Politico: The Alt-Right Comes To Washington

Ben Schreckinger has a great article on the Alt-Right in Politico:

“East Lansing, Michigan—Lounging at the back of his tour bus in a parking lot behind the Springhill Suites, Milo Yiannopoulos, the flamboyant right-wing British provocateur known for his bleach-blond frosted tips and relentless campaign against Islam, munched on a whole cucumber protruding from a paper bowl of raw vegetables and made plans for a party. He had just been asked to host “DeploraBall,” an unofficial celebration planned for the presidential inauguration weekend. Yiannopoulos described his vision for the event: As guests entered the National Press Club, shirtless Mexican laborers would be building a physical wall around them. Instead of doves, Yiannopoulos would release 500 live frogs in honor of Pepe, the cartoon mascot of pro-Donald Trump internet trolls. The room would be lined with oil portraits in gilt frames, each depicting a celebrity who had vowed to leave the country in the event of Trump’s election. At the end of the night, the portraits would be thrown into a bonfire and burned. Yiannopoulos would send a bill for the party to the Mexican Embassy. …”

Overall, it was light on the Alt-Right and heavy on the Alt-Lite, but otherwise I enjoyed reading it. I’ve known the most prominent figures in the Alt-Right for several years now. I’m not familiar with these Alt-Lite people. I had never heard of any of them until a year or so ago. They identified with the Alt-Right for maybe a few months at most during the Trump campaign:

“The feeling does not appear to be mutual. Many figures in the movement now disdain the term “alt-right,” refuse to consider themselves “alt-light” and wish Spencer would just go away. “Not interested in appearing in any piece alongside Spencer et al.,” wrote Yiannopoulos in a text message rebuffing an interview request. “We have nothing in common.” …

Sporting black nail polish and black sequined pants with a black shawl, Yiannopoulos, 32, huddled at a standing desk with his young roadies, who dressed and looked like college sophomores, to plan the night’s show. …

Inside, Yiannopoulos stood between plaster Doric columns and sipped Budweiser through a straw. Wearing black lipstick and a crown of faux gold laurels, he stood before a crowd of a couple hundred college students and painted Islam as a totalitarian political ideology and an existential threat to Western freedoms. A Cambridge University dropout who describes himself as a free speech absolutist, Yiannopoulos is doubly hostile to Muslims because of his homosexuality and Greek heritage. “I have family in Cyprus,” he lamented. “They took our fucking orange groves.” …

“I’m like Cincinnatus,” he said, comparing himself to the 5th century B.C. patrician who was appointed dictator of Rome to repel an invasion and promptly returned to civilian life after the crisis passed. “I want to go do this shit and go back to my fucking farm.” …

Cernovich now uses the label “new right” to describe himself. To refute those who lump him in with white nationalists, he pointed to his second wife, Shauna, a secular Muslim of Persian descent, who lounged behind us on a couch and jumped in and out of our conversation. (The non-European partner, for what it’s worth, has become a frequent defense among the more moderate alt-righters: Charles Johnson points to his Asian wife to counter charges of racism; Gavin McInnes points to his Native American wife; Yiannopoulos says he prefers to date black men.) Cernovich’s newborn daughter is named Cyra, after the Persian emperor Cyrus (a stocking with her name on it already hung over the fireplace). When a question arose about the birthplace of conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’ sidekick Paul Joseph Watson, Cernovich told his wife “Google it.” Then he backtracked. “Will you please Google it? I don’t just bark orders at you.” (“Northern Britain,” she chimed in later.)”

MILO as a black lipstick wearing Cincinnatus manning the ramparts to defend Western freedom from the totalitarian hordes of Islam had me in stitches. I’m thinking like, maybe, MILO as Caligula declaring war on Neptune and having Roman legions attack ocean waves and collect seashells as the spoils of victory, or definitely MILO as Elagabalus wearing wigs and prostituting himself in the brothels of Rome, or MILO as Nero marrying the boy Sporus in a public ceremony in front of the Roman Court:

“Nero, the flamboyant Roman emperor who ruled from 54 to 68 C.E., went so far as to marry two men, sequentially, in public ceremonies. Suetonius wrote of Nero’s first homosexual marriage: “Having tried to turn the boy Sporus into a girl by castration, he went through a wedding ceremony with him – dowry, bridal veil and all – which the whole Court attended; then brought him home, and treated him as a wife. He dressed Sporus in the fine clothes normally worn by an Empress and took him in his own litter … through the Street of Images at Rome, kissing him amorously now and then.” He later also married the freedman Doryphorus. Nero forced the Imperial Court to treat his male brides with the same courtesy bestowed upon his three heterosexual wives (first Octavia, whom he divorced on a trumped-up adultery charge and then put to death; then Poppaea, who died three years later; and finally Statilia Messalina.)

