Welcome to the Alt Right

Hello world! is being launched at a remarkable time, a point in which Alt Right and identitarian ideas are becoming more mainstream than ever. The challenge for us is to be as accessible as possible—to reach new hearts and minds—while being as as groundbreaking, challenging, and radical as possible.

We invite you to join us on this journey!

Richard Spencer
Daniel Friberg
Jason Jorjani
Tor Westman
Henrik Palmgren
William Regnery


  • HeadOfGudea

    Old media: take note.

  • Fahrenheit 616

    This is gonna be great.

  • Zanting

    I’m not N4UK so I’m not first.

    • Reallynewguy (Limited edition)


  • GMAN

    Out of the ashes of TRS

    • Zazz

      The Phoenix Rises

  • Khan Krum

    Good luck with the website.

  • Rabiter

    Nice and JIT.

  • Laguna Beach Fogey

    So far so good.

    I’d like to take this opportunity to give a shout out to the fashy goys at Radix, TRS, Occidental Dissent, and other dissident websites.

    • Individualist

      Chateau Heartiste stumbled upon the truth, and there is value in teaching men how to interact with women, but they need to stop proselytizing degenerate r-selection behavior/notch accumulation. That shit is not up to snuff in a civilized western society.

      • Laguna Beach Fogey

        A year ago I would have disagreed with you, but now I’m slowly coming round.

        • Individualist

          It is very disappointing because they’re such a great blog with so much potential. I get it dude, chicks are hypergamic, it’s not like you’ve unlocked safe storage of antimatter.

          • Laguna Beach Fogey

            I definitely believe young white men need to learn self-confidence and self-improvement techniques, and to swallow the Red Pill as far as females are concerned. It’s a real problem. But it only goes so far. Picking up women and fucking them isn’t really a sustainable long-term lifestyle, at least in my experience. It gets old. But Game isn’t only applicable to PUAs; it can be used in LTRs and marriages, too.

          • Robert Stark


          • Laguna Beach Fogey

            Yeah, I’ve noticed this. Persian and Arab women do it too.

          • They are pretty. I mean, I can understand. Even from an Asian perspective, there is a beauty in everyone.

          • NuclearBlackMetalKampf

            >But Game isn’t only applicable to PUAs; it can be used in LTRs and marriages, too.

            That’s what anti-Game conservatives don’t get. Game doesn’t turn you into a high-notch cad, only individuals who choose to go that route do so. Doing the opposite of game will not make for good marriages.

    • Creighton James

      I couldn’t have said it better. It’s always been about us, our people, our race, not any one man.

    • Mike549

      Wouldn’t it be nice for people to have perspective and to focus on the big picture? And to do that right as President Trump is taking office.

    • David Hollizzle

      And The Alternative Hypothesis for the best race realism. The BEST!

  • Albatross Parsons


  • NigelBritish

    This is what was needed after the collapse of a number of our best podcasts, revelations about some of our favourite figures and an all round bad weekend. We needed this. Good luck! I’m waiting for!

    • David Hollizzle

      What podcasts collapsed besides FTN?

      • Individualist

        Fate of TDS is tbd but things aren’t looking good

  • Sonnenrad
  • Individualist

    This Pepe really captures the mood of the Alt Right on this day. Today, we feel isolated and dejected. The shitlords of the once great castle which was the 504um are sitting haplessly in the ruins, trying to pick up the pieces. The sadness in his eyes is because he has been cut off and isolated from his brothers, but note that Pepe still dons the armor, for he has not forsaken the fight. He needs time to grieve, but the evidence is already present that this sadness will, very shortly, morph into a primal, visceral and focused rage. His left hand, still armored, is already beginning to clench into an angry fist. The fire reflecting in his eyes will soon migrate to the visceral cavity of this chest and he will channel the righteous wrath and furious vengeance of Kek. His castle has fallen, yet only days later, another is erected, Richard Spencer its shitlord. One day, many years from now, when the day is won and we are relating the tale of our great struggle to our posterity, this Pepe will immortalize the symbolism of January of thee Current Year 0003. Those who stand with the Alt Right on this day are the Vanguard.

    Hail Victory fam.

    • Group_935


  • Mailinated

    Well, thank you.

    As I’m sure you know, good design is key to a good website. Not sure I dig this one. You should hire recently fired web designer Mike Peinovich, I hear he has good references.

