The Obama Era Closes

It is late here in Northern Virginia.

I’ve been on the road all day traveling from Alabama to Washington, DC to cover the Trump Inauguration. It has already been an eventful day. I came prepared to see a liberal meltdown in the last days of the Obama administration, but I wasn’t expecting to see literal one:

“A protester set himself on fire outside Trump International Hotel in Washington DC on Tuesday.

The 45-year-old man, who has not yet been identified, said the act was in protest of the President-elect’s looming inauguration.
Witnesses described how he yelled ‘Trump’ several times as ‘flames ran up his back’ before lying down in the street …”

Yes, a snowflake from California has already set himself on fire outside of the Trump International Hotel. He was so triggered by the thought of President Trump that he spontaneously combusted.

In related news, there was a “Queer Dance Party” outside of Mike Pence’s new house:

“About 200 protesters shimmied and sashayed their way through the Chevy Chase neighborhood Wednesday night toward the house temporarily rented by Vice President-elect Mike Pence to protest what they consider his anti-gay views. …

Pence’s temporary neighbors in the liberal enclave of Chevy Chase have been flying hundreds of gay pride rainbow flags as a silent protest since he moved into the neighborhood in November. …”

The Hunger Games has come true.

This is what awaits us in the Capitol. BTW, I recognize the leader of the mob here because it is the same queer who I saw doing his moves outside of Maggiano’s on the weekend of the NPI conference. This is further evidence that the harassment the Alt-Right has to endure in general – see also the plot to disrupt the #Deploraball – is creeping into opposition to the Right as a whole.

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  • So a bunch of degenerate slime throw a dance party in front of Pence’s house, and that’s supposed to influence his policy making?

    …liberals -.-

    • “We need to convince VP Pence that we are an honorable minority group that deserves to be taken seriously and deserves to be respected! How can we do this guys?”

      “Oooh, oooh, I know! A huge crowd of us will dress up like slutty teenage girls and go mob his family’s home while dancing like a bunch of deranged spastics and blasting Ke$ha’s hot new track “Eat My Pu$$y Like a Motherfucka”!!! If that doesn’t show him that we’re a force to be reckoned with, I don’t know what will.”

  • Trump needs to make it clear in his first week that the fun and games are over for the left. Rioting and public displays of degeneracy will not be tolerated. GOOD NIGHT LEFT SIDE.

      • Peaceful protest is fine. Destruction of other peoples property and assault is not. You don’t see right wingers behaving this way. Only the degenerate left, who prioritizes their feelings over every one else. The president isn’t an SJW faggot anymore and the fun and games are over. GOOD NIGHT LEFT SIDE.

        • Lmfao! No hes just a thin skinned short Bulgarian fingered rapist illiterate orangutan offspring. Good Morning the Fun is Just getting started, 3 million women just told you.

          • 3 million degenerate skanks. Their opinions mean nothing. More white women voted for Trump then against. The time to go back to Mehico is now beaner. The real right is on the march.

          • Please “Johnny” (pretty faggy I think) you can’t even use correct grammar in your own language…. que comepinga.

          • Critiques of grammar. The last refuge of the butthurt liberal who has lost the debate. Make Mexico Spain Again.

          • Because you clearly don’t know how to use it! Your ignorance shines like the true inbred cracker you are.

          • Yawn. I don’t proofread my shitposts, nor do I go for proper sentence structure. I make my point efficiently and effectively. Believe it or not I am educated, employed and born and raised in the city. Nice try, Dirty Sanchez. Go make me a burrito.

          • “I don’t proofread my shitposts, nor do I go for proper sentence structure” LMFAO, it’s not by choice, it’s because you are stupid…. sorry to break it down. It’s like that internet Meme… dead people don’t know they are dead…. same as you stupid people, you don’t understand just how stupid you are. “Believe it or not I am educated,” when are you planning on demonstrating it? Ohhh wait that must be one of Drumpfs Alternative facts…..

