AltRight Now – 1 – The Beginning

Daniel Friberg, Jason Jorjani, Henrik Palmgren, Richard Spencer, and Tor Westman—the directors of—discuss the story behind the founding of the website, their plans for its future, and potential of collaboration.

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Music by Xurios.

  • Zazz


  • Niklas Thomsen

    Good to see you guys join forces. Will be exciting to see things moving forward.
    I’m sure you’ll leave an impression on the political and cultural landscape.

  • Axe in the Deep

    Always good to have new content to listen to.

  • Looking forward to listening to this while wolfing down a steak. This new venture has great potential as long as it doesn’t degenerate into “just” a brand.

  • MisatoKatsuragi

    Sean hannity just had the michelle fields hoax instigator on his show and then says that Antifa is whitelivesmatter

  • Cat Ruby

    Wherever we go. Whatever we do. We’re gonna go through it together. Hail Our People.

  • Jarod

    This is great. Much needed to after TRS imploded.

    • ChurchillCapo

      They’re back now.

      • Captain John Charity Spring MA

        TDS can’t play the ironic sounds like Seth Rogen, but is he or isn’t he Merchant ambiguity anymore. The material will have to be re worked and rethought. Those drops are no where near as funny now.

        • ChurchillCapo

          Yea true

    • Justin


  • Richard Spencer is financed & led by Swedes.

    • TLMW

      SOG is coming.

      • We are already here, dude. And we rule the world. We are the new global elite you’ve all been waiting for…

      • Captain John Charity Spring MA

        I just watched In Order Of Disappearance, with Stellan Skarsgard. I’d say that NOG is coming. Dickman was a killing machine.

    • MisatoKatsuragi
      • We are. And we will never get tired of #winning. #MAGA (Make the Alt-Right Great Again). 😉

        • Jason Reza Jorjani

          Again? We were great coming out of the gates!

          • Alright. “Make the Alt-Right Even Greater”. Although #MAEG isn’t as good of a hashtag as #MAGA. I think we have to come up with something else. 🙁

          • MisatoKatsuragi

            fyi my sister called me and said that CPS has taken her children without cause.

            being altright is a duty, its not for fun

        • MisatoKatsuragi

          daniel you seen the sean hannity video where he says the altright is antifa?

      • Mikep

        Not those “new swedes” I hope!

    • Edelweiss

      Sweden YES!

    • ChurchillCapo

      Why is he financed by Swedes?

  • David Hollizzle

    Host the effortposts from I think they’d love it

    • Skaal Fa

      Do this Spencer, their work is top-notch.

  • Laguna Beach Fogey

    I like it. This is an admirably serious, sober project with professional content. Much-needed on the Alt-Right.

  • Jason Reza Jorjani

    Re: Richard: “Town’s people with torches and pitchforks…” Looking forward to seeing them out the office windows of our Herr Dr. Frankenstein’s Laboratory…

  • Skaal Fa

    Promising start!

  • Laguna Beach Fogey

    This will attract investors, definitely. I was just thinking about that. Financial-backers want to see some initial work and skin in the game. They want to see if you’re serious. They want to see if the team works well together. They want to invest in an initiative that has a future. I’ve no doubt you will attract financial supporters.

    • Thanks for your supportive words. And I hope you’re right.

  • MisatoKatsuragi

    So there was a white lives matter rally in Austin Texas, Antifa showed up and was shouting about killing cops.

    Now Sean Hannity has the reporter on (RosieGray) who spread the disinfo about the Michelle Fields hoax and claims that Antifa is the Altright

    • TransPride

      White lives matter is just as unnecessary and vile as Black lives matter. #alllivesmatter

  • Laguna Beach Fogey

    “The new Breitbart” – exactly!

  • Mundilfury

    This is an exciting time for the Alt-Right.

  • machiaevil

    The new Kikebart? No thanks, gtfo alt-lite types. Probably some Jew wives involved here as well.

    • Actually no Jewish wives here. What about you, are you a frequent user of JSwipe?

      • machiaevil

        Why do you ask? Interested in meeting one? Tough luck.

  • Algearond

    Awesome, looking forward to a great year ahead goys. Hoping TRS can get everything straightened out.

  • Algearond

    Awesome, between this, TDS looking like it might be continuing on, and just finding out about Europa Weekly, I am pretty white pilled about this year

  • Algearond

    Great Job Goys

  • I think this is the best way forward, especially shedding the anonymity. Mr Friberg strikes me as a serious and accomplished man, somebody who can get things done. I am very pleased he’s a part of this venture. Our trolling and outrageous nature got us the attention we wanted, and now it’s time to get serious and present our views maturely and assertively .

    • Bantz Henriksen

      I’m glad you’re finally on board, Alex. I am a big fan of your work. Who do you think is more likely to be the Farsh Nuke, Richard or Daniel?

