The Real Racists Suffer From Negro Fatigue

Believe it not, but I spend most of my time reading conservatives like Rod Dreher:

“Hines says another big takeaway from his tweetstorm to that point are that political violence can come from anywhere, and that the left has the infrastructure to make it happen more than the right does, in part because there are mainstream leftist leaders who would accept it. These don’t exist on the right. If you don’t believe that the left would accept it, ask yourself where the mainstream liberal leaders were condemning the attacks by organized left-wing mobs on Trump supporters last year. And ask yourself where the mainstream liberal leaders were condemning the illiberal mob actions on many college campuses these last couple of years. Not only didn’t they stand against them, on a lot of these campuses, the liberal administration leadership capitulated to them. They’re allowing courses that teach students of all races how terrible white people and their culture is. This is what you get when you march through the institutions. These people on the left are laying the groundwork for violent, racist white reaction. As Hines says, violent reactionary whites do not have the infrastructure, so any violence they wreak will be more decentralized, and therefore harder for the government to combat. …”

The point is that liberalism ain’t what it used to be.

I always thought liberalism was supposed to be about free speech, tolerance, laissez-faire, and being neutral on the good life. Now, however, liberalism or more accurately leftism has settled on a rigid orthodoxy. The cis-het White male is the cancer of world history. White people are oppressing minorities – ‘white supremacy’, you see, still exists in 2017 – while reaping the benefits of unearned ‘white privilege’. America is plagued by a laundry list of recently discovered -isms and -phobias and opposing these pathologies is the sum of morality. These various moral failings were unknown to Jesus Christ and the West’s greatest philosophers who at any rate were DEAD WHITE MALES.

We’re so beyond that in The Current Year of Our Savior, Martin Luther King, Jr., 52 AMLK.

Rod Dreher continues:

“Another reader, a conservative Christian, writes in about the Knots & Reparations piece that prompted the above reader’s letter. He has been participating in a Christian “racial reconciliation” group in his city, but he’s burning out. I have edited his letter slightly to protect his identity, and publish this version with his permission …

The reader goes on to say that, “If “racism” no longer means “hating people of another race” but rather means “not entirely convinced by the extreme claims of left wing/progressive identity politics” then I really don’t much care if a SJW snowflake calls me a racist.”

A depressing thought on MLK Day. But it’s where we are now.”

Read the whole thing.

Rod Dreher’s readers are clearly suffering from an advanced case of Negro Fatigue. What is the diagnosis of Negro Fatigue, you ask? It isn’t *hating* black people so much as it is a feeling of exhaustion. It’s like you tried and you are done. More than anything else, it is a feeling of total indifference among White people to whatever radical black activists like Ta-Nehisi Coates or John Lewis are agitating about on any given day. Are you rolling your eyes when you hear ‘Civil Rights Icon’ John Lewis or ‘Civil Rights Leader’ Rev. Jesse Jackson? If so, you are coming down with Negro Fatigue.

In the beginning, there was the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. Then there was the Rev. Jesse Jackson, the Rev. Al Sharpton, the Rev. Ralph Abernathy, the Rev. James Bevel, etc., etc. At some point, it seems like the dear reverends left the pulpit and made the transition to full time civil rights celebrities and civil rights politicians in the orbit of the Democratic Party. Have you ever noticed that the black reverends have all been caught engaging in adultery which would have destroyed a Jimmy Swaggart?

You don’t have to be a black reverend to be a ‘civil rights leader’ these days. DeRay is a ‘civil rights leader’. Talcum X Shaun King is a ‘civil rights leader’ … and he is pretending to be black!

Erick Erickson writes:

“But now John Lewis uses race as a weapon against his political opponents. He cheapens a word that once did physical injury to him. He makes race just another political fight.

Several years ago in Atlanta, John Lewis recorded an advertisement for a local candidate running for the Fulton County Commission chairmanship. Atlanta is the county seat. In the commercial, John Lewis says Republicans in charge of Fulton County would be worse than the “dogs and water hoses in the street” and told voters they must vote for the Democrat because their “very lives may depend on it.”

John Lewis & Co. have maxed out the ‘racism’ card. They have spent their moral authority. It won’t be transferable to the next generation of ‘civil rights leaders’ like Ta-Nehisi Coates, DeRay and Talcum X Shaun King. White America has too much Negro Fatigue after eight years of Barack Obama. The Alt-Right is only the canary in the coal mine.

David French writes:

“At the conclusion of Barack Obama’s second term, our nation is consumed with poisonous racial discourse. Call it “identity politics,” call it being “woke,” or just call it historical ignorance, it’s the habit of ascribing guilt and moral authority on the basis of race alone. It’s the essence of tribalism. In this world, white Americans are inherently suspect, black Americans are inherently credible, and the pathway to true white “allyship” is by apologizing for sins you did not and do not commit. This is not the world that Martin Luther King Jr. sought to create. Writing at USA Today, minister and lawyer Oliver Thomas declares that “whites killed MLK” and recites the now-standard indictment of American society. Our nation was achieved “through three centuries of kidnapping, torture, murder, and rape. Broken teeth, broken bones, and broken spirits.” Again and again, as he reflects on American history, he says “whites” did that — that “we,” he and his white readers, are responsible. And what is the proper white response now? How should whites bridge the chasm that “we” created? We could “perform the first and more fundamental act of love. We could listen.” …”

Considering this is David French, this is pretty good stuff until he veers off the course of his own train of logic in order to remain within the boundaries of respectable mainstream conservatism:

“Other white Americans are tired of being called racist and privileged when they do their best to be fair to everybody and struggle mightily to put food on their table and keep their own families intact. Sadly, however, the constant cries of racism can blind them to those instances where it truly exists. Then, lurking, are the real racists, like the members of the alt-right who put themselves front and center in the 2016 election and love to inflict pain and misery on their fellow man. …”

Plainly, the charge of ‘racism’ is used by the Left to browbeat its race-whipped, hopelessly cucked conservative opposition into submission. It is like a finishing move from Mortal Kombat. Everything is ‘racist’ these days. Hell, CNN recently said that math was racist.

Is it ‘racist’? Who cares? We can no longer afford to put up with the consequences of this nonsense given the serious challenges we are facing in this country. At what point do you say we tried as hard as we could to achieve MLK’s Dream and failed? Is 52 years long enough of a trial? How many centuries will it take to arrive in the El Dorado of racial equality? Do you realize America has invested more resources in this monumental project than any similar undertaking by any other people in world history?

Let’s be honest with ourselves: MLK’s Dream is the American equivalent of the stone head monoliths that the Rapa Nui people built on Easter Island before their civilization collapsed from exhaustion.

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