Emily Youcis – The Ascent of Art in the Alt-Right

Emily Youcis is an animator and director of the Alfred Alfer movie.

We begin by discussing how Emily came to be red-pilled. She explains that growing up in Philadelphia forced her to come to terms with racial differences, as black-on-White crime in Philly is extremely prevalent. Emily then tells us about her interactions with liberals at the DNC, and we play a few highlights from her video of the event. We discuss her animation background, which thus far has been centered around Alfred Alfer, the main character in Emily’s work. We then play her newest film, The Ascent of Alfred, while Emily provides commentary about the production of the movie.

Emily Youcis YouTube

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Richard F Fellows

Her smile.Deus Vult


keep pushing the limits Emily


Emily is very intelligent, confident and well spoken. Positive interview.

Dat Sneefa

big fan emily, even though you crazy, i wish i had the balls you do

Laguna Beach Fogey

This chick cracks me up. Best of luck to her.

Yehuda Finkelstein

ALL PEOPLE from the Northeast crack me up, whether White, Black, Jew, Puerto Rican.