      • Neither, Jorjani is my man, I hope to meet him one day. I have some experience in his area of interest that I would very much like to share with him. I’m glad you’re familiar with my body of work, new video up just now.

        • Jason Reza Jorjani

          Let’s connect on Facebook. If your username there is different, PM me so I know that it’s you. There’s only one of me, so I am easy to search.

          • I don’t use Facebook and this is not my real name or face (it’s a bit of an inside joke). I would be pleased to email you if you can provide an address.

          • Captain John Charity Spring MA

            Jahans is a TRS meme, he’s also a real YouTube meme too. Welcome to the chaos storm.

    • MisatoKatsuragi

      Jahans is in the house. its over now

  • Bantz Henriksen


  • Sieg oder Tod

    I’m a huge fan of posting flyers (have in the past for TRS/DS) — curious if you guys will have any graphic designers create anything for “street” awareness of

    • Certainly an idea worth considering. I will take it up with my fellow board members.

  • toast mcghost

    Good to see a fellow Iranian/Euro representing the serious challenge of bringing our oft-forgotten long pasta reunited in myth and spirit.

    • toast mcghost

      Something I wrote on Tuesday. It feels at this point that this is something.

      Skeptical scientism was a completely predictable opposing response to spiritless and stale religion completely disconnected from reality.

      Men’s rights activism and MGTOW is a completely predictable response to insane feminism completely disconnected from reality.

      Promoting toxic liberalism where liberty is perverted, taken to extremes, creates irrational fascism such as nationalist neoconservativism.

      There are many things like this where there’s an entirely predictable result. Opposing forces in a cyclical motion building on what we see as reality.

      However, the responses have been just as bad as their causes in most cases. Everything we do and everything that happens is a response to something not being good enough, not being real enough, not having a depth of meaning. So we are tempted by the gratifying low-hanging fruit of forming our identity on sane opposition.

      The danger is falling into the trap of solidifying an opposing mentality relentlessly steering us off the path much like an offensive guard drives a defensive end out of bounds at the snap. It’s entirely to keep us at the lowest possible levels of thought and reason and destroy our abilities of higher thinking. It gets us into the mode of trying to overpower by competing in the same methods while we forget that we can think beyond strength and call in our powers of thought and spirit. It is dangerous that half of the whole becomes an opposition and not its own truth with its own works that stand beyond our suffering.

      If we expect to move beyond this current state, we need to build our spirits where heels pushed. We must fill this structure with thoughts of good and thoughts of exceedingly greater goods. We must build our structure by answering questions of why we fight and what we fight for—visualizing a shining paradise of peace—and those things will stand in our place on the front lines as we continue to create tirelessly until they relent.

      We must become more than we are before anything can remain for the good of others.

      This means a spiritual battle must be waging in all of us. There are times for violence and times for battle, but when we go back to our homes, we will not find our home as a trench. We will return to replenishing our light of ascension, and when our light is great enough, it will blind even the stars.

  • Good luck on this project! Everything looks great.

  • Hypatia Sensor
  • Mikep

    Congrats on a promising new development, it would be really good to see you guys addressing the economic case for our side. Like most folks of a rightest inclination I’m pretty sure that we’ve been sold a”crock of shit” by the globalists but lack the expertise to argue effectively against it. If this altright/newright or whatever you choose to call it movement is going to go forwards and become more mainstream we will need an arsenal of sound well thought out economic arguments with which to challenge the orthodoxy.

  • Charles Martel

    Does anyone know what the closing song is? Probably Xurious, like the intro, but I can’t tell which song it is. It start playing right after they each sign off.

    • Xurious – Kalergi Plan

      • Charles Martel

        Thank you. This is outstanding.

      • Charles Martel

        Thank you. That song is outstanding.

  • Yehuda Finkelstein

    Seems like there is a good pool of talent here, keep adding great writers and podcasts!

  • Zazz

    Spencer had to enlist help, it’s to much for him to go it alone as he has repeatedly said. He is up against a split group comprised of mostly young men who do not care for leniency regarding jews, LGBTQ’s and other minorities, not the left. The fate of the movement is not in the hands of any particular group, including this new one. The forces governing it’s future are invisible and have no masters, so dream on and dream big. This is all that remains for the inhabitants of earth, the politics between the capitalists and the rest of us.

  • melonhead

    I hate to spoil the mood (you knew there was going to be someone) but, why do we need a ‘bridge to Indo-Arya’? Are Indos or Iranians fighting for survival, and do whites care? Here in California Indos are a f*ing plague. And, if he’s Iranian, or half, how does he warrant a leadership role in a white movement? Does his dad fund the thing or something? I’m not someone who gave a rat’s about Mike Enoch’s wife but, why is this guy on board? The sooner you find an excuse to drop him from this ‘leadership’ role the better.

