kept alive by SPLC central-casting and ADL hysteria. The Neo-Nazi message was predictable too: Hitler was good guy, and the Holocaust? What Holocaust? Braindead morons with no idea but ‘Heil Hitler forever’.

    So, even though PC had turned the Prog Side pretty dumb and formulaic, it was still relatively edgy compared to the Right of bland Cucks and retarded cosplay Nazis.

    But then, Alt Right came along and really began to address key issues in new and fresh ways that deviated from the Narrative. According to the Narrative, the ONLY good or ‘tolerable’ Conservative is one who worships Jews and Israel. Like John McCuckain and Lindsey Graham. All the others on the Right must be thick-skulled NEO-NAZIS.

    But Alt Right types were willing to discuss the Jewish Question without acting like dumb skinheads. And they were criticizing power of Wall Street and Globalism in ways that even the Left didn’t dare.

    And this has been very ‘triggering’ to the Progs.


  • What in god’s name is wrong with all of you? What do you hope to accomplish with your alt-right nonsense? p.s. I also know Spencer has a case of yellow fever.

  • Bolshevism. Cult Marxism. Jewish ethnic hatred transferred to various street rats by mass media and public education. BLM, antifa, la raza… Different manefestations of the same thing. This is what we’re up against. Lucky for us us these people are very low quality.

    • His life may not just be ruined if he goes to Prison for assaulting Spencer.

      Prison is a microcosm of the real world. No liberal multicultural Antifa gang in Prison for this idiot if he goes to Prison for what he did.

      • Most people don’t go to prison for this kind of thing so you’re wishful thinking of him being somebody’s boy toy aren’t realistic. It’s funny how clearly naive you are. The more you write the more people care less about your words.

        • So you’re a legal expert now? A bad one, I might add. What do you care if this Antifa fag goes to prison? You got some foreskin in this game? Even if he only goes to Jail, you think a long stint with the Feral Negroes of the DC jail will be a nice vacation for this liberal fag? They won’t care that he punched a White racist.

          In Washington, D.C., assaults that are committed with the intent to kill, with the intent to commit another crime, with a dangerous weapon, or that cause serious injury are felonies. Those charged face the possibility of serious penalties, including large fines and substantial time in state prison. Prosecutors may bring a charge of felony assault in the following circumstances.

          • Really not hard to understand, even for a Terminal stage Pozzed faggot like yourself whose diet consists of an IV drip. Assault with Intent to cause Serious Injury, like running at someone and sucker punching them in the head, can be charged as a Felony in DC.

          • You’re so thin on logic man. You’re a legal expert by saying he WILL go to jail? What I wrote is a fact -> “Most people don’t go to prison for this kind of thing”. It’s funny that every retort you make towards me applies to your words more than my own. You quote one article as YOUR legal opinion, and give me crap about being a legal expert (which I never said). You’re using this conversation to go off on some shit that you’re obviously obsessing about and need to get off your chest. I’m happy I can help provide you with some therapy man. Get it out, it will feel better.

          • “You’re a legal expert by saying he WILL go to jail? ”

            Unprovoked assault in the form of a suckerpunch on some guy talking at a street corner almost always leads to jail or prison. Show me one example where it doesn’t.

            Yes I quoted one article, where is your proof that this Antifa scum is getting off Scot free if he’s caught.

            Nice ears by the way, very Jewish phenotype, low on your neck. Inbred?

          • Who’s Jewing who now ? I thought you were in my head? Now you impersonate me? Thanks, Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

          • Not fake, I was even covered in the NY Times. I must have hit the nail on the head, or hook nose in your case, for you to follow me around like this.

          • Look at you grasping for some public notoriety while still hiding behind a fake name. Just accept it man you’re a speck in this world and nobody would care if you were gone. My photo of you is hands down the most accurate. Just a turd. Go do something useful, research suicide and report back on best methods you tried.

          • Liberal fag called me dumb, stupid, insulted my mom, now says I’m poopy! How will I ever recover!

            “Just accept it man you’re a speck in this world and nobody would care if you were gone.”

