The TRS Implosion, Name Fagging and Honor Culture

Matt Parrott writes about the TRS implosion:

“In chan culture, “namefag” is a term of derision for a person who chooses to use a name rather than being anonymous on the board. It’s a culture where anonymity is prized and anybody drawing attention to his identity raises suspicion and oftentimes outright contempt. But for many, going public is seen a a natural next step, as a necessary act of courage one’s morally obligated to undertake.

Finally, you imagine, all of those jerks calling you a coward for hiding behind a computer will be silenced! …”

I spent the weekend in Selma waging a personal war against ‘civil rights icon’ John Lewis.

While I was in Selma, I kept getting tweets about what was unfolding at TRS. I still haven’t fully digested the news, but I understand that the main players over there were doxxed by anti-fa and several of them have vacated the internet. There were many revelations that came out which have stirred controversy in the Alt-Right community. Such is my understanding of what happened.

It has been years since I have given any thought to anonymity. There came a point around 2011 when I ceased to care about protecting my identity. By that point, I had been in the movement – well, the larger scene – for a decade. I had grown tired of purely anonymous interactions with people on the internet. I was tired of all the beefs, the low trust environment, the weak relationships. I wanted something more than that. I wanted to start building a real world network in the American South.

As I read more about the history of my own people, it dawned on me that we are living in a fake culture. During the 20th century, a fake morality was imposed on us from above by elites in academia and the mass media. You know, the worst thing you can be is a ‘racist’ or an ‘anti-Semite’ or something like that. The Left has a dozen of these -isms and -phobias which it insists is the litmus test of whether you are a good person or a bad person. None of these -isms or -phobias existed a century ago.

If you are a Christian, Jesus Christ himself had nothing to say about the topic of ‘racism’, which is a term which didn’t exist in the 19th century. The greatest philosophers in the history of Western civilization – Ancient, Medieval, Modern – had nothing to say about the morality of ‘racism’ either. It wasn’t until the mid-20th century that Americans came to believe that ‘racism’ and ‘anti-Semitism’ were great moral failings. The cause of that was the Second World War and the rise of television.

In our own lifetimes, we have seen the -isms and -phobias multiply exponentially. Now, American society is said to be plagued by ‘systemic racism’ and ‘institutional racism’ and ‘white privilege’ and ‘homophobia’ and ‘transphobia’ and ‘heteronormativity’, etc., etc. Leftwing academics conjure new moral failings into existence and they are popularized by the Fake News media. I had no idea what ‘cisgendered’ meant until a few years ago. When I was in high school in the 1990s, I never heard the term.

Many years ago, I read a revealing book by Bertram Wyatt-Brown called Southern Honor: Ethics & Behavior In the Old South. Southerners used to be a proud people because we once had an honor culture, not a guilt culture. A White man was proud of his name, proud of his family, proud of his state, proud of his race and other aspects of his identity. Insults were avenged with violence in the Old South. I don’t have to tell you the things that were done to protect White womanhood in those days. A generation of Southerners marched off to war in 1861 in no small part because of the South’s traditional honor culture. Unlike the political correctness I had been exposed to my entire life, the Southern honor culture felt true to me. This was my real culture.

We don’t have the same moral wiring as our ancestors. In modern America, the worst thing you can be is a ‘racist’. A century ago, our ancestors had never heard of ‘racism’. Even further back, a White man would rather die than live in a state of shame and disgrace because he was driven by a sense of honor. The worst insult that could be hurled in the Old South was to be called a ‘submissionist’ which was antebellum equivalent of ‘cuck’. The Confederacy rose up against ‘Black Republicanism’ and its project of ‘social equality’ because it was perceived to be an intolerable degradation. The South was being humiliated.

How does this relate to the TRS implosion? I’m sharing this story only to give you something to think about. Over the course of many years, this is how I personally thought my way out the ‘mainstream’ mold, so maybe it will be a helpful starting point for some of you. I ceased to care about being seen as ‘mainstream’ because I didn’t believe in any of it anymore. I don’t think ‘racism’ is a sin or a moral failing. In my view, a good person is someone has character traits like honesty, bravery, integrity and loyalty.

If you are a good person, why act like you are a bad person? Why should you be ashamed?

Hunter Wallace
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  • My main issue with doxxing is the potential violence and threats that can be imposed upon my family, as well as the loss of income, which again would affect my family. Hopefully, the Overton Window keeps being pushed to the Right, so that it would be easier to come out of the shadows for our people. I am hopeful that things will be improving rapidly. All we can do is to hope and to work hard to that end.

