Vox Day: MILO Loses The Gay Card

I’ve been pretty hard on MILO, but this is hilarious. In the “Open Letter To Milo Yiannopoulos,” they’re calling him a Nazi and threatening to revoke his gay card:

“I’ve hated you for a long time — being compared to you by some commenter on my column sent me into a rage for several hours — but the stunt you pulled against that young woman in Milwaukee was the last fucking straw.

If you’d like a transgender Berkeley student to direct your firehose of impotent rage at, I offer myself. Here’s the target on my back, so go ahead and take aim. I’m a Jewish anarchist drag queen with no eyebrows. The jokes write themselves. I dare you to put up pictures of me — it’s a matter of public record that I look fantastic. Tell that crowd to laugh at me. I’m not ashamed of my face or my body or my politics or my life choices.

Don’t you want to find something original to say? You can’t cut me down to size, I’m five foot two and chronically depressed. I dare you to say something about me that I haven’t already said about myself. …

I’m not going to waste time telling you that you’re a bigot. The faculty has pretty well covered why you shouldn’t come here in their open letters to the chancellor. Besides, being called a Nazi doesn’t appear to stop you or anyone else on the alt-right from doing a goddamn thing….

When you get here on Feb. 1, we will be waiting here to strip you of your gay identity. You can have sex with all the men you want, but you’re not gay anymore. You’ve used your sexual orientation as an excuse to spit bile and galvanize cowards for long enough. Put your badge and gun on my desk. The community rejects you. You have never been one of us. …”

Dude, you can’t be gay anymore, even if you disapprove of Roman salutes. It doesn’t matter that you are a “black dick supremacist.” You’re just as bad as those other Nazis.

Put your badge and gun on my desk or else!

Hunter Wallace
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  • This is why there is no point in trying to negotiate or compromise with the left. You can be a gay Jew but if you don’t like Muslims you’re still a “Nazi.” Might as well maintain your dignity and go full white nationalist.

  • White homosexuality is bad because it does not help make more White people, and the more White people on the planet the better for each of us Whites as individuals. As far as non-White homosexuality, I say let there be millions and millions more of non-White homosexuals since they will not make more non-Whites.

    • So? We are overpopulated anyway. And many gay couple adopt children that other white people make and don’t love so they give them up. That is better than making a child just for the sake of saying oh I did by duty and now I have a slave, mini-me, or simply not giving a shit and getting rid of them.

          • A growing child needs the love of a mother and a father to grow into a well adjusted adult. The religious bigotry of the fag rights community needs to stop. Christians are good people. Your type tend to be okay with Islam and I can’t fathom why. Christians don’t approve of the degeneracy you engage in. Muslims throw you off rooftops.

          • Um no. There is absolutely no proof of this stupid claim. And no a religious OPINION is not a fact.

          • It’s unhealthy and unnatural. It normalizes obscene behaviour and turns society into a cess pool of degeneracy. We had healthier and happier communities when faggotry was not tolerated in them. I don’t need scientific proof and I’m not going to argue it. If fags were supposed to raise kids theyd be able to produce them. I’m not even heavy religious. It’s just wrong.

          • Again. It is just as fine as straight people copulating. There is no evidence of it anything being wrong with it.

          • Anyone can get STD’s honey. And the rates are getting better as time goes on. The high STD rates had to do a lot with the times as well especially when homosexuality wasn’t widely accepted in the US.

          • Not only gay people get stds and they have gotten better since gay people first started coming out and demanding rights. There’s a reason the rates were so high more than 50 years ago.

  • Milo still serves as somewhat of an “entry point” for those – just beginning the “truth & questioning process” . However, once you become educated to the full extent of nationalism, which means ultimately: National Socialism, then you see Milo for what he truly is. (I.E. – as a Jew, sodomite, pro-race mixing, woman hating degenerate, Milo can in no way ever be considered on the correct path, and he is racially incapable of doing so, due to his Jewish blood.) Thus, in “cutting the wheat from the chaff”, one must graduate sources beyond Nu-Right to Alt-Right; and then Alt-Right to “All Reich”. National Socialism is indeed the ultimate and pure destination of a true and courageous student of nationalism.

    • Horseshit. There is nationalism, both ethnic & civic and there is socialism, faith in government beaurecrats to regulate the economy and culture. One has nothing to do with the other. I’m not fighting anti White totalitarians on the Left only to submit to midwit totalitarians on the Right with a Hitler fetish.

      • Hear hear! I’m a fervent subscriber to race realism and redpilled on the JQ. That does not make me want a totalitarian state. In fact, if we push towards a true capitalist meritocracy, which fights corporatism and ends the welfare state a lot of these degenerate sub-humans will leave. Get the government out of our lives and our pockets and the third-world scum will simply pack their bags. No more free shit=No more free loaders. White Nationalism is great. National Socialists can go fuck themselves.

    • Absurd.

      Nationalism does not inevitably lead to National Socialism, even less to a modern version of the NSDAP (an absurdity in and of itself) – even LESS to fake “neo-Nazi online LARPing” – which is all posting images of World War II really is.

      Of course, Jews and the ADL have spent 50 years creating astro-turf “neo-Nazi” groups because it is so useful for Jews.

      All the best neo-Nazis are Jewish.

  • “Besides, being called a Nazi doesn’t appear to stop you or anyone else on the alt-right from doing a goddamn thing….”

    Did bring called a communist ever stop anyone on the left?

  • Besides, being called a Nazi doesn’t appear to stop you or anyone else on the alt-right from doing a goddamn thing….

    …and so it begins.

    But it’s not entirely accurate to say that attaching specific labels and words to me doesn’t stop me from doing a goddamn thing. Call me a Nazi or a Racist, I’ll stop berating you long enough to buy you a round of drinks. It’s the least I could do for such a wonderful compliment.

    • The astro-turfers can only fool the very young.

      In the real world, the left made such gains since the 1960s precisely because they distanced themselves from the Communist party, both in rhetoric and substance.

      The joke was “I’m a Groucho Marxist and a John Lennonist” – the accusation of “communist” was turned around on those making it.

      The leftists were never actually stupid enough to say “they are going to call us communists anyway, so we may as well be communists and post pictures of Stalin!”

      “If you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao, you ain’t gonna make it with anyone anyhow.”

      Another point: the Communist party actually existed, it was actually funded by a real-life superpower state, the USSR.

      Not only was there no NSDAP party in any country after World War II, there wasn’t even any superpower – not even a second-tier state – even existing after World War II that could have even funded such a party.

      So while the Communists didn’t have to LARP – because they won World War II – all the “neo-Nazi” had was LARPing, because they lost.

      The US, via the CIA, used the Congress of Cultural Freedom, and later the “counter-culture,” to create a non-communist left that was opposed to the USSR and orthodox Marxism. This is a major reason why the USA won the Cold War.

      If “our side” was as smart and savvy as those old time CIA hands, we would create a “non-anti-white left” to draw left-sympathetic whites away from the anti-white left.

  • Like ANYONE is the gay community is going to “take away my gay card” because I’m AltRight. Just try. Besides, transgender isn’t gay. Stop lumping yourselves in with gays. You’re not gay. You’re not even remotely close. You don’t speak for me or gay men. Our issues are absolutely not tbe same.

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