The Virtue of an Attractive Culture: The Culture War

The cultural- and metapolitical war for Mother Evropa is in full swing and many glorious victories have been won over the last year, both politically and metapolitically. Politically we have seen both Brexit and Trump as the President elect. Metapolitically we have seen the terms such as cuck (probably the best derogatory term ever to describe liberal-leftists) gain great amounts of ground and feminism and other heretical and delusional ideologies have continuously lost their credibility at a rapid pace.

The Metapolitical Crusade is one of vital importance. Another struggle, which overlaps neatly with the metapolitical one is the Culture War. The Culture War can be said, in the most concise of terms, to increase the sense of who we are. An actual civil war might very well erupt somewhere in the West within a decade or two; that will be a physical war, most likely against the large and growing Third World minorities in Western Europe. The Cultural War is not fought against the same enemy. The Cultural War is primarily fought against Liberalism and Globalism. Mainstream culture; Hollywood culture, is promoting ideals of the rootless consumer who lives only for himself and only for pleasure. The rootless consumer has no reason to be concerned about the well-being of his nation or his people; because he has no nation or people, he is only out for himself. This is the malevolent force of Liberalism. In regard to this; note that I am not necessarily talking about other Enlightenment era thoughts that might be connected to Liberalism, but merely Liberalism as a vector for rampant individualism. A rampant individualism that turns each individual into a lonely entity instead of being part of something greater.

There are individuals that who, upon rejecting Political Correctness, start their journey to Dark Enlightenment by focusing solely on Islam. They do this to the extent that they build their ideas and culture as a direct opposite of Islam. The term is Counter-Jihadism. Fortunately this is going out of style, which was inevitable as it held no intellectual weight. Our ideas and culture must come from ourselves, not as a response to another civilisation. The hilarious aspect of the Counter-Jihadist movement is that they turned towards Liberalism in an attempt to combat Islam, not knowing that Liberalism was the very disease that crippled the West in the first place!

A man of rampant individualism completely removed from the greater spirit of his nation does not care whether France or Sweden becomes Caliphates in a few decades. A man firmly rooted in his identity with a great understanding of who he is, on the other hand, will be more inclined to fight with any means necessary for that spirit; the spirit of Evropa.

Just as we cannot simply point to Islam and emphasise the things we see wrong with it, neither can we point to mainstream Hollywood culture and simply state what is wrong with that. We need to actively promote an attractive alternative, because he who shows up wins the battle, and if we do not show up the enemy wins. To give an example; if we fail to present an alternative to degenerate Hollywood music then degenerate Hollywood music will win. The same thing can be said of basically every cultural and lifestyle aspect. We must combat pornography, the best way to do this is to emphasise the positive aspects of rejecting it; in other words to provide an alternative. We must combat hedonistic lifestyle choices (drugs, excessive alcohol etc), this must be done by presenting an alternative that is more attractive, prayers in the Temple of Iron (training in the gym) is a good way to do this; and this also applies to other sports.

Two main rules can thus be proposed as guidelines:

  1. In every instance where critique can be levelled against the Liberal doctrine of rampant individualism and hedonism an alternative must be presented so that we can live the change we want to see on a larger scale.
  2. To promote every type av cultural creation that promotes a connection to and understanding of who we are.

Succeeding in this, the current soulless cultural paradigm will fade out and we will see a cultural rebirth of Evropa which is needed to win the larger battle of civilisations in the West; regardless if it continues as a low-frequency civil war mainly fought with demographics or if it escalates into an all out civil war.

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Marcus Follin
the authorMarcus Follin
Who I am is not important. What is important is that you adhere to my teachings. Train in the gym, get strong and get muscular. Train MMA or some other martial art. Read books and articles everyday. Get used and comfortable with weapons, military experience is great to have.


  • In regards to pornography: in esoteric traditions masturbation and the loss of semen is considered negative and there are very good reasons for this. In contrast, exoteric religion does not seem to explicitly base its rejection of such things on a logically consistent spiritual framework.

    It could be salient to point this out but then again, who am I kidding.. the masses never cared about such things.

  • Since the Enlightenment, Western culture has centralized around the ideals of constitutional rights. But the logic of those ideals, taken further and further, has led to the very undermining of the nations that purveyed them and the extirpation of their racial demographics. This has been largely due to the stance of indifference one must necessarily take, in order to universalize constitutional rights—indifference to race.

    “Cardinal method for keeping peace, being ‘cosmopolitan’: suppress all evaluation, strive for absolute indifference, at life shrug ad infinitum. ‘What matters eye color?’ etc., etc., etc.” (-The Glorious Path)

    Culture and race are intertwined. A culture will affect how its correlating race will evolve as time goes on (for, all extant things must be considered in relation to a passage of time—e.g. whether a thing is already “great” or not, is it BECOMING greater, or lesser?). What are the culture’s values? What are their paragons? Meditate on Hellenic sculpture and think about that…

    Another lightning strike hurled by The Golden One!

