SPLC Grasps For Angle To Attack

The SPLC has a new article up about us:

“Launched on Monday, Martin Luther King. Jr.’s birthday, the website promises to highlight “the best writers and analysts from Alt Right, in North America, Europe, and around the world.” But with an editorial staff handpicked from the most influential corners of the radical right, it might be worth taking that Trump-like claim of greatness with a grain of salt. …

Perhaps surprisingly, what connects such disparate extremists is not a unique and particular brand of white nationalism. It’s the emergence of anti-Semitism themes and messages that connects them all. …”

No, that actually has nothing to do with this site.

In reality, the truth is that we have been inspired by the success of sites like Breitbart and BuzzFeed. For years now, the Alt-Right has been amateur hour. Everyone has their own little fiefdom or project. Content is replicated across multiple websites. There are silly beefs which rage out of control. Enthusiasm waxes and wanes and the movement takes on a lackadaisical course.

After everything that happened in 2016, we have become more ambitious. Why not pool our talents, start our own company and create a megasite along the lines of Breitbart or BuzzFeed with a constant stream of content that can pulse through social media? That’s what we are doing here. To be honest, we should have done it seven or eight years ago. With Trump’s Inauguration on Friday, we are going to need to create a bigger platform to advance our agenda in the years ahead.

So, it seemed to me like this was a no-brainer, which is why I wanted to be a part of it. Hopefully, we will be bringing more people on board and this project will balloon in size and influence.

Hunter Wallace
the authorHunter Wallace
Hunter Wallace is the founder and editor of


  • I have discovered all my favorite hate sites by browsing SPLC. Truly, they are the best resource for the movement to organize with. You can find some real gems on there that you’d never find on Google. They even show hate groups near your location. So helpful and they do it all for free. SPLC is one of the greatest allies of the alt-right, they just haven’t figured it out in the game of trans-dimensional backgammon that Kek has won, is winning, and will win.

  • great move. long overdue. as the jewish media slips beneath the waves into the depths of irrelevance, now is the time to supply this great demand among white americans for true news.

  • Sure Brad. ” Why not pool our talents, start our own company and create a megasite”, even “Go to, let us . . . build a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven; and let us make us a name, lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth (or at least upon the face of the Alt-Right Internuts)” cf. Genesis 11:4.

    Sounded like a good idea at the time, just like after the Flood, when Ham’s grandspawn Nimrod, the product of Ham screwing a Dravidian beastess of the Field aboard the Ark as did the Dog & the Raven, then with the Garments of Power giving the bearer Dominion over lions & tigers & bears & niggers and all animals other than the Sons of Adam. (The Garments YHWH gave Adam & Eve upon their expulsion from Eden made out of the skins of the all the Beasts of the Field that Ham later stole from Noah abroad the Ark.) But eventually Grand-Uncle Shem slew Nimrod, cut Nimrod into 13 pieces, let a crab (Egyptian story of Osirus/Isis/Horus) or a jackal (Babylonian version with Nimrod/Semiramis/Tammuz) eat the penis, and thus even today ZOG/Babylon the Third & Final endures until the onrushing Apocalyptic End.

    Our wonderful Bowel Movement is comprised of jews & faggots & mamzers & niggers & perverts & ZOGbots of all sorts and kinds. The one time or two that some whigger listens to whatever us goofy bastards have to yap over the Internuts and then do something about it, like say gun down nine niggers in a Historically nigger slave-revolt synagogue we then piss down our leg and run for the tall grass saying that we didn’t mean whatever we said that some tards heard — and acted upon.

    Our bowel Movement and the Southron Professional Liars Center and the Ashkenazi Defecation League have a symbiotic relationship with our bowel Movement. They listen to what we say, twist it a little bit, then claim that we actually meant what we said. Then they get gliberal whiggers and faggots and piglice and scared old jews to give them ZOGbux and for the jewsmedia to take them seriously. That also jewstifies the hundreds of billions spent on Auntie-Terrorism because you can’t have Auntie-Terrorism unless you have Uncle Terrorism first. Sorta of like the Fulton State NutHouse in Missouri where 500 maximum-security inmates created jobs for 1500 nut-keepers and each nut was worth at least $200,000 per year locked up. (I know whereof I speak.)

    And this effort isn’t all bad. Why not feed the Beast? Each of us Bowel Movement Barrens have our own herd of Tard who eat our shit. By all means let us all repackage the Same Old Shit and let our Tards eat, that we may make a name for OurSelfs, cum-cum, cum-cum!!! Let this Pyle of Gomer’s (Gomer being the Eldest Spawn of Japheth, also known as Gog, Brother of Ma-Gog, cf Genesis 10:2) here at the Pub[l]ic OutHouse along the [Mis]Information S[t]upor Hi-Way accumulate and bring forth All-Mighty click-bait.

    Are we all not one big [dys-functional] Fambly here in the bowel Movement? Let us not let the fact that we all know each other and haet each other keep us from private profit!!!

