DC Anti-Fascist Coalition Plots To Disrupt Alt-Lite #Deploraball

I was never going to #Deploraball.

As I have already said, I have no interest in pozzed conservatism. We learned today from James O’Keefe that #Deploraball is going to have the Alt-Lite brands squaring off against DC anti-fa. The plan was to shut down #Deploraball with butyric acid bombs, turn on the sprinklers, soak everyone there and then have a brawl in the streets. Can you imagine MILO slapping anti-fa and hitting them with his purse while Mike Cernovich broadcasts it on Periscope? I’d pay to see that on pay per view!

I’m going to slip into DC like Stonewall Jackson. I’ve criticized the #Deploraball, but I was never planning to go in the first place. I also don’t have any interest in shutting down Alt-Lite events. Let them do their own thing. I don’t care. If the #Deploraball becomes a distraction and absorbs all the attention of violent anti-fa while the Army of Northern Virginia gathers elsewhere, is that a bad thing?

I hope someone films the big confrontation at the National Press Club. I can’t wait to see Bill Mitchell addressing the anti-fa about how DemsRRealRacists and how Trump is going to bring Detroit roaring back with Jack Kemp enterprise zones. Wouldn’t it be something if Bill Mitchell was assaulted by the anti-fa for ‘racism’ after so much controversy over a few Roman salutes at the NPI conference?

I’ve said all along that I don’t believe in any of this kumbaya stuff. Trump hasn’t even been inaugurated yet and John Lewis has already proven the Alt-Right was right.

Note: I’m going to cover the Trump Inauguration as a journalist. I already know some other True Southrons who are going. Is anyone else going to be in DC? It wasn’t until this fight with John Lewis that I finally decided that I wanted to go to DC and see this myself.

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  • I’ve called for DeploraBall to be shut down, so I’m happy to see this. I hope the Alt-Lite fags get their arses kicked.

  • The Alt-Light delivers people to our doorstep, primed and ready for the next logical step, race realism.

    The more Anti-fa shrieks and spits, the more Joe Plumbers we convert. I wish them both success!

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