            If I’m Nobody, why do you keep following me around like a bitch in heat? Why did you switch your avatar and name to mine? This occurred exactly after I made fun of your misshapen Jew ears in your profile pic, sorry to strike a raw nerve that you have after your botched rhinoplasty to fix that ugly schnozz of yours.

          • Good one! I’m just funnier than you are and that’s all. And you’re taking this way too seriously. I’m having fun with you, at your expense. You see, I waste your time on here, perhaps I’m distracting you from something else really happening to you right now. Don’t you get it? I’m blinding you with these posts. You might want to assess what’s happened since we’ve been chatting and you’ve been distracted by me. You messed up dude. bye.

      • Who cares if it isn’t. Only a matter of time before he’s found, because his partially obscured “Wilson from Home Improvement” face is all over the internet.

        When this idiot who attacked Spencer goes to prison, there won’t be any liberal fags like you defending him from Black prison gangs, Hispanic prison gangs, and G-D forbid, White prison gangs. He will have a miserable existence.

        • huh? “Who cares” if it’s the right guy? you’re losing it man. go take some deep breaths or something, you’re clearly too flustered to make sense. Smooches Yehuda.

          • Are you going to set up a legal defense fund for the pozzed Antifa who sucker punched Spencer while he’s in prison being traded as a bottom between Tyrone Johnson and Chuy Gonzales?

          • Then why do you care if this Antifa suckerpunch guy is found and takes it up the ass in prison? He’s getting what he deserves, right?

          • I don’t care man. I never said I cared. You’ve obviously just having a conversation with yourself.

  • This is what results from an effectively non-existent justice department. They probably know the party’s about to end, which is why they were going nuts.

    PS Can anyone verify, I thought I heard I think Hannity say that it is illegal to wear a mask in public in DC or something? And yet there they all were.

  • “clickspinny” remember all you have to do is go to the right of the USER’s icon hit the triangle and BLOCK USER ok. No more clickspinny and his countless posts! dickhead

      • “I’m not in charge” I never said I was. WTF are you talking about Alex? I’m happy this idiot got smashed. If you want to read more into the way I voted, or my other political views then you’re clearly stupid too. But nice comment man, really. lol

        • Gloating at violence done on those who have different views than you does not exactly paint you as a moral paragon. I discuss this in my most recent video. All you are doing is inspiring revenge, and the Right now controls the largest military in the world. Do you seriously imagine that this will go well for you?

          • You realize this is a two way street, this never ends well for your people Jew Boy.

          • Huh? What are you going on about? You’re making slurs. My people? What the F are you talking about man? I hope you get hit too brah. You look like a major cry baby so it would probably be an even funnier video. Loser. Go make some more comments that don’t relate to my post at all. Go for it now. I’m waiting….

          • Where’s your public info? Easy to be brave a liberal faggot behind a keyboard and not go out in public like Richard Spencer did. Yeah, you’re a pussy who would run like the fag who hit Spencer.

          • Haha, YOU’RE so triggered. I love using that phrase. You’re asking me and you’re the one with a private account LOL. Looks like I got your panties all in a bunch. Again, what makes me Liberal and what makes me a Jew (I do love Jews though)? You’re dumb dude. Just dumb. You can call me a pussy all you want. I like that word. I know I got under your skin so I’m happy for the day! You can keep thinking about me for the rest of the week and I’m off to go live my life. I’m in your head!!!!

          • My posts are private because I troll the shit out of the liberal fag websites you frequent. It helps to aid in my disguise as a Jewish liberal faggot like yourself.

            Wow calling me dumb and saying my panties are in bunch, do you have another cliche to add to that post? If you had a life outside taking it up the ass and getting AIDS, wouldn’t you not be spamming this comments section?

            I’m not the one advocating violence and saying its great. So if you think violence is so great and love fighting, be a man, post your public info, and be prepared to deal with the consequences.

          • Yehuda, your request is just dumb man. Your logic of me posting my personal info makes no sense. See I don’t have to do anything you request. Isn’t that cool. Freedom brah. I like how you justified hiding and then asked me for my personal info. Dude you make no sense. I DON’T WANT TO DATE YOU SO STOP ASKING FOR MY ADDRESS

          • If you like fighting in public, then why not post your info? I’m not the one saying violence and people getting suckerpunched is great. Sorry, my gentile logic is simple, I’m just a dumb goyische kopf, but most people don’t get your Talmudic logic where you state its OK for a public figure like Spencer to be suckerpunched while you safely hide behind your computer screen and anonymity.