  • I share the South’s honor culture myself as a Southern Deplorable.

    As for TRS’s problems, I don’t give a crap about Enoch’s personal situation. He looks like another weak man married to a “strong woman” who doesn’t respect him.

    Our enemies want to attack the Alt-Right’s personalities and get us fighting each other, because they knew they can’t attack the Alt-Right’s ideas, namely, its tragic view of man: “Social progress” simply cannot happen because man has an enduring nature that doesn’t change mysteriously in The Current Year. We have inequality, hierarchy and patriarchy because of this obdurate reality. And no amount of white-shaming, politics and progressive-utopian fantasizing can change this reality.

    Progressive utopians know their position has started to implode because it denies man’s nature and demands the impossible, and they can’t hide this reality any more. They have to confront a new world where people admit, perhaps grudgingly, that the so-called sexists, racists and xenophobes had defensible views the first time around.

    • yeah and what have you pathetic chan shitposters ever done, other than LARP about rahowa safely behind your anon accounts, sitting in your semen-crusted bathrobe in your NEETcave .. “just keep sharing memes with each other on some obscure board until the race war starts, namefagging is for shills” rofl

  • I was “red-pilled” long before TRS, thanks in part to my family, the fine work of David Duke, Jared Taylor, Richard Spencer and others, but I was generally a fan of their podcasts (more so FTN, than the TDS – although I do like Sven.) But Enoch in “The Rebel Yell” interview, I don’t know, he came off as … odd. “I wanted to have my cake and eat it too,” he says, meaning he wanted his edgy podcast internet persona while still keeping his liberal life in full swing. Makes you wonder, which is the real Enoch? Remember his initial response to Salon was deny, deny, deny.

  • The problem is that the Internet is and will always be a “low trust” environment. It’s just too easy for anyone to impersonate someone, and, as we all know, privacy on the Internet is a joke. The honor you mention in your article refers to people whom you can see face to face. You can’t seriously demand or even expect honor from the faceless mob, and it would be insane to trust this mob to treat you judiciously.

    That’s why it’s such a tragedy that the traditional family structure is being destroyed. Historically, one’s responsibility for one’s family and honor of one’s family came first. One’s family were the people whom you could trust, and whose trust you would honor. Then was the honor of the clan, then tribe and the nation. You can’t rebuild the honor of the nation, if the first brick crumbles.

  • TRS did some good work, but Mike Enoch once said when he was “amongst OTHER Jews” ….so there you have it. Let the TRS team re group as best they can, the overall movement will continue to grow and move forward.

  • This entire situation could have been prevented.

    1. “My wife is half Jewish – and a TOTAL liberal. What can I say? I love her.”

    2. NOT doing a “Hitler Salute” for the cameras at NPI.

    Is that really so hard? No one would have cared.

    On another related note:

    Confederate culture and the Dixie flag are authentic aspects of White culture and history in North America.

    “Neo-Nazi” LARPing is not. It was originally a very ill-advised publicity stunt by George Lincoln Rockwell meant to get media attention. It had nothing but a negative effect – which is why it was resurrected by anti-white Jewish groups like the ADL and Frances Cohen in the 1970s.

    • what would have been prevented?

      he still would have been doxxed whether he admitted the truth about his wife, whether it was by antifa directly or info passed on by 8/pol/ trolls or whoever. that would probably give them even more motivation, especially the latter which are notorious paranoids about honeypots and shills

      his life would still be over, he would still lose his job and his home, he would still get disowned by his family & divorced and have to go into hiding, whether he did a Roman salute or not. the moment he brought up the JQ or race realism, his fate was sealed when it comes to normie life. that is the punishment for whites who step out of line…

      • Do you really expect us to believe that Enoch is getting divorced because his wife – who was part of the show – just found out about the show?

        Or are we expected to believe that Enoch is divorcing his wife as some sort of way to remove a “conflict of interest” to his white nationalist work?

        Both of those explanations are utter and transparent bullshit.

        The wife was part of the show – she knew all along. She’s a liberal.

        As far as I’m concerned – none of that would be a big deal – if they were not constantly LYING about it.

        • Enoch’s wife’s situation is obvious. She’s not a political activist. Enoch was a strong AnCap in the past, when he met his wife. Their politics have never meshed which is true of probably almost all right-wing man in the movement as single young females are almost universally left-wing. She being the woman was willing to play along with Enoch’s move to the far right so long as it was covert and did not affect her daily life. She was being submissive to her husband in the privacy of their home.

          Now she may lose her job herself, and she will probably have to choose between her family (including her in-laws) and her friends and social life, the city she lives in itself or her husband. Most women will absolutely choose the former.

