#Deploraball Protested By Violent Anti-Fascists

I watched the anti-fascist mob protest the #Deploraball last night.

I sat in my hotel room, scrolled through Twitter and scanned the live feeds. Just as I predicted, a huge mob of violent anti-fa assembled outside the building. They hurled every curse word in the book at the attendees: Nazi, racist, fascist, bigot, sexist, misogynist, etc. They set fires and chased people through the streets. They threw water bottles. At one point, I saw them physically assault a #Deploraball attendee with a flag pole after he patiently explained he wasn’t a “white supremacist.”

The most remarkable aspect of the violence at the #Deploraball was the lack of any significant difference between their actions at the NPI conference or the “Queer Dance Party” at Mike Pence’s house. In the latter case, I recognized the same people performing the same act that they had done outside the Maggiano’s restaurant. The violence at the #Deploraball was simply one manifestation of the anti-fascist violence that occurred all over DC this weekend. In one case, I heard the protesters screaming “go back to your double wide” and “go back to the South” and even “f*** Piggly Wiggly.” Yes, the Piggly Wiggly grocery chain became a part of the #Deploraball story, although I haven’t this reported anywhere else:

The Piggly Wiggly accusation was hurled in the last video below.

By the end of the evening, I was hanging out with some Alt-Right friends down the street from the #Deploraball. After I heard the news that an inflatable elephant emblazoned with “RACISM” was outside the #Deploraball, I was so intrigued that I walked down there to take a look at the spectacle. Clearly, disavowing Pepe and praising Martin Luther King, Jr. had gained the Alt-Lite nothing in the eyes of the Left, as NPI has held events in that building in the past with much less drama.

This is exactly what we expected to happen. For all of Bill Mitchell’s happy talk about unity and civic nationalism, what happened at the #Deploraball points to a far different conclusion. The truth is that you don’t have to do anything to be accused and attacked for “racism.” You can disavow “racism,” but remain a target of hatred and hostility. You’re guilty of being White.

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  • despite all the prior blood shed, we can date the beginning of American Civil War 2 as 1.20.17. the actual gunfire comes soon. if our new government can’t/won’t protect us, we must do it ourselves with whatever it takes.

  • It’s time for the AltRight to begin seminars teaching political street-fighting.

    1. Learn the laws regarding self-defense in your jurisdiction.

    2. Buy an ASP expandable baton and begin training with it:

    3. Learn the group melee strategy and tactics employing truncheons, elbow & knee strikes; how to operate as a group.

    • That’s a pretty terrible idea. The law is on their side, not our side. Any attempts at organized violence on our side will result in our arrests – not theirs.

      You can’t just ape the tactics of the anti-whites. You’re going to have to do something different.

      • Get it straight.

        I did not advocate anything illegal, or mimicking AntiFa tactics.

        Self-defense is a basic human right. Learn how to do it.

        • It is probable that bringing a tactical flashlight and using it at a protest – even in self-defense – is a criminal offense in Washington DC.

          Even if not, you are likely to be not only slandered by the media – thus doing your cause harm – but even likely sued by the law firms that are behind the anti-fa.

          As Spencer said once, there really isn’t such a thing as “human rights.”

          In any case, the entire purpose of the anti-fa tactic is to trigger their victims into violent talk and action. That is exactly what they are doing, and they are effective at it.

          That is why anti-fa are allowed to attack pro-whites with impunity, and if pro-whites attack back, they will likely wind up in jail.

          It ain’t fair – it’s just reality.

          You cannot fight the anti-whites with their own tactics. You have to do something else.

          • “We have to do something different. You have to do something else.”
            Can you hear yourself?
            What exactly do you suggest, sweetheart?

            We are in a war for our survival.

            Of course knowing the laws of your state in regards to the limits of what’s considered self-defense and what is legal or not to carry, this is basic level.

            In your case, if you are uncomfortable defending yourself, you should not be placing yourself in the center Antifa riot.

          • In war, you can fight smart and win or you can fight dumb and lose.

            Placing yourself in the middle of an anti-fa riot is about the dumbest thing anyone could do.

            Why the hell would you want to place yourself in the middle of an anti-fa riot anyway?

            Does the pro-white movement exist merely to give the anti-fa something to protest?

            Ignore the anti-fa. Who gives a shit about them anyway?

            For someone like Spencer, who is a media figure, he obviously needs a professional security team if he’s ever somewhere he might be attacked.

            As for normal whites – why the HELL would anyone want to “counter-protest” the anti-fa or other dumb shit like that? What possible reason would there be to do that?

            Do you go into the ghetto and “protest” the dindus? What, do you think we should go down to MLK Blvd. and hold up a sign or something?