            So post your information tough guy. Name, DOB, Social Security, Address.

          • Don’t need your Social. But it did make you say “stupid and dumb” for the umpteetnth time. Buy a Thesaurus so your writing isn’t so repetitive. Name, DOB, Address would be fine.

            Why are you afraid to go out in public? Spencer isn’t.

          • I’m not going out with you! That’s final! Your mom is next on my list of sexual encounters. I don’t have time for YOU man. I have other lovers to tend to. Later friend! It’s been a super fun chat.

          • Now a “Your mom” joke! Between the middle school level writing and tedious insults, I think we have a real mouth breathing room temperature IQ shitlib on our hands!

          • yep, I went to your level. I had to dumb it down a bit for your friends to understand.
            it was great chatting new friend!

          • sucking at trolling is a compliment so thanks man. I’m not trolling, just replying to your very very silly words. and having a really fun laugh at you too!

          • You’re trying to troll. And failing miserably. Because your political correctness and concern of Spencer “inciting violence against race and sexuality” renders your insults and memes lame, tired, and ineffective.Try something other than “stupid” “dumb” or “your mom.”

            You keep replying at me like a little puppy, stupid moron, because my trolling must TRIGGER you.

          • Well, when the Right begin to use violence in retaliation don’t expect your squealing objections to be heeded. If you can not tolerate anyone with a different opinion than you, you will find yourself not tolerated in short order. Then we will find out how tough you are. Presently, the Right is rising above petty thuggish violence, but I imagine they are more capable of violence than the left if push comes to shove. It is then that you shall reap what you sew.

            I would suggest dialogue as a way forward, perhaps that’s not how it’s done in Lima, is that why you fled your country to live in a more civilized one?

          • Yawn. “Right this, left this” I don’t give a sh*t. I represent my own thoughts. This guy’s a loser, racist and I am very happy he got hit. Alex, I don’t care about your irrelevant comments about the left or right. They are…. irrelevant. Get a clue man

          • So if you’re happy he got hit, say who you are, post your name and address, go out in public and announce this, let’s say we’ll pay for you to have a trip and announce this at a Jobbik rally in Budapest, Hungary. They love listening to liberal fags like yourself.

          • Then your own thoughts support violence against any who do not think like you. This reasoning can and will be applied against you, I doubt you’re nearly as tough as you’re trying to come off.

          • I support violence against those who indirectly incite violence against groups of people for no reason other than race, sexuality and so on. Sure you can try to be violent against me, I don’t care man. This dude got what he deserved. I’m not against violence. I’m against blind hate which is what your homeboy advocates for. He uses media to encourage others to be violent and hateful against specific groups of people for no reason other than intolerance. He got what was coming and it’s funny as hell man. Peace out (lol) Alex

          • When has Spencer incited violence?

            That’s right, he hasn’t.

            Wouldn’t it be funny if you got doxxed and got what was coming your way too?

          • I’m not going to advocate violence like you have, because it is illegal.

            But since you like violence, be brave and post your personal identity. I won’t do anything to you, because I don’t advocate violence. But if you post your info, you seem to be OK with people attacking other people for voicing opinions, so what the fuck is wrong with you having to defend yourself?

          • but you will advocate for the holocaust? you are full of cracks man. just stop talking. all of my friends here are having a really fun laugh at you! good day my new pen pal!

          • “I support violence against those who indirectly incite violence against
            groups of people for no reason other than race, sexuality and so on.”

            Same here. That’s why the holocaust was a good thing, because we got rid of a bunch of White-hating kikes.

          • Hey now, Clicky called me a monster after I boasted about my grandparents wedding rings that were melted down from Jew teeth crowns.

            White hate is justified, but hating Jews makes you a monster!

  • I thought “Love Trumps Hate”?

    Alternatively, we need to publicly post a “Reward for the Arrest and Conviction of the person who assaulted Richard Spencer” .

    What does everybody think?

