Bre Faucheux – The Problem with Diversity in Books

Bre Faucheux is an author and YouTuber.

She joins Lana for a lively conversation on race, identity, and multiculturalism. We begin by discussing her background, including her education and how she came to be red-pilled. While Bre was initially a liberal, she eventually discovered Alt-Right videos on YouTube, which led her to question everything she had been taught. The growing prevalence of anti-White rhetoric in the West also forced her to realize that diversity threatens the very existence of ethnic Europeans worldwide. We then discuss Bre’s YouTube video, “The Problem With Diversity in Books”, which triggered thousands of liberals, and listen to a few amusing responses from some of them. Our show also explores the West’s ongoing demographic transformation, MGTOW, and feminism.

An audio/podcast version of this show is also available here.

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  • Liberalism has become diversity fascism & atrocity hysteria. One can only understand the left by waking-up from the left.

  • This is an excellent discussion! I can very much relate to being awakened from a liberal stupor. I didn’t see the light as much as I felt the heat. So….what about ME and MY race??? I’m just another honky, I suppose.

  • One day in town I was walking past a coffee shop and saw a girl sitting at the booth in the window seat .. she was reading a book on ‘diversity’ and holding it up so people could see … same day .. come down the other side of the street … another girl at a different coffee shop with an outdoor patio was reading a different book on ‘diversity’ and holding it up on the outdoor patio … this is called ‘signalling’ .. in a university town .. its very common … these go-alongs to get alongs are the ones that Marine Le Pen and I laugh at to their faces… that’s how grown women with children handle these ninnies… laugh at them.. never attempt to enlighten the minions … they are in for their own version of living hell .. its hysterical.. to me.

    • I suspect both ninnies were probably students in the same “Gender Studies” class, reading from the book for an assignment.

    • Everyday I go to town I am in a culturally enriched welfare jungle. At times it can be very exciting. Most recently, a wetback was rude to an elderly European in front of a store. Twice. Then he addressed me in the manner one would expect from a savage. I responded as if by magic with the blunt end of 4×1 inch piece aluminum rod stock I just happen to carry around. Dazed im, mmmmmh.. drug him. He apologized.. Where I am, nearly daily this sort of thing happens. And this towns only 56% mexicanner. Best be gettin ready white devils. Just kidding. You not really white devils.

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