          Perhaps you should follow your own advice as you absolutely cannot be so stupid to be incapable of figuring this out. Stop LARPing for the sake of forcing this meme.

      • Yes – he admitted it in the podcast with Spencer right after the conference.

        He – and his collaborators like Pervical – also defend doing the “Roman salute” during media appearances, like the one done by (((Daily Stormer’s))) “Azzmodor.”

        Azzmodor showed up at Spencer Texas A&M speech, was unable to get inside, so parked himself in front of the Jew media cameras, did a “Heil Hitler,” called himself a “professional racist” then “denied the Holocaust.”

        He declared this was a “success” because he got so much media coverage.

        Of course, guys like Enoch will only do the “Heil Hitler” when he thinks his identity will be protected – he just encourages OTHER people to do it in public. You know, it’s a “do as I say, not as I do” thing.

        Sort of like his hard core anti-semitism. Many people have complained that on the TRS forum, if you said you were married to a Jewish woman, you’d get banned.

        But those rules are just for the suckers buying into the act – as we can see, for the people running the scam, the rules don’t apply.

        Considering the pro-white movement has been falling for this utterly fake “neo-nazi hitler” gimmick (it’s run by the ADL) for 50 years …

        considering that Enoch’s Jewess wife not only knew about TRS, but in fact did skits for them on the podcasts …

        why is anyone falling for this shit over and over again?

        Maybe a better question – IS anyone actually falling for this shit?

        Or are the people defending this stuff and the people promoting this stuff not really falling for anything, but are in fact in on the scam?

        I don’t see how it’s not a scam.

        I keep on reading that TRS was “red pilled” on the “JQ” – but it’s awfully selective. After all, the Zionist Jew David Cole is a “Holocaust denier” – and he’s still promoting anti-whiteness, mass immigration, and US kow-towing to Israel.

        Zionist Jews like David Cole are fine with Seinfeld style “Soup Nazi” jokes too. Go ahead and make jokes about lampshades and sticking people into ovens – none of that does anything to seriously address the problem of Jewish power and their anti-whiteness.

        They are just giving you some space to let off steam.

        How is this NOT obvious?

        This is supposedly TRS actually defending Jew genital mutilation:

        TRS started as a pro-Israel “libertarian” thing. They introduced cartoonish anti-semitism – you know, Seinfeld style “Soup Nazi” jokes – and still seem quite pro-Israel.

        • Which podcast? At what minute did he say he did that?

          > the Zionist Jew David Cole is a “Holocaust denier” – and he’s still promoting anti-whiteness, mass immigration

          is he? do you have a link for that? I always thought he was pretty much right-wing

        • Enoch’s motivation as an “actor” in a more general sense of the word, is increasingly inexplicable. If he really did deprogram himself then the magic elixir should be bottled and forced down the throats of the GOP. What did it for him?

  • Fun fact: Honor cultures are fundamentally primitive and are characterized by disproportionate response to insult. In the context of the South it originated from cattle herding and horse breeding where your very livelihood depended on your ability to defend these resources, so any display of weakness could be an invitation to roll you and leave you wishing you were dead.

    That being said, these types of cultures (which are common among our Muslim friends) cannot survive prolonged contact with technological progress and industrial or post industrial economies. Thats why Spencer, as much as he likes to LARP about the good old cowboy days, knows better than to clock some asshole in the jaw after he cut in front of him in the line @ a DC Starbucks.

  • With all due respect, it all depends upon the position one is in. If you have little to risk, then fine, come forward.

    If you’re almost guaranteed to lose a salaried, well-paying job by ditching anonymity, it becomes a whole different ballgame. Especially if you have kids, a mortgage, loans, etc.

  • You’ve brushed over the main point. TRS was the second-most obnoxious fake Nazi site out there, after Daily Stormer. As RamZPaul and Hipster Racist have pointed out: the Nazis always turn out to be Jews. (OK, so Enoch is married to a Jew, and probably not one himself.)

    Maybe he was sincere in his beliefs, but if so he’s a very confused and sad person. If he hates Jews as Jews shouldn’t he have divorced his wife and disinherited his children by now? If he loves his wife and kids how can he make jokes about throwing all Jews in the oven? (Not that he should be making them anyway.)

    In general people who find anything funny about the Holocaust are obnoxious. One can feel that Whites need to control our own destiny without LARPing as a SS character or being a crudely stupid anti-semite. None of this helps us get people thinking about things the way we need them to, or moving in our direction.

    Look at the negative effects the Roman salutes had. Yes, it did make Richard a household name, but it generally made a few million people think: those Alt Right types are stupid Nazi trolls.