  • Haha. Everywhere I look I see the video of you getting treated like the bitch you are Richard. Even on the front of this site, above the fold!!! Altright is obviously laughing at you too. Go file the police report so the cops at the station can laugh at you too. If you come to my town I’m sure the same will happen again. Stay out of this world, you’re not welcome. I don’t represent the “Left” or any party, I represent my opinion and I’m happy you ate a fist. You’re a racist loser wasting your life away with hate, so you deserve some hate pounded into your skull. I hope it happens again.

  • This faggot violence from antifa is going to be nothing compared to what the blacks and mexicans are willing and looking forward to perpetrating. I hope white people don’t crumble when that insanity ensues.

  • Its obvious Richard Spencer can handle a sucker punch, but when antifa messes up Spencer’s hair, it’s taking it way too far.

  • Immediately after the NPI conference, AryanSkyet:

    1. Predicted the escalating violence from anti-fa.

    2. Made reasonable, effective, and legal recommendations on how to counter antifa.

    3. Described the structure of antifa, their operations, their network and how to neutralize them.

    What we did not do is to LARP about “Safety Squads” and use the situation to engage in yet more Internet “SS” LARPing.

    The choice is clear, either listen to people who actually have knowledge and experience – or continue to engage in a circle jerk of tough talk with posers online.

    Recently a Twitter handle “doxxed” some antifa online. The handle was banned, of course – they are allowed to dox us, but we’re not allowed to dox them. However what AryanSkynet wrote after the NPI conference about the nature of the antifa’s “foot solders” was proven correct.

    If our advice had been followed, virtually the entire Washington DC antifa network could be doxxed, prosecuted, and sued – starting today.

    Because our advice was not followed, you’ll be lucky to find the punk that sucker punched Spencer – and the chances of him being arrested, prosecuted and sued is very low.

    More importantly, because our advice was not followed, the people handling the punk – his lawyers, his support system, and the people organizing the antifa violence – will suffer zero consequences.

    So the choice is clear – do you want to LARP online as tough guys?

    Or do you want to actually WIN?

        • I’d like you to clarify something. The gist of one of your comments was that the organized left does exist…didn’t it just sucker punch Spencer with impunity?

          • Let me clarify. The White and Jewish violent left barely exists. The most violent part of the White and Jewish left are the anti-fa, and they are a tiny fringe group that only has a presence – a pretty small presence – in a few big cities.

            Their violence is also quite limited – they will throw a punch or two, and a handful of times they used a bat or something.

            But they try to project an image that is far larger and far more violent than they actually are.

            I don’t consider Blacks and Browns to even be particularly “left” and certainly not “liberal.” While the White and Jewish anti-fa type like to pretend to be the leaders of the Browns and Blacks, the Browns and Black generally have no use for them and hold them in contempt.

            If there were ever large scale violence in 2017, the police would likely arrest the hundreds, or perhaps one thousand, “hardcore” anti-fa, rather quickly. The anti-fa network is well known to the police and not particularly well hidden.

            What the police would have a hard time actually tamping down on is Black and Brown rioting of the type we’ve seen with Black Live Matter in places like Detroit, etc.

            Sucker punching one guy does not a revolution make.

  • I would like to know why the DC Police are allowing open sedition in the streets. Pepper spray and rubber bullets don’t cut it when you got guys in ninja outfits breaking business windows with aluminum bats, destroying city and private property, setting fires, and attacking people in broad daylight. Come on take off the gloves, the people have spoken, and it is time to put down this George Soros sponsored rebellion.

  • Yes, file a police report and try to get the identity of the creep. He’s more than likely a member of an organized group and probably its leader. Shouldn’t be that hard to find. He’s a terrorist.

  • I’m so fed up that people on our side are attacked with impunity–if you’re going to speak in public like that you should have a few security people around to stop or at least catch the scumbags who attack.

  • Way to break that cream puff’s fist with your jaw! Took a running jump and barely jostled you. Antifa faggot.

  • Kids who run around with hoodies and sucker punch people to make a point wont gain many supporters. Their cause, whatever it is, will be stillborn. I don’t think that kid is going to get the results he wants. He’s merely an affect in a sea of them.

    Richard on the other hand is a handsome fella! No one likes when handsome people are sucker punched!