    • Individualist

      Let’s not start this off on a negative footing fam

      • kapper

        Agreed. I would suggest the moderators delete any posts here regarding the Enoch Implosion until it blows over. Let it stay over at the TRS comment section where it belongs.
        I’ll admit I’m impressed by the 1,000+ comments over there. Some trolling to be sure, but the comment count exceeds many Breitbart posts!

      • Mailinated

        Not trying to be negative, I appreciate the site. But the design really should be better.

      • Pareto

        Agree. Now that TRS is out of the way, humor should be kept to a minimum. Humor is not what made the Alt Right popular and we need to stick with the grim realities facing us.

    • Cookie Rus

      I think you unintentionally said something useful. Absolutely someone needs to hire Mike and deprive our enemies of a victory. I would hire him myself if I thought he wanted to work in the automotive business. I doubt he does.

  • Laguna Beach Fogey
    • Robert Stark

      Disgusting Obnoxious Beast! WN’s rant about blacks, but than some on the Alt-Right glorify the most disgusting filth. Low class Douchy Trash!

  • Axe in the Deep

    The recent setbacks are weak. We need to forge ahead.

  • Great design

  • Rascal

    Looks good. Relatively plain design, but I can go with that. It can also evolve over time. I wish the team luck.

  • Excellent! I am looking forward to the content and couldn’t care less about the page design, unless it is too hard for my middle aged eyes to see.

  • Rabbi Goldsteinovitz

    Hello fellow white people.

  • Jason Genovani

    We’ve come a long way boys

  • Alex

    TRS sucked dick anyways, this is a nice change though. Pull up your pants 504tards, and move forward.

    • Creighton James

      FTN was great though. Hopefully those goys will find a new home soon.

  • Laguna Beach Fogey
  • Dat Sneefa
  • I just want to tell you good luck, we’re all counting on you.

  • Cookie Rus

    This is a shot in the arm after a black pilled weekend. Love the design. Spencer has out done himself this past year. I’m really excited about the potential for this site.

    • Pareto

      Do you know what the goal for this site is as opposed to Radix? All the article on here seem to be European New Right stuff.

  • Shitlord Matt

    Love it, Richard! Keep it up!

  • A hymn to Hermes

    High energy.

  • Leonsfirstson

    Like the site. We have to keep moving forward…

  • Yehuda Finkelstein

    How about a news aggregate like Drudge?

    Good luck and godspeed.

    Let’s turn our fire on Trump if he gets belligerent with Iran or cucks on the Dreamers.

    • Pareto

  • Pareto

    Who runs this site?

    • Mike Enoch.

      • Pareto

        Ah so is confirmed for kike/cia/adl shill site that is totally worthless will never do anything to get the Alt Right off the ground because Jew wife. Got it.

    • In Project Mayhem, we have no names.

      • Pareto

        I think the European New Right is a dead end tbh. They’re leftists at heart. But w/e.

  • Pareto

    I’ve never felt any kind of attraction or sympathy for the European New Right whatsoever. They literally despise Americans and do not consider us European.

  • I just hope Spencer’s wife doesn’t turn out to be some East European Jew working for Mossad.

    • Daniel Retro

      Spencer’s wife is Mike Enoch

  • Travis LeBlanc


  • Speranza

    You definitely need to get a better logo
    try a search ‘letter a letter r’ I found this in 5 seconds

    • Wotan

      Needs a lightning bolt or something

  • Speranza
  • Enoch Rockwell

    Gay Logo but good luck

  • Individualist

    Seeing as today is the first day, could we get some ground rules?

    Will Spencer shoah anyone who discusses the JQ?

    More generally, on the scale of 0 to 1488, where does lie?
    For calibration, assume SPLC=0, HuffPo=200, 744=neutral, Ron Paul=800, Donald Trump=900, Infowars=1000, AmRen=1100, Stormfront=1200, Daily Stormer and TRS=1488

    Will you have any organic podcasts/videos or just keep rebroadcasting RedIce?

    Is there a forum or chat in the works?

    Add your questions for Spencer here goyim

    • Crud Bonemeal

      Any chance you guys will finally ban gubbler?

  • Group_935

    Came here from TRS, feeling a little despaired. Do you goys have any recommendations of podcasts that are not alt light?

    • Individualist

      Join the crowd goy. I was newfag at TRS and never even made it to a pool party before it got shoahed

    • Travis LeBlanc

      John Derbyshire’s “Radio Derb” at Vdare. He’s soft on the JQ but otherwise a pretty solid edgelord.