    Was Enoch the first guy to run up and throw the salute? Enoch, who was attending what has always been a gathering of serious and mature people, goes 9th grade on everyone. So now other speakers, who may not want to be associated with Cartoon Nazism are. But it’s worse: Enoch was there in disguise, Enoch’s face wasn’t in the Atlantic video. Enoch doesn’t bear the price for his sophmoronic stunt, but other attendees do.

    I’m not a believer in Hindu cosmology, but this is one time that “Karma” seems to ring true.

    • 1. He doesnt have kids
      2. People can separate relationships at the micro level and macro level. I’ve known some very nice Afghanis, nice people, but i wouldn’t wanna live in Afghanistan.
      3. Jokes are jokes. Its part of a strategy to desensitize people to being called a Nazi or wanting annoda shoah because that is the left’s strongest attack, often the first one, to any dissent.
      4. I agree that joking about the holocaust (or saying only 200,000 died, and by accident) is in bad taste and obnoxious, if only because the perpetrators are often 20 something year old white American know-it-alls who never cracked a book about history in their lives. Of course, they have been beaten over the head with the Holocaust a great deal, second only to Germany, despite the fact that they (or their ancestors) never did anything wrong. Backlashes are inevitable, people don’t like being indoctrinated, doesn’t matter where you are.

      • If Enoch had said, “yeah my wife is half Jewish, and she’s a total liberal. Eyeroll. Whatever, I love her anyway” – no one would have cared. Well, no one who matters would have cared.

        Now we are supposed to believe that Enoch is divorcing her – as if he is removing some sort of conflict of interest in his white nationalist activism?

        Um, no – that is yet even MORE bullshit. His wife was part of the show – of COURSE she knew all about it.

        The real issue is – why are these people LARPing as “Naaazis” when the reality is they are Jewish and Jew friendly – just keeping it a secret from their audience? If they were honest about it, hell, even some oven jokes would be ok. Jewish comedians like Seinfeld and Larry David make Holocaust jokes all the time.

        But constant Nazi LARPing is just discrediting.

        Now – add in all the deception. Add in the 9th grade theatrics at NPI – which, despite all the brave faces and damage control – DID do serious harm and hurt people (not Enoch – he was protected.)

        What the hell is going on here?

        What are we supposed to believe?

        If Enoch tells the truth tomorrow, maybe this will blow over.

        If he goes on the air tomorrow, gives us a bullshit lie about how he’s divorcing his wife so he can be a “serious Nazi” or whatever – come on.

        Who can possibly buy this BS?

        Stop the LARPing.

        • i dont think its his choice they’re divorcing lol. she’s in the shit too cause of him. saw lots of screen caps of chan trolls facebook msging her family etc “did you know her husband runs a neo nazi website” etc. what dont you believe

        • Lenin: “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”
          Making the WN movement look like a bunch of 12 year old psychos goes a long way in curtailing any serious issues that the mainstream could affect or agree with. “Reasonable immigration control” becomes “Gas the Jews,” etc. His deft dancing around on Rebel Shoah, bringing up need for donations, etc. shows him for who he really is. Just listen.

          • 1. TDS was/is humor+++. his oven jokes were designed to disarm leftist shaming strategy. actual hardcore 1488ers (the people that rage at him now) make Mike look like Mitt Romney policy wise

            2. areyoufuckingkiddingme.jpeg …. yeah the first 20 minutes of that episode was some kind of inane background on their libertarian roots blah blah but after that he was on topic. what did you want him to do, cry and lament?

            personally i have no idea how he was so calm, Sven seemed to have a harder time hiding his feels.. the dudes life got FUCKED up. i’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you’re not some NEET shitposter and you have a job or are studying at least. imagine you lose your fucking job, your fucking home, and you’ll NEVER be able to get employment in the white market again , not even fucking McDonalds (let alone IT or something that uses your 12+ years of hard earned skills), because they’ll ask for a reference from your previous employer and gg you’re a nazi fuck off. now get in the welfare line with all the people you despise, until its your turn and you get to the black woman or the cat lady behind the counter and she tells you to fuck off as well lol. i’d probably drink myself to death @ that point. get some empathy ffs . fucking spergs

          • “”Reasonable immigration control” becomes “Gas the Jews,””

            it is a strategy, not something they believe. Stop gaslighting yourself.

            The left is going to do that no matter what you say or do. Haven’t you figured this out yet? You are an evil, racist, homophobic, islamaphobic, NAZI hater just because you breathe air. You act like they won’t call you that if you practice “muh respectability”. I wonder how that worked out for the Republican party for the last 80 years….