  • In the US, the problem isn’t White Supremacism. Just look at the violence all across the cities.

    It is White Submissivism. Too many whites have been cowering for too long. So, antiwa’s — anti-whites — are attacking patriotic white people all over.

    Don’t be a White Submissivist.

    One crazy thing. Much of the violence this time around was WHITE Proglodytes attacking White Frogriots. This is weird.
    We don’t have blacks attacking blacks(at least not politically). Black on black violence is just criminal. But politically, most blacks are one.
    We don’t see browns attacking browns.
    And we don’t see Jews attacking Jews even though there is a divide among Jews too.

    But we see so much white political violence against other whites. And the violence is almost entirely White Proglodytes attacking White patriots.
    This is the only civil war in the US, and it is due to Prog domination of media and education that raised these young white kids to hate their own kind.

    These whites are like Greek boys raised by Turks to hate and fight Christian West. The Janissary. We have the Urbanissary.


  • So – are we ready to grow up and face reality, or resort to more LARPing?

    Talk about a “fa” to fight the “anti-fa” is stupid. Anti-fa gets away with violence – we won’t.

    Why? Because the anti-fa has lawyers on their side. We don’t.

    So you have two choices – whine, bitch, and take it to “muh streets” and punch some anarchist loser that works at the socialist bookstore – and YOU are the one that goes to jail.

    Or – start hiring some lawyers and start suing.

    Thankfully, the smart folks at Aryan Skynet already laid this out for you last month:

    • Always remember too – the guys who post tough talk online are just that – tough talkers online. They want YOU to do something stupid. They will be cheering you on in the comment section – but they won’t send you any money for bail and lawyers.

      So you can LARP about your “safety squads” – just remember, the first one that tells you to break the law is ALWAYS the Fed.

      • Pretty sure people are just advocating self defense.. That isn’t LARPing. Richard Spencer should have no less than 2 people with him, if not more, if he is going to these types of public events and give interviews. Just one or two guys watching his back could have prevented this. He is obviously a visible target at this point. Again, that isn’t LARPing, just common sense.

        Completely agree about the lawyers though. We really need institutions. This is why I donate money to the various groups, and support our media. Every White man with a job should be donating money to legit groups.

        Quite frankly I want people like Spencer to move away from the esoteric philosophy stuff and actually start talking institutions. It is obvious people look up to him and others like him and would follow.

        • I think Richard actually “gets it” when it comes to the limits of philosophical circle jerking. I think he’s a lot like me when it comes to not being satisfied unless the endless theoretical posturing is proved or disproved through practical applications. I love talking about doing things and how those things may or may not affect society. But I’d much rather be doing those things instead of just talking about them.

          • Hipster doesn’t appear think that the punch was actually thrown. You imagined seeing it.

        • No – it’s LARPing.

          Is the suggestion to hire a professional security guard, someone who is trained and licensed?


          What is the model people are suggesting?

          The “SS.” In other words, “Nazis.” In other words, they are suggesting fulfilling the (((Hollywood Nazi))) stereotype and playing into the media’s hands – as usual. In other words, they are suggesting a couple of “skinheads” as opposed to actual, real, professional security.

          Has anyone mentioned lawyers? Do you really believe that a “volunteer Safety Squad” of skinheads is going to NOT be immediately arrested and prosecuted – not to mention smeared in the media?

          Oh, it’s not fair? You’re just advocating self-defense? The Antifa gets away with it so it’s only fair “our side” should to?

          Whine to the left wing judges – do you think you’ll be treated fairly? Of course you won’t.

          Let’s face it – there are people in this very thread who have spent the last two or three years posting advocacy for violence – in many cases illegal violence – on every single major White message board on the internet.

          It’s a lot of talk – have they donated any money to hire lawyers? Have they donated any money to a bail fund?

          Nah – they just talk tough online – pure LARPing.

          If anyone posting this shit online were actually serious, they would:

          1. Open a paypal account and start taking donations.

          2. Retain a law firm and post the contact of the law firm for anyone who gets attacked by the anti-fa.

          It costs NOTHING to write a comment saying, “yeah let’s form a Safety Squad just like the Nazis! Take it to ‘muh streets!'” It costs NOTHING to claim you’re ready for (defensive) violence under your anonymous handle on Disqus.