Homosexual weddings seemed to have increased during the first and second centuries, but were outlawed in 342. Some of the reactions to these weddings sound very much like those voiced today by conservatives facing gay and lesbian commitment ceremonies, domestic partnerships, and the possibility of legalized marriage.”

Can you imagine the triumph of Milo Yiannopoulos?

MILO is right when he says, ideologically speaking, that he doesn’t have much in common with the Alt-Right. He’s a gay mainstream conservative with a platform at Breitbart. #Deploraball is an explicitly gay event. The MILO brand is the same mainstream conservatism and cultural libertarianism – except for one thing, which is a really aggressive form of avant-garde homosexuality for the shock value.

The Alt-Right is not mainstream conservatism. At its core, mainstream conservatism in the United States is classical liberalism. Politically speaking, it is classical liberalism and an amalgam of other unrelated things and interest groups (i.e., fusionism) which have been brought into the ‘conservative coalition’ and blessed with the label ‘mainstream’. In order to qualify as ‘mainstream’ and ‘respectable’ in American public discourse, you have to play by the ground rules which are set by the Left, which is to say, embracing the fundamentals of their worldview and narrative (i.e., whiteness is illegitimate) and acknowledging that the half dozen or so -isms and -phobias they concocted in the 20th century are great moral failings.

We’re not going to play by their stupid rules anymore. In the months ahead, we will dive into what the Alt-Right is and how it came about and where it is going from here.

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  • White homosexuality is bad because it does not help make more White people, and the more White people on the planet the better for each of us Whites as individuals. As far as non-White homosexuality, I say let there be millions and millions more of non-White homosexuals since they will not make more non-Whites.

  • Who exactly does Milo expect to save the west from Islam? I grow tiered of those people living in a world forget by the very people they don’t want to be lumped in with. The cold reality is, if the west is going to survive, it will be saved by those who are condemned by society.

  • The great gayness of being shines forth like a big pink rainbow from the alt-right too. Homosexual males and cross-dressers everywhere. I’ve been finding the far right too homo for over a year. When you have little boys everyhere discussing how they can release their sexual urges together without women (because thanks to the MRA’s they believe they catch cooties from feminists) it’s time to reach for the puke bucket. And a good half of the non-vocal ones are quite obviously bisexual as well. Both the far right and the far left are both too gay for me now. Gay, gay, gay, is all I hear from everywhere in alternative politics.

  • “Spencer is planning a national tour of campuses in 2017 and considering calling it the Dangerous White Heterosexual Tour, a nod to Yiannopoulos’ Dangerous Faggot Tour.”

    Not a huge fan of taking MILO’s lead, even if it was just to mock him like calling RS’s college tour “The cocaine doesn’t make you interesting dahling tour”. This may seem minor but a tour name playing off MILO’s DF tour makes it look like RS is ripping off MILO when MILO is the one trying trying to co-opt the Alt Right while offering tired neocon ideas with an edgy veneer.

  • This website took over THE name of this movement, why not use it to properly address what the Alt-Right is so people are able to distinguish the Alt-Right from Alt-Lite cuckery/degeneracy?

    • I completely agree. Based on the politico article what decent White man, or any man or women would want to be apart of it.

  • I read that piece and thought to myself, Who the fuck are these people? This is the Alt-Right?!

    With the obvious exception of Richard (who to me remains the original Alt-Right), the article reads like a cast of degenerates and misfits.

    Highly triggering, to say the least.

    I didn’t sign up for this.

    As I’ve feared for a while, we’ve allowed our adversaries to co-opt the Alt-Right. We defeated one set of cuckservatives only to have another, even more degenerate set of cucks take over in their place.

    • To be honest the alt-right was pretty bad from the beginning, but it is now an utter disgrace and a social disease. Any genuine movement must have: a coherent, well defined set of principles and values, be *exclusionary* through standards and real action — or social media will eat it alive by attracting the lowest common of denominators of society. Rootless drag queen fagitprop, intentional racebaiting, meme shitclownery and general douchebaggery is self-debasement and has now fully de-legitimized the philosophical foundations for any mass traction populist power. Reject, disavow, establish principles now — because this train wreck will hit bottom. Good luck.

      • I almost miss the old days when it was basically just Richard, Colin, and a group of several awesome regular commenters.