          • Well, surprise, I’m a (non-average, far-from-knee-jerk) lib who voted for Hillary who has sympathies for your base, core issues, like reasonable immigration, demonization of cops, rise in crime in Europe due to refugees, etc. I am NOT racist, I am a feminist (gasp), and I am a Alt-Right lurker b/c you guys are fascinating. And so take my word as an objective observer who is nothing like the average lib. What’s so ironic is so many Alt-Righters agree that the Holocaust is used as a hype-tool to beat people over the head, with numbers quite possibly exaggerated for strategic reasons (while surely many horrible things happened) and yet you can’t apply that “demonizing” strategy to yourselves. You embrace what was done to “your kind” in the past, like suckers.

            Off this subject: I’m an ex-Catholic who thinks organized religion causes nothing but pain in the world. At the same time, I think it’s interesting that some of you embrace Christianity and don’t get that Jesus was speaking STRAIGHT AT YOU. It is almost chilling, how prophetic he was. And yet you still fall for this, “Let’s base our whole movement on division bordering or submerged in hatred.” You all should ponder the bigger picture and figure out how to REALLY subvert, which was Jesus’s radical agenda. And again, I am NOT religious but now really appreciate what he was talking about. Apply it.

            Last observation: Yes, your movement is infested to the gils with subversives, controlled opp, etc. You are swimming in it. You need to look at the big picture and purify your beliefs, and get rid of all hypocrisy. That means thinking outside the current box. I’m saying this in defense of your core beliefs, which in their pure form have nothing to do with racism, even if it does with Nationalism.

      • 1 Yes he does.
        2 We call that hypocrisy and LARPing.
        4 Telling the truth about a fake event is in bad taste? lol
        One of the best ways of attacking that bullshit narrative is to point out that it is basically a lie and that far worse things have happened to us which are ignored.

        • 1. really? where’d you read that
          2. we call that real life. if you live in a diverse society you have contact with non-whites. you’re not gonna throw your asian or latino friend in front of a train because you’re suddenly redpilled 1488. the only people who think that way are NEET autists who dont have ANY friends (white or not), and just shitpost constantly
          4. i dont think its fake. its just kind of one of those “keep it simple, stupid” situations where you need to accept that genocide happened, and stop believing everything you read on the internet.. whats most hilarious is that neckbeard 1488s call for mass killings of the Jew in the Current Year, while they comfortably eat their tendies in front of their PC and never even got into a fight in their life – meanwhile based Germans from the 1930s who just got fucked up by a massive world war one generation before, and are already starting a new one – are somehow too squeamish, or too humanitarian, to do the same thing. lel

          • 1. His wife had pics on her page. The daughter looks just like him.

            2. You think real life is lying about everything, got it.

            “you’re not gonna throw your asian or latino friend in front of a train because you’re suddenly redpilled 1488″

            Why not? I got rid of all my nonwhite associates when I became red pilled, some of which I knew for 10 years.

            ” the only people who think that way are NEET autists who dont have ANY friends ”

            I just proved that to be false.

            “where you need to accept that genocide happened”

            It didn’t. The claims made are no substantiate by the evidence and are literally, physically impossible. Work camps existed, mass extermination did not.

          • 1. link?

            2. “associates” arent friends.

            3. thats just like, your opinion man. remember when all you guys said 9/11 was physically impossible and the muslims were innocent, it was just a plot to justify invading them for oil/israel? but now that kebabs are a clear and present via mass migration, and now that everyone isn’t afraid to be racist and we have an anti-Muslim narrative, you quickly went back to the Official Story of Saudi terrorists – use it to justify the Muslim ban, etc.

            so you see, you’re not objective. First you started hating shlomo, THEN suddenly you’re an expert on WW2 and know better than real historians, because you have confirmation bias and will believe any bullshit conspiracy about scheming jews and huge international conspiracies, because it suits your narrative. Occams razor.


            1. Links are all gone now. See the attached photo.

            2 There were friends at the time.

            3. 9/11 is physically impossible according to the official narrative. Anyone who isn’t a shill or an idiot can see that. I don’t know anyone who claimed they weren’t a threat generally speaking. What was said is they likely weren’t involved in that operation in any meaningful way.

            ” you quickly went back to the Official Story of Saudi terrorists – use it to justify the Muslim ban”

            Not I. That is actually something I roll my eyes over when TRS plays dumb and says that.