          • Are you still carrying on with this? My grammar is better than yours. Either have an argument or fuck off. I’m not opposed to debate, but a meeting of the minds requires two minds. You’ve clearly burnt one to many holes in your brain to formulate an argument. “Ohhh wait that must be one of Drumpfs Alternative facts…..” Just keep listening to the Lugenpresse. You have no insights regarding anything. Just your precious feels. Do what your parents did and mow my fucking lawn you greasy wetback.

          • Looking through some of your other arguments with right wingers this seems to be your modus operandi. Have no argument and attack grammar. Get a fucking life.

          • LMFAO! Pointing out how fkng retarded you are is not my argument… it’s your reality!

            You wrote… “I’m not opposed to debate” – “Rioting and public displays of degeneracy will not be tolerated.” and my very civil reply was “It’s called the first amendment” so far so good, I’d call that a debate… but then you lost your shit buddy “The president isn’t an SJW faggot anymore and the fun and games are over. GOOD NIGHT LEFT SIDE.” The second you saw your argument was doo doo, you got hostile and your stupidity level went to 9000. Typical traits of a moron just like your leader Trump, the second reality slaps you in your fat stupid face, you loose it.

          • Rioting (destruction of property and random unprovoked assault) and public displays of degeneracy (pillow biters being a public nuissance outside of someones house through all hours of the night) do not fall under the first amendment. This is criminal behaviour and should be treated as such. You no longer have an effeminate dindu president, who is going to apologize and cover for you. GOOD NIGHT LEFT SIDE. Your about as deep as a puddle of taco grease.

          • LMFAO! We celebrate the Boston Tea Party as a national moment of protesting English rule…. it was destruction of private property. It appears that American history (something you clearly are ignorant about) says civil disobedience is Patriotic, if you don’t like American patriotism you can leave, you fng traitor. P.S. You have no depth.

          • The difference being, your not fighting for independence from a foreign ruling power. Your illegally moving here enmasse and parasiting off of what someone else built. Your demanding gibbs while offering nothing of value in return, except your “right” to be a public nuissance and menace.

          • LOL, “except your “right” to be a public nuissance and menace.” Thank you for finally coming around to my side of the argument… this would be considered a win.

            You admitted it’s a “right” to be a public nuisance (spelled correctly), see this wasn’t a complete waste, you learned something today, glad I could school you. Now go run along and find something new to whine about. Hey I heard Madonna used naughty words… go be faux outraged. (faux means fake in french, figured I’d help you out, you are having enough trouble with english as it is)

          • I put it in quotes because I don’t see it as a right.
            I say again, you don’t have an argument. Go point out grammar and spelling errors on shitposts some were else pinata spanker.

          • “I put it in quotes because I don’t see it as a right.” Sorry jr., it’s not up to you. It’s the founding fathers, they anticipated morons like you and planned ahead. They enshrined it in the constitution so moody worked up whiners like you Trumpists couldn’t change it. SO sad too bad, like i said don’t let that door slam your ass on the way out! Bye bye Johnny Fail.

            “Go point out grammar and spelling errors on shitposts some were else pinata spanker.” I’ll accept that as your please stop, it hurts…. surrender.

          • You have a right to protest. You have no right to engage in criminal behaviour. You don’t seem to understand the difference. Thats what we have laws for, and why we elected a leader who said he was going to start enforcing those laws again. This is what happens when we let immoral subhumans live amongst us, and allow ourselves to be ruled by chimps.

            It took 50 years to create this mess and it will probably take just as long to clean it up again. Trump isn’t the final solution, just the first step in the right direction.

            BTW Those rights and laws were written when the country was made up of Europeans of good moral character. They weren’t written with the current population of America in mind, and amendments will eventually have to be made. I acknowledge that much.

          • uhg… “and allow ourselves to be ruled by chimps.” and a racist to boot, your mom must be so proud…. Johnny LMFAO!