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
    Candidate for Mayor of Granby Missouri

  • Judging by the video, I would say the Alt-Right was attacked at a right angle in the face.

    Richard, would you concur?

  • What a great way to start the new year.
    Especially in light of recent events, we need a Pro-White pick me up.

  • The website looks great and I love the idea expressed here in pooling talent. On a separate note I’m looking forward to hearing about your adventures in DC.

  • Glad to have a this site as a hub. Now we need to work on getting it to be the to google search result for “alt right”.

  • Imagine the day when the comment section here is like Breitbart, scrolling down so fast that you can’t keep up. The wall has been built, criminal illegals have been expelled and Operation Wetback 2.0 is gearing up to detain and deport so-called Dreamers from college campuses. And the 2018 midterms revolve around these issues.

  • “It’s the emergence of anti-Semitism themes and messages that connects them all” … ya, I wonder why, (((SPLC)))

  • Speaking of the money-grubbing demagogues at the SPLC…

    “The Southern Poverty Law Center: A Special Report” (Issue theme)
    The Social Contract Journal
    Vol. 20, No. 3
    Spring 2010

    “Southern Poverty Law Center: Wellspring of Manufactured Hate” by James Simpson,Capital Research Center, October 7,2012

  • What about a debate between you or Spencer and Milo, etc.? That would be pretty cool. Y’all got some big decisions before you in order to pass Breitbart and replace them. They don’t deserve their number one position as the voice of the White Working Class because of the JQ especially.

    And I would be fair to all sides.

    Let’s just have a friendly debate and discuss all the issues out there and not be so politically correct.

    Then we can aim to replace Fox and Bill O’Reilly!

    • I really think that Trump’s election slides the entire media spectrum to the right. CNN has gone left into MSNBC territory, Fox can be viewed as the new center, Breitbart is poised to become the new Fox, and this site (if they play their cards right) is positioned to be the new Breitbart.

      • If so, that means the stormer is now radix. So who will fill the void on the far right? Lol

    • jimmy, look upon breitbart and infowars as the middle schools of WN and as the high school. hopefully in a few years the world will be ready for the university of WN.

  • This is some seriously good stuff! Okay, you talked me into returning to RFM but why not instead as your voice, your interviewer, your audio expert, your working class mouth, etc.? Media is needed here. Not just writing. BTW, in order to reach the larger audience you’ve got to have this kind of media. Honestly though, I will be biting my tongue not to ultimately curse. But I’ve gone long stretches without going apeshit crazy. But I offer ‘muscle’ and ‘muscle’ is needed IMO to get the job done.

    I listened to infowars yesterday. Some great audio quality but boring content. No fire. No enthusiasm.

    I don’t have the audio platform any longer, i.e., SAM Broadcaster Pro, etc. so y’all would need to provide that.

    Or try that Edwards guy or some other voice. But as you said, I am the best. LOL.

    Anyway, good luck! Exciting times.

    • From 2008 until 2010 you were the “Dick Cavett of the bowel Movement” with your great interviews of pretty much everyone. I enjoyed them all and think that you should resume doing that.

      The “investigative reporting” part not so much. I thought I had to discourage that part and took it upon myself to do so.

      Please, go back to doing what you did so very well. But don’t expect to get paid handsomely unless you are a ZOGbot. In fact, being good and listened to but without much ZOGbux means that you are not a ZOGbot.

      I’ve spent money on the Internet. Never made any to speak of. I did cash the first $35 check that Mona Montgomery sent me, but not the $100 check she sent afterwards. If you hear from her ask her to give you the $100 and I’ll send her back her check if I find it.

      Do what you love and do it cheap but well.

      Hail Victory!!!

      Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
      Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
      EIB NutWerk (Erysipheles in Broadcasting) The Movement Turd

  • The Left cannot and *will not* be allowed anymore to dictate what people can say anymore. It’s not going to happen. A lot us are extremely pissed off that Leftist have been able to verbally assault us while we remain quiet. This website is a good example of the direction a lot of us want to head. To heck with mainstream conservatism and the so-called “Alt-Light”, it’s just conservative Liberalism, is that where it’s at? Absolutely *not*.

  • Awesome idea ! We need to keep ahead of all the crap being slung our way by the sore loser Lefties, SJW wannabes & thier ilk.

    What’s wrong with Constitutionalism, anyway? Nothing! It’s how it should be.

    The social compact should be encouraged & enforced, no more free shit!

    Equal protection under the law & no more ‘more equal than some’ protected class BS.

    These are all principles we need to defend & spread the word about!

    • The Constitution only works with a moral and religious people. We have two generations now that are not moral or religious but are instead obsessed with gay sex, consumerist pleasures, and abortion. 20 trillion in debt, 140 trillion in unfunded welfare obligations. The Constitution absolutely will not work with this spiritual caliber of people; they are too lazy and selfish and uneducated. Therefore we need a tyrannical fascist military dictatorship government to enforce morality and religion through education for at least ten years in order to indoctrinate via force enough morality and religion into the majority of the populace so that a Constitutional Republic could flourish again. Meow.

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