SPLC Grasps For Angle To Attack

The SPLC has a new article up about us:

“Launched on Monday, Martin Luther King. Jr.’s birthday, the website promises to highlight “the best writers and analysts from Alt Right, in North America, Europe, and around the world.” But with an editorial staff handpicked from the most influential corners of the radical right, it might be worth taking that Trump-like claim of greatness with a grain of salt. …

Perhaps surprisingly, what connects such disparate extremists is not a unique and particular brand of white nationalism. It’s the emergence of anti-Semitism themes and messages that connects them all. …”

No, that actually has nothing to do with this site.

In reality, the truth is that we have been inspired by the success of sites like Breitbart and BuzzFeed. For years now, the Alt-Right has been amateur hour. Everyone has their own little fiefdom or project. Content is replicated across multiple websites. There are silly beefs which rage out of control. Enthusiasm waxes and wanes and the movement takes on a lackadaisical course.

After everything that happened in 2016, we have become more ambitious. Why not pool our talents, start our own company and create a megasite along the lines of Breitbart or BuzzFeed with a constant stream of content that can pulse through social media? That’s what we are doing here. To be honest, we should have done it seven or eight years ago. With Trump’s Inauguration on Friday, we are going to need to create a bigger platform to advance our agenda in the years ahead.

So, it seemed to me like this was a no-brainer, which is why I wanted to be a part of it. Hopefully, we will be bringing more people on board and this project will balloon in size and influence.

Hunter Wallace
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