Bathing in the Purple Revolution

Donald Trump may be president, but the globalists aren’t going down without a fight. The riots against Trump in major American cities are being funded by George Soros, who hopes to depose Trump and retain his control over the U.S. government.

Our celebrations over President Trump’s triumph might have been premature. It’s true that the Donald handily defeated Hillary Clinton in every way—her illusory popular vote lead, which has been eroded by recounts and absentee ballots, was due to rampant voter fraud in safe blue states—but the Left isn’t going to accept that they lost an election fair and square. Since last Wednesday, protests riots against Trump have wracked New York City, Chicago, Portland and other major U.S. cities, with countless Leftists throwing temper tantrums over the vote not going their way. If it seems odd that Trump’s opponents are trying to fight him by burning cities full of Hillary supporters to the ground, it’s because they’re not the ones running the show: George Soros is.

Yep, that’s right: everyone’s favorite globalist golem is being a sore loser and is funding riots to try and overturn the will of the American people. With news networks caught hiring actors to play Hillary Clinton supporters in news reports, any pretense of the riots across America being spontaneous expressions of popular discontent has been completely disposed of. The riots themselves are pretty pathetic, with many of them having already petered out without any lasting effect. Here in Chicago, rage against the Trump machine has been confined to the Magnificent Mile and the area around Trump Tower downtown; in my predominantly Mexican neighborhood, there’s barely been any acknowledgment of the election.

Thing is, Soros’ plans to shut down American freedom go beyond recruiting useful idiots to throw conniption fits outside of Trump’s various properties. As revealed by Zero Hedge over the weekend, the riots are part of the “Purple Revolution,” designed to oust Trump from power and hand the presidency over to Hillary. The “purple” is derived from the purple-colored attire both Hillary and her husband wore to her concession speech, which she claimed was designed to represent Republicans (red) and Democrats (blue) coming together. Given the Clintons’ fondness for hokey, Beigeist symbolism—Hillary held her Election Night party at the Jacob Javits Center in Manhattan, which has a glass ceiling (ASK HER WHAT IT MEANS!)—it’s no surprise that most people brushed off her dumb reasoning for raiding Prince’s wardrobe.

The “color revolution” gambit is a favorite of Soros and his myriad of puppet organizations, who will often launch them in countries that are resistant to globalism. Georgia had its Rose Revolution in 2003, Ukraine an Orange Revolution in 2004, and Lebanon a Cedar Revolution in 2005. The uprisings of the Arab Spring and the 2014 revolution in Ukraine also were partially or wholly creatures of George Soros. In Ukraine, Right-wing nationalists from the Polish-aligned western half of the country were used as pawns to oust Russian-supported President Viktor Yanukovych and install an American puppet government, aided by Leftist groups such as the feminist prostitute collective FEMEN. Two years later, Ukraine is now home to gay pride parades, and notorious Soros courtiers such as deposed Georgian president Mikheil Saakashvili—a man so evil that the Georgian government stripped him of his citizenship to keep him from coming back—are now running the country.

While Soros and the Democrats may not have been able to rig the vote to stop Trump, they’ll now try to undermine his administration through civil unrest and political manipulation. The justification for the riots is that Hillary won the popular vote; therefore, Trump’s election defies what the American people actually want. Of course, no one is asking why Hillary isn’t demanding a recount in closely contested states, like Al Gore did in 2000. It’s clear that if she did, it would reveal massive Democratic fraud in Illinois, California and other states, proving Trump’s point that he was fighting against a rigged system.

It’s easy to be triumphant and bask in the still-flowing tears of Leftists, but we need to be vigilant in case the globalists try to yank the rug out from under President Trump. The Democrats have launched a harassment campaign against Republican electors to the Electoral College, doxing them and leaving threatening emails hoping they’ll change their votes and put Hillary in the White House. Furthermore, Obama has increased the number of illegal aliens being admitted into the country, as part of his effort to break everything on his way out and leave the U.S. in as poor a shape as possible before Inauguration Day. Given that Bill Clinton’s staffers were so angry over George W. Bush’s win that they trashed the White House before he took office, I fully expect the Democrats to completely wreck the government before the openly anti-establishment Trump moves in.

It’s a long way to the top if you want to make America great again.
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