            ” and know better than real historians”

            Appeal to authority, appeal to popular narrative. The Holocaust narrative is based on contradictory story telling, jewish academic nepotism, and banning discussion of the facts involved. Every conversation begins with begging the question and then calling skeptics a bunch of names.

            “you have confirmation bias and will believe any bullshit conspiracy
            about scheming jews and huge international conspiracies, because it
            suits your narrative. ”

            All one has to do is read things like the Culture of Critique to see that scheming jews is the norm in all societies they live in. This is why they have been expelled from just about the entire planet. Occam’s Razor tells us that if this group is hated and thrown out of every place they go for thousands of years, and the complaints made about them are always the same, they are the problem.

          • 1. that could be a niece or whoever . the way they are both dressed in PJs makes that less likely, however. i wouldnt fault enoch for doing anything he could to keep his kids out of this clusterfuck. that being said, why wouldn’t antifa release this info in order to further discredit the movement?

            2. okay. guess that makes you a sociopath. just because i know that stereotypes are true now doesn’t mean i would shit on good non-whites that i have a history with. micro isnt the same as macro. i’ve been personally fucked over, really hard, by people just as pasty white as me, far more than non-whites, for whatever that’s worth. only fanatics think in absolutes, whether its religious or political or whatever.

            3. im not denying there isnt a shitload of politics around the politics, and that jews havent milked it for all its worth, but why the fuck wouldn’t they? put yourself in their shoes.

            you don’t have anywhere near the same skepticism about the Armenian genocide or Rwandan genocide or Cambodian genocide – because your narrative doesn’t gain anything from that

            The dead poles, russians, gypsies, communists, political opponents, homosexuals, jehovas witnesses, disabled, etc you don’t bring
            up either – because the sites you read dont mention them, or these groups dont use the holocaust as a platform as much so again, not relevant to your narrative

            you hate the jews, you want to undermine their credibility, so it is in your interest to be skeptical of THEIR genocide in a century with a fuckload of genocides – more so than anybody else’s. Further, as your narrative also stresses an organized global jewish plot to kill whites – you will be much less skeptical about how many white Christians the Soviets killed, because X amount of Jews worked in the Communist party – the higher the number, the better for the narrative.

            finally, i re-iterate what I said before. YOU say that Jews are a problem race and deserve whatever happens to them, including genocide. Yet the NAZIS couldn’t bring themselves to do it. YOU call for a Final Solution to the JQ… in Current Year, comfy, peace-time USA (or whatever Western country you live in), yet the wartime racist nationalist hard line Third Reich didn’t have the motivation.


            Occams Razor:increasing discrimination and singling out of Jews in the Reich, classic dehumanization of them as vermin on propaganda videos – rats who spread disease,

            ..then forbidding mixing with Aryans, sequestration in Ghettos, and eventual deportation to “work camps” – that out of all the millions of people of other groups who disappeared across Europe by the end of the war, the Jews faked their deaths

            that they weren’t killing them in the camps – they were letting them earn an honest living and giving them massages and tennis lessons, but they WERE killing them the old fashioned way in the East

            .. and that every single document or witness testimony or confession was fake or coerced , and this giant conspiracy was upheld by every major country (whether East or West) for years


            B) Occams razor: that’s all horse shit.

          • “you don’t have anywhere near the same skepticism about the Armenian
            genocide or Rwandan genocide or Cambodian genocide”

            Because I really don’t care. Were it not for the fact that the holoco$t is shoved in everyone’s face as the excuse for why White people doing anything together is inherently evil then I wouldn’t care about it either. The entire post WW2 world is premised on the lies of the Hoax.

            “you hate the jews,”

            More concern trolling.

            Pictures of dead bodies doesn’t prove the holocaust narrative:That 6 million jews were systematically exterminated with Zyklon B in an attempt to get rid of all jews. There is ZERO evidence of even a single person having been gassed with Zyklon B. There is zero evidence that 6 million jews died in the camps. There is zero evidence of an extermination plan. There are endless lies, contradictions, and absurd fantasies told by so called “survivors”. The “eye witnesses” when questioned either didn’t actually see anything, tell stories that later turned out to be a lie, or tell stories that are as credible as a Rock Star’s claims of virginity.

          • so the documents talking about liquidation of Jews were faked and dont count as evidence ? the census records? and all the independent corroborations during interrogation were faked or coerced as well? and all the shit the nazis blew up in the camps before they were liberated was what, just for fun? extra TNT to get rid of? nothing to hide? a you realize you’re reaching hard

            lamp shade propaganda or self-serving survivors selling books dont disprove the entire fucking holocaust man. you still dont mention what happened to the 6 million non-jews who died as well – again, because you don’t care, they might as well be Rwandans.

            you already admit from the pictures that they were starving these people to death, you saw the mass graves and the bone pits, you already see that they were targeted for liquidation – the young children and old people weren’t useful for slave labor, but in the camps they went anyway

            .. but you hold on to this final point, that the gassings and ovenings was bullshit, like it makes some difference. These people were killed, dude, get real. Dump this revisionist propaganda, you don’t need it. Or give me your smoking gun.

