Richard Spencer Assaulted In Washington, DC

In the aftermath of the NPI conference, I knew whose side I was on.

I was disgusted by the cowards who disavowed Richard Spencer, disavowed Pepe, and repudiated the Alt-Right in order to virtue signal to the Fake News outlets. As the campaign against Richard Spencer intensified in Whitefish, I was even more confirmed in this belief. These people were trying to drive Richard Spencer out of his home for standing up for our race and civilization. They even went after his mom. As a Southerner, the cowardice of the Alt-Lite and the rudeness of our enemies struck a nerve with me, and I was impressed when Spencer held his ground while others fled into the tall grass.

I wasn’t with Richard Spencer when he was attacked in Washington, DC this morning, but I wish I had been there standing beside him. In the background, you can see someone holding a “White Lives Matter Too Much Sign,” and then the masked coward lands a sucker punch before running off like a hyena. Shortly thereafter, another one of these cockroaches felt compelled to make their point by spitting in his face.

We can have happy talk about civic nationalism, coming together and uniting as a country and moving beyond race, but the battle lines have been drawn and singing kumbaya isn’t going to change that. I’m not on the side of the anti-fa or the cucks. I’m with Richard Spencer.

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  • Always been more on the side of Richard Spencer but after this you’re just playing around if you’re not! Attacks from the Liberal Left to try and intimidate us will backfire on them in a big way I think. An attack on him should be though as an attack on all of us as well. Richard does need some type of security I think as the attacks could get worse. One thing the Left won’t do though is silence us.

  • Typical fucking N!gg3r cheap shot hiding his face. What do you expect? Can’t stand toe to toe and fight. Either a gang or running and shooting, drive by shooting or this. Just another fucking coward

  • People wonder why right-wing movements needed para-military sections in the 30s. This is why. We are under constant attack. The environment we’re operating within (post-war Western society) is structured in the opposition’s favour. Hopefully the rise of Trump and nationalism in Europe will reverse that, but it’ll take a long time. We need to remember that we’re fighting an uphill battle. Everything is stacked against us. We’ve got a long way to go yet.

    • The situation today is nothing like the situation of right wing paramilitaries in 1930s Germany. Aping the street tactics of the 1930s European fascist parties in 2017 America is what we call “LARPing.”

      First of all – the “battle” isn’t in the urban city streets. Second of all, public protests are basically passe – the media has replaced the need for public protests. Third, our people are mostly in the suburbs and the rural areas – not the cities.

      So mass public protests in the cities are only useful in very rare occasions.

      As we found out from the undercover video of the DNC activists, they were paying people to goad Trump fans into fights at Trump events. Trump events were a legitimate place for an organized defense. People like the bikers who attended the inauguration are the right people for that sort of thing.

      But the best thing to do is simply avoid leftists, there’s no point in confronting them unless you absolutely have to. The best thing to do is ignore them.

      The anti-whites have been burning down their own cities since the election. Did it do them any good? No. Trump is now the President.

      There is no need to ape the tactics of the left. “Protests” are almost always a giant waste of time.

      • “the best thing to do is ignore them.”

        I agree. I think the point of these “protesters” is to make busy work for us. That’s why they solicit for them in Craigslist and such. Someone is buying time against you and needs your time and effort tied up in distractions.

    • Hey anti-White, why don’t you push #OpenBordersForIsrael? If any Jew objects to that Obvious Genocide, you can king hit him from behind.

      • I’m not Anti-White. I’m Anti-Nazi just like my Father, and Grandfather. And there is No Quarter for ANY Nazi in public. The Alt-Right has spent too much time punching keyboards.

        • Punching keyboards? The Alt-Right is holding conferences all over the USA in various forms, from rallyies, pot-luck dinners, meet-ups and other kinds of get togethers. We’re in the streets now, not just behind keywboards and we intend to start shooting Antifa who violently attack. Get ready for the Stand Your Ground Law. We won’t start the fight or violence, but we will finish.