            “Protests” are stupid – it’s a leftist tactic that relies on a sympathetic media. It’s worthless for whites 99% of the time.

  • The Left had a nervous breakdown on election night and still hasn’t recovered. As a result they’re being easily baited into behaviours that are very counterproductive for their goals, insofar as those goals require at least the tacit support of the general population. In other words, everything is proceeding according to plan.

    • Trump amd his campaign have been masterly at baiting the lunatic Left fringe.

      Inviting 16 year old cute blonde White girl Jackie Evancho? Trump knew that the Far Left would attack her and say vicious things about her… And make her very sympathetic to Normal White Women. Stroke of genius by the Teflon Don.

  • The same Anti-Whites that whine about their safe spaces, employ a classic Antifa disorientation-distraction tactic which involves getting into your personal space, often brushing you with an object, escalating that by bumping into you. They’re basically keeping your senses busy responding to all the stimulation, to disorient you and set you up for possible violent attack.
    It’s a group predatory mentality, a similar tactic a group of sharks will use. They’ll often bump potential prey repeatedly, getting more and more aggressive until eventually taking turns biting chunks off their prey, then swimming off.

    Antifa has already started this escalated phase.
    In my opinion, we will see them elevate to prison style shanking, it’s only a matter of time.
    We should be mentally prepared for anything.
    These are, after all, the people that gleefully support White Genocide.

    Pro-Whites could start carrying 6-8″ Tactical Flashlights at these black tie events…
    At the very least.
    The light can be blindingly disorienting when shined into a Antifa snowflakes eyes and it does have those teeth if they initiate an attack.

    • Terrible idea. If pro-whites show up to public protests with tactical flashlights – the pro-whites will get arrested and charged and the anti-whites will walk away scot-free.

      We can’t just ape the tactics of the anti-whites. We have to do something different.

      • In your opinion.

        We’re in a conflict, verbal and yes, the Anti-Whites are using physical violence against us.
        Look at what happened at the battle of Sacramento, there’s already been a shift.
        White Nationalists defended themselves by taking away weapons of Antifa and using them on Antifa, the Police backed them up. Further, now that Trump will be taking the restraints off the Police, you’ll see a shift in how they respond to Antifa, which will be our cue go ahead and defend yourself when attacked.

        Also,if we were to follow your suggestion, which is not a suggestion but a criticism of my very legal suggestion, the term Anti-White and White Genocide would not be rolling off the lips of Hillary Clinton. Years ago, Ol’ Bob Whitaker, Tim Murdock and the Bugsers began using the same repetitive, annoying tactic of pushing simple Pro-White memes against our enemy when Anti-White memes are pushed at us.

        What do you say when called a racist?
        In your opinion I’m a racist. You’re just saying that because I’m White.
        Anti-Racist is just a code word for Anti-White.

        The term “Anti-White” is an answer to the term “Racist”. It’s simple and it works on a very basic level that even the most intelligent person will fall victim too.
        Call someone an Anti-White and watch them crawl out of their skin to defend themselves.
        It elicits the same response as being called a ‘racist’. The only time Jeffrey Dahmer, the gay cannibal, bristled in an interview was when they called him a ‘racist’.

        Andrew Anglin’s uses Left-wing Extremist Saul Alinsky’s ‘Rules for Radicals’ tactics in his approach.

        There are tactics in any conflict, some are primitive and ancient, regardless of whether it’s verbal or physical. Just because the Left deploys them on us, does not make them ape-like.

        If that were true, than Anti-Racist Anti-Whites would not have neutered White Civilization with a simple word… ‘Racist”.

        I’m not advocating unprovoked violence at all, but self defense is legal…
        Ask George Zimmerman.
        Avoid putting yourself at risk if possible. In my opinion, walking through an Antifa crowd alone or outnumbered, holding a camera on them is not smart at all. Do not allow yourself to be followed, this posture emboldens them, turn and face them and flash the light in their eyes. If we are going to be putting ourselves in harms way, we need to be prepared for harm to come our way. But we need to stopped being “wow just wowed” when they assault us, they want us gone.

        For God’s sake, at the very least, carry some pepper spray if your fearful of defending yourself in combative situations.

        • “Look at what happened at the battle of Sacramento.”

          Ok, what happened.

          A bunch of idiots showed up to “protest” in front of the state house – a complete and utter waste of everyone’s time.

          Then, a bunch of anti-fa showed up to “counter-protest” and attacked. A bunch of people were stabbed.

          The only thing anyone remembers about that “battle” is the media headlines which read “Nazis attack anti-racists.”

          What a stupid waste of time that entire thing was.

          What were they supposed to accomplish exactly?

          Did they convince any normal white people to become pro-white? No, they didn’t.

          Do you think the purpose of the pro-white movement is to give the anti-fa something to protest?

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