    • More people are still going to follow Enoch’s messages than yours, which you don’t seem to understand. Your problem is really that you are just unsuccessful at this and so you simply want to critique others instead of finding some constructive output of your own. If your methods and message are superior you should be able to eclipse DS and TRS with your own platform that really wouldn’t be talking about them but instead talking about your own ideas.

    • “In general people who find anything funny about the Holocaust are obnoxious”

      >Implying there was such a thing.

      “Look at the negative effects the Roman salutes had… it generally made a few million people
      think: those Alt Right types are stupid Nazi trolls.”

      Who told you this?

  • The other thing to remain aware of is a lot of normal men won’t want to come out publicly as Alt-Right when the Alt-Right is associated with faggots and misfits like Milo and Thernovich.

  • To what extent are the 504ums and chans preventing people from getting involved in real world activism?

    • I don’t think this is a concern at all. The opposite is what is happening. The discourse is creating a desire for activism. Sans the outlets for discourse people will actually be decanted back into daily life and expend their energies on probably frivolous things as a kind of self-medication. Talking about football is the opiate of the masses.

  • I heard of a job interview here in the south recently where the greatest concern for those hiring was whether an applicant had ever said anything racist on Facebook. This won’t go away by being cavalier.

  • “If you are a Christian, Jesus Christ himself had nothing to say about the topic of ‘racism’,”

    Because Christianity is universalism and any nigger can join.

    • Yeah, but I’m pretty sure you could read condemnation of rebuilding the tower of Babel into if you wanted to. Christianity came about as religious dissension to authority so has an implicit separation between religious and secular in the philosophy, so being Christian doesn’t necessarily define political boundaries. It can include non-whites in terms of faith while excluding them physically to their own countries ruled by their own secular institutions. At least in theory.

      • > implicit separation between religious and secular

        Pick one.

        Christianity has always been primarily political. All that crap about god and heaven was just window dressing.

        ” It can include non-whites in terms of faith while excluding them
        physically to their own countries ruled by their own secular
        institutions. At least in theory.”

        That would take a jewish amount of lying and denial. Jesus flatly said to give your enemies anything they demanded plus more.

  • Good points about ‘honor culture.’ I said on another post, and I’ll say it again, we defeated the Hildebeest, and there’s a certain extent to which we’re just going to have to let Trump do his thing. Sure we can try to hold his feet to the fire, but he’s the President.

    The alt right needs to pivot its focus in thee Current Year onto this threat of doxing. We need to get behind the next person who loses their job, and I mean in a big way. For every phone call the company gets from SJWs to fire the guy or else, we need to be fielding 10 calls saying don’t fire him for his beliefs, or else. We need picket lines outside the business doors drawing as much unwanted negative attention on the business as possible, we need well-paid lawyers filing lawsuits to bleed their bottom line, and we need to troll the company relentlessly on social media. Essentially, we have to convince them that the fury they will suffer by firing the person is worse than the fury they will suffer by keeping the person.

    We’ll only have to win one or two times before it becomes accepted that you just don’t go after a man’s livelihood on account of their beliefs.

  • Generally, the only issue is the potential loss of a job/income via doxxing. That’s why they’ve gone dark.
    It’s not that they’re ashamed and are bad people, they want to not end up on the street like some antifa dipshit.

    • That’s also why we should push for strict employment protection laws that protect free speech, like they have some places in Europe.

      Yes, it will impact the companies bottom line by SEVERAL PERCENT of their expenditures. Yes, it will create trouble getting rid of your incompetent coworker. But guess what? It’s worth it. The useless lefties already have protection through disparate impact legislation and protected groups stuff etc. it’s time to extend that to white men as well.

      • That might be the next big battle in this war, after securing the southern border and expelling illegals. Free speech should be seen as a particularly American ideal, and that shouldn’t just mean that the government won’t crack down on free speech. People should be protected in their personal lives as well from the culture of oppression that the left has created.

      • Disagree on strict employment protection laws for a number of reason.

        Mainly, if our movement grows, we won’t need it. Until it does, we are not the ones that are going to be protected by such laws.

