The Liberal World Order Is Collapsing

Are you ready for the occupation of Washington, DC?

“And here in the District of Columbia, where 91 percent of voters cast their ballots for Hillary Clinton, “full-scale panic” is setting in, said John Feehery, a Republican strategist and Trump enthusiast. Leslie Harris, a liberal Democratic lawyer, uses war imagery: “I feel like my city is about to be invaded.”

Washington has always been a chameleon of a city, accustomed to remaking itself when the White House changes hands. But as Mr. Trump’s inaugural draws near, in a nation so deeply divided that it seems the political middle has entirely disappeared, perhaps no place in America feels as unsteady and on edge as the capital, which Mr. Trump calls “the swamp.” …”

We’re leaving tomorrow to invade Northern Virginia with our fellow barbarians for the Trump Inauguration. Washington, DC is about to be sacked by the modern equivalent of Alaric leading the Visigoths into Rome. Well, not exactly, but it sure is fun to fan the flames of progressive paranoia!

Oh, and the liberal world order is collapsing:

“At his farewell address in Chicago earlier this week, President Obama offered a plaintive lament for a world under threat. He hailed the American-led creation of “a post-World War II order with other democracies, an order based not just on military power or national affiliations but built on principles.” But, he warned, “that order is now being challenged.”

A week before the inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump, who crested to power on a wave of anti-establishment anger in the West, three separate reports offer their own versions of how the liberal status quo is unraveling. …”


Do you know what was good about liberalism? Tolerance of different opinions, free inquiry, free speech, owning guns. These are all things the PC Left hates today. The PC Left will burn you at the stake and try to destroy you for telling the truth. It’s not even liberalism anymore. It’s not any fun. It is insufferable fanaticism straight out of the Salem Witch Trials. I won’t be sorry to see the downfall of a ‘liberal world order’ which is bent on dispossessing my descendants and fancies itself as a secular Inquisition.

BTW, that’s why I supported Trump during the election. If a bulldozer plows over these people in Washington, why is that a bad thing? I don’t have to romanticize the bulldozer to think it is doing us a service.

Update: I see Richard Spencer is already being pestered by the local bigots in Alexandria:

“I’ve never been a political activist, just a businessman trying to be a part of the community the way normal people do,” said Raycroft, who owns a chimney sweep company in Alexandria. But he said the presence of Spencer in the neighborhood “crosses a line that can’t be ignored. There comes a point when you just have to say, ‘Enough is enough.’ ”

In the aftermath of a presidential campaign seared by Trump’s incendiary rhetoric, the Alexandria City Council issued a statement declaring the city a “hate-free zone.” Then Spencer arrived, as if to mock the council’s stated ideals.”

I will just leave this right here and laugh.

Did you hear about this outrage? Someone we disagree with, who has a different political opinion moved into town, and this person had the audacity to rent an apartment and start a business. Can you believe it? Enough is enough. We passed a resolution declaring that Alexandria is a “hate-free zone,” which is to say, we are a First Amendment free zone. It’s like he is insulting our faith in Our Savior MLK by moving here. This is crossing a line which can’t be ignored. What happened to civic nationalism?

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  • all these mental melt downs and protests are really a reflection of how secure a “safe space” these people live in. its left them unable to understand anything outside there “pc bubble” they have built around citys like D.C. so restricted has been there world view that psychological trauma has been the result for many. in reality trumps policy’s are really quit benign but even this has caused many a cerebral storm. one is reminded here of “the truman show” except here whole city’s have been deluded instead of one person. its the only reality they know from the media, there government jobs and there educational institutions. i am looking forward to watching there desperate attempts to repair the cracks in the matrix for the next four years.

  • ” in a nation so deeply divided that it seems the political middle has entirely disappeared”
    Um, the left over the past 30+ years has demanded there be no real middle. Now that those efforts are bearing fruit their kvetching can’t help but make me smile. What has Shlomo wrought? Lol.

    • Anyone to the right of Rachel Maddow is “like, LITERALLY Hitler and wants to gas jews and puppies.”

      Maddow is saying Trump admin is literally Hitler, yet those of us who cross our fingers that that is so aren’t nearly so certain.

  • Remember when the History channel used to be about history…? … before it became the (((History))) channel.

  • It is a bit worrisome that one of the most powerful cities in the world – DC, voted 91% for Clinton. Yes, cities tend to be liberal, but right-wingers need to take some foothold in the powerful cities if they want true success. Currently, everywhere there is power (universities, media, cities) – lefties dominate. Time to change.

    • In part its because DC is 50% black.
      The problem is that the areas w/ Lefty power aren’t that way by accident, but because of a concerted effort to hire Lefty’s and leave out Rightists.

      I went to college planning on being a history prof, then realized my membership in federalist society/ right-wing student paper pretty much ended any hope of getting a slot in a prestigious PhD program or a job later.

    • “right-wingers need to take some foothold in the powerful cities if they want true success”

      They need to find their balls first. Maybe Trump’s victory will help.

  • The liberal world order is collapsing, but there is every risk that we’ll enter a new world order that is stable, meets the psychological needs of conservative whites, but still ends in white genocide

  • Article fact check: True.
    Video fact check: Laughably false. The Romans did not persecute or exploit the Goths. The Goths were not peaceful, cultured, or domesticated. They were little more than wild, treacherous animals at that point in history.

    • One may argue that the Romans started the treachery

      So many people in so small an area caused a food shortage and eventually the Thervings began to starve.[19] Roman logistics could not cope with the vast numbers and officials under the command of Lupicinus, simply sold off much of the food before it reached the hands of the Goths. Desperate, Gothic families sold many of their children into slavery to Romans for dog meat at the price of one child per one dog.

      • That’s it, blame the Romans and their rational actions for a famine brought on by mass immigration. Next, let’s blame whitey for Hispanic poverty.

        • it is what it is. the goths were running from the huns – they had nowhere to go but into the Roman Empire. the romans exploited them, and underestimated them at the same time. never a good combination

    • “Wild, treacherous animals”? LOL. Don’t think so. Besides, if Tacitus’s description of Germania is to be taken seriously, your description of the Goths is a gross distortion of reality. As for your standard: Is peaceful good? I’d say that depends on the circumstances. And who decides what is cultured? A lot of Western elites fancy themselves extremely “cultured”. As for domesticated— farm animals are domesticated, so are serfs.

      • Tacitus described Germans, who were settled in what is now West Germany, not Goths. Tacitus lived prior to the Goths. My description is not a gross distortion of reality. The Goths were called barbarians for a reason.

        • The Goths were a Germanic tribe.
          The Goths sacked Histria in 238 AD, a mere century after Tacitus’s death.
          Yes, the Goths were called barbarians for a reason. The reason is that it was their enemies describing them.

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