          Anyone who talks about violence – defensive or otherwise – that hasn’t opened a defense fund, donated money, and has a law firm on retainer is nothing but a LARPer.

          • It costs NOTHING to write a comment saying, “yeah let’s form a Safety Squad just like the Nazis! Take it to ‘muh streets!'”

            ……and yet you’re the only one that said that or even suggested it. Interesting. Keep writing. Tell us more.

          • “you’re the only one that said that or even suggested it.”

            That’s obviously false as more than one internet handle has suggested it right on this very thread. Some of the posters on this very thread have spent the last two years on virtually every pro-white message board encouraging counter productive, illegal, and frankly idiotic ‘muh streets’ nonsense.

            Some of us were predicting this antifa development for a long time now.

            Sorry if you get offended when people suggest that internet tough guy LARPing is just a big waste of time.

          • LARPer:

            “I have no use for the law.”


            “Fug da po-lice man!”

            Half the comments in this thread are advocating counter-productive tactics. Some of the posters in this thread have a years-long history of encouraging others to do stupid, illegal things in public.

            Funny that some mild suggestions trigger the LARPers, but that’s just the way it is.

          • You are being ridiculous. I am not advocating a roaming party of “skinheads”. Self defense is a basic instinct and has nothing to do with nazis. I am giving advice you can find on mainstream legal and firearm/self defense forums all over the internet. To be quite frank, someone like Richard should not be doing interviews in the street near a bunch of marauding antifa to begin with.

          • OK. I guess thanks for reminding people that if someone is punching you, you are allowed to punch back.

            I didn’t realize all these posts about “Safety Squads” and pictures of Hitler and Nazis were really just reminders that if someone is attacking you you are allowed to defend yourself.

            My bad.

          • “Safety squads” is funny and can be interpreted in many ways. I picture crossing guards with neon yellow traffic vests and whistles.

      • When self-defense becomes against the law and I’m expected to be a punching bag until such a time that I can get in touch with my lawyer, then I don’t have much use for the law. I’m not sure why someone talking about a simple matter of self-defense elicits the type of response you gave.

        Someone is attacking your wife, daughter, son, brother, sister, etc., is your first instinct to crack that someone’s head open or is it to tell everyone to simmer down and be quiet while you try to call your lawyer? If the anti-Whites truly do have lawyers, the court system and big $$$$$ backers on their side, then it should be fairly obvious who will come away the loser in the long run when it’s strictly a fund-raising tug-o-war through the judicial system.

        • “I don’t have much use for the law.”

          So what? Who cares if you don’t have much use for the law? You don’t get to make the rules.

          It costs NOTHING for you to pose as a tough guy online with your Disqus handle, now does it?

          Guess what? The antifa have lawyers. They have a nationwide network of financial and legal support.

          Do you?

          Guess what else? The antifa are a bunch of marginal characters with nothing to lose. They don’t have real jobs, they don’t have wives, and they don’t have families. If one of them goes to jail, no one gives a shit.

          Are you a loser? Do you have something to lose?

          Do you have a national network of financial and legal support?

          No? Then different rules apply to you.

          It’s not fair? Well, no shit it’s not fair. Who said life was fair?

          • Amazing that someone who made a simple comment about self-defense caused you to go into a spastic spiral of assumptions and innuendos about LARPing and “muh streets.”

            You know there’s an ulterior motive when very little push back causes so, so very much invective.

          • Always expect a hostile reaction when you interrupt people circle-jerking online.

            Considering we’ve been warning about this development specifically for months now – and in general for years, since the AmRen conference that was shut down by antifa back during the Obama administration …

            it ain’t the tough guy LARPing in this thread that started it.

            There hasn’t been ANY pushback – all there has been is yet more tough guy LARPing online.

            The ulterior motives of people who do nothing but LARP online – and encourage others to do counter-productive, ineffective, and possibly illegal things – are the ulterior motives to be concerned about.

            That is, if you are actually interested in winning anything more than a pissing match on

          • That is the big difference here, I think. Many of us have careers and families to protect. These antifa guys strike me as just lonely degenerates with nothing to lose.