        • Even if we do get those protections I feel like it’s an own goal. It is basically forced integration and will make separation ultimately harder. It will allow more of us to shitlord under our real names, which I think will cause some initial discomfort to some shitlibs but will ultimately normalize into a rough-tongued multiculturalism.

          The real issue we have is those “protections” which disallow our freedom of association by mandating the inclusion of outgroup members. I feel like paring back much of “Civil Rights” is just as likely as getting political activism protected status. The latter is running headlong against the money for one and arguable a reduction of Civil Rights protections is going in the opposite direction and being pro-business even though business interests would never admit that themselves.

          I don’t think people have really thought of the ramifications either. Businesses wouldn’t lose a few percent. Any business with small margins, lots of competition with a shitlord infestation would simply be dumped. Boycotted by the public, lost contracts, et cetera. A huge amount of commerce is “small business” but a lot of those businesses are actually commercial sector service. Contractor specialists servicing larger corporate clients.

          Shitlording is regional and so statistically you are probably going to see companies from areas with a lot of the cucked and the pozzed outcompeting other areas. Currently the way things work is shitlibs fill an area and drive out wealth like locusts moving across the country from California to Nevada to Texas and so on. Creating some right-wing equivalent phenomena is a PR and propaganda coup against us as well as potentially economically depressing the areas with the kinds of people we would like to see have more agency not less.

          • That’s obviously the goal. I’m saying that having our off-work political activities get protected status may not result in that normalization. The presumption is that the censoriousness of the current sociopolitical climate is suppressing some wellspring of new consciousness. I’m not sold on this truth.

            Those societies which grew out of ancient heterodox empires almost uniformly seem to be made up of a tribal tapestry with some type of ‘machismo’ culture which normalizes intense public verbal conflict wherein nothing is really resolved. It’s easily possible to forsee the US descend into this kind of culture as it becomes Brazil Norte or South Africa West.

    • That is why I am anonymous. If doxed, I will lose my job. No cultural Marxist has to hide his identity for that reason, as no one was ever fired for being a cultural Marxist.

  • You bring up some very good questions, which I’m sure many in the Alt-Right are currently pondering. We have to keep in mind that each man’s situation is different. Most would probably not survive the negative financial and social fall-out from going public, especially married men with families in an environment where we don’t yet have an Alt-Right support network. Perhaps the unmarried single goys without dependents, occupying positions of power and financial independence, will be the first ones to step forward?

    • Well said. We must neuter this term “racist” by owning it.

      I’m old enough to remember when calling someone a “queer” was a vicious insult. Homosexuals neutered and now celebrate that term by accepting it.

      • Exactly right. I had an IRL conversation the other day about immigration. The gal I was talking to said: “but that just seem so racist.” She didn’t want to go so far as to call ME racist. But I took it there for her: “Well if that’s racist, I guess I’m racist.”

      • “Racism Isn’t About Who You Hate – Racism Is About Who You Love”

        Bob Whitaker and the BUGsters have already given us a very effective set of talking points with which to defang the anti-white slur word “racist.”

        When I started blogging, the term “hipster racism” was gaining serious political currency among anti-whites and was used to attack white people, especially urban liberals.

        It took one year of my blog mocking it – now no anti-white dares to use the term “hipster racism” seriously anymore.

    • I’m at the point that I just don’t care about anonymity anymore. I have much to lose but realize the objective can’t be taken with a bunch of anonymous warriors. We have to organize IRL or stagnate.

      • I’ve networked with a local group of activists and sympathizers for several years, including lectures, social events, and street activism. No issues.

    • Being anonymous means leading a double life for most people which has its’ upsides and downsides. We are subversives essentially, as comical a subversion of reality as that is. Subversives have to be able to engage in the culture, understand it intuitively to really change it.

      No one would have had their worldview altered by the post-Western, Norman Lear Era media if Lear et al were very outre and open about their objectives. Nor would they have been able to have been versed in the status quo’s nuances to subtly change it over long periods of time. Just dropping out of society as some kind of rebel limits your ability to actually subvert anything. Open radicals and covert sympathizers working in concert is a tried and true method.

      • Damn if I can’t watch Archie Bunker anymore on TV and get mad as hell.

        Wife watched a few episodes on netflix the other day, 1st time I’d seen it since my full awakening. Knew the pretense before, but once you realize how premeditated and purposeful it all was, it’s hard to not get pissed off with every snide derision of ol’ Arch.

    • Why the focus on marriage? Personally, my wife shares the same views as I do. Being Russian, she is actually based on a core level that I lack having grown up here. There is no reason that someone can’t have a trad wife and be pro-white. If you lead, a good woman will follow you there.

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