      • Group_935


    • Wotan

      David Duke every day I think.

  • Travis LeBlanc

    Deus vult!!!

  • Lots of work to do. Lots.

  • Re: TRS

    We got to move beyond anonymity at some point. As so many people have recently found out, anonymity can be exploited as a weakness when it is lost.

    • Individualist

      Then we need stable funding. We can’t have people operating out in the open when they’ll get fired from their jobs and be unable to support themselves.

      This is also why we need to network with each other and pay each other for services as much as possible

      • Yes, we do.

        Ideally, we need our own company where we can pool our talents and resources, create more traffic, get our message out to a larger audience and have more stable funding.

        • Precisely the attitude and model that needs to be adhered to in order to push the envelope and gain traction in this very hostile anti-White society.

          I’m sure you guys already have tons of ideas and plans that will be implemented in the future, but I have a lot of suggestions and advice that I’ve picked up over the years. Much of it is practical and fairly common sense business management stuff that’s worked for me in the past. Some of it, however, doesn’t belong on a public message board or comment section.

          One simple suggestion I would make is to judiciously, methodically and with unquestioning and uncompromising ferocity, learn to identify the professional agitators and misanthropes and quickly deep-six their asses. Corporations and businesses don’t tolerate that kind of dissent and agitation for the sake of being able to say that they tolerate dissent and agitation. The whole ‘drama brings attention, attention brings an audience, an audience brings more exposure and possibly revenue’ approach is why many pro-White websites have done a much better job of fighting other pro-Whites than they have fighting anti-Whites. They’ll limit your growth when it comes to attracting the kind of people you need to be attracting, and they slowly destroy forums, comment sections and even entire websites if you allow them room to fester.

    • Marcus Cicero

      Basically that is what it’s going to come to.

      Anybody that’s involved needs to be prepared to be put out into the open whether willingly or unwillingly.

      If you run a website, write articles, make or participate in podcasts, or anything else, be ready to have your real identity exposed sooner or later.

      • Sally Anne

        its only fun when they do it … when we do it .. they call the cops and other nonsense ensues…. you piss off the churches… you’ll know about it

    • Lance 732

      Some should, some shouldn’t. Matt Parrot just wrote an article about this.

    • The exposition of many worthwhile ideas and plans of action make one subject to arrest. Pseudonyms have a practical, ancient, and honorable history.

  • Charlie Primero

    Excellent! RSS feed added to my

  • Andrew Matthews

    Rx and NRx, especially James Donald, deserve a place at the table.

    • Crud Bonemeal


      • Andrew Matthews

        Hierarchy, patrimony, and order were under attack well before the fake whites had access to the levers of power.

  • Middernacht

    You gotta make the thumbnails a bit higher res.
    They’re way stretched out and looking blurry as is.

  • Individualist
    • Wotan


  • Aetius

    Cool site, it maybe has some potential.

  • Neuk

    Would love to have a 1080p res version of that alt right logo for a wallpaper

  • TheAmericanKaiser

    I’m loving the design Richard. This is great news especially what happened this weekend in the TRS camp

  • I’d lose that logo. Kind of homemade and try-hard.

  • Where does stand on the issue of sweater vests?

    • Wotan


    • Laguna Beach Fogey

      They leave the arms free to wield swords and rifles, and if you add some padding to them they can serve as light armour.

  • Adolphin ++


  • Wotan

    If I call someone a schlomo, will I get moderated?

  • The Six Gorillion

    Good work.

  • GeneralFrancoPepe

    bretty gud

  • machiaevil

    What exactly is the purpose of launcing a shitty content aggregating website with no original content merely republishing articles from other sites?

  • richard garyson

    I could not think of a better day than today to launch this site. Thanks for all that you do, Richard! Bookmarked!

  • me

    Congratulations on your new site! Here’s to a bright future, when nationalism will overtake the globalist/communist control of the West. The time has come for the communist/globalist death cult to be destroyed, once and for all! Let the false narratives of ‘multiculturalism’, ‘diversity’, ‘tolerance’, and ‘borderless consumerism’ be exposed for the evils that they bring by the eternal truths of the alt-right.
    Thanks to Richard Spencer and his crew. Let’s make 2017 the year of White identity politics, nationalism, and the rebirth of the Western man. The fire rises!