          • An important part of the anti-fa tactic is that their “street activists” are expendable losers. If they throw a punch and spend some time in jail – no one cares.

            But the anti-fa are organized, behind the scenes, by people with money and power. They have a nation wide network of (((lawyers))) and (((organizers.)))

            Going after the street trash isn’t an effective tactic. Going after the (((lawyers))) and (((organizers))) is.

    • He ought to have a bodyguard.

      Reminds me of the way people took a pop at Tommy Robinson when the state went after him before they stuck him in jail for tax fraud.

      Every other day someone was attempting a punch right in front of coppers.

      • Sure – Spencer should have a bodyguard.

        His bodyguard should be someone who has nothing to do with the movement. His bodyguard should be someone who has NEVER posted bullshit on a message board and someone who has no idea what is.

        The very LAST thing Spencer should do is hire one of the loud mouth big talking internet LARPers who want to ‘take it to MUH STREETS!'”

        Hire a professional security firm – they are legion in the DC area – and stay far, far, far away from the shit talking internet LARPers that infect the message boards.

        If the recent doxing are evidence – the toughest talkers online are not particularly menacing in real life either – so there’s that.

  • RS, I’m glad you’re not hurt badly. Seeing this attack on you gets the blood circulating for certain.
    I’m gonna echo the sentiment.
    We can’t pretend that our words, what we are advocating, the survival of our White race, is not a threat to the Anti-Whites who will and have always resorted to violence.
    We have the lawful right to defend ourselves from felony assault.

    In the meantime, Richard Spencer, you are far too important a voice to risk these types of excursions without a show of strength by your side. Going to the local pub is one thing, but on a day like today when the Antifa is so active. Though the optics of this type of well documented attack can open eyes.
    I implore you and all visible Pro-Whites to think about at least 3-4 people with you as security.

  • I find it funny that most of the people advocating for open violence against us thought criminals are all either trannies, 300 lb blue haired feminists, or ultra-effeminate nu-males who have never thrown a punch in their life. The only way they can possibly stand up to us physically is if they sucker punch and then scamper off like this antifa faggot.

  • Everyone should go on Twitter and look at the reaction from the left and the media. They think this is justified and totally fine. Remember this for when the tides turn. They chose this.

  • I’ve felt this for some time about Richard, but this incident just fuels it: he’s being forged into an unbreakable leader for this movement. This incident is shown on Paul Joseph Watson’s video as well.

    As the alt-lite gets called nazis and fascists, the lines are going to continue to blur, and the real alt-right is going to be the defacto alternative to the left. Richard’s making history right now since this is just the beginning.

    • It’s obvious that the Breitbarteers want to create an imitation of this with Milo.

      “Someone shot outside Milo lecture”

      It’s almost as if Milo was created as a grotesque imitation of Spencer on purpose.

      A Kosher Fascist, Austrofascist, imitation Fascism.

    • That is the thing… They are so ANTI-WHITE now that you practically have to become a National Socialist just to survive the Colored World Revolution (I think that is what Spengler called it.)

  • It’s time to strike back at them and hit them twice as hard.

    As President Trump himself said today in his inaugural speech:

    The time for empty talk is over. Now arrives the hour of action.

    Let’s roll.

  • Looks like a leftist cuck was trying to beat the hell out of hate, but he’ll have to harder cause fashy goys are hard to fell.

  • As I’ve said for years, the fence-sitters and cucks are going to be forced to choose sides.

    Many of them will choose to side with us. Let’s make sure it’s on our terms, not theirs.

  • Ha! What a faggotty attempt of a punch. Literally no power behind it all. Faggot was too concerned about getting away to put any force and weight in the lower body. He missed too. Bad accuracy! The lower neck is not the sweet spot faggot!

    What an embarrassing display for the commie faggots. I hope your negro pets gave you some ‘dap’ for being all ‘gangster’ and looking like a cowardly bitch that can’t even hurt someone with a free shot on a distracted person.

    The left needs to die. Too brainwashed. Too much TeeVee.

    Completely worthless scumbag faggots.

  • Nobody should allow himself to be attacked by leftist filth. I don’t like Gavin McCuck but I got to give it to him for beating the crap out that antifa faggot.

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