  • Hi GoldenOne, I don´t think that there´s a strict logical connection between contemporary culture and race-mixing. A lot of contemporary culture resonates with Whites, but these cultural forms are in no way by logical necessity connected to race-mixing. Starbucks, MTV, spring break, parties, grass, nerd culture etc., or take environment protection, organic food, health, wellness, slow-food, farmers markets, localism, peaceful parenting, spirituality, “End the Fed”, all SWPL-ly stuff but nothing of that demands race-mixing. Actually, particularly these SWPLs exist in lilly-white environments! And they will self-segregate and do White-Flight from POCs very quickly whenever that lilly-white gets more colored, so they are de-facto WNers. So here´s the point: White ethno-nationalism is not necessarily married to rightist politics, or rightist culture. Many WNers are culturally liberal. Yes, they are traditionally in the White-hater camp but only because the Jews set it up that way… and because the Right so cleverly threatens all culturally liberals to smash their heads in, so they are forced into the jewish camp. But again, there is no logical link between SWPLs and race-mixing, so it should be easy to win them over for White Advocacy.

    So I would suggest not to harp on cultural aspects of the WN movement as that is up for discussion, but instead really just concentrate on the racialist aspect. Whites don´t want to live together with POCs, proven by White Flight and self-segregation. We want the divorce from the POCs and want our own White Republic. But that in itself says nothing about the culture of that White Republic.

    Now I see that rightists are (pretend, hypocritically, to be) disgusted by leftist culture. Let these sensitive souls manifest political maturity: this is NOT about culture but about White racial survival. If rightists can make it without leftists, ok but that won´t happen! So please advocate for a mature political attitude and put all weight onto the racial question, not onto the cultural one so that a sufficiently big number of Whites can ally to pursuit the politics for the White Republic.

  • If you want to fight a genuine culture war, you might start by thinking clearly. Someone “concerned about the well-being of his nation or his people” is a frigging Leftist, pure and simple. Individualism is the complete opposite of liberalism: socialists always care about what might benefit the community – while an independent person considers only himself. All this self-sacrifice is just rebooted collectivism. Only a communist wants to be “part of something greater” – an independent thinker already knows that there is zilch, zero, zippo more important than himself. There is nothing, nothing Rightist about this communitarian nonsense.

    • Why shouldn’t somebody care about their community? Especailly in terms of preservation of their people. Individuals create the society and subsequently that society created mirrors the individual. Whether it be through tradition, general position of character or intrinsic genetic morality. Collectivism does not automatically annul individuality. If you immedietely assume such stances embrace communism then you are guilty of misguided reductionism.

      • Why shouldn’t a person care about his community? Simple: because the community never cared about you. If there is no reciprocity, then something is amiss. If there is no balance, then something is not right. If all the concern is on your end and no consideration whatsoever on the community side – if it is all give and no receive – then it is just socialism under a different name.

        • “Simple: because the community never cared about you.”

          For all your rantings about communism, you’re the one who sounds like a community agitator. How do you know his community doesn’t care about him?

        • Hard to make out what your intellectual game is, dude. Communities of primates have existed since our forebears, the different ape species with which we share most of our DNA.

          We are primates, too, and we have conquered the earth partly because we have our communities, and they have roughly been built around the principle of ‘give to get’, the individual provides something of what he has to the collective, and the collective rewards him with something it has to offer. The collective doesn’t own the individual. A private spectrum exists.

          These communities also operate on the principle of making sure to align the general individual’s interest with the collective’s, so that in working for himself, he also benefits the collective. Adam Smith’s invisible hand, writ small.

          Part of what we urgently need to do is to recreate functional collectives specifically to harbor and protect European-descended people. The founding ideas are more or less per definition time-honored – they go back to the primates’ dawn of time, before even Neolithic times. These ideas work. We have to re-find these ideas and re-apply them.

    • You should take your own advice where clarity of thought is concerned. Individualism and collectivism are two ends of a spectrum, not a binary either/or proposition. The former prioritizes the freedom of the individual over the good of the whole, while the latter does the opposite. Simply thinking of the good of the whole in some way doesn’t shoot you all the way to the collectivist side of the spectrum.

      For the love of God, our Founding Fathers created a whole new nation. The obviously cared about it – does that make them socialists? The US was historically very patriotic – many Americans gave their lives for their nation – and one of the core aspects of a conservative is someone who values the traditional culture and customs of his nation.

      You need to get better at thinking.

    • liberalism = individual rights
      individualiasm and colectivism are two different things. there is collectivism on the left and right.

    • Examples of societies that were not communistic, yet collectively made individuals “part of something greater”:
      -Fascism (20th c. Italy)
      -National Socialism (20th c. Germany)
      -Feudalism / Corporatism (medieval Europe & Japan)
      -Imperialism (Rome, Great Britain, Persia)

  • Absolutely correct. This abominable culture we are mired in now needs to be torn down and a strong new bastion of culture built in its place. That requires not only a politically and historically active and empowered culture, but also a people who are physically, spiritually, artistically and scientifically creative and robust as well. Fantastic article Golden One you always bring the high wisdom of glory.

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