    • Jaded Diaspora

      Jorjani can explain better than I can, but the Persians and northern Indians (the Punjabi et. al.) are of the same ancient stock as Europeans. Their civilization flourished along side the Greeks and Romans and were one of the few groups that the Romans could not conquer. Problem is that they were eventually conquered by the Arabs and bred almost to extinction by them. (A parallel that Jorjani has compared to our own demographic swamping.) All of the “Arab” advancements in math and science that you hear parroted by the left were really Persian achievements that Arabs misappropriated. They’re our brothers. They’re just further down the path to extinction, and it’s their hindsight as a dying people that makes their voice of particular interest to our movement.

      • melonhead

        So they’re a charity case. Unless he’s funding the thing I don’t see why he’s a headliner. Sorry man.

        To you in Europe Indians may be the ‘good’ brown people, productive instead of destructive like arabs and Africans, but I don’t think Americans at least see them as some romantic distant cousins, but rather as a plague. Feel sorry for them on your own time. Of course it’s your site so you’ll rightfully do what you want.

  • The middle part of this podcast was **extremely** disappointing to me.

    26 minutes
    > we agree on the essentials … the identity of Europeans, of Indo-Europeans

    Is he speaking JUST for his panel, which includes someone who is notably not of 100% European descent? Or is he claiming to be speaking for the “Alt-Right?”

    Because in the conception of the “Alt-Right” which I had, the conception with which I would have identified with earlier, is one that is concerned with American citizens of wholly European descent, and not one that cared one whit for the “Indo” Europeans.

    We as people of European descent share little to nothing with them. They are not blood relatives in the way that Anglo-Saxons and Franks and Germans and Swedes are. They are not of Christian heritage, shaped by almost 2000 years of common religion, they are Zoroastrians who were converted by the sword to Islam, or are Hindu or Buddhist.

    28-30 minutes
    > Soon you’re going to have a network that stretches through Iran and into northern India

    > I’m happy that you will soon bring the Iranian crowd on board as well

    > It’s the key piece, it’s the fulcrum, between India and Europe, and when that regime is overturned, we will be able to create an extraordinary Indo-European network.

    > JY, that is what we are fighting for, we are fighting for Indo-European identity, Indo-European tradition, and so forth

    Wait, what? Advocating that a foreign sovereign State is to be overturned? I’m sorry, I thought this movement was about populism and nationalism, not about interventionist foreign policy. Did I miss something? Is the “Alt-Right” morphing into neoconism?

    Read this carefully: there is no such thing as “Indo-European tradition.” We are not blood brothers. We share no religious background. We share no common legal structures or great bodies of thought. We don’t even share the same continent, they are Asia and we are Europe.

    I am failing to see why it is that I, as a man of 100% purely European descent living in America for several generations, should have any care or concern for the “Indo-European corridor” or the political conditions in India etc. nor the plight of peoples who are not related to me by blood, religion, or meaningful circumstance, when what I see in the USA is a State that needs all of our efforts and attention to preserve and save.

    It’s not that I dislike them or wish them ill. It’s just that I don’t care about their plight, when the plight of my actual brothers of blood, religion, and culture need my help.

  • joe smith 323

    dont want this Indo-European garbage

    may cancel my Red Ice subscription as i was already pissed about the kike they had on there

    • Zazz

      Hint: they wouldn’t give fucks.

      • joe smith 323

        thats what ill do

        bye bye

  • Zazz

    If these guys (Daniel Friberg, Jason Jorjani, Henrik Palmgren, Richard Spencer, and Tor Westman) think they’ll convince the rabble that jews and other minorities are okay when jews and minorities are eroding nationalism in the US,(______pithy______). I guess there’s just no place left for puritans in the white countries.

  • Rustbelte

    Excellent news and entirely needed at this stage of individual success. The AltRight manifested as a coherent organization with a centralized vision can be a true media and cultural force!
    Maybe after some (probably guaranteed) success with this you goys can begin organizing some regional affiliates, as well as taking some TRS forum groups under your umbrella.

  • rick rage

    the Altright desperately needs a world-wide 24-hour TV news service. nothing controls the narrative quicker than on-site reporters covering a breaking story. which would you prefer: reporters from the jewish media announcing a russian armored incursion into the Baltic States or Ukraine, or Altright reporters there confirming that there has been NO SUCH incursion… and they can prove it. This would be a crucial development and could prevent not only WW3 but other false flag events as the jewish media tries to recover lost relevance.

    initially, our network of volunteers around the globe could pitch in. in a year, when reliability, credibility and professionalism sets in, fewer and fewer will rely on the jewish media for world news.

  • Rudolph ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