  • ZoyZoy

    One of the first to comment!

  • Daniel Friberg? Is that name in need of parentheses?

    • A hymn to Hermes

      It’s Scandinavian. The only place where -bergs are likely to be Jewish is the USA.

  • Sally Anne

    As my Alaskan friend says with her blog ‘living outside the dialectic’ .. I recognize and appreciate those creating a new media reality and attempting to live outside the narrative… very empowering, liberating, fun and sassy … keep up the good works… you make life more interesting for me.. and inspire me also … …. because censored means you’re getting to them..

  • Shoahshana GoldbergShekelstein

    A shame but no shocker that the alt-right is really just a bunch of Jew shills.

  • loyalwhitebriton

    Superb. Wishing you the best.

  • Very much looking forward to another great Pro-White site, in fact I’m promoting it.

  • Albionic American

    I don’t care about Mike Enoch’s personal situation.

    Our elites want to attack the Alt-Right’s personalities instead of addressing the Alt-Right’s ideas, namely, its tragic view of man: “Social progress” simply cannot happen because man has an enduring nature that doesn’t change mysteriously in The Current Year. We have inequality, hierarchy and patriarchy because of this obdurate reality. And no amount of white-shaming, politics and progressive utopian fantasizing can change this reality.

  • Zazz

    Richard congratulations on your new site. I know many people from other Alt/Rt sites are visiting and I wanted to add this post I just left on The Right Stuff that was immediately put on hold for approval, tsk, tsk, tsk.

    In light of The Daily Shoah drama I wanted to contribute here because it seems free speech is being banned on they’re forums.

    “The Sorta Shoah”; total shit storm, feel rules, reason fails. If everybody hates the jew so much, why don’t they discuss it more? I remember somebody told me Weev was jewish, that there were old articles about him that dated back several years. I wrote articles in protest of wasting their forum time and content and linked them in posts of their shows and elsewhere. It’s what got me banned from TDS & FTN.

    Ask FTN & TDP if they recall I warned them there would be blowback for neglecting their audiences core intent and assuming they were doing fine while sloppily trending. Am I mad? nope, do I care? nope, am I glad? There’s nothing to be anything about, it just is what it is, that’s all.

    After all this I’ve reconsidered, suppose that the cause of most of our problems are not to be blamed on the jews exclusively, and that they’re merely opportunists. I say the blame rests on the people who allowed themselves to be had by anyone capable of destroying their culture. This is the real problem that still exists that we’ve failed to repeatedly cite. It’s never one race that’s to blame, it’s always a co-operative effort, psychopaths must enlist other malcontents.

    Instead of bullshitting during the weekly’s, both shows could have been doing some solid sessions where they had call ins and people got to vent instead of hosts and guests stroking each other. Having an agenda where they set a tone that is consistently augmented would have been more important than musical interludes or that same old god damned useless bullshit news that everybody from their great grandfathers to adolescents are used to hearing respergitated.

    With a format where people can contribute, shekels would flow more so than with pushing cotton and plastic. This is where I give Spencer kudos for maintaining a level head during crucial heated moments and having a bigger picture for the future. Spencer’s got the new Alt Right site up as of yesterday and people are flocking there. I think the entire gang from Right On are invited to contribute at will.

    Right On has two or three jews over there, plus a few other personas I won’t bother discussing. The AR is sadly lacking a strong platform where people can have input other than just shit posting and starting fights with each other. Were the AR equipped with an intellectual core that was willing to maintain a degree of composure and able to deconstruct the hardball pitches of it’s rabble, the movement would always be respected, as well as gain more power and momentum in less time. And time is what is being squandered.

    It’s been clear for over a year now, the transitions that have arisen do not occur without tumult. Why the fuck someone who’s got a rational constitution and a foothold here on TRS doesn’t casually take the reins while staying in the wings, and bring the carriage into the barn is beyond me. Seems the majority of the “believers” could easily be corralled provided they were addressed as still having cognitive abilities higher than SJW’s. Maybe that’s why there’s such an unbelievably high occurrence of severe anal trama casualties.

    • Crud Bonemeal

      they can’t give the users too much of a platform or things will start to move too far right for them to be comfortable

  • Big Rod

    Good, I was looking to find dedicated alt right website recently and found this! let’s see how we go eh?

  • P Luggo

    Way to go.

  • MisatoKatsuragi

    Everything will be Alt-Right