        • Yeah, stay away from all groupthink structures because everything is so polluted with ego based propaganda today — it is really fucking easy to stop thinking for yourself. I do find some valid philosophical concerns coming from the “alt-right” (vehemently anti-/globalist/Cultural Marxism schemes), but my skin color and flag waving are not my sources of pride. In other words, I reject fascism/totalitarianism is every form — for personal reasons of principles, but also ….because the far right and the far left are both controlled and manipulated by the zio-media power structure. Once the right abandons all reason/principles/decency/separates (from populist anger. frustration, spite) and adopt a cult of personality savior (like Trump) — the zio-banksters always seize full control under this scenario. That is the situation we are in with Trump now, get ready for divide and conquer chaos.


  • Lots of diff opinions on Milo, and I agree hes mostly a self promoter first.

    But I’d like to talk about a strategy known as Immersion and inversion.

    In order to turn an opponent into an ally you immerse yourself in their culture, then invert it using the facts and tactics you would have used but from a different foundation, a foundation the opposition understands.

    Its a great consensus tactic and one I support.

    • Apparently they are the same thing now, as demonstrated by the content in the first, and last article I will read here. Weird and disgusting shit and it can get worse from here.

        • The only thing that matters is what you are focused on — that defines the movement. See my post above. Cheers.

          • Your above post ignores nature. Humans are social creatures that form groups. That is how we get things done. You just have to make sure that “your people” control your ingroup. I don’t know what else to tell you.

          • Human nature is precisely the problem, one that is supposed to be overcome around age 5 when children begin to reason and think rationally. Social media is a control system that relies on targeted emotional manipulations (propaganda) — without reason and principles you have a mild-controlled ‘cult’ (not a movement)– which you endorse here, “You just have to make sure that “your people” control your ingroup.”

            Who controls the mainstreaming of homosexuality by a self-declared “Dangerous Faggot” into the new ‘alt-right’ of supposed ‘conservative’ values? A guy who calls himself a ‘Gay Catholic Jew’ and says of Pres. Trump, “Daddy will build the Wall”? Game over, it’s called a psyop, ran by the zio-powers that control Trump.


          • My dad and I have have these same conversations, and both of us present arguments similar to yours.

            By the end of our conversation though we both remember that at best, the average IQ in the West is 100 and dropping fast. We both realize that significant swathes of our population do not even understand the concept of saving for retirement, let alone posses the ability to “reason” out complex matters.

            The only possible way to stop the “zio powers” as you put it is to increase ingroup preference, not reasoning abilities. Once the ingroup is created and strengthened, you can coral the average person away from the zio powers, much in the same way that the zio powers currently coral the human masses.

            In other words, the only way to beat the zio power psyop is with a psyop of your own.

          • Let’s put it another way, which plan you choose?


            Plan A:

            “We are not speaking of education in the narrower sense, but of that other education in virtue from youth upwards, which makes a man eagerly pursue the ideal perfection of citizenship, and teaches him how both to rule and be ruled virtuously. This is the only education which, upon our view, deserves the name; that other sort of training, which aims at the acquisition of wealth or bodily strength, or mere cleverness apart from intelligence and justice, is mean and illiberal, and is not worthy to be called education at all.”
            — Plato, Laws 347 BC

            Plan B:

            “In our dream, we have limitless resources, and the people yield themselves with perfect docility to our molding hand. The present educational conventions fade from our minds; and, unhampered by tradition, we work our own good will upon a grateful and responsive folk. We shall not try to make these people or any of their children into philosophers or men of learning or science. We are not to raise up from among them authors, orators, poets, or men of letters. We shall not search for embryo great artists, painters, musicians. Nor will we cherish even the humbler ambition to raise up from among them lawyers, doctors, preachers, politicians, statesmen, of whom we now have ample supply.”
            — Rockefeller Foundation Director of Charity, Frederick Gates, 1913

          • Enlightenment. Now that is an interesting word, isn’t it? According to many we live in an enlightened common wealth. Where being a pedosexual, or getting a sex change operation is considered fulfilling your highest potential.

            I am not sure that either Plato, or Frederick Gates could even conceive a society as sick as modern America.

            In a perfect world, based on my understanding of the text provided I would pick plan A. Unfortunately in our multiracial, multicultural declining empire the notion of citizenship and virtue is not universal.

          • Rule # 1 — There is nothing new under the sun !

            “I am not sure that either Plato, or Frederick Gates could even conceive a society as sick as modern America.”
            — Plato was dealing with precisely the same depraved forces we are dealing with today. He invented human reason to save man from slavery.