          • “Europeans of good moral character.” Why thank you, first assumption you’ve had right all day.

            It should be noted that I am a staunch white nationalist and those amendments are for the benefit of whites. Not the parasites.

          • Lol, proud racist…. not surprised. By the way us white europeans think you guys are inbred white-lite, our mixed children are whiter than you. Cartoons seriously, when I called you jr. it was supposed to be demeaning, I didn’t know it was also descriptive how old are you 14?. P.S. Men don’t watch cartoons.

          • LMFAO!!!!!!! Like you even know what those words mean!!!!

            Keep guessing Johnny…. and it’s not a debate when I’m kicking your ass all over the internet. It’s a one sided bitch slapping festival, and you are the bitch.

          • Your not winning anything. You avoid every valid argument I make and do what all libtards do. Act like your on some moral high ground and act smug and condescending without ever addressing the arguments I make.

            -You don’t understand that the right to protest is limited to what is actually legal. Fall out of what is legal and your subject to the law of the land.
            -When you lost that you tried to avoid that argument by calling me a racist.
            -I post a hilarious meme saying I don’t give a fuck about being called racist as it is a Marxist construct (invented by Trotsky to shut down debate oddly enough.)
            -You make fun of the cartoon, call me a child and an impure white man of European ancestry.
            -Now your deflecting again.

            If all your going to do is deflect then I’m wasting my time. When communication breaks down there is no path forward except violence.

            See you on the front lines, cuck/spic, whatever the fuck you are.

          • “If all your going to do is deflect then I’m wasting my time.”

            What argument, you’ve posted nothing but cockamamie irrelevant infant psycho babble… “Rioting and public displays of degeneracy will not be tolerated.” Ohhh k mister tough guy, you are so Trumpy, you’ll sure show us…..

            What argument is that supposed to be: “Trump tough, you no have fun anymore” LMFAO, nothing but posturing by a egomaniac with the temper and vocabulary of a spoiled 10 year old.

            “When communication breaks down there is no path forward except violence.” Another dipsh!t look how deep i can be nonsense. You think you are making a point….

            “See you on the front lines,” LMFAO ok, where at your local fast food joint, yeah I’m sure you’ll be first in line. Cause anybody that talks tough is 100% for sure proven nothing but talk.

            Anything else Johnny?

  • Sounds like D.C. is in melt down mode. Glad I am no where nearby. I hope no full scale riots break out, and that all Alt-Righters in D.C. make it back home safe.
    On a side note, this morning the side bar of had multiple stories featured that had disgusting pictures of dudes in drag -Milo and Bradley Manning. Perhaps we are giving the degenerates to much publicity?

  • I favor erasing Obama’s administration from history. A few centuries from now historians will find an eight-year gap in American chronology in the early 21st Century, and the conspiracy theorists of that era will get busy trying to fill that mysterious void in time.

  • Need to turn the dogs and firehoses on these fools…o wait the top cops are all black or corrupt sellouts these days.

  • Socialism in the old days was a tough miner or steelworker willing to kick the shit out of a cop or scab. Also willing to take a club or a bullet and kick in the head.

    All the men willing to take that abuse or dish it out are trending right these days.

    I’m feeling positive about the next few years.

  • I saw footage of the protests outside Pence’s house. Groups of white women in circles facing one another and bopping awkwardly along to weak singing. So lame! Whatever happened to the good old days of battles in the street with studded clubs and rusty shivs? My gut tells me we’re going to see some more exciting action starting today. I hope so!

    • It’s so gay it’s actually incredibly embarrassing. If they are trying to look ridiculously silly and immature then they are succeeding, but if they are trying to prove some political point by flamboyantly shaking their asses and wildly flailing their skinny little limbs to some modern, brainless, mass produced pop-tune then they are failing tremendously.

    • Not quite the same, now is it?

      These idiots think they are in the tradition of all great rebels…

      Nope. It’s like when the darkies say that they wiz kangs, when we were actually the kangs.

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