          • Yea ? I didn’t see any ALT-RIGHT people in the street when Richard Spencer got punched in the face. I did see Spencer run away though.

      • No Quarter For Nazis, or Nazi Speech in Public. The Alt-Right aren’t anything on the street. They can’t even protect their founder.

        • 2017 Begins Punch Cultural Marxists 4EVA. No Quarter for Commies or Commie Speech in Public. The Alt-Left aren’t anything on the streets, they can’t even protect 230 DC Antifa who go arrested and facing up to 10 years for felony rioting, many weren’t even able to raise money for bail. The left wouldn’t even raise the amount of money needed to get these regressive thugs out of DC jail. Get ready for a lot of Antifas sword swallowing HIV+ black dicks in prison.

          • Nice Comments. Did your Mother raise you in a Whorehouse, or were you conceived in the Outhouse at a KKK Rally ?

          • That’s what is called a loaded question. It is the equivalent of me asking you do you enjoy beating up your homosexual lover?

    • Unlike cowardly liberals/progressives/commies and cowardly Black Lies Don’t Matter punks, conservatives don’t attack in packs or sucker punch people.

      • Cowardly ? It doesn’t matter what you call it as long as a Nazi gets whats coming to him. No Quarter for Nazis or Nazi Speech in Public.

        • Said the courageous, keyboard warrior who’d shiite himself if I so much as looked at you in anger.

          “Nazis.” “Nazi talk.” How pathetic yet typical of uninformed sheep.

          You’re so dumb you don’t even know that Nazis are Socialist slime like yourself.

  • These people are violent but they are also innately cowardly. They will be violent if a safe enough opportunity presents itself. That’s why the sucker point is one of their favorite tactics. They also attack when the numbers are overwhelmingly in their favor. Get used to this, guys. Antifa has been coddled for the last eight years and they’re feeling very bold. It’s time to start seriously talking about methods of protecting ourselves from physical violence.

  • Well said. We need to fight back. I know it may be tought to do sometimes, but when one of us speaks in public like this we should have some unofficial security guys on our side and at least one person filming the speaker, etc. These scumbags only understand and respect violence back at them.

  • I’m a little surprised Richard Spencer did not already know these people were violent. He’s seen what they’ve been doing to Trump supporters in San Jose and around the country, at DeploraBall the night before. He knows black-on-white and leftist violence are prominent, even unprovoked and at-random. He may be aware street preachers have been attacked for years, baseball bats, concussions, etc. What’s remarkable is according to him he wasn’t even making a scene or speaking out at the time, but someone either recognized him or profiled him as not on their side.

    • POCs won’t fight for us or alongside us. They only want us to fight FOR them. In the end they will choose their own group. Thus, civic nationalism will also degrade into tribal conflict.

      • Under Civic Nationalism loyalty to your racial group is outlawed and
        replaced with loyalty to flags and khaki uniforms. The outcome is the
        same as any diversity policy. White countries turn into brown countries. Just another
        genocidal scam.

      • Only way civic nationalism works if they’re actual Christians (like Jesse Lee Peterson), or actual decent people who recognize and appreciate whites and American civilization, not liberal white-hating, Christian-hating imposters who push socialism/communism/globalism.

  • It’s time to strike back and hit them twice as hard.

    As President Trump himself said today in his inaugural speech:

    “The time for empty talk is over. Now arrives the hour of action.”

    Let’s roll.

  • We are past the point where taking cheap shots from these savages wins us sympathy points. Right wing safety squads are needed.

  • The overwhelming support/laughter/joy coming from the left/celebrities after this incident should remind all white people: THEY HATE YOU! THEY WANT YOU DEAD!

    • “How dare somebody think the people who built the West should remain the majority population!” We’ve hardly even got off the ground and they’re already flipping out.

      • Hi Mark, you will notice that none of your comments have been deleted. Unlike your kind we in the Alt Right respect freedom of speech. Say what you like on Richard and Henrik’s site. Get your friends to come around, they might learn something.

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