            As far as Frederick Gates….they planned our existing society and they run the world today with the Rothschilds, etc:


            == Rockefeller Foundation Director of Charity, Frederick Gates, 1913

            ==1913: The capitalist cabal that seized control of the U.S. in the first two decades of the twentieth century. [Federal reserve act]

            == 101 Year Old David Rockefeller Just Received 7th Heart Transplant 2016


            Same Secret child sacrifice Occultists, monarch bloodlines, debt slave oligarch fractional reserve banking magick since Babylon —

            “The Invention of the Technology of Banking
            …Let’s take a look at how “full-service” banking was invented and by whom.

            Ancient Temple: In 604 B.C.E, the Babylonian dictator Nebuchadnezzar decreed that gold would be the medium of exchange in his empire. The Babylonian temples contained strong rooms where people brought their gold and other precious items for safekeeping by the temple priests. The customers were given small clay tablets as receipts for their valuables.

            Babylonian Priest: The priest-bankers demanded that the people pay twenty percent interest for guarding their valuables–not a bad racket. Some Swiss banks today charge interest for securing deposits. But most modern banks pay depositors interest on the money they keep in their accounts.

            The Babylonian priests, never letting the grass grow under their feet, discovered that most of the people depositing valuables for safekeeping seldom came to reclaim their gold and other precious items. Instead, the people began using the clay receipt tablets as a means of exchange–money.

            Now, thought the priests, the people believe that the clay tablets are backed by gold and other valuables, yet the deposits are seldom if ever claimed. We can issue ten times as many clay tablets as are backed by gold and grow rich. The priest-bankers issued clay tablets unredeemable by gold, loaned out the clay tablets at interest and were soon living the life of luxury.

            The crafty Babylonian priests had invented all the features of modern full-service banking:

            Custody of money: gold and other precious objects in safekeeping in the temple vaults

            The issuing of currency (something in circulation as a means of exchange): clay tablets

            The charging of interest: money charged by banks for securing a depositor’s money or money charged for a loan

            The loaning of money: loaning of clay tablets at interest

            The issue of fiat money: money not convertible into a commodity (such as gold or silver) of equivalent value: un-secured clay tablets

            But let’s not forget two other important stratagems old Nebuchadnezzar invented which have lasted through the centuries:

            The Invention of the Technology of War
            Nebu and his fellow-dictators discovered that war was the best way to gain and maintain control over a nation’s people and the most profitable way to make money.

            War as a technology is highly efficient, because it totally uses up most of the goods (munitions, armaments) and services (men and women in military forces) it involves. With many technologies, for example, the manufacture of goods, machinery and tools are not completely used up, they merely depreciate over time. War materiel is destroyed, requiring a constant re-supply, necessitating a “military industrial complex” to furnish the objects and personnel involved.

            The technology of war became a major part in a ruler’s arsenal. So in 1514 when Machiavelli formulated his advice to rulers in his book The Prince, one of his axioms was: “A [ruler] ought to have no other aim or thought, nor select anything else for his study, than war and its rules and discipline. . .”

            The Invention of State Fiscal Policy
            Beginning with old Nebu (perhaps even before) the ruler or rulers of a state decreed what the official policy would be as to money and finances. In most centuries and in most countries, this has meant that only the rulers of a state are allowed to issue money and everyone in that state–and economically related states–must use the money created.”

          • I understand the history of what you talk about, although I must say you have a good write up there.

            The problem is how do you stop it? You gather your people, you redpill them using psyops, and you oven the money changers.

          • There is only one solution. Each individual must recognize they must change and become better human beings. Higher principles, adopt better morals, self-education of true knowledge, listen to higher quality music, seek beauty through classical art and literature. No more divide and conquer. Do not blame, disparage or scapegoat your fellow man. Teach these values to your children. Build a local network a high quality like minded people, that is how human survive. Help people who are suffering — this keeps you connected to the dangers you will soon face. Practice these principles in ALL your affairs.

            The money changers/dark occultists are 100% in control of Trump — he used the alt-right to get elected. Accept it, move on to above. Don’t make me prove this to you, open your eyes. Trump will implement austerity programs to privatise (give zio-monopolist control) everything possible — children, the elderly and the disadvantaged will suffer greatly. Many will die.

            Eight billionaires now control 50% of the world’s wealth, equivalent to 3.6 billion people. It is not enough. They rule nearly every aspect of society — do not let them debase through fake political movements hopes and false saviors. And finally, social media is a mind control system. What you write and what you say is who you are — and largely predetermined through metadata analytics . Teaching other people, like I am doing now is how real learning takes place.

            The secret in 1 min and 30’s

            Education for a New Culture: If you are serious, this is the best resource to get started.

            “The problem is how do you stop it? You gather your people, you redpill them using psyops, and you oven the money changers.”
            — That should give you some stuff to chew on